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Find out what the floral choices at your wedding actually mean

Most brides only worry about how pretty their bouquets look, and how well it ties to their wedding themes. We cannot, of course, discount the budget factor, and many brides also make this a priority when choosing the flowers for their wedding. However, wedding flowers hold much deeper significance. They personify the values the couple hold dear, and the choice of flowers can tell your guests a lot about you, as a person.

If you are a bride who values the meaning behind traditions, and would like to choose flowers based on what each one signifies, here is a guide to help you make your choice based on the most important factors.

Love and happiness

Marriage symbolizes the beginning of a new chapter; one that marks the love between a couple, and is hopefully filled with joy. Choose the following flowers to express your joy at stepping into this new beginning in life.


  • Lily of the Valley
  • Stephanotis
  • Gerbera

Roses are the traditional symbol of love, especially the deep red ones. Apart from them, you can also use the following flowers in your wedding, as a symbol of your love

  • Tulips
  • Myrtle
  • Pansies


Togetherness, Friendship and Faithfulness

A happy married life means the bride and groom remain faithful, and enjoy each others company for years. As their relationship mellows, a good marriage grows sweeter and deeper. Age shouldn’t distance a couple, but bring them closer. This can be possible only when the couple are first friends, and then lovers; for friendship is one of the strongest human relationships that is unaffected by age.

Fredrich Nietzsche said, “It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.”

This is why every couple should promise to remain friends in thick and thin. Make your choice from the following flowers that are symbolic of togetherness, faithfulness and friendship, to make your floral selection reflect this thought.

  • Bluebells for everlasting love
  • Lavender for devotion
  • Violet for Faithfulness
  • Magnolia for Perseverance
  • White roses for unity
  • Gladiolus for faithfulness and honor


Luck and fertility

Every couple looks forward to a lucky marriage; one that tides over their storms in life and helps them stay together, come what may. As they begin their journey together, they accept good wishes and blessings.

Historically, marriage was the couple’s passport to begin a family together, have progeny and continue their heritage. Although this has changed over time, there still are couples who look forward to having a happy family with children after their marriage. The following flowers are symbolic of good fortune and fertility, and you may like to add these to your wedding.

  • Hollyhock for fertility
  • Bells of Ireland for good luck
  • Iris for health
  • Alstroemeria for wealth, prosperity and fortune
  • Snowdrop for hope


While these flower choices are popular in weddings, there are many more flowers that you can choose from. We suggest that you take a look at this article on the Flower Expert website, to find out the meanings and significance of more varieties of flowers. Once you have decided what flowers should be part of your wedding bouquet, come visit us at Best for Bride. We can help you create the bouquet that is just right for your big celebration.

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Why Loose Curly Hair is Perfect for Weddings

I am due to get married to my long term partner at the end of November and because I only ever plan to get married the once, I want absolutely everything to be perfect. Like most brides however, my biggest concern is regarding how I will look during the ceremony and as such, I have spent the last few months experimenting with different styles of makeup and hair. I am still undecided regarding which colour of eye shadow and lip gloss I will don for the event but I have decided that I will be wearing my hair in ringlets.

But why I have I chosen to have curly hair for my wedding? Here are just three reasons I want to wear a curly do on my big day:

  • Curly hair is a traditionally romantic style
  • Curly hair is far more comfortable than other styles of wedding hair
  • Curling you hair for a wedding is easier than you might think!

Loose curly hair is a traditionally romantic style

I studied a module of Greek mythology during my time at university and I have to say that I have become pretty obsessed with Greek Goddesses since then. Many of these fabricated – yet powerful and classically beautiful – women had long curly hair, including Aphrodite (the goddess of love and beauty) and Hera who is fittingly, the goddess of marriage, women and childbirth. Curly hair was considered the most beautiful hair style in Ancient Greece and there are worse things to look like on your wedding day than a goddess!

Numerous studies have also been conducted with men over the years to determine the “flirtiest” of hair styles and unsurprisingly, curly hair came up on top. Maybe that has something to do with the temptation to twirl such around your fingers? A recent news story even announced that some academic research has discovered that those women who don curly hairstyles in the work place are also taken less seriously by their male peers due to the supposedly flirty aesthetic.

It might make me sound like I am not pure enough to wear a white dress but I like the idea of looking a little flirty and attractive to other male onlookers at my wedding – why wouldn’t I want people to be jealous of the groom?

Loose curly hair is far more comfortable than other styles of wedding hair

Although many traditional wedding “up dos” look pleasant enough, they are usually pinned to the head quite tightly and this can cause the scalp to pinch. Some women might be happy to live by the sentiment that “pain is beauty” but I don’t want to be uncomfortable throughout that day that is supposed to be the happiest of my life!

Arguably, I could wear my hair up for the ceremony and undo it for the reception but after affixing an up style using several styling products, the hair is not easily reworked into another style due to the build up of product – I definitely will not have time to wash and restyle my hair between the two sections of the event.

Wedding up dos are also usually also built up around the position of the veil. I really don’t want to have to wear mine all day and because mine if the kind that has a hair grip built into either side of the band, it will be far more easily removed from locks that are loose than those which are tightly bound with bands and hairspray.

Curling your hair for a wedding is easier than you might think!

My hair is naturally poker straight and as such, there would usually be a little pain involved in transforming my locks into beautiful curls due to overnight techniques such as ragging, pin curling and hair rollers. Thankfully, I discovered a product that makes sleepless nights whilst curling a thing of the past; Curlformers.

I don’t want to bore you with the details regarding the application of these wondrous curling tubes (details of this can be found on the official website) but here are the reasons I love the product so much;

  • They do not require heat to work and so they do not ravage your hair;
  • They are incredibly easy to apply and remove from the hair;
  • Curlformers produce incredibly defined curls for whoever uses them;
  • The curling tubes are really flexible and so are not uncomfortable to sleep in;
  • The tubes are of really high quality and are pretty much indestructible and so make for a very worthy investment;

If my marriage lasts as well as the curls one can achieve with Curlformers then I’ll be in marital bliss forever!


Jacqueline Green is convinced that there is no better way to achieve curly hairstyles than with Curlformers kits – she really has never used a better hair curler!