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The MOB dress manual

A daughter's wedding day is an exciting and joyous occasion in her mother's life. If you are the mother of a bride, you know you have to look your absolute best on your daughter's special day, as you will receive lots of attention at the big event. You have to choose your outfit carefully, so it is appropriate for the wedding and also brings out your best.

There are many factors to consider when choosing your look. This includes putting together an ensemble that matches the theme of the wedding, a dress that is fashionable and comfortable, and one that lets you stand out from the rest of the wedding party. Let us take a detailed look at all these different aspects in greater detail.

Factors to consider when choosing the Mother-of-the-Bride dress

Mother-of-the-Bride dress

Wedding style and etiquette rules apply to your dress choice when you are the mother-of-the-bride. Here are the different factors that should influence your decision.
Before you even set out to look for a dress, there are two things you should consider: the style of wedding and the colors in it. The bride and groom usually have their mind set on a specific color scheme for the wedding, and plan everything around these colors. They will also have a definite idea of how formal the event will be, and type of venue where it will be held. The wedding could be formal, casual or semi-formal, and the venue would be a location suitable for this choice. Discuss the wedding theme with the bride, before you go shopping. You can then look for a dress that allows you to adhere to the chosen color scheme, so your look goes well with the rest of the wedding party. It is also important that you choose a dress based on the formality of the wedding. You should buy a full-length gown or a short dress, and choose between light or thick fabric, based on what will be comfortable and appropriate for the wedding style.
Your daughter, the bride, will usually have certain expectations for what you wear on her wedding day. She would appreciate it if you would follow her guidelines on the dress style you choose for the day. Follow her cues on color, style and formality, and the couple would be a lot happier with your choice. If the bride gives you free rein in choosing the color, length and other details, consider yourself lucky! Nevertheless, it would be sensible to stick to the color scheme she has chosen for her wedding. Although nobody expects you to look matronly in your mother-of-the-bride dress, remember that you should never upstage the bride by choosing a dress that is overly glamorous.
Your personal preferences are just as important as the bride's, when choosing your dress. Even while sticking to the guidelines that your daughter sets, find a dress that reflects your personality and taste. Don't choose matronly or oversize dresses in the attempt to dress your age, as they will simply ruin your look. Instead, go with a stylish dress choice, that is both age-appropriate and fashionable. By choosing the right silhouette, color and pattern that enhances your complexion and flatters your best features, you will look and feel great. Also, don't overlook the need for alterations, as most dresses that aren't custom made will require at least a few alterations to fit you perfectly. We also carry plus size mother of the bride dresses for all body types. The experts are more than willing to help you find a mother of the bride dress that flatters your body and looks amazing!
The mother-of-the-bride has a busy role in her daughter's wedding. You will be on your toes, attending to guests and running around, most of the day. So, the dress you choose should withstand all this strain and not wrinkle or look messy after a while. It should be a dress that is practical and comfortable for the chosen venue, and one that will not restrict you in any way. It is equally necessary that you wear proper shape-wear that supports you and tucks in any unsightly bumps. This will also give you a better toned figure. Take the weather and religious customs into consideration, when choosing your outfit. A strapless dress may not be right for a church wedding, but it would be ideal for a casual event. Long gowns in heavy fabric like velvet may be better choices for weddings in winter, while you would be better off in lace or chiffon for a summer wedding.
Depending on the style, fabric and features, dresses for mothers of brides come in different price ranges. So, it is important to fix a budget for your dress, before you go shopping. This will allow you to find a dress you can afford. We suggest that you start your shopping early, so you have enough time to make your decision, shop for accessories and get the necessary alterations done. If you are lucky, you may also be able to find a great dress in the sale and clearance sections of traditional dress shops. Visit this link to our sale section, to take a look at the existing deals we have on mother-of-the-bride dresses. When calculating the price, remember to account for alterations, as 90 per cent of the time a dress picked off-the-rack will not fit you perfectly. By getting the dress altered by a professional seamstress, you can make sure it matches your exact measurements. Alteration services also allow you to change the look of a dress, by adding straps to a strapless dress for support, raising or lowering the hemline and stitching cups into the dress if required.
Tastefully chosen accessories can enhance your overall look. So, pay close attention to your hair, makeup and accessories to add the finishing touches to your ensemble. Your makeup and hairstyle should work well with the colors and features of your dress. Aim for sophistication and elegance, by balancing out your dress with accessories. As a general rule, pair bold and flashy jewelry with simple dresses and simple accessories with dresses that have elaborate details. The jewelry you choose should also match the formality of the event. Keep your look classic and uncluttered. The accessories should allow you to stand out as the host, but not be too much that it is overwhelming.

How to find flattering dresses for the mother of the groom in Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton and Barrie

Long ago, the mother-of-the-bride would choose dresses that made her look matronly and serious. Mothers were often expected to dress down on their daughter's wedding day, so they looked their age. Fortunately, those days have passed, and mothers these days prefer to dress well and look their best.

The ideal outfit for your daughter's wedding day should be one that enhances your best features and makes you feel like a better version of yourself. Here are some pointers that will help you find such a dress from the available options.

Know the best silhouettes for your body type

Not all dresses look great on every body type. When you choose the right dress silhouette that flatters your body shape, you can highlight your best features, while problem areas, if any, are camouflaged. Mother-of-the-bride dresses come in different silhouettes. To choose the right one, you should first be aware of what your body shape is. To identify your body shape, you should first note down the measurements for your shoulders, bust, waist and hips. By comparing each of these measurements with each other, you can easily recognize your body shape. Here is a list of the different body types and the suggested dress silhouettes for each.
In this body type, the shoulder measures at least 5 per cent more than the hips. Dresses with straight cuts and soft fabric are recommended, as these reduce bulkiness around the bust and waistline. A-line silhouettes are a practical option. Any embellishments on the dress should be confined to either above the bust line or below the hip line.

Apple-shaped body type for Mother of the Bride
Here, the hip measurements are at least 5 per cent more than the bust and shoulders. Since the upper body has slighter proportions than the lower part, you should aim to create a balance between the two with your dress style. A heavier bodice that makes your shoulders look broader than they actually are, can achieve this effect. Layered tops and dresses with prints that draw attention to the upper body, will shift focus from the hips and legs. Empire and fitted waistline styles will make the lower half look fuller. Avoid dropped waistlines.

Pear-shaped body type for MOB
This body type is characterized by almost equal measurements for the bust, hips and shoulders. The natural shape isn't curvy, and so try to create the illusion of curves for a flattering look. High-waist dresses create the illusion of curves, and layered tops can shorten your upper half. Avoid bulky dresses and dropped waistlines that make your upper half more pronounced, making you look longer. Sheath dresses are good choices.

Straight body type for Mother of the groom dress
In an hourglass figure, the shoulders and hips are roughly the same size, and the waistline is well-defined. This is one of the most coveted body types, as you can carry off almost any silhouette if you are an hourglass.

Hourglass body type for Mother of the bride gown

Before deciding on a dress, you should always try it on to make sure that the silhouette works positively for your body. This will also help you to recognize whether it highlights your best features.

Find colors that look best on you

Color is an important factor when choosing a dress, as the right color can instantly make you look beautiful. If the bride recommended certain colors, you may like to explore different shades in these hues to find one that works best for your complexion. The color should clash with your hair color either. Your dress need not be the same color as the bridesmaids. Instead, it would be better if you chose a dress in a complimentary color. If you aren't sure of which colors would look good on you, consult your daughter. You can also clarify if the colors you have shortlisted clash with the wedding theme. Similarly, check with the bride if you should avoid dresses in certain colors like white and black, because white is the bride's signature color and black is considered unsuitable for weddings.

Choose a comfortable length

You should choose the length of your mother-of-the-bride dress based on how formal the wedding is, where it is held and what length would be practical for you to carry. Light fabrics, short hemlines and bright colors are generally suitable for daytime affairs. Full-length gowns in heavier fabrics are ideal for formal, night-time celebrations. The hemline should neither be too long nor too short. Knee-length and longer is usually appropriate. If your dress is too long, you will find it difficult to move around in, risk tripping over the extra length. Tea length mother of the bride dresses are less common but still an amazing choice if it fits the situation. Ensure that you alter the dress hemline to the ideal length, and correct it based on the heel height you will wear on the day.

Consider the neckline and sleeves

The neckline and sleeve length of your dress will impact your overall look. Make sure that the choices you make enhance your natural features to the most. The neckline of the dress decides which areas on your body are highlighted. Choose a style that doesn't display too much skin, but is elegant and reflective of your general style of dressing. Whether you choose strapless, sleeveless or long-sleeve dresses, the chosen design should look flattering. For strapless and sleeveless necklines, it may be a good idea to accessorize with a beautiful shrug if you prefer to cover up your arms for part of the ceremony or to keep warm when necessary.

Your daughter's wedding day is a very important milestone event in your life. To make sure that you look your best on the occasion, prepare in advance and go the extra mile to nail the perfect look. Browse through our gallery of fascinating mother-of-the-bride dresses to find the dress that will help you shine brightly on your daughter's wedding day-a day that is just as special to you, as it is for your daughter.

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Mother of the Bride/Groom Frequently Asked Questions

1. What color should the mother of the bride wear?
There are no specific rules for what color the mother of the bride should or should not wear. Nonetheless, you may like to avoid white since that is the bride's color and black, which can suggest mourning. For a cohesive look that matches the rest of the bridal party, you can choose a dress in any of the wedding theme colors. You can also opt for neutrals if you want something different.
2. What is the mother of the groom supposed to wear?
The mother of the bride should choose her attire based on the timing, weather and formality of the event. You can wear a cocktail dress or suit for a daytime event. A calf-length or floor-length dress would be ideal for a formal reception in the evening. The details in the dress should match the tone of the event. It would not be a bad idea to choose a dress that matches the theme colors.
3. Is the bride responsible for helping to choose her mother's dress for the wedding day?
It is not necessary for the bride to go shopping with her mom. However, it is a good idea to consult the bride before shopping for your mother-of-the-bride dress. She may have certain color or style suggestions to tie your look to the rest of the party. It is wise to accommodate these suggestions, as both of you should be happy with the dress you choose.
4. What is a flattering dress style for the mother's dress?
The best dress style for the mother of the bride would depend on your body type, personal preferences and comfort level. You should look and feel good in what you wear on the day. So, look for dress silhouettes that flatter your frame. Our consultants can help you with this part. Also, choose embellishments that tie with the wedding theme and make sure that you are comfortable in the dress you choose.
5. When should the mob buy her dress?
We suggest that you shop for your mother-of-the-bride gown four to six months before the wedding day. By this time, you should have an idea of the wedding theme and colors. This will allow you to choose an appropriate dress color and style for yourself. Shopping early will also leave you enough time for dress alterations if the dress does not fit you perfectly.
6. Should the mother of the bride's dress match that of the bridal party?
The mother of the bride does not have to match the bridesmaids dresses. However, choosing a dress that ties with the rest of the bridal party will create a cohesive look. You can consult the bride for suggestions and ask for her opinion when making your dress choice.
7. What is a good length for the mother of the bride's dress?
The right length for the dress would ideally depend on the time, weather and formality of event. Mother of the bride dresses can be cocktail or knee-length for daytime ceremonies. Floor-length gowns would be appropriate for formal evening receptions.
8. Do the dresses for the mother of the bride and mother of the groom have to match?
Traditionally, the mother of the bride would buy her dress first and notify the mother of the groom of her choice. However, this practice is seldom followed these days. Since both mothers are in the wedding party, it will look good if their dresses complement the wedding theme. However, their dresses need not match.
9. Does the mother of the bride dress have to match the wedding theme?
Some brides like to have everything matching. Others are not so keen on this aspect. Therefore, it is a good idea to check with the bride for her opinion before you shop for the mother of the bride dress. If she does not mind mixing and matching, you can choose a dress in a flattering color that goes with the wedding theme. It does not have to be in the same color as the bridesmaid dresses.
10. How to find the perfect mother of the bride dress?
The key to finding the perfect mother of the groom dress is setting your preferences, shopping at the right place with plenty of time to spare and exploring different options. Talk to the bride, get her opinion on what color to wear, and style to choose. Make a list of features you want in your dress. Find the right place to shop at and go shopping at least three months before the wedding. Trust your consultant to direct you to figure-flattering dresses. Explore all your options and narrow down your choice to a comfortable dress that makes you look amazing and feel great.

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