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15 Best Wedding Officiants in Toronto and GTA 2024

Top Wedding Officiant Toronto

Officiating a wedding is a lovely art form, and everyone has their own personal preferences and flair. We’re here to assist you in finding the most professional and competent wedding officiants in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. We opted to rank these officiants alphabetically because everyone has their own style and specialization. Best for Bride has selected the Top Wedding Officiants in Toronto and the GTA. Enjoy exploring all the different wedding officiants and the services they offer!

If you are a wedding officiant and you believe you deserve to be included in the Top Wedding Officiants in Toronto and GTA area, please email us the following information at to be considered: why we should choose you, a unique description of your business (200-500 words), logo, links to your website and social media, 3-5 examples of your work to be featured. This feature is free of cost because if you can pay to list, then is it really the best business?

Amber Shurr – Enduring Promises

So often in life it is not the whole of an event that we remember but rather it is the moments
within the celebration, that make the memories.

  • Amber from Enduring Promises-2
  • Amber from Enduring Promises-3
  • Amber from Enduring Promises-5
  • Amber from Enduring Promises-6
  • Amber from Enduring Promises

As an officiant with Enduring Promises, this exactly what I strive to do. I love to hear how a couple met, the individual aspects of their love story and their specific dreams for their wedding day. It is so rewarding to see couples stress turn to excitement as they understand their options and just how personalized their ceremony can be. Being a wedding officiant is to be a part of the team, making a dream day come true. I enjoy resourcing couples with great vendors who provide exceptional services and products with the priority of serving the couple and making the day not just perfect but enjoyable! On the day of the big event, I love to get there early to touch base with the site host and the vendors to help ensure things are going well and then to spend time engaging with the family and guests helping to make everyone comfortable. I love being a wedding officiant because it gives me a small role in the celebration of a couple’s love for each other and a glimpse into the life that they are building together. Making memories moment by moment!

Officiant Services

As a wedding officiant I am looking to serve the couple for all of their officiant needs.  I have a personalized approach to taking the stress out of this beautiful life event and bringing back the fun into planning the big day! I can provide a variety of ceremony options to suit the needs of the couple from your simple “Civil Ceremony” which instead of you going to City Hall, I would come to you to take care of business. Then I have the “Officiant of the Day” which invites a friend or family member to play the role of officiant with coaching and my onsite presence to do the legalities, also giving the couple access to the create your own ceremony console. This package works very well for destination wedding because it takes care of the legalities at home and provides coaching and the script for whomever will be functioning as your officiant at your destination! Then the most popular package of “Your Ceremony, Your Way” invites couple to create a ceremony with the romance, whimsy, fun or traditions that are specific to the couple! I am a part of a team of officiants so you will always have a back-up officiant should need be. I am an inclusive officiant and I am here to resource couples with the information and the vendor connections to make their wedding day as stress-free as possible.   


Angela Donald Officiant

What does an officiant do?  It’s my job as a wedding officiant to create a beautiful ceremony for each couple who hires me to officiate for them, to be an ear for anything wedding-related during the process, and to completely take care of all the legal aspects of a wedding ceremony.

  • Angela Donald Officiant
  • Angela Donald Officiant-5
  • Angela Donald Officiant-4
  • Angela Donald Officiant-3
  • Angela Donald Officiant-2

I am Certified & Licensed in the Province of Ontario to perform weddings for a single religion, interfaith or non-religious weddings.   Rehearsals and vow renewals are also available.   My home base is Aurora (and York Region), but I venture all over the GTA to officiate for couples.  My passion is to tell each couple’s story personally and authentically in a way that expresses the beauty of their union.  I don’t use templates and give every couple as much involvement as they wish in the ceremony creation process – essentially creative freedom.  The final ceremony is ultimately what each couple feels is the best fit for them:  unique and one of a kind to them.  It may sound like a laborious process, but it’s incredibly fun and simple.  The size of the wedding a couple is having doesn’t affect the operation:  big or small, a complete wedding celebration or an intimate elopement, and I look forward to creating something personal for each couple!  For the ceremony itself, I deliver a professional and unique wedding ceremony that each couple and their guests will remember.  As a former wedding planner, I also have a wealth of knowledge of the wedding industry.  After years of planning, I realized that my real passion was the ceremony aspect of a couple’s big day.  When the opportunity presented itself to jump back into the wedding industry, I shifted my focus to being a wedding officiant, fully understanding the importance of a ceremony that showcases a couple’s deeply rooted love.  However, I am happy to pass it to my couples in their planning with all that previous wedding planning knowledge.  


Avril Ewing Officiant

Southern Ontario weddings have never been this fabulous!

  • Wedding Officiant Avril Ewing-4
  • Wedding Officiant Avril Ewing-3
  • Wedding Officiant Avril Ewing logo

All are welcome! Wedding Officiant Avril Ewing is personable and professional and welcomes couples of all ethnicities, genders and orientations, medical and financial statuses, and is LGBTQIA2S friendly and safe. Avril never discriminates and is committed to helping couples get married in a way that is authentic to them, in the location of their choice.

Located in Port Hope, Ontario, Avril Ewing is a licenced wedding officiant and celebrant who specializes in creating romantic and heartfelt wedding ceremonies for couples who are ready to take that next step in their lives together. Wedding ceremonies performed by Avril can be personalized to include your own vows and readings of your choice.

Additional Ceremonies may be added to your wedding ceremony such as…

Chuppah Ceremony, Blessing to the Four Directions, Handfasting Ceremony, Hands Ceremony, Mother’s Rose Ceremony, Ring Warming Ceremony, Family Medallion Ceremony, Seven Blessings, Veil, Cord, Coins Ceremony, Jumping the Broom, Wine Ceremony, Unity Candle Ceremony, Sand Ceremony, Unity Canvas Painting Ceremony, , Rose/Flower Ceremony, Quaich Ceremony, Affirmation of the Community, Love Letter & Wine Box Ceremony, Ribbons, Doves, Butterflies & Bubbles, Breaking the Glass, and any other ceremony you might like.

Avril also offers other services which include Elopements, Commitment Ceremonies, Vow Renewals, Handfastings, Baby Namings, Memorials, Graveside services, Celebrations of life, Funerals (Religious and Non-religious), as well as house and biker blessings.

Couples in Toronto, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, Bowmanville, Newcastle, Port Hope, Cobourg, Grafton, Brighton, Belleville, Trenton, Kingston, Uxbridge, Port Perry, Lindsay, Peterborough, Millbrook, Bailieboro, Durham Region, Northumberland County, and the Kawartha Region can count on their ceremony being beautiful and memorable.


Brother Jeremy

Brother Jeremy spent his life in the shadow of the pulpit, seeing his father marry thousands of couples.

  • Brother Jeremy-2
  • Brother Jeremy-3
  • Brother Jeremy-4
  • Brother Jeremy

This was combined with other Jewish milestones, such as B’nai Mitzvot, Brit Milot, and funerals. The last category was always the most somber, it put the other events into perspective. 
A graduate of Tel Aviv University, he continued his graduate work in Canada, both in the humanities and commerce. His ceremonies are grounded in tradition, connecting the past with the present and future. He is friendly and non-judgemental, offering a compassionate ear to all who seek it. 
Brother Jeremy serves all nations, regardless of culture, language, or affiliation. Weddings can occur at our small Toronto Wedding Chapel or a venue of your choosing. Marriage is a beautiful thing, something to be celebrated and elevated. So your wedding ceremony will be tailor-made, crafted to suit the tastes–and story–of the couple.

Wedding Officiant on Google Map

Connie Butera Licensed Wedding Officiant

As an ordained Pastoral Chaplain via the Sanctuary Family Centre, I am licensed to marry any couple in Ontario.

  • Connie Butera-6
  • Connie Butera-5
  • Connie Butera-3
  • Connie Butera-2
  • Connie Butera

Whether your special day will be traditional, non-traditional, religious, non-religious, same-sex, transgender, heterosexual, elopement or somewhere in between; I am happy to work with you to customize the ceremony of your dreams.   As also a professional event planner, I bring an added organizational touch to your event.  Please read more below on the different services available.

With over 12 years of professional event planning & project management experience, I am here to help guide you through your event process and alleviate the stress along the way.  

I am proud to offer a wide range of services to accommodate anyone’s budget and needs, as well as have a full roster of partners that we regularly work with as event planning professionals and highly recommend. 

As a licensed & ordained Pastoral Chaplain, it is also my pleasure to legally marry any couple in Ontario (including same-sex couples!). Check out my Officiating Services. 

Contact me today for more information or to set up your FREE introduction & consultation. 


Enduring Promises

There’s a reason we celebrate the big moments in life…

  • Enduring Promises
  • Enduring Promises-7
  • Enduring Promises-5
  • Enduring Promises-4
  • Enduring Promises-3
  • Enduring Promises logo

Wedding celebrations are one of the big moments—we can all relate to the joy, the triumph of love, promises made, the feeling that life is just perfect, full of hope. 

It’s easy to celebrate those moments, and we unashamedly admit that as a group of Officiants,  we show up time and again for each and every couple because we love celebrating LOVE. 

We acknowledge that a wedding is a significant moment in your life, and we are honoured to celebrate with you.  

We never get tired of the fact that each wedding celebration is unique, a collection of your moments that have all of us sharing in the beautiful dance of life. 

So can you blame us? We love what we do! 

Your wedding is the point at which you connect all the moments of your life with the future. Our goal at Enduring Promises is to help you share your story, to celebrate your love in the way it deserves. 

We have wedding ceremony packages for every couple!  

If you want to take care of the Legalities, we’ve got you. If you want a small, intimate wedding you’ll need our Micro Ceremony. If you want a destination wedding, we’ve got a Mobile  Ceremony that’s easy to pack!  

Your Ceremony, Your Way is our premier package with access to an online portal that provides you with the content you need to create and personalize your wedding ceremony, incorporating every detail that expresses your love. We at Enduring Promises, for over 10 years, have built our reputation on exactly that.  

Step one for all our wedding packages is to take advantage of our free, no-obligation, wedding consultation. It’s easy to book online by visiting our website at, click on the box “Inquire about an Officiant now ” and you will find a drop-down menu.  

This will link directly to our Officiants calendars so we can assess availability and we hope to send a couple of profiles along for you to review. 

You’ll book a consultation with your chosen Officiant to share your story and help them understand the vision for your ceremony. Your Officiant is there to offer help and expertise, to remove the stress—so you can savour every moment.  

If you feel as though you have just met a long-time friend and you’d like to book your wedding with us, with excitement, we’ll happily save the date! 

And we don’t leave it at that, your specially chosen Officiant, think of them as your Wedding  Coach, will be available for your questions by email, text, or phone—we are genuinely always happy to help! 

Marriage is the greatest dance of life, and watching two souls celebrate is one of the greatest joys to witness. It is our privilege to help you take those first steps together, so you create lasting memories. 

That’s why we do what we do!


Luxurious Bridal Bonus Package - Wedding Dress

Forever Ceremonies

Forever Ceremonies was founded by Reverend Manny Maiato, who is a non-denominational minister through the Bancroft Spiritual Centre who is based out of Toronto and Simcoe County.

  • Forever Ceremonies
  • Forever Ceremonies-5
  • Forever Ceremonies-4
  • Forever Ceremonies-3
  • Forever Ceremonies-2

He exudes the Love is Love attitude and has a passion for positivity, love and life. Rev. Manny has several years of experience marrying couples looking for personalized ceremonies. He speaks English, Portuguese, French and Spanish, so he also includes multilingual ceremonies as an option for couples who want to have specific readings and wedding scripts. He also works with teams who might speak other languages to ensure that every culture, tradition, and language is honoured and respected. Rev. Manny has three specific wedding packages at three different price points. He also makes planning the ceremony easy and stress-free for the engaged couples as he offers unlimited consultations once booked. He walks his couples through the process every step of the way, also providing free virtual wedding rehearsals as part of his services. This eliminates a lot of the pre-wedding stress, which many couples appreciate. Rev. Manny takes great pride as he only officiates one wedding per day to ensure that each client has the utmost flexibility on their wedding day.


Garry Francis Wedding Officiant

To be trusted to stand with a couple and to guide them through such a special moment in their lives is the highest honour of my life!

  • Garry Francis Officiating Services
  • Garry Francis Officiating Services
  • Garry Francis Officiating Services
  • Garry Francis Officiating Services
  • Garry Francis Officiating Services
  • Garry Francis Officiating Services

Here are the reasons my officiating service should be chosen for you:

·         I have deliberately and carefully designed my officiating service to be “set apart from the crowded herd of other officiants” and to be in a “category of the elite!” Hence, the byline for my service is…the GTA Wedding Whisperer!

·         I have the expertise to handle the “Officiating Moment” as someone who is unusually skilled in managing the experience.  As a Wedding Officiant, I am the consummate “people person” who thrives on new experiences and is fiercely committed to excellence, quality and individuality.

·         I am the only officiant in the industry offering a “money-back guarantee” if I do not deliver 5-star service.

·         I am the only officiant in the industry that has created a specially designed “Wedding Room” to officiate and conduct intimate/off-season/document signing weddings all year long.

·         My 5 wedding packages all receive the same level of 5-star service regardless of the number of guests in attendance.

·         My Elite inclusive wedding package ($995 HST included) is unique in the industry that offers the following: 

o   Unlimited “face to face” consult meetings at the location of your choice (optional)

o   Unlimited phone, text, e-mail or zoom contact

o   Access to extraordinary ceremony preparation resources(400+ pages of resources)

o   Marriage coaching – Garry is a certified pre-marriage coach

o   4 sessions of marriage coaching included (worth $400)

o   Officiating at the venue of your choice

o   Rehearsal on the day of your choice (worth $275)

o   600 km of travel included (worth $450)

o   Officiant will mail the completed and signed marriage licence for processing

o   Requirements – A Valid Marriage License & two Witnesses

o   Four sessions of Marriage Coaching included

Lastly, I consider the “Officiating Moment” as very significant so I handle it with great care.


GTA Wedding Officiant

I am a Maritimer who left the ocean for the big city seven years ago. 

  • GTA Wedding Officiant
  • GTA Wedding Officiant-4
  • GTA Wedding Officiant-3
  • GTA Wedding Officiant-2

I live in Riverdale with my wife of 23 years, our four children, and our two Australian Labradoodles. I enjoy reading, collecting vinyl, and biking around the city. I work at a retirement home and enjoy officiating weddings on weeknights and weekends.

I absolutely love working with couples to help them achieve their vision for their ceremony; whether it’s a signing, a simple or an elaborate ceremony, I consider it an honour to participate in their wedding. Even after doing it for 18 years, it never gets old! 


I’m Your Wedding Guy

A couples’ wedding day is one of the biggest moments for them sharing their love for each other.

  • Im-Your-Wedding-Guy-5
  • Im-Your-Wedding-Guy
  • Im-Your-Wedding-Guy-4

I enjoy learning about their love story and being able to create a ceremony that shares and celebrates that love  in a personal,  fun  and engaging way for everyone.

A couples’ wedding day is about the celebration of the love between them. To properly tell this story, I  take my  time with  couples to  get to know as much as possible about their journey together as a couple, alongside their family and friends, and on the wedding day, I share this story with the love and humour to connect with everyone who is there. “Their wedding day is the start of their new life together and I want to highlight their love.”

Weddings are one of the greatest days of a couples life. I want them to celebrate their day in a way that let’s their love for each other shine. Nothing is impossible on that day. Climb a mountain, hike to a river in the forest, get married under water, my goal is to support the start of their new life and adventure together in the greatest way that speaks to them. Ther favorite part of a wedding day is seeing the smile and the love between the couple as they share their time together and that is my goal from start to finish.  

Wedding Ceremonies:

I help create the couples ceremony in the exact way that a couple have always imagined it would be.  The ceremony can be intimate with the couple and their witnesses, can be 500 people, we can climb a mountain or go scuba diving.  Whatever the couples wishes are I will help create and facilitate the perfect day!  My style is one that is engaging and a true fun celebration of love.  We can include any cultural and/or religious elements, or we can create add your favorite quote or character as part of the day!  All ceremonies are a celebration of love and are inclusive for all.    I coordinate with all the wedding vendors to help make the couples day one that is about them!


I Love Wedding Ceremonies

I specifically chose the lower case “I” as the focus of the ceremony. In fact the ceremony should be about the couple.

  • I Love Wedding Ceremonies-2
  • I Love Wedding Ceremonies-3
  • I Love Wedding Ceremonies-4
  • I Love Wedding Ceremonies
  • I Love Wedding Ceremonies Logo

As a former educator, I love public speaking and so this was a natural fit. I pride myself on creating a love story to be shared with couples and their guests. I want couples to know exactly what the parts of the ceremony will be and walk them  through a wedding workshop that will allow us to create an atmosphere of calm and confidence, Calm, because they will be ready for the ceremony after the workshop and wedding rehearsal, confident  because they will both know what to expect on the day of the wedding,

All members of the LBGTQ  community are always welcome in my community. All guests will want to be included as participants/cheerleaders of the ceremony. The focus won’t be on their phones or taking pictures as they will want to witness, participate, engage in laughter and cry tears of joy, thus allowing the professional vendors ie photographers to do their job without interference.

When the ceremony ends, my services don’t finish there. I follow up by filing all the legal paperwork and ensuring that they were both happy with my services and how things turned out. I also follow up with anniversary greetings and as new children are welcomed into the world, perform baby blessings.

I like to build professional relationships with my couples that may result in becoming close social connections. I consider my couples as extended “family members”.In short, as an expert storyteller, I create an atmosphere of joy and laughter. It’s what I love to do.


Joined by Love in Marriage

Hello, my name is Gorette Marques, and I am a Licenced Marriage Officiant in the province of Ontario.

  • Joined By Love In Marriage
  • Joined By Love In Marriage-3
  • Joined By Love In Marriage-2
  • Joined By Love In Marriage-1
  • Joined By Love In Marriage logo

From creating ‘love stories’ to performing unity traditions, I take pride in presenting personalized ceremonies that are truly unique to each couple.  My easy-going and fun personality shines through as I strive to make the whole wedding ceremony process an enjoyable experience.  

Whether simple or more elaborate ceremonies, I am dedicated to working directly with couples to ensure that all the details of their ceremony are covered and presented in a way that leaves lasting memories for the couples and their families and friends. I specialize in a variety of ceremonies including traditional, contemporary, religious, spiritual, elopements, civic, paper-signing, and vow renewals that are inclusive of all persons. 

For more intimate ceremonies, I also offer a ceremony space in Vaughan, Ontario with flexible days and times. My servicing areas include Toronto, Woodbridge, Maple, Markham, Mississauga, Richmond Hill, King City, Brampton, Aurora, Newmarket, Bradford, Barrie and beyond.


Bridesmaid Dresses Special Offer

Married by Vinnie

My name is Vinnie and I am the proud owner of Married By Vinnie which was named one of Vaughan’s Top Three Wedding Officiants in 2021 and 2020 by Three Best Rated.  

  • Married by Vinnie
  • Married by Vinnie-5
  • Married by Vinnie-4
  • Married by Vinnie-3
  • Married by Vinnie-2
  • Married by Vinnie logo

I provide couples with officiant services for wedding ceremonies in Vaughan and surrounding areas.

I am a friendly, experienced Ontario Registered Wedding Officiant and CIMM minister who works closely with couples to produce a customized ceremony. My desire is for your vision of the ideal wedding ceremony to come to life!  I will work closely with you to create a magical, memorable, stress-free experience that celebrates your love.

At a small or large venue, at a park, at my home office or backyard or even at your own home, I have been told that my passion for weddings is clearly evident, and guests often ask how long I’ve known couples since my ceremonies are so personal.

Ceremony Services Offered

*traditional *non-traditional *spiritual *LGBTQ2S+ friendly *full ceremony with rehearsal *elopement *backyard wedding at your place or mine *paperwork signings for destination weddings


Officiant Janine, Tie the Knot Marriages 

Officiant Janine is an Ordained Metaphysical Minister with Soul Fire Collective and CIMM.

  • Officiant Janine-6
  • Officiant Janine-5
  • Officiant Janine-4
  • Officiant Janine-3
  • Officiant Janine-2
  • Officiant Janine logo

She is licensed with The Province of Ontario to solemnize marriages. She is an empathetic free spirit that believes in living life authentically with a smile. Available to officiate all life rituals!

Services offered: weddings, funerals, celebrations of life, baby blessings/namings, house or blessings/cleansings.

All faiths welcome and a strong LGTBQ2S+ ally. I connect with my couples on an energetic level to create personalized ceremonies that resonate with you. As an Officiant/Minister; I worry about the small details, so the ceremony goes off without a hitch.

Professionalism is her motto! She is more than an officiant, she is a celebrant of bespoke ceremonies! She goes over her cues with the other vendors, reviews the procession and wedding party placement, reviews the ceremony space, and looks for any possible hazards. Always professional and dresses appropriately for the occasion. She values honesty, integrity, tolerance, empathy and kindness.

She takes pride in being accessible by email and text so that you can be confident about your ceremony. Her years of experience have taught her that remaining calm is key. In her own words, “A wedding is a stressful day and I often arrive at a chaotic scene just prior to the ceremony. My naturally sunny calm disposition will give you comfort during one of the most stressful days of your life. I can remain calm and take charge when needed.”

She tailors her packages specifically for each couple.

She also offers Ordination and Metaphysical Spirituality courses, coaching and mentoring. I also practice holistic healing modalities; Reiki, Reflexology, Chair Massage, Chakra Balancing and Life Coaching.

Ask for a quote today. Contact Janine today to discuss your upcoming ceremony and the elements you’d like to include!


Weddings By Edward

Rev. Edward Barbezat, an experienced and compassionate wedding officiant, is known for his personalized and unforgettable ceremonies.

  • Weddings-By-Edward-2
  • Weddings-By-Edward-3
  • Weddings-By-Edward-4
  • Weddings-By-Edward

With a background in religious services and fluency in English, French, and Arabic, Rev. Barbezat can cater to couples from different cultural and religious backgrounds. He takes the time to understand their love story and crafts a ceremony that reflects their values, beliefs, and traditions.

Rev. Barbezat’s dedication to creating a warm and supportive environment sets him apart. His website showcases testimonials from happy couples, highlighting his attention to detail and personalized approach. Whether it’s a traditional religious ceremony or a secular celebration, Rev. Barbezat ensures that every couple’s wedding day is meaningful and memorable.

For engaged couples seeking an officiant who will go the extra mile to make their day special, Rev. Edward Barbezat is the perfect choice. With his experience, compassion, and commitment to personalized ceremonies, he guarantees a beautiful celebration of love and unity.


More Wedding Officiants

Modern Nun

MODERN NUN: Not your average officiant

  • Modern Nun
  • Modern Nun-3
  • Modern Nun-2
  • Modern Nun logo

Located in Toronto, Ontario, Charity Adams-Witzel is the Modern NUN, offering traditional, non-traditional, civil, same-sex and LGBTQ ceremonies and elopements. Nothing makes me happier than when I get to be a part of two people starting a journey together that is built on trust, love and all the other juicy parts of being in a relationship.

I am ALSO a professionally trained performer (University of Toronto/ Sheridan College), I have travelled/worked/lived all over the world (Haiti, Jamaica, South Korea, India, Taiwan, Australia) and have worked as a mental health worker in downtown Toronto for over 12 years. These experiences and cultivated skills create the perfect storm for a Modern Nun; compassionate, open-minded and an always go with the flow vibe.

I will be funny, I will be authentic, I will be sincere and I will be flexible to meet all of your needs on the day the two of you decide to embark on your never-ending story. I’m a Toronto-based registered officiant who has performed dozens of incredible ceremonies. I love my work and give 100% each and every time.  My goal is to provide a ceremony-creating space for the cherished once-in-a-lifetime event while being fluid, fun and engaging for both the couple and their guests.

Most couples comment on my infectious charm, the manner in which I am able to put everyone at ease and my love for people.  

I offer a wide variety of packages and work with the couple to see which one is most suitable.  I am always available for unlimited interaction to make sure the paperwork and ceremony process goes smoothly.  

Instagram: @modernnunyyz

The Marrying Lady

With over 600 five-star reviews,  The Marrying Lady has been admired by the many couples she has married, but also by the many Officiants she has trained (for free!) to elevate professionalism in the industry.

  • The Marrying Lady-3
  • The Marrying Lady
  • The Marrying Lady

For over 14 years, The Marrying Lady has made love stories come to life in customized wedding ceremonies, elopements, legal paperwork, and renewal of vows in any setting or venue in Ontario.  The Marrying Lady studied ceremonial rites when living and working all around the world, and is very adaptable to customize the needs of people from all faiths, cultural backgrounds, and sexual orientations. She has been featured on many television programs, and documentaries and is soon to produce a book on “How to Officiate a wedding as a friend, or as a pro!” She has officiated the largest number of weddings at one time in North America and works hard to create inclusivity in Canadian nuptials. 


Officiant On The Go

My name is Marlene Gallyot and I am a licensed officiant in Ontario which gives me the opportunity to get two people who are in love and in a committed relationship get married. 

  • Officiant on the Go
  • Officiant on the Go-7
  • Officiant on the Go-6

I had many interests in different types of businesses where I was able to use my talents to keep myself occupied and take care of my home and children while being a single mother with four kids, and no matter what business I put my mind or hands on to or my political life which I once loved and wanted to change the world, I always loved the idea of getting people married because it gave me such an emotional satisfaction to see people married who were in love and everything felt so real. Coming from a very diverse background with Scottish, French and Indian backgrounds, I am very comfortable not only performing my duties as an officiant but also aware of couples’ cultural aspects. Therefore I put a lot of emphasis on their culture in the ceremonies if I have to, and I pay attention to making them feel comfortable while making it fun and memorable for everyone. At times, I put on their national dress as a message that I’m part of their culture and celebrating this very special day with them and their family. I love my job and enjoy watching the raw emotions and genuine love between couples, and I treat every ceremony like it was my own family getting married. Bring an officiant who is non-denomination. I recognize and respect every couple regardless of their race, colour, religion or gender because love defines everything. Being an officiant helps me connect not only with the couple and their families, but it helps me have a large network with other vendors and small businesses who are as passionate as what they do in the wedding business. I wish to live long enough and stay healthy to do this work for a long time.


Frequently Asked Questions: Finding the Best Wedding Officiants in Toronto and GTA

What Are The Responsibilities Of A Wedding Officiant?

A wedding officiant’s primary responsibility is to make your wedding legal by following the standards set forth by the country’s marriage laws in which you are marrying. This includes seeing the couple sign the marriage licence and witnessing their voluntary agreement to the marriage.

A wedding officiant’s other responsibilities may include:

Writing and performing wedding ceremonies 

Ensuring that the full marriage licence is filed correctly with the province or state.

Organizing the wedding party and directing the rehearsal dinner.

What Makes a Good Wedding Officiant?

A good wedding officiant will collaborate with you to design and conduct the perfect ceremony. They will respect who you are and tailor their services to match your requirements. On your wedding day, and when you say “I do,” a great wedding officiant will make you feel at ease and assured.

What Should a Wedding Officiant Wear?

When it comes to what to wear to officiate a wedding, a good rule of thumb is to match the couple’s formality level. Instead of being underdressed, celebrants should wear wedding officiant clothes that make them feel overdressed.

 Floor-length dresses are easily gorgeous for ladies, but they should be reserved for the bride. Tea and midi dresses are ideal for wedding officiant clothing since they are comfy and don’t draw attention from the newlyweds. Stick to primary hues like beige, black, or neutral tones while dressing as a wedding officiant. Brighter colours may clash with the bride and groom’s clothing, making their wedding photos not aesthetic. In addition, distracting patterns will make it challenging to fit in with the surroundings. 

For men, if you’re unsure about what is appropriate attire for a wedding officiant, keep in mind that a classic and serious look is always a good choice. Suits in grey, navy blue, and black are the most popular choices for this look.

Can a Family Member or Friend Perform Your Ceremony?

A member of the church, a certified officiant, or a marriage commissioner must officiate a wedding in Canada.

Huge Bridal Clearance Sale

Even if your family member or friend is not legally allowed to marry you, they will be permitted to execute the full ceremony.

Your Officiant can step in on your special day to hear your Statement of Intent and legally marry you (even if it’s whispered) as you sign the marriage license.

You can theoretically be married by having an officiant perform that part of the ceremony. There are various methods to have your loved one conduct the ceremony while simultaneously becoming legally married, including having an officiant perform it quietly at the signing table.

How Many Times Do I Need To Meet With My Officiant Before The Wedding?

Here are the four times during the wedding planning process the wedding officiants need to meet with our couples.

– at the initial consultation

– ceremony planning session

– at the wedding rehearsal

– at the wedding ceremony

Is It Necessary For Wedding Officiants To Be Ordained?

Marriages in Canada can take place in either a civil or religious setting. Depending on the regulations of each province and territory governing marriage solemnization, marriages may be performed by clergy, marriage commissioners, judges, justices of the peace, or court clerks.

A marriage commissioner, certified officiant, or solemnized religious representative must officiate marriages in Canada. You can’t have your friend be ordained online and execute your ceremony as they do in the movies (not legally, at least).

How Does An Officiant Speech Start?

Officiants begin their wedding ceremony speeches by telling a love story about the couple. They could also read a funny poem to the couple that has meaning for the newlyweds. Talk about love, loyalty, and dedication. The officiant usually says a few sentences about commitment and has the couple repeat them.

What is The Length of a Wedding Officiant’s Speech?

Wedding ceremonies typically average 20 to 30 minutes, which is plenty of time to cover the essentials; words of welcome, a few readings, your vows, the ring exchange, and the final pronouncement. When it comes to a secular ceremony, you have more influence over how long it lasts. The only actual requirement is that you both agree to marry each other and that your officiant pronounces you married, after which the rest is up to you. So naturally, the ceremonies will move ahead more quickly if you use fewer readings or an in-depth tale about your relationship, or your officiant’s thoughts on marriage may add a few minutes to the pace.

What Are Some of The Questions I Should Ask My Wedding Officiant?

  1. Are you accessible on the day of my wedding?
  2. Are you willing to travel if necessary?
  3. What kinds of weddings have you officiated?
  4. How many times have you officiated so far?
  5. What type of ceremony do you prefer?
  6. Is there any pre-marital counselling or religious classes that you require?
  7. How much do you charge?
  8. Do you have any ceremony samples to show me (preferably video)?
  9. Will you send us the text for our ceremony in advance?
  10. Can you assist me in writing my vows?
  11. What do you wear as a wedding officiant?
  12. Will you be there during the rehearsal?
  13. Do you want to meet us at the front desk?
  14. Are you able to plan unique unity ceremonies?
  15. What if you’re ill or running late?

What Are Some of The Questions Your Wedding Officiant Will Ask You?

  1. When will the wedding take place?
  2. What is the location of the wedding?
  3. What is the significance of your families in your lives?
  4. What do you want to remember about your wedding? What do you want your family and friends to remember about you?
  5. What have you seen that you loved or didn’t like at prior weddings?
  6. What brought you together? When did you realise you were in love?
  7. How did you find out you were engaged?
  8. What adjectives would you use to characterise your partner?
  9. Who are the best man and maid of honour for the occasion?
  10. Who will be your visitors? What relationship do you have with them?
  11. Do you want any traditional prayers included in your ceremony?
  12. Do you have any customs or rituals that you’d want to include? Is there anything you’d like to keep out?

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