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Planning an Outdoor Wedding Ceremony in Dubai: Everything You Need to Know

Planning an Outdoor Wedding Ceremony in Dubai: Everything You Need to Know

Key Takeaways:

  • Best season: November to April for comfortable temperatures
  • Event organization: Choose between DIY or professional agency help
  • Ceremony locations: Beach, yacht, or Dubai desert
  • Dining options: Tent, restaurant, or hotel banquet hall
  • Unique Eastern-style weddings also available

What bride does not dream of an exclusive wedding day, which will forever be remembered not only as a day of great love and Happiness but also as a unique holiday. The United Arab Emirates has been at the TOP of the ranks of the most popular countries for weddings for several years now. Thousands of couples in love fly here every year to make their wedding not just chic, but unforgettable. Many event agencies offer their services in organizing the celebration because it is not enough just to invite guests, order dining chairs dubai, and say your vows. To organize a perfect wedding you need to think about many nuances. And today we will tell you what they are!

dubai outdoor wedding

Best season to plan a wedding in Dubai

The first important thing to keep in mind while planning a wedding in a country like UAE is choosing the right dates. Yes, the Arab Emirates is a warm equatorial country. There are practically no cold seasons here. But you must agree, that organizing an outdoor ceremony in hot days is not the best option. We advise you to choose dates in the period of Dubai’s “winter” – from November to April. It is in these months that the temperature will be as comfortable as possible around 25 degrees Celsius.  Many event agencies choose outdoor furniture for outdoor weddings at, guaranteeing that all guests will have a comfortable and happy time with couples.

Self-organization of the Event or the Assistance of an Agency?

The next question that will stand before the future spouses is the choice of the format of organizing an event in Dubai. Here it is important to take into account not only the availability of organizational skills but also a reserve of free time, the ability to find all contacts, experience in time management, and knowledge of foreign languages. Of course, independently creating and thinking through all the details of the away ceremony is a very energy-consuming and stressful process. After all, there will be more than just buying the perfect furniture or booking a transfer. A big wedding ceremony is based on many microprocessors.

Good thing that in recent years, the sphere of event services has developed widely, and a lot of companies in Dubai are ready to provide all clients with high-quality service for planning and organizing wedding celebrations of any format and scale. This option is much more simple and professional.

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What are the space options for organizing an exit ceremony in UAE

Once the first steps have been taken, it’s time to choose the basic conditions. And of course, you will need to decide exactly where to hold your dream away ceremony. Of certainly every young bride envisions her unique place where she would like their family’s story to begin. The location of the marriage ceremony should be chosen carefully and with great attention. You should keep in mind not only the theme of the event but also the comfort of transportation infrastructure, the ability to accommodate guests, and the presence of conditions for photography and videography. It is in the United Arab Emirates that you have the opportunity to choose from three main exotic and unique spaces for your wedding celebration.

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Wedding by the Sea: Beach Vow Exchange Ceremony

Of course, a beach wedding is the type of celebration that every young beloved person thinks of. The wide golden beaches of Dubai are perfect for a gorgeous sunset wedding. Handmade sandy bays, perfect crystal clear coastline, wonderful seascape. There are more than 20 kilometers of Dubai’s municipal beaches for honeymooners to choose from. You can also consider some private areas that are available to rent for the event. By placing a variety of protective beach umbrellas and choosing the proper outdoor furniture to accommodate your guests, you will be sure that your friends and family will not only be pleasant, but also comfortable. A marine theme will make it possible to design a wedding at the highest level possible.

wedding on a boat

Romance on a Yacht: Elegant Luxury

Renting a luxury modern yacht is not for everyone. But those couples who allow themselves this pleasure will be treated to the ultimate luxury event. Yacht cruising around the Arab capital’s suburbs surprises few people in this rich country. That is why in Dubai many rental companies offer their clients yacht rentals of any class. Just imagine a yacht drifting in the calm bays around the islands. It is there that it is possible to create a unique space for luxurious exclusive marriage ceremonies. A wedding on a yacht is sure to be remembered for a lifetime not only by the young couple but also by all the guests of the event. Experienced organizers will have no problem choosing a spacious and comfortable boat, on the terrace of which several rows of outdoor chairs can accommodate enough guests.

Desert Magic: A Celebration of Love Among the Dunes

The third most popular location for outdoor ceremonies within the UAE is the Cayenne-free Dubai desert. The recent release of the legendary movie Dune added great popularity to this type of event. The beauty of the desert amazed everyone who had time to watch this great movie. The boundless golden sands near Dubai have an atmosphere of fairytale and romance. Especially for outdoor wedding ceremonies a whole mini-village is built, where all the necessary infrastructure for guests and organizers is located. Portable outdoor furniture, large beach umbrellas protecting from the blazing sun, thematically decorated ceremonial arch, and that incredible vibe of the ancient Arabian Desert. And many young couples now want to organize their weddings in the middle of the desert. The mystical atmosphere adds magic to the moment of union of two souls.

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Traditions of the East: Muslim Marriage Rituals

Many young couples are just as fascinated by the idea of having a traditional Muslim ceremony. After all, as soon as you see the grand Mosques of Dubai, you immediately want to be a part of this incredible old culture. The religious wedding ceremony in Islam is called Nikah and is conducted according to all the dictates of the holy book of the Quran. It is an incredibly deeply spiritual and beautiful ritual. But young brides and grooms need to keep in mind that this wedding format is only permissible for those who profess Islam. Holding symbolic ceremonies in mosques and other holy places in Muslim regions is prohibited.

A Fantastic Wedding Dinner: Tent, Restaurant or Hotel

The last thing to think about before you start planning such an important event as a wedding abroad is what kind of place to choose for the wedding dinner. If for a buffet it was enough to buy street furniture and put a mobile bar and tables for a cocktail party, then a fully equipped dinner will require a well-known place. 

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There are a few basic options to choose from:

  • Setting up a large festive marquee in the garden

The best option for a classic wedding with a lot of guests. A grand dinner under the shelter of a beautifully decorated awning in a picturesque garden next to one of Dubai’s luxury cottages. Catering services provide everything from gourmet food and elegant plates to outdoor furniture, garden chairs, buffet tables, and a mobile kitchen. A street bar and even a small dance floor can be placed for a night party.

  • A banquet hall in one of Dubai’s restaurants

Local restaurants are world-famous and very popular. Many of them provide guests with the service of renting spacious banquet halls, which will comfortably accommodate a sufficient number of guests. Wedding dinners of this format will be as perfect as possible because you are unlikely to find places with a more diverse menu, high-quality cuisine, and qualified service.

  • Renting party halls from hotels

This option is available in many large premium hotels in Dubai. Banquet halls in hotels are suitable for the most large-scale and grandiose events. Often in such spaces, there is a stage for the performance of artists, professional lighting, and sound systems, it is possible to place any decor and create an incredibly magnificent wedding. All necessary furniture is provided by the hotel.

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  • Luxury villas on the island of Palma

A version of the original location for a wedding dinner in a small circle of family and friends. On the island, which is located in Dubai Bay, there are many cozy and chic cottages, the territory of which is used for events. By renting one of them, newlyweds can hold a gala dinner in a quiet but exclusive atmosphere.

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Wedding in Dubai: Unique Moments in the Style of an Eastern Fairy Tale

There is no doubt that whatever format you choose for the wedding ceremony if it is performed in Dubai, it will leave a deep memory in the hearts of the couple and all their invited guests. The celebration of your love will take place in a unique location where the spirit of antique traditions meets the world of modernity. A bright and happiness-filled event will be an important starting point from which a new phase of your life will begin.

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