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Bridal Makeup Tips for Glasses Wearers

Bridal Makeup Tips for Glasses Wearers

Glasses are not just an accessory or a necessity; they’re an integral part of someone’s identity. And on your big day, there’s no reason you must sacrifice beauty for clarity. For brides who wear glasses, the usual makeup rules might not always apply. But with a few adjustments, your bridal glow can shine just as brightly through those frames. Here are some makeup tips to help all glasses-wearing brides look their best.

Foundation Finesse

Matte is the Way to Go: Glasses can sometimes amplify the shine on your face. To avoid looking overly shiny, opt for a matte foundation. This helps in keeping the area beneath the frames shine-free.

Mind the Bridge: A common grievance is makeup transferring onto the nose bridge of the glasses. Use a primer before your foundation and set it well with a translucent powder to reduce transfer chances.

Eye-Catching Eyes

Bigger & Brighter: Glasses can sometimes make your eyes appear smaller. To counteract this, use nude or white eyeliner on your waterline to open your eyes.

Eyeshadow Essentials: Neutral and matte shades work best for brides with glasses. A slight shimmer can be added to the center of the eyelids for that pop, but avoid excessive glitter as it might create a distracting reflection.

Magnify with Mascara: To prevent your lashes from hitting the lenses, use a curling mascara. Curling your lashes gives them the desired lift without pushing them into the glasses.

Define the Brows: Your brows frame both your face and your glasses. Ensure they are well-defined and filled in. Consider a brow gel to keep them in place throughout the festivities.

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Contour & Highlight

Glasses bring structure to the face, but contouring and highlighting can further elevate this structured look. Here’s how to accentuate your features without clashing with your frames:

Contouring under the Frames: Depending on your frame’s thickness and style, it can cast shadows on your face. Using a soft contour under the cheekbones can counteract this and add depth. Focus on the hollows of the cheeks, the sides of the nose, and along the jawline for a sculpted appearance.

Highlighting in Harmony: While you might be tempted to go for a high-beam highlight, remember that glasses can already be reflective. Opt for a muted, creamy highlighter to give a subtle glow without competing with your lenses. Focus on the high points of your cheeks, the bridge of the nose, and the brow bone.

Blush Balance: Since contouring and highlighting take center stage, your blush application should provide a soft colour flush that ties everything together. Apply a shade that complements your skin tone slightly above where you’d usually place it, ensuring it peeks out just above the frames.

Framing with Bronzer: Adding a soft touch of bronzer can warm up your complexion. This is especially useful if your frames have a more relaxed tone, as it creates a harmonious contrast and ensures your face doesn’t appear washed out.

Luscious Lips

Bold Balance: If sporting thick frames, balance them with a bold lip colour. It brings harmony to the face and ensures that your lips don’t get lost behind the glasses.

Smudge-Proof: With all the congratulatory kisses and champagne sips, you’ll want a lasting lipstick. Go for long-wear, smudge-proof formulas to keep your lips picture-perfect.

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Frame Choices: Embrace the Old or Welcome the New

When it comes to the glasses you’ll wear on your big day, there are options aplenty. If you’re attached to your current frame, confident in its familiarity and comfort, then wear it with pride. After all, it’s a part of who you are daily. 

However, if you want to add a touch of novelty or want a frame that aligns more closely with your bridal outfit, consider investing in a new pair. Neutral frames are versatile, but a pop of colour or a unique shape can dramatically enhance your overall look. Additionally, if you’re shopping around, don’t forget the potential of Black Friday deals! 

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Whatever your choice, ensure the frames not only complement your makeup palette but also resonate with your style and the theme of your wedding. And, if possible, invest in anti-reflective lenses. These will prevent camera flashes from creating a glare, ensuring your eyes are always visible in photos.

Trial Run

A trial makeup session before your wedding is crucial, especially for brides who wear glasses. During this trial, wear the glasses you intend to have on your wedding day. This session allows you to see how the makeup interacts with your frames, ensuring no overshadowing or underplaying of features. It’s also an opportunity to see if any products cause reflection on the lenses or if there’s any unwanted transfer onto the frames. 

Beyond the technical aspects, the trial helps you and your makeup artist understand the desired look and adjust for the perfect balance between your makeup and glasses. After the trial, wear the makeup for a full day to check its longevity and how it holds up behind the lenses. This ensures that on your actual wedding day, there are no surprises, and you can confidently wear your look, knowing it complements your glasses perfectly.

Set & Forget

After completing your makeup, set everything with a good setting spray. This adds longevity to your look and reduces the chances of smudging or transfer, especially around the areas where the glasses rest. Refer to your bridal makeup artist for all the best products for your big day!

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Stay Prepared with the Essential Bridal Retouch Kit

On your big day, keep a small makeup kit handy because unexpected makeup mishaps can occur! Here’s what you should consider packing in your bridal retouch kit:

Blotting Papers: Ideal for absorbing excess oil without disturbing your makeup, they’re a quick fix to ensure your face remains shine-free, especially beneath your glasses.

Translucent Powder: A light touch-up can combat any shine that develops as the day progresses. Remember to pack a small powder brush or a powder puff for easy application.

Lipstick/Lip Gloss: Your chosen lip colour for the day is crucial. With all the smiles, kisses, and sips, reapplication will be necessary to keep your lips looking fresh.

Makeup Setting Spray: If your makeup needs a quick refresh, a spritz of setting spray can rejuvenate your look and reinforce its staying power.

Q-tips and Makeup Remover: For minor smudges or mishaps, these can be a lifesaver. A Q-tip dipped in makeup remover can clean up any mascara or eyeliner smears quickly.

Concealer: In the event of an unexpected blemish or if your makeup starts to fade, having a small concealer on hand can provide quick coverage.

Eyelash Glue: If you’re wearing false lashes, keeping some extra adhesive on hand is wise. You never know if a corner might lift!

Compact Mirror: Needless to say, this is vital for all those touch-ups, ensuring you look flawless from every angle.

Tweezers: A stray hair can appear out of nowhere. Having tweezers ensures your brows remain impeccable.

Cotton Buds: Perfect for cleaning up any minor makeup errors without affecting the rest of your look.

Finding and Trusting Your Makeup Artist

Choosing the right makeup artist for your big day is as essential as selecting the perfect dress or venue. A skilled artist understands the nuances of bridal makeup, especially the specific requirements for brides who wear glasses. They’ll know how to highlight your features so they shine brilliantly behind your lenses.

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Research is key. Take the time to go through portfolios, read reviews, and perhaps even schedule a consultation or two. Once you find an artist whose work resonates with your vision, trust is paramount. While it’s essential to communicate your desires and preferences, it’s equally crucial to trust your chosen professional’s expertise. They will have worked with countless brides and can provide valuable insights that you might not have considered.

Remember, your wedding day is a collaboration of many experts to create your dream day. By trusting your makeup artist, you can relax and let them work their magic, ensuring you look as radiant and beautiful as you feel.

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Clarity and Bridal Beauty

Your wedding day is about celebrating love and unity. While these makeup tips will enhance your beauty behind the frames, remember that the most radiant glow comes from the happiness within. Embrace your glasses as a part of your unique beauty, and let your true self shine through on this special day.

Ultimately, your partner, family, and friends are there to witness the love and commitment you’re sharing, and the joy in your eyes will be the most memorable part of it all. If you haven’t chosen the perfect pair to complement your bridal look yet, consider taking the opportunity to shop for bridal Black Friday sunglasses or glasses this season. It might be the ideal time to find that unique frame that accentuates your style and beauty. 



  • Opt for matte foundation to reduce shine amplified by glasses.
  • Use a primer and set with translucent powder to minimize makeup transfer to glasses.

Eye Makeup:

  • Apply nude or white eyeliner to make eyes appear larger.
  • Choose neutral, matte eyeshadows; limit shimmer to avoid reflections.
  • Use curling mascara to prevent lashes from touching lenses.
  • Define and fill in brows; consider using brow gel for longevity.

Contour, Highlight & Blush:

  • Contour under the frames to counteract shadows cast by glasses.
  • Choose a muted highlighter to avoid competing reflections with glasses.
  • Position blush slightly above its usual placement to be visible above frames.
  • Use bronzer for warmth, especially if frames are of a cooler tone.


  • Balance thick frames with bold lip colors.
  • Choose long-wear, smudge-proof lipsticks for lasting application.

Frame Choices:

  • Stick with familiar frames or consider investing in a new pair for the wedding.
  • Neutral frames are versatile, but unique colors/shapes can enhance overall look.
  • Consider anti-reflective lenses to avoid glare in photos.

Trial Makeup Session:

  • Conduct a trial session wearing the wedding day glasses.
  • Check for makeup interactions with frames and product reflections on lenses.

Finishing Touches:

  • Set makeup with a good setting spray for added longevity.
  • Prepare a bridal retouch kit with essentials like blotting papers, translucent powder, lipstick, and setting spray.

Choosing a Makeup Artist:

  • Research and consult multiple artists to find one experienced with bridal makeup for glasses wearers.
  • Trust in the chosen artist’s expertise while communicating your desires.

FAQ: Bridal Makeup Tips

Why is matte foundation recommended for brides with glasses?

Matte foundation is recommended because glasses can amplify the shine on your face. Using a matte foundation helps to keep the area beneath the frames shine-free and prevents the face from looking overly shiny.

How can I prevent my makeup from transferring onto the nose bridge of my glasses?

To reduce the chances of makeup transfer onto the nose bridge, it’s advised to use a primer before applying foundation. After foundation, set it well with a translucent powder to further decrease the likelihood of transfer.

What are the key tips for eyeshadow and mascara application for brides with glasses?

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Neutral and matte eyeshadows are best for brides with glasses. You can add a slight shimmer to the center of the eyelids for a pop, but excessive glitter should be avoided as it can create a distracting reflection. For mascara, it’s recommended to use a curling mascara to give the lashes a lift without them touching the lenses.

How can I ensure my makeup complements my glasses on my wedding day?

A trial makeup session before the wedding day is crucial. During this trial, wear the glasses you intend to use on your wedding day. This allows you to see how the makeup interacts with the frames and if any products cause reflections on the lenses or transfer onto the frames. After the trial, wear the makeup for a full day to check its longevity behind the lenses.

What essentials should I pack in my bridal retouch kit?

The bridal retouch kit should include blotting papers, translucent powder, your chosen lipstick or lip gloss for the day, makeup setting spray, Q-tips, makeup remover, concealer, eyelash glue, a compact mirror, tweezers, and cotton buds. These items will help you manage any unexpected makeup mishaps and ensure you look flawless throughout the day.

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