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Wedding Dresses Dry Cleaning
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Best for Bride Boutique team understands how important your wedding dress is to you and we take pride in the results we achieve.

Your wedding gown is the most precious gown you will ever wear. So trust it to a professional.

We ensure that your gown is dry cleaned to the highest level available. We carefully inspect your wedding dress upon receipt and look for any marks or stains and any small damage that may have occurred on your special day. The fibre content of the dress is then checked to ensure the correct cleaning method is used.

Once the dress is ready we invite you inspect your dress, after which you can either take your dress as it is or have it boxed. The result is a gown that looks no different from the day it was purchased.

* Ball-Gown Dress Or Dress With Extra Full Skirt - Additional Fee Of $100.
Boxing may take up to 12 weeks.
This is why you need to entrust the job to professionals who are adept at the task.

Bridal Gown Preservation Boxing Your Wedding Memories

Wedding Dress Preservation Tips:
1. Cleaning and preserving your bridal dress as soon as possible, will ensure it remains in the best possible condition. Ideally, your dress should be cleaned within days or weeks of your wedding.
2. The longer stains and soil are left on your dress, the greater the probability of them becoming permanent.
3. Avoid rubbing stains, if you spill something on your dress, absorb with blotter paper gently as rubbing can damage the fabric permanently.
4. Check the dress periodically while in storage, in case the dress is deteriorating through inappropriate storage. It's good to refold the dress to prevent permanent creases.
Wedding Dress Packing Tips:
Packaging heirloom garments can be done at home. Before doing so, check garments carefully in sunlight for soils and stains, even if they have been professionally cleaned. Look for soil, stains, or the presence of wrinkles that have been pressed in. Both stains and wrinkles may be impossible to remove at a later date.

If you pack the gown yourself, use a large box about one-third of the length of the front of your gown. Line the box with tissue and lay the gown over it face down. Make sure you have the gown centered in the box and that the part that is face down is spread flat so there are no creases or folds.

If possible, remove fabric-covered metal buttons, rubberized dress shields, or foam padding. These items can oxidize, rust, or deteriorate and result in damage to fabric over time.

Beginning at the side seams, fold the skirt lengthwise over bunched tissue until the skirt is no wider than the box. Then add more tissue and fold the bottom of skirt into the box.

Add still more tissue and fold the top of the gown over into the box. The top of the gown will now be facing up.

Now use still more tissue to stuff the bodice and cushion anything else such as bows or sleeves that should be protected. When you are finished, the dress should not move, even if you shake the box.
Horizontal storage versus Vertical storage
In general, gowns with sheer bodices, heavily beaded areas, heavy skirts or trains should be stored horizontally to minimize the effect of gravity. On the other hand, vertical storage reduces wrinkling, but can weaken shoulders or bodice since the full weight of the garment hangs from these areas.

Select an area with minimal temperature and humidity fluctuations, good air circulation and a minimum of light. It is always better to use interior closet in the living area of your home rather than the basement or attic.

Inspect your dress every year. Take your dress out of storage, carefully opening and handling it. Check for evidence of unremoved soils darkening. This inspection should be done whether you packaged the gown by yourself or had it packaged commercially.

Frequently Asked Questions - Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning

1. When should you get your wedding dress cleaned after the wedding?
The sooner you get your wedding dress to the cleaners after the wedding, the better it is. Even if it doesn't look soiled, your dress will have picked up dust, dirt, sweat and stains. So it should be promptly cleaned. If you let it sit, these stains will set and become difficult to get rid of.
2. How much does it cost to get a wedding dress cleaned?
Professional dry cleaners charge $200 or more for cleaning wedding dresses. It will cost extra if you want to box your wedding dress after having it cleaned. For exact pricing and other details, contact a reliable dry-cleaning service that specializes in wedding gowns.
3. Can you clean your wedding dress yourself?
Although you can clean your wedding dress yourself, we do not recommend it. Wedding dresses are complex garments made using high-quality fabric. Cleaning it thoroughly and efficiently requires expertise. Entrust the job to a professional drycleaner to ensure that all the dust, dirt and stains in your dress are properly eliminated. If your dress isn't thoroughly cleaned, the stains will set in. This can cause permanent damage to the fabric.
4. How should you store your wedding dress before sending it for cleaning?
Store your wedding dress in a garment bag as soon as you take it off. Place it in a low-traffic area that is away from moisture, heat and light till you can send it for cleaning. Preferably leave it on a hanger to air dry. Never wrap it up in plastic as plastic traps moisture and can cause stains to set. Send you dress for thorough cleaning as soon as possible to prevent stains and dirt from causing permanent damage.
5. Where can I find a professional cleaning service for wedding dresses?
You can check with your bridal store for recommendations of dry cleaning services. Some bridal stores like Best for Bride have this service. So, you can book your dress for cleaning immediately after the wedding. Do not wait till after the wedding to find a reliable dry-cleaning service. You should send the dress for cleaning as early as possible to avoid stains from setting in.
6. Is it necessary to have your wedding dress dry-cleaned?
Yes, you should have your wedding dress professionally dry-cleaned to remove dust, dirt, sweat and stains. Although your dress may look fine, the fabric will incur damage even with a single use. If you do not clean it, the fabric may yellow and the stains can set in. It will be very difficult to reverse this damage afterwards. So, send your dress to the drycleaners immediately after the reception.
7. Where can you find a reputable dry-cleaning service for your wedding dress?
It is crucial to have your wedding dress dry-cleaned by a professional service. Since wedding dresses are complex garments made from fine fabric and featuring intricate embellishments, they must be handled with care. Some stores like Best for Bride offer dry-cleaning and boxing services. If your bridal store doesn't offer this option, they may be able to recommend a reliable service.
8. What should you do if your wedding gown is stained and dirty after wear?
Your wedding dress will undergo wear and tear on your wedding day. Promptly address any stains as soon as you notice it. Don't rub the fabric as this can damage it permanently. After your wedding reception, allow the dress to air dry for few hours. Then wrap it in a garment bag. Send the gown for thorough cleaning to a professional dry-cleaning service as soon as possible. They will be able to expertly get stains out and restore your dress to its original condition. You can also have your wedding dress preserved and boxed and put it away safely.

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