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Looking for Prom Dresses in Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton and Barrie?

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Jadore Prom Collection
The Jadore Prom Collection proudly presents a lavish array of beautiful and stunning prom gowns for you to choose your dream prom dress.
Sizes: 2-30
Prom dress Prom dress Prom dress

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Jasmine Prom Collection
Ready for your close-up? The Jasmine Prom Collection proudly presents a lavish array of beautiful and stunning prom gowns for you to choose your dream prom dress. Choose from the latest styles and trendy designs; from the classy and elegant long gown, to the hottest cocktail dress that's sure to make your natural beauty shine on prom night! No more shopping for prom dresses cheap off the store rack. With the Jasmine collection, you'll have a pick prom dresses made from the most luscious jewel and pastel colors, the finest fabrics and the most exotic accoutrement and detail work, that only fit for a stylish lady like you. Ready for your close-up? Make your picture perfect with a Jasmine prom dress.
Sizes: 2-28
Prom dress Prom dress Prom dress

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After Six Prom Collection
Sizes: 2-28
prom dress prom dress prom gown

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AlfredSung Prom Collection
Sizes: 2-28
bridal gown bridal gown bridal gown

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Dessy Prom Collection
Sizes: 2-28
bridal gown bridal gown bridal gown

      View Mori Lee Prom Dresses
Mori Lee Prom Collection
Make your prom night a momentous occasion with your stunning Mori Lee prom gown. The Mori Lee Prom Collection offers a wide selection of beautiful and elegant gowns especially for you. Mori Lee understands the essence of prom experience and has created a line of prom dresses suited for the occasion. Introducing, the premier line in prom gown fashion, the Mori Lee Prom Collection. Don't worry about getting something like prom dresses cheap off the bargain rack. The Mori Lee collection has prom gowns you can choose from to your heart's content, at very attractive prices. From classy and timeless high-fashion prom gowns adorned with elegant accoutrement and intricate lace and beadwork, to fun sundresses and sexy cocktail prom dresses made from the finest fabrics and sultry colors, each Mori Lee prom gown is suited to fit your own fashion taste and style. Try on your Mori Lee prom gown now and make your prom night dream an experience you'll cherish forever.
Price Range: CAD $201- CAD $242
Sizes: 2-28
prom dress prom dress prom dress
* Prom dresses shown here represent just samples of the selection available.

Frequently Asked Questions - Prom Dresses

1. When should you shop for prom dresses?

The best time to shop for your prom dress is four or five months before the event. If you start early, you will have plenty of time to explore options and find the perfect dress. This will give you enough time to place a custom order with the designer for a dress in your size.

2. How long does it take to receive prom dresses?

Prom dresses are usually custom made for orders. These orders typically take two to three months. However, if you are buying off-the-rack, you can take your dress home right away. Nonetheless, you may require alterations in either case, so that the dress fits you perfectly. Alterations can take two to three weeks. So, consider all these factors when you go shopping.

3. How much does a prom dress cost?

You can find prom gowns in the price range of $100 to $600. However, you can also find dresses that cost $1000 or more. The exact price will depend on the designer collection and specific dress that you choose.

4. Does my prom dress have to match my date's tux?

Although it isn't necessary, it is up to you and your date to decide if you both want to match. If you decide to match, your prom date can either wear a matching tux or a tie that matches your dress color. He can also wear a pocket square that matches your dress, and the overall effect will be cohesive.

5. What prom dress should I wear for my body type?

Choose a flattering silhouette for your body type to look your best. The right dress style will highlight your best assets and distract from the less desirable aspects of your body shape. Try to choose a dress that balances either half of your body and creates an hourglass shape for best results. If you are unsure of which silhouette is suitable for your body type, consider A-line dress styles that flatter most body shapes.

6. Do prom dresses need alterations?

Yes, most prom dresses need alterations. Prom dresses come in standard sizes, which means it may not match your exact body measurements. So, you would have to get it altered for a perfect fit. Simple alterations like reducing or adding inches to the bust, waistline or hips are usually enough.

7. Where can I find alteration services for my prom dress?

Have your prom gown altered by a professional seamstress for best results. Best for Bride performs alterations for all types of dresses, including prom dresses. Contact our team to discuss your needs and we will tell you how long it will take and the cost.

8. Do I need an appointment to shop for my prom dress?

Although you can walk-in to buy your prom dress, we highly recommend that you visit by appointment. When you visit by appointment, we will assign a consultant to help you. She will inform you of your options and offer suggestions to help you make the right decision. An appointment will also allow you to shop at a less crowded time and make the most of your visit.

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