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5 Ways to Capture the Laughter and Fun of Your Wedding Day

5 Ways to Capture the Laughter and Fun of Your Wedding Day

Key Takeaways:

  • Incorporate a photo booth for capturing fun moments and candid shots.
  • Utilize a video guestbook for guests to record messages and share their experiences.
  • Embrace moments of spontaneity and candidness in photos to add depth to your wedding story.
  • Capture emotional moments like tears and hugs to enhance the storytelling in your wedding video.
  • Add a personal touch by interviewing guests and including their perspectives in your wedding video.

Weddings are the best events that give you the perfect time to capture the loveliest moments of your life. With millions of things going on at the event, it becomes daunting to focus on what’s worth capturing and capturing every good moment. Wherever you look, you will always find someone indulging in some moment that is worth capturing. But how do you capture those moments of laughter and fun? Well, we have got you covered. Keep reading to know more. 

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8 Best Wedding Videographers in Toronto and GTA 2024

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Wedding Videography is a challenging and powerful way to capture the emotional moment of your wedding day. Every bride-to-be wants to relive the amazing moments of their wedding day. We want to help you find the perfect wedding videographer for you. We have compiled a list of the best wedding videographer in Toronto and GTA. As each one has their own style and preference, the list is in alphabetical order. These are the Top Wedding Videographers in Toronto and GTA nominated by Best for Bride. Enjoy exploring and admiring their beautiful works of art! We have also included Frequently Asked Questions for Videographers at the bottom of the post.

If you are a wedding videographer and you believe you deserve to be included in the Top Wedding Videographers in Toronto and GTA area, please email us the following information at to be considered: why we should choose you, a unique description of your business (200-500 words), logo, links to your website and social media, 3-5 examples of your work to be featured. This feature is free of cost because if you can pay to list, then is it really the best business?

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Capture the Magic: Compelling Reasons Why a Wedding Video is an Absolute Must-Have!

You have booked your wedding photographer, and you are pretty certain that photos are all that’s needed to capture your milestone event. Many brides who took a similar stand, now regret not having had their weddings videographed. So, before you make this decision, look at why you should consider a wedding video, even when you already have a wedding photographer.


Videos capture moments as it is

However capable your wedding photographer is, photos are what they are called—Stills!

To remember and enjoy the exact moment as it was, a video is better. It also captures all the in-between moments between photos. Another thing to remember is that videos are not choreographed, and so it is the best way to capture people naturally. If you are a bride who is conscious in front of the camera, you do not have to worry about looking stiff and posed in a video, like you do in photos.

It is a keepsake of the beautiful moments at your wedding

Your father’s speech, the tears of joy that rolled down your mother’s eyes as she watched you walk down the aisle, the laughter and cheer while dancing at your reception, the commotion when you threw your bouquet—there is no way photos can recreate this like a video can. Videos have sound and motion, and hence allow you to preserve every moment of your wedding day as it occurred. It is the perfect way to remember the day as it was, and you will enjoy watching it again on your anniversary or other special days in the future.

Keep it short and it will be interesting

Your videographer may have been around for the entire day, but that doesn’t mean your wedding video should go on forever. Have him capture and edit the highlights, while also adding the special moments and interesting things that happened. Videos also allow you to remember the fun moments on the day, like the jokes you shared with your bridesmaids as you dressed up. Another factor is that it is almost impossible to get your video wrong. While the quality of your photographs depend on how talented your photographer is, you can be certain that your videos will cover it and make up for anything your photographer may have missed.

It allows you to remember everyone long after they are gone

Photos can achieve this too, but videos are the way to remember the older members of your bridal party as they were in flesh and blood, long after they are gone. Similarly, children at your wedding party would love to see how they were, long after they’ve grown up. Your video holds the key to the past, and it will be wonderful for your children and grandchildren to see all the people they’ve only heard of, when they watch your wedding video.

If you are still wondering if video is a must or a maybe at your wedding, we say go for it! After all, it is not everyday that you get married. So, capturing every moment of your big day is worth every dime you spend.

For more wedding advice and tips, visit us on Best for Bride.

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The 5 Questions Brides Wish They Had Asked their Wedding Videographer

There’s nothing like hindsight to give some clarity as to the questions you would have asked, had you known what would go wrong that is. Luckily for brides today there is the internet; this invaluable tool helps brides to learn from the misfortunes and misgivings of couples far and wide when it comes to making bad decisions about the big day. While it might seem that with today’s technology any old point-and-shoot camera should do the trick when it comes to a wedding videographer, just ask a couple who has a grainy five minute VHS with Michael Bolton playing over all the sound bytes if there’s any difference. That being said, here are the top 5 questions brides wish they had asked their wedding videographers… before putting down the deposit.

5. What will be the picture quality of the final product?
Many videographers throw out terms like “HD” and impress unwitting couples into choosing their “state of the art” video service, but don’t be impressed until you’ve seen a sample. Not every amateur or freelance videographer has the right technology not only to shoot a good video at such high resolution, nor the equipment to edit it properly. See some samples and decide what looks best to you. Also keep in mind that not every shot is flattering in high definition, and take some test shots before the big day.

4. Will you be using microphones?
Almost nobody thinks to ask this question, but almost everyone has to crank up the volume when it comes to any part of the wedding video with speeches, toasts, or vows. Instead of leaving it to chance find out if the videographer plans to bug the altar, use wireless mics on participants, or make friends with the sound guy at the reception to get a direct feed into the audio. If the videographer is simply filming these speeches from afar, it’s not very likely you’ll hear a word that’s said.

3. How many cameras and camera operators will you be using?
This one is important especially if you have a large wedding, a large wedding party or a large wedding venue. One camera operator can only be one place at once. Some set up stationary cameras to supplement their footage, but these are only really useful for far-off shots, the ceremony or speeches. You’ll find you get the best results if there are at least two camera operators who are twice as likely to be in the right place at the right time to catch the very most special of moments.

2. Have you done this before?
Shockingly enough, many people fail to ask this question. This question does not refer to student films, friend’s weddings with home equipment or bar mitzvahs. This question refers specifically and exclusively to hiring a client, filming a wedding, producing an end product that the couple loves, and correctly billing the couple for it. As mentioned before, ask for samples.

1. Are there choices on music and style?
Even the best videographer with the best shots can still product a cringe-worthy end product with sappy love songs, fading transitions and love heart frame effects if not properly guided during the post-production phase of the program. Ask before if there are choices and provide some very specific suggestions if you want an end-product you can actually stand to watch!

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