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7 Insanely Unique Wedding Trends I’m Predicting For 2024

7 Insanely Unique Wedding Trends I’m Predicting For 2022

Some Of The Largest Changes Ever

So the fallout from 2020’s pandemic scare has changed the economy of 2021, and the intrigues of 2021 are definitely going to reverberate throughout 2023. How you travel, where you spend your honeymoon, what venues will allow what sort of wedding parties, which provinces and countries are more or less free—all these things are going to carry over into 2023.

Marriage is pretty important, and it’s kind of a backbone for society. There’s an argument to be made that marriage actually outranks political issues. Without the nuclear family, it’s pretty hard for a society to develop in a way which is ultimately productive.

Marriage is the core nexus point of that reality. All that to say this: your wedding is more important than many realize. Don’t stress it too much, but don’t be intimidated into having some cloistered back-room affair—unless, of course, that’s what you were going for. Then, by all means, have it in the basement.

Through The Lens Of Pragmatism

Here’s the thing that’s a bit disturbing, and worth thinking about if you’re planning a 2023 wedding. A reintroduction of mask mandates owing to ”the delta variant” has recently come to North America. Regardless of your perspective on this new development, the powers that be have quite a bit of control owing to society’s response to the pandemic.

Those in power definitely don’t want to give it up; it’s human nature. That’s going to affect wedding trends going forward into 2023, and this is something to factor in as you go about arranging the event. There will be silver linings here and there. Trends will develop around escaping government overreach.

In contrast, some communities (like Manitoba) will be very keen to enforce all government guidelines while others (like Saskatchewan) will, at least in some measure, be apt to eschew them. That’s going to be the case not just in Canada, but across the world. So with that in mind, following we’re going to explore some likely trends for 2023.

We’ll look into those expected regardless of political intrigue, and those which would likely have developed anyway. At minimum, hopefully these predictions help you plan the best wedding you can; whether in terms of aesthetic design, or in terms of avoiding bureaucratic issues that would hamper you without forethought. The idea here is a practical exploration of the facts.

More Outdoor Weddings Than Is The Average

As of 2020 and, at the time this is being written, into the middle of 2021, there has been a marked increase in outdoor wedding events. Though mask restrictions were lifted in a number of places by the middle of June, 2021, the end of the month saw local officials shift back to previous safety suggestions; and certain areas of Canada have hardly relaxed at all.

More Outdoor Weddings Than Is The Average

How did many couples get around such restrictions in 2020 and 2021? Well, a lot of them elected to have more outdoor events where there were less restrictive venues available. This can be a good thing, as the natural décor of the great outdoors can certainly enhance associated festivities—this is especially true in summertime environments.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you must have the event in the summer. You might just go to a place where temperate climate predominates throughout the year. There are downsides, though; chief among them weather issues. The weather is not going to cooperate with you all the time. Regardless of society’s woes, rain storms come and go.

Decorative Trends In Greenery And Dried Flowers

On the lighter side, greenery and dried flowers are becoming increasingly popular. It’s a strange thing, but there are floral designs with flowers that have dried that incorporate earthy tones in a way that’s really quite beautiful. There’s an avant-garde, almost ironic nature to such decorative designs as well; further enhancing their increasing popularity.

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Basically, bouquets of flowers that look beautiful when dried and arranged are making a notable splash. But on the opposite end of things, you’ve got an increase in greenery. For example, along the aisles of an indoor or outdoor wedding there might be English Ivy, vines, or floral arrangements where green leaves are more visible than the flowers atop them.

dried flower bouquet wedding

Some weddings in 2023 are going to incorporate both dried flower bouquets and greenery at once for a contrast. Instead of flowers around aisles and end-pieces, there will be exceptional greenery. Brides will carry finely arranged dried bouquets. Alternations of both may adorn the walls roundabout a given space, or be attached to outdoor gazebos built for the purpose.

A Further Expansion Of DIY Decor

diy decor wedding

Because of supply chain breakdowns and economic woes, many decorative solutions commissioned at the planning stages of weddings in 2020 fell through. To fill the void, many weddings elected to design Do It Yourself decorations. DIY décor actually started getting a little popular as a result, and has carried over into 2021.

Given the increasing uncertainty, the unique charm involved in DIY décor, and the cost-effectiveness of this route, you can expect to see an increase in DIY arrangements over the next year, into 2023, and likely beyond. There has always been a DIY element to many weddings; but you can expect this to be a lot more mainstream going forward.

Accordingly, you might just plan for it. It depends on how “crafty” you are when it comes to decoration; but you’ve likely got some friends who would love to help. If you don’t, a bit of planning beforehand may reveal surprising, effective, beautiful possibilities. Look for an increase in DIY décor in 2023; and maybe even plan to include some anyway for fun.

A Greater Reliance On Tech—Like Portrait Paintings

Imagine an outdoor wedding where, in the distance, over the lake or ocean where the gazebo with flowers shaped like a heart looks upon a pristine cerulean blue expanse as the sun sets; in such a locale imagine a hundred drones put on a brilliant light show of the bride and groom. Something like this could take place during the ceremony, or it could be a feature of the reception.

wedding portrait painting

Drone technology has gotten to the point where such machines aligned via programming remotely can be used to paint pictures in the sky. Generally, this is best done at night, but there are a lot of creative applications of the DIY variety which could be fun in the late afternoon as well—or even in broad daylight. Think: streamers.

Imagine drones flying a message via banner high in the sky in a way more affordable than hiring a plane to do the same. Also, imagine augmented reality; or IoT décor which can be nebulous enough to shift based on guest proximity. Expensive decoration, certainly; but as these things become more tangible in the mainstream, they’ll be applied more often.

A great example of tech options of this kind changing wedding plans is this series of portrait paintings. If you’re going to turn wedding photos into luxurious paintings, you want to get pictures in a way conducive to later enhancement. Lighting, angles, focus—these things will come into play. Expect tech to play a bigger part in 2023’s wedding events during and after.

More Intimate Weddings

More Intimate Weddings

Weddings are expensive when there aren’t restrictions—and there’s a family of thought that says they should be. However, getting young dreams manifested in the real world with increasing expenses is something intangible for many young couples. Sure, if you’ve got the resources, you can travel to places where there are no restrictions. Not everyone can.

What 2020 and 2021 saw as a result were more intimate weddings. In many places, venues can have ceremonies provided no more than a set amount of people attend. Well, even before 2020, there were plenty of occasions where weddings only included a dozen people or so. As 2023 looms, such events may be by design rather than necessity.

An intimate affair can still feel large owing to technology, though; so there’s that silver lining. Through tech vehicles like Zoom, secondary guests can tune into the event. Maybe the bride and groom have their immediate family at the venue with attendance restrictions, and livestreams the event to friends who aren’t able to come.

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A Rise In Remote Wedding Ceremonies

A Rise In Remote Wedding Ceremonies

Speaking of livestream ceremonies generally, 2020 saw the rise of Zoom weddings. These represent a creative way to overcome lockdown restrictions, and in some places they’re really the only option. If the present uncertainty as regards restrictions continues, it’s just possible Zoom events are still going to be defining certain ceremonies in 2023.

The silver lining here is, you can have quality footage in a quality location at much less expense, while simultaneously including everyone remotely. There’s no getting around it, though; Zoom weddings just aren’t going to have the same kind of reception.

Still, if there’s no other option, going this route is better than nothing—maybe you and the groom plan a better event a few months or years down the line when you can afford it. It’s just possible that when all the oppressive measures ostensibly designed for safety have run their course, that there will be a trend built around redoing weddings which suffered from restrictions.

If that happens, you can bet those throwing these wedding redos will be quite well represented statistically. So maybe you get to be married twice, and the second time results in a knock-down drag-out party of a reception. After all, once the pressure is off, you’re just throwing a well-designed soiree. So go all out! It could be like a Ball out of the Victorian age, but with the fun of modern sensibility.

More Destination Weddings

Perhaps the most expected trend of 2023 is going to be destination weddings. Maybe you can’t afford to leave Toronto or Montreal or Vancouver or Calgary or Edmonton. Maybe you can afford to book a destination in Red Deer of Alberta, near pristine spots along the river that snakes through town. Maybe you go to the many fine locations around Vancouver, north of Puget Sound.

More Destination Weddings

Perhaps you head out of Canada entirely; to countries who have fewer restrictions, and allow for more traditional venue reservation. There are a lot of different ways to get around localized restrictions through simple travel. It’s the cost that tends to be the boss here. Maybe James Brown paid the cost to be the boss, but a lot of young couples are fighting budgets.

Still, if you can swing it, this may be the way to have your wedding cake and eat it, too. The Caribbean is going to be hot in 2021, and it will likely remain that way into 2023. Just because your home is in Montreal doesn’t mean you can’t have a wedding on the beach in The Virgin Islands, or some similar tropical locale. Expect more destination weddings in 2023.

Planning The Perfect Wedding In 2023

Destination weddings, remote ceremonies, intimate events, DIY décor, expanded tech themes like portrait paintings, outdoor weddings, dried flowers, and more greenery will likely define wedding trends in 2023. It’s to be hoped that the many restrictive elements that have bled into 2021 have cleared up by 2023, but the future is a hard thing to pin down.

The good news is, where there’s a will, there is always a way. Your ideal wedding, the one you’ve dreamed since you were little, is still within your grasp; it might just require a little careful planning to achieve. Also, there are plenty of new trends to play with which could end up making things better than they would have been otherwise.

Marriage is fundamental, and there’s every reason to give your wedding ceremony top priority. So whatever you do, don’t be discouraged, be creative, and look for the positive. Silver linings are all over the place, and sometimes unexpected situations lead to unexpectedly improved outcomes.

FAQ – Wedding Trends

What are some ideas for a romantic wedding theme?

A romantic wedding is often defined by soft tones, gentle lighting, and an abundance of florals. Consider pastels, hanging lights (even chandeliers), calligraphy, and a floral wall for this motif.

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What exactly is a bohemian wedding?

It’s all about projecting an easygoing, exquisite aesthetic during a bohemian wedding. The free-spirited aspect of this gown is evoked by a soft, flowing updo and a lovely flower crown.

How do I pick the colours for my wedding?

Unless you’re trying for an ombre or neutral effect, the general rule is to stick to a maximum of three colours. As a finishing touch, add a metallic hue to your pallet. If you combine more than three distinct colours in your wedding, it will be a riot.

What colour is the most popular for weddings?

Green hues will be prevalent this year, from genuine greenery to colour palettes that use green as a primary or accent tone. Green has grown highly popular in recent years as a result of the tropical wedding theme trend, but as one of the most popular wedding colours, green will take on a much more ethereal, peaceful tone.

How do you decorate your wedding for an elegant wedding theme?

Focus on adding elegant statement touches to your design, such as clear ghost seats, metallic candle holders, flora accents, and creative lighting.

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