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5359 Dundas St. West (at Kipling)
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Phone:  (416) 233-3393

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Looking for Wedding Dresses and Bridesmaid Gowns in Etobicoke/Mississauga Bridal Shops?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When should you go wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses shopping?
You should do your wedding shopping at least six months before the wedding. This will give you enough time to go through your options, place your order, receive the dress and get it altered. When you place an order at our Mississauga bridal store, we will take anywhere between three to six months to receive the bridal dress from the manufacturer. So, you should ideally plan your shopping to accommodate this factor. If you do not allow enough time for delivery, you may have to limit your bridal shopping to wedding and bridesmaids samples that are available off-the-rack.
2. Do you need a booking to try on bridal dresses at a bridal shop?
Most bridal dress stores in Toronto prefer that brides visit by prior appointment. When you schedule an appointment, we can plan your visit better and make it more productive and pleasant. We will be able to assign a dedicated consultant to your group. She will be with you during the entire duration of your visit and assist you with selecting wedding dresses, trying them on and getting out of dresses.
3. How can I avoid overspending on my wedding dress?
You can easily go overboard when shopping for your wedding dress. However, if you properly plan your shopping, wedding dresses that tick all the boxes can be found at reasonable prices at renowned bridal chains. Even if you are a bride on a budget, you need not limit your shopping to budget bridal stores like David’s bridal. You can find affordable designer wedding gowns at similar prices at stores like Best for Bride. To avoid overspending, first figure out what you can afford to spend on your dress. This amount should also include the cost of accessories and alterations. Then find bridal stores in Toronto that carry gowns in your price range. Book your appointment in advance. When you attend your shopping session, inform your consultant of your budget at the beginning itself. Avoid looking at dresses that are above your budget and you will be able to find a dress within your budget. If you have a very limited budget, you may be able to find a suitable dress in affordable bridesmaid dresses collections. You can also consider renting your bridal dress.
4. Who should I bring with me to my bridal gown shopping appointment?
We kindly ask that you bring a max of 5 guests per bride. If you have a bigger party, please Book Book VIP Personal Appointment. However, we always advise brides to keep their party small to enjoy their shopping experience. Fewer people will lead to lesser confusion and you will be able to better focus on your priorities. Make sure that those who join you when you come to our bridal stores Mississauga will positively contribute to your final decision.
5. Will I need wedding dress alterations?
Yes, you will mostly need wedding dress alterations. Wedding dresses are constructed according to standard measuring charts by the designer. So, your wedding dress will arrive in a size that is closest to your measurements. It may not fit you perfectly. So, you will need alterations after the dress arrives to get it to fit you perfectly. Fortunately, alteration services are available at our bridal boutique, Mississauga. You can book your fitting sessions in advance, when ordering your dress and have it altered soon after it arrives.
6. What is the most flattering bridal dress style?
Unfortunately, there is no single wedding dress style that by default flatters every woman. A-line wedding dresses are by far the most versatile style that looks good on most body types. The perfect silhouette for you would depend on your individual body type. If you are unsure of what your body type is or the most suitable dress styles, our consultants at Best for Bride bridal shops, Toronto can help you. Trust our experienced staff to correctly identify your body type and direct you to the right wedding dress that will highlight your best features.
7. What accessories does a bride need?
Each bride will have unique choices when it comes to bridal accessories. Some like to keep it simple while others do not want to leave anything out. Nonetheless, every bride needs hair accessories, wedding shoes, bridal jewelry and suitable undergarments. Other items like veils, tiaras, sash and purse are optional. You can explore your choices by browsing through our accessories collection to find the right items to perfect your bridal look.
8. Where can I find matching accessories for wedding dresses?
The best place to find matching accessories for your wedding gown is at a bridal boutique. Our bridal dress stores, Mississauga carry an impressive collection of bridal jewelry and accessories to help you complete your bridal look from head to toe. You will find veils, tiaras, crinoline and everything you need to transform into a stunning bride in our collection. Additionally, we offer discounts and interesting package deals that will make your money go further.
9. When is the best time to book my bridal gown shopping appointment?
The best time to plan your wedding dress shopping is six to nine months before your wedding day. This will give you enough time to make your selection, place your order and receive your dress before the wedding. You can book your appointment in advance by using our online booking option or contacting our team directly. Weekday appointments are generally recommended as the store will be less crowded and your shopping consultant can give you undivided attention during this time.
10. How many wedding dress appointments should I make?
We recommend limiting your wedding dress shopping appointments to no more than two per day. This will help you to avoid dress confusion. Since wedding dress shopping can tire you out easily, it is a good idea to space out your appointments. You should be able to think clearly and weigh your options before proceeding to try on more dresses.
11. How do I know if a bridal dress type is right for my body type?
You can trust your bridal consultant to direct you to the best bridal wedding dress silhouettes for your body type. You can also research your body type and identify flattering silhouettes before you go wedding shopping. This will help you narrow down your search to what suits you best. A wedding dress that is right for your body type will highlight your best assets while hiding the less desirable ones. You can easily recognize if a dress silhouette is right for you by trying it on and looking in the mirror to see if it meets your expectations.
12. How long will it take to receive my wedding dress?
Most designers take three to six months to deliver a dress after you place your order. Bridal couture designers may take even longer to deliver orders. Some manufacturers may do rush deliveries, but you will incur additional charges. When planning your wedding shopping, you should also factor in time for dress fitting sessions after receiving the dress. We suggest that you place your order with our wedding dress stores, Toronto at least six months before your wedding day to be on the safe side and receive your gown on time.

A guide to planning your dream wedding in Mississauga

Mississauga is the ideal location for a perfect Canadian wedding. With plenty of venue options and caterer choices, it is possible to bring all your ideas to life with no trouble at all. Here is some help to realize your vision for the perfect event, as we take a quick look at how you can plan your wedding in this fast-growing international city.

Mississauga skyline from Pearson

Right time to plan a wedding

Weddings are held all year round, in Mississauga. The best time to plan an outdoor ceremony is when the weather is warm. The months of May to September have a nice average temperature, but beware of showers in July. You will find many vendors and caterers offering off-season discounts if you book in the winter months. If you are fond of cool, romantic weddings and don't mind the snow, you may be able to save some money by getting married at this time of year.

Type of wedding and budget

Queen Jubilee Park

Queen Jubilee Park

Queen Jubilee Park

In this city, you can find suitable venues for every theme you can imagine. Before choosing a venue, you should have an idea of how many people will be attending, and what your budget is. If you do not want to spend too much on the venue, consider having a park ceremony. You should however, get the required permits when hosting your ceremony in a public place, before you go ahead with your plans. If you prefer an exclusive outdoor venue, you may like to look at the Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Garden, which offers tent weddings for up to 250 guests.

Wedding venues in Mississauga

Mississauga Convention Centre

Some venues like the Mississauga Convention Center can accommodate both small and big wedding parties. They also offer all-inclusive wedding packages, and handle everything from the decorations to the food service. The Coach House Weddings center is suitable for small wedding parties with less than 50 guests, while the Symphony Event Center is popular choice for more than 300 wedding guests. Crystal Grand Banquet Center does weddings up to 100 people and less and have a separate large hall for under 300 people. The Capitol Banquet Center can host up to 1000 guests.

Food and drink
Mississauga restaurant

For classic, traditional weddings, a plated meal is the usual choice. Both gourmet and traditional fare are available. Contemporary style weddings usually feature buffet style meals, and some couples host brunch instead of dinner. Going with seasonal and local produce in your menu can considerably lower your food and drink bill. You may also like to look at whether your venue allows you to bring your own caterers, or if you go with their on-site options.

Florists and cake

A good florist will help you make seasonal choices and is capable of creating the bouquet and centerpieces you want, on a budget. There are plenty of talented bakers in Mississauga who can craft a magical wedding cake that looks good and tastes great. Take a look at our list of suggested vendors and you can find the right person to entrust this task.

Wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses shopping

Whether you have a spring or winter wedding, our bridal consultants at Best for Bride, Mississauga can help you find the perfect bridal gown. For those brides who have a limited budget, we offer dresses on rent for a fraction of the original cost. Book your appointment with us today, and let us help you with everything you need to make yourself look perfect on your wedding day.

Important things to remember when planning your wedding in Etobicoke

Your wedding is a lifetime event and you need a splendid location for this special day. Etobicoke is a great wedding destination; one which welcomes you to a diverse range of venues, suitable for both big and small weddings.

This city offers you plenty of indoor and outdoor wedding locations. Whether you live in the area, or are planning from far away, you have made the right decision to choose this beautiful Toronto suburb for your big day.

Here is a guide to help you plan your wedding in this fantastic city, and a round-up of the various factors to do it right.

Legal Requirements

For your wedding to be official, you will require two witnesses over the age of 18 to sign your forms. A marriage license from any municipality in Ontario allows you to be legally married in Etobicoke. You can apply and obtain the license ahead of time, as it is valid for up to 3 months from the day of issue. Both you and your partner will have to provide identification documents and pay the License fee to receive the license.

Book a legally registered marriage officiant

Whether you prefer a traditional or modern ceremony, you should find a legally registered officiant to preside over your wedding ceremony. The officiant will have to certify your Marriage License with his signature, after the ceremony. He will issue the Record of Solemnization of Marriage, which is necessary to register your marriage. Your officiant will forward this, along with your license, to the Records office following the wedding. You can apply for the Record of Marriage Registration after 6 weeks of submitting the documents.

Booking your wedding venue

Etobicoke has various wedding venues, and it will not be difficult to find one that is perfect for the number of guests you have in mind. There are many quaint parks that can host the best outdoor weddings for any number of guests. Popular banquet halls include the Solar dome Place Banquet and Strates Banquet Halls. For a smaller wedding party, the Cool Beer Brewing is a rustic space that allows you to bring your own caterer and offers free parking. The Old Mill Inn and Spa is another good location with several event spaces to fit your needs.

Etobicoke Old Mill Inn

Some sites like the Old Mill Inn offer all-inclusive packages that make wedding planning a breeze. In other cases, you can consider hiring a wedding planner yourself, or making the arrangements yourself.

Strates Banquet Halls

Booking your wedding vendors

Some venues require that you use their on-site caterers, while others allow you to bring your own. Discuss this before you book the venue, as not all venues may be able to offer you the menu of your choice. If you are booking the vendor yourself, you can find all varieties in International cuisines, apart from vegetarian, gourmet, comfort food and even brunches to choose from.

Wedding shopping

Make sure that you shop for your wedding dress and accessories at least six months before the wedding, to allow yourself sufficient time to have everything ready. Best for Bride offers you a one-stop destination for all your wedding shopping needs, including your wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses. Book your appointment with our bridal shop at Etobicoke today and get all the help you deserve.
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