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Step into a world where luxury meets affordability. Our clearance sale offers a breathtaking array of designer bridal gowns, starting from an incredible $299. Explore enchanting creations by renowned designers like Mori Lee, Sophia Tolli, Casablanca, and more, each piece a testament to timeless beauty and exquisite craftsmanship. This is your chance to don a designer masterpiece without stretching your budget.

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Rare. Exquisite. Timeless.

Our clearance event is a fleeting opportunity, concluding on July 28, 2024. Visit our boutique to witness the elegance firsthand. From the perfect wedding dress to stunning gowns for bridesmaids, mothers of the bride and groom, and more, our selection is reduced up to 80% off the original price. All gowns are new and meticulously cared for, ensuring you find your dream dress in pristine condition.

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At Best for Bride, we understand that beauty comes in all sizes. Our dresses may vary in size according to the manufacturer, but we offer a wide range of styles to ensure every bride finds her perfect match. Whether it's a size 8 gown that fits like a 6 or a bridesmaid dress that accommodates various sizes, we invite you to visit our store and try on these stunning dresses. Discover how our gowns can beautifully complement your unique silhouette.

Dresses at Best for Bride's Clearance Department are sold on a first-come, first-sold basis!
Discover a stunning range of unbelievably inexpensive wedding dresses from leading designer collections at the Best for Bride clearance and sale section.

Visit us at our bridal shopping outlets in Barrie, Toronto, Hamilton and Etobicoke to find an amazing variety of wedding dresses on sale at prices as low as $99. Maintained in excellent condition, these discount wedding dresses are available in all sizes and styles, so there is plenty of choice for everyone.

Why spend a huge chunk of your dress budget on the latest wedding dress when you can save with off the rack wedding dresses at our store! Our wedding dress clearance section features dresses from previous seasons and an exquisite range of never-worn collections. This allows you to find a brand new gown for your special day at an unbeatable price!

For affordable wedding dresses in Toronto, visit the Best for Bride store and make your pick. Enjoy the same value for money with unique discount offers for cheap bride dresses at our bridal stores in Barrie and Etobicoke.

While you score a gorgeous discount wedding dress at our clearance section, don't forget the rest of your bridal party! Our clearance section also carries cheap bridesmaid dresses and fantastic mother of the bride dresses at our Toronto outlet and other Best for Bride stores.

What are you waiting for? Be the proud owner of a cheap wedding dress in Canada by booking your appointment to shop at our clearance and discount section at Best for Bride today!

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Frequently Asked Questions - Clearance and Off-the-Rack Dresses

1. Where can I find wedding dresses on sale?
Designer wedding dresses are usually custom-made for orders. However, stores like Best for Bride conduct sales on existing samples when new collections arrive. During these sales, dress prices are considerably slashed. Brides on a budget can also find cheap wedding dresses in the clearance section which contains unused sample gowns. These gowns are moved into clearance when new collections arrive. As a result, their prices are marked down.
2. When are wedding dresses marked down?
Wedding stores like Best for Bride offer steep discounts on wedding dresses from previous seasons. When new collections arrive, dresses from previous seasons are moved into the sale and clearance sections. This can be immensely useful for brides on a budget, as you can score stunning designer gowns for very low prices and hardly anyone will notice that it is from a previous season.
3. Where can I find reasonably priced designer wedding dresses?
You can find an amazing variety of designer wedding dress collections like Mori Lee, Jasmine and Sophia Tolli and more at Best for Bride bridal stores in Toronto. We offer amazing prices on all collections with our lowest price guarantee offer. You can also find gowns at discounted prices in our sale and clearance section. If you browse through these sections, you will be able to find top bridal brands at cheaper prices than what you can find at other stores like Pearl Bridal House or David’s Bridal Canada.
4. What options do I have when I have a very limited wedding dress budget?
Frugal brides can find amazing designer wedding dresses in the clearance and sale section at Best for Bride. During sales, prices are slashed by up to 80%. Therefore, you may be able to find wedding dresses for as low as $99. You can also rent your wedding dress from stores like Best for Bride for very reasonable rates. Rent bridal accessories as well to complete the entire bridal look on a shoestring budget, and still look your best.
5. What is the minimum price for a good wedding dress?
A brand-new designer wedding dress from the current season will cost $700 or more. However, you can find good designer wedding dresses for lower prices during wedding dress sales or in the clearance section at Best for Bride. During sales, the final price is slashed by up to 80% on samples that will allow you to score a designer dress for as low as $99.
6. What wedding dress designers are affordable?
Brand new designer wedding dresses from collections like Mori Lee, Maggie Sottero or Sophia Tolli typically start at $700. However, dresses from previous seasons in the same collections are sold at considerably lower prices during sales. The final prices are slashed on existing samples during wedding dress sales, which means you can get your wedding dress at an affordable price.
7. Is a trunk sale different from a sample sale?
Yes, trunk sales and sample sales are different. During a trunk sale, a bridal boutique displays new dresses from a designer collection. This is like a preview before the collection is officially launched. Do not expect a steep discount on the dresses at trunk sales since these are from the latest collections. However, during sample sales, existing floor samples are sold off by bridal stores to make space for new collections. The prices of these dresses are considerably slashed. Therefore, you can get near-perfect, brand new dresses for amazing prices at sample sales.
8. How does a sample sale work?
During a sample sale, bridal boutiques sell floor samples from previous collections at discounted prices. These dresses will cost several hundreds of dollars less than the original just because they are out of the original packaging and tried on. Dresses are sold on a first-come, first-sold basis during sample sales. It is a good idea to call the boutique in advance and find out if you need an appointment to attend the sale. The boutique will be crowded during the sale, which makes it impractical to try on too many dresses. You will have to quickly decide if you find a dress you like and buy it right away.
9. Are sample wedding dresses worth it?
Sample dress sales are totally worth it if you are on a tight budget and wish to score a high-end designer wedding dress. With a knack to notice any likely damages and quick decision-making abilities, you can find amazing wedding dresses at bargain prices. However, keep in mind that sample sale dresses are non-returnable. Therefore, you should be 100% certain before making your decision.
10. What does it mean to buy a wedding dress off-the-rack?
Typically, designer wedding dresses are made-to-order. This means that when you order a wedding dress, the boutique contacts the manufacturer who constructs the dress from scratch. However, when you buy off-the-rack, it means that you buy a floor sample that is already present in the store. Therefore, you will mostly be buying the same dress that you try on. The benefits of buying off-the-rack dressare that you can take the dress home right away and that it is usually cheaper than custom orders. However, to buy off-the-rack, you should be able to find a dress in your size, that you like from the available options.

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