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Boxing Your Wedding Memories
Bridal Gown Preservation

Get Your Wedding Dress Dry Cleaned for only $199!
and BOX your Wedding Gown for only $149!

Your wedding gown is a reminder of the fantastic day on which you got married to the man of your dreams. There will be plenty of memories associated with this special dress - the exciting experience of selecting it, choosing accessories to match it and your magical transformation into a bride as you wore it on your big day. Your wedding dress has served you well, and the associated memories make it a perfect heirloom that you can later pass on to your daughter or a close friend, or even keep for yourself, to look at and cherish in the future.

Preserving your wedding gown memories

To keep your precious wedding gown intact for years, it is necessary to have it professionally cleaned and boxed, soon after your wedding. Although your gown may not appear soiled, it will have picked up dirt, body oils and minute stains. These may be invisible to the untrained eye, but can damage the gown over time. A wedding gown that isn't professionally cleaned and preserved is prone to the following damages over time:

Yellowing of fabric
Mildew and Mold
Oxidation that results in brown spots and patches
Permanent creasing
Fabric weakness

This is why you need to entrust the job to professionals who are adept at the task.

Look no further! Bring your wedding gown to Best for Bride and have it perfectly cleaned and boxed

When you bring your gown to us, we perform the following tasks.

Methodical examination

Our wedding dress specialists inspect your gown from top to bottom, recording every detail that needs to be addressed during the cleaning process. We now determine the appropriate method of cleaning, including spot treatments, based on these observations.

Thorough cleaning

To save your bridal dress for later, it will have to be drycleaned to rid it of dirt, stains and oils. The best method of stain removal for each type of stain is chosen to remove it. Metallic embroidery, beading and delicate fabrics are properly cared for during the process. Inspections are carried out at every stage to ensure every detail is addressed thoroughly.

MuseumStyle Heirloom Preservation to box your precious gown

Once expertly cleaned, your pristine wedding gown has to be packaged in a special storage box that tightly seals it against the effects of environmental elements.

Our Museum Style Heirloom Preservation is the ideal choice for this task. Designed to meet the highest professional standards, our special box will allow you to package your wedding dress perfectly. It has the following features.

Unlike traditional wedding dress boxes, our heirloom preservation boxes feature state of the art moisture and oxygen control technology.
The boxes have an inner acid-free tissue layer with pH control, that controls humidity and absorbs acid which could damage your gown. After your dress is packed in the box, the air is sucked out and replaced with an inert gas that blocks oxidation, thus sealing your gown.
There is a little window in the front, which will allow you to view your gown and veil whenever you want to.
The inner box is then placed in a durable long-term Museum style storage chest that ensures your dress is safe.

Choose to preserve your wedding gown with Best for Bride and ensure that your precious gown is boxed meticulously, so it remains unblemished and as good as new, and is ready to be passed on in the years to come .