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Best for Bride - The story - Olga

A bridal shop is much more than just wedding dresses! It is a world of joy and beauty, of amazing revelations and most importantly, of dreams that come true.

Wedding dresses are associated with one of the most powerful memories of wedding planning, and it was this discovery that inspired me to come up with the concept of Best for Bride.

My first introduction to the world of wedding dresses and accessories was during my engagement, when I embarked on my search for the perfect wedding dress. As all brides will agree, wedding dress shopping is a daunting and confusing task. Being a novice in wedding fashion, I too approached the task with trepidation. However, it was nothing like I expected!

As I did my research on wedding dresses and planned my wedding, I found myself fascinated by the entire idea. I was enraptured by the dizzying variety of choices in dresses and accessories, and made discoveries that inspired me to look for more. The more I read and explored on the subject, the more I understood that every bride is different. I realized that it requires special talent and insight to find solutions that appeal to different tastes, ideas and budgets. This was a challenge like no other, and I was immensely drawn to it.

Before long, I came to the conclusion that even with all my wedding planning, I had only touched the tip of the iceberg. There was much more to explore and discover in wedding fashion. That is when I recognized my innate passion and interest for it. Thus, the idea of Best for Bride was born. Chock-full of ideas, but with limited resources, I opened the first Best for Bride store in 2005. Over time, I built up a strong team of bridal fashion enthusiasts who were as enthusiastic as I was about making brides happy. The journey wasn't easy, but it was rewarding in every way and we slowly grew to what we are today.

It has now been a decade since I first forayed into the wedding industry. Over the years, Best for Bride has grown and evolved, embracing changes in bridal fashion even as our team, stores and inventory expanded by leaps and bounds. Today, we endeavor to stay on top of the trends and are committed to providing the best quality service to all our customers. Nevertheless, every new step in this journey continues to be exciting and challenging at every turn, even as I stay true to my original vision - making every bride's dream come true!

Olga Wedding
Olga Wedding

About Us

Find the perfect bridal gown of your dreams...

BEST FOR BRIDE is a one-stop bridal store, with 4 locations in Ontario (Toronto, Mississauga/Etobicoke, Hamilton and Barrie), with a warm and welcoming atmosphere where you can feel comfy while you shop. We offer a sumptuous selection of high quality and originally designed bridal and evening gowns. Our gowns come in different styles; from elegantly made traditional and classy long gowns to modern and sultry fashion designs that you simply won't find in other stores or at bridal online shops elsewhere!
BEST FOR BRIDE carries wedding dresses both for sale and rent. In addition to our exquisite bridal collections available, we also have a wide array of beautifully-made bridesmaids dresses, mother-of-the-bride/groom attire, cocktail gowns, prom wear, as well as dresses and clothes fit for every special occasion to suit any price range, body type, and color preference. Our accessory collections of veils, tiaras, headpieces, gloves, crinolines, shawls and jewelry sets will complement and perfect your look for your special day.

Exclusive Designer Wedding Dresses

What do you look for in a designer wedding gown? When you shop at BEST FOR BRIDE, you'll find only the best quality at the most attractive prices.

BEST FOR BRIDE carries elegant bridal fashion collections, especially from prominent European designers. Each bridal dress is a one-of-a-kind creation that is made by using superior dressmaking techniques, and quality materials like the finest European fabrics, and adornments like Austrian Swarowski crystals and genuine stones. Browse through wondrous variety of styles and designs and the wedding dress that fits your taste and style. These originally designed collections were shown by BEST FOR BRIDE at the Canada's Bridal Show and the Total Wedding Show and gained enormous success and following among brides and bridal and event specialists. When you look for high quality, you don't need to look any further. BEST FOR BRIDE is your best choice.

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