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Why should I choose the Mercedes G63 during my Dubai honeymoon?

Why should I choose the Mercedes G63 during my Dubai honeymoon?

Key Takeaways

  • Luxury Choice for Honeymoons: The Mercedes G63 offers a perfect blend of luxury and comfort, making it an ideal choice for a honeymoon in Dubai.
  • Prestigious Vehicle: Endorsed by Dubai’s ruler, the G63 is a popular and fashionable choice for weddings and symbolizes prestige.
  • Reliability and Safety: Known for its robust construction and advanced safety features, ensuring a safe and reliable driving experience.
  • Customizable Comfort: Offers a range of customization options for interior design and features, enhancing comfort and personal style.
  • Practical for All Terrains: Capable of handling various landscapes, perfect for exploring diverse locales in Dubai.
  • Rental Option Available: Renting a G63 is a practical way to enjoy its benefits without the commitment of purchase.
  • Enhanced Wedding Experience: Adds a touch of luxury and uniqueness to wedding celebrations and photos.
  • Comprehensive Features: Equipped with modern technology and entertainment options, providing convenience and enjoyment during travel.

Surely you would like to see an incredible, luxurious and expensive car on your honeymoon in Dubai. But not all of them are suitable for comfortable and safe travel on the roads. So, let’s look at the Mercedes G63. Since this car combines convenience and comfort, and literally screams luxury, it is perfect for your wedding or honeymoon.

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The ruler of Dubai rides Mercedes G63

As you know, this Mercedes is quite big and bulky, so you might think its popularity at weddings in Dubai is strange, but it is not so. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum drives a G63 AMG. Since the ruler is the main role model for the inhabitants, this car instantly became fashionable. In addition, a wedding is a significant day that you want to make as memorable as possible.

Despite the fact that the Sheikh has a large fleet of vehicles, which boasts a large selection of luxury cars, quite often the ruler can be found in the city driving a Mercedes G63.

You can recognize this legendary car by its license plate, which is very simply and succinctly limited to one number – 1. Not only residents, but also guests of Dubai respect and honor the ruler, so many strive to follow their idol. And so it turned out that the fashion for this car simply exploded in popularity.

And its use at weddings is also due to the fact that it is possible to rent this car. It probably wouldn’t make sense for you to buy such a car during your trip, but taking luxurious wedding photos in front of the Mercedes G63 or driving it on your honeymoon is a great idea.


However, the popularity of this car in Dubai is not only due to the fact that residents want to live up to their ruler. Mercedes G63 is a very reliable car. There is direct evidence that this car model is very reliable and can conquer almost any landscape – forests, swamps, mountains, and so on. No one would want any problems during their honeymoon.

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There is one real story. A former pilot named Günther Holtorf traveled around the world in his Otto, a 1988 Mercedes G-Class. The driver covered a distance of 559,000 miles and traveled to 215 countries. Gunther traveled to completely different places on different roads and was able to successfully complete his journey using only a kit with spare parts.

This story completely proves the reliability of this car, so you will not need to worry about your safety. Although the entire journey was covered on the predecessor of the current Mercedes G63, this does not change the fact that reliability is literally in the blood of this car model. Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more car enthusiasts are choosing this particular car. The combination of reliability, nice design and comfort makes the ride incredibly comfortable and enjoyable.

Prestige and flexibility

Since the ruler of Dubai himself drives this car, the prestige of this model cannot be denied. Pleasant and moderately strict design, a wide palette of colors and various configurations allow you to customize the model to suit you. You can choose not only the color, but also the equipment, right down to the wheel design and seat upholstery. No one can argue with the prestige of this model. And thanks to this prestige, your wedding will be luxurious. Plus, you will be able to experience all the opulence of Dubai, so your honeymoon will be absolutely wonderful.

The choice is really huge. There are several upholstery, metal and wood options available that can be used to decorate the interior of your car.

The car also has multimedia screens that not only assist the driver in driving, for example, when planning a route, helping to set up and use various functions, but can also be used for entertainment, for example, if you are stuck in a traffic jam. . They can literally be used as a TV or laptop. However, do not forget that this can only be done if the car is stationary. Always remember to drive safely and behave properly on the road.

Returning to the interior design, we can add that the range is presented in different color options. You can choose classic white and black colors, and for an additional fee your interior can become as rich and expensive as Classic Red. You can also choose Nappa leather upholstery. These details are simply created to emphasize the prestige and wealth of the owner of the Mercedes G63.

You remember that Dubai is a place of wealth and luxury, and with the help of such a car you can join this atmosphere and spend your honeymoon in luxury and an atmosphere of prosperity. Of course, if you are on your honeymoon, you may not want to buy such a car, but if you still want to enjoy that prestige and flexibility, then you can rent luxury cars and experience all the delights of the Mercedes G63.

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Safety on every trip

Since not every one of us is a traveler like Günther Holtorf, the Mercedes G63 will be tested in urban conditions. Of course, you also have to be careful when moving. In Dubai, for example, there are many complex junctions and large roads where maximum attention and seriousness are required from the driver. You wouldn’t want to have an accident in the middle of your honeymoon, right? Don’t worry, this car will help you travel in safety and comfort.

Fortunately, owners of the Mercedes G63 can take advantage of many useful features while driving that can make using the car easier and safer. For example, you can connect cruise control or blind spot monitors. This will allow you to always be aware of the situation and monitor the situation in which you are now. The car also has a parking assistance system and full-fledged all-round cameras. But we know that while parking, many difficult situations can arise that can lead to breakdowns and even accidents. However, thanks to such features, the driver does not need to worry about this and it is important to simply remain attentive.

The Mercedes G63 also features automatic emergency braking; This is a very important function, especially in difficult driving situations. This will ensure your safety and help you cope with an emergency with minimal losses and injuries, and maybe even protect you from risks.

Apart from such advanced features that we mentioned above, the location of the airbags is also worth noting. They are located not only in the front, but also on the side, as well as on the roof of the car. But that’s not all, there are also airbags installed at knee level to protect the driver and passengers from impacts on the dashboard.

In addition, we must not forget about the robust design of the car itself: its ladder frame is made of steel up to 3.4 mm thick. This design is very reliable and durable, so it will also play an important role in your safety during emergencies and unforeseen circumstances on the road.


As we said earlier, the comfort of this car is one of the main advantages of the model. Because it combines safety, reliability and system flexibility, you can be sure that you will have a truly comfortable driving experience. Since you just need to be attentive and careful, you will be able to enjoy the ride to the fullest. And the interior design will create pleasant comfort and coziness for you, because you can do everything at your own discretion.

You cannot neglect your own comfort, especially during the honeymoon; You must always remember that it will be you who needs to get behind the wheel.

So, are you ready for an unforgettable honeymoon in the sands of Dubai? Mercedes G63 will be an excellent option for your wedding trip, because it combines the best qualities of modern cars. However, each model has small but disadvantages. However, the universal approach, convenience and quality of the Mercedes G63 eliminates all possible disadvantages.

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The combination of comfort, safety and luxury can satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customers planning to rent or even buy a car. No car can guarantee you 100% safety on the road, so remember to be careful in any situation, especially when driving a car.

Your honeymoon will be unforgettable thanks to the emotions you create with your partner. And this great car will be able to decorate your photos, and will also help you form a good opinion about the city itself, because your movement will be smooth and hassle-free. Trust the Mercedes G63, see all the sights and visit even the most hidden corners of the city. Your adventure together will certainly not soon be forgotten!

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