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A Beginner’s Guide To: Easy-to-Pack Decorations for a Dreamy Destination Wedding [2024]

Easy-to-Pack Decorations for a Dreamy Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are a fantastic choice for couples who do not fancy traditional, cookie-cutter weddings.  Weddings in far-flung, exotic locales are exciting and allow you to start your marriage in the most romantic way imaginable.

Nevertheless, planning a destination wedding presents a unique set of challenges, and one of them is decorating your venue as you please. You may have to settle for what is available at the venue, and this may not exactly match your vision.

Now, the good news is that you can always enhance your wedding décor with accessories from home, that are light-weight, compact, and easy-to-carry.

Here are some suggestions from the team at Best for Bride in Canada to help you choose wedding decorations that travel well.

Personalized buntings

Buntings are simple, but effective decorations that dress up even the simplest of spaces and add instant cheer. The options are endless; you can have strings of pom-poms for a Boho effect, shimmering polished golden flags for a glam look or rustic burlap flags strung together for a rustic, countryside theme. You can also create a massive impact with reams of bunting that occupy very little luggage space and are weightless.

For more inspiration on using buntings at your wedding, visit this post on Bridal Musings.

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Whimsical paper lanterns

Add delightful pops of color to your venue with assorted paper lanterns in various shades and shapes that match your wedding theme. Not only do these lanterns fold flat, but they are also light-weight and easy to install. Suspend them from the ceiling using twine and enhance the effect with flickering lights for a pleasant glow. Use them in large numbers to instantly elevate the ambiance and wow your guests. Here are some fantastic décor ideas with paper lanterns on My wedding.  

Flickering Fairy lights

Soft, twinkling fairy lights will illuminate and add festive cheer to your wedding venue. These versatile decorations come in all colors and you can use them in many ways to create a magical effect. Add them to your centerpieces, wrap them around trees and bushes at an outdoor venue or hang them like a canopy from the ceiling and create a stunning starry overhead decor. There are more fantastic ideas in this post on Frugal2Fab that incorporate these budget-friendly decorations in many different ways.

fairy lights decor

Lightweight table runners

You will have to go with the bulky table linens like tablecloths available at your venue. Nevertheless, you can still create stunning tablescapes that suit your taste, with fantastic table runners. Since they do not take up much space, you can easily carry these accessories with you to your destination. Shop around to find the best choices that tie the different elements of your reception décor together. Make sure they are well-pressed and packed flat, so they neatly fit under the centerpieces on your tables. For more help with choosing your table linens, check out this post on My

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Unconventional guest book choices

Guest books are a valuable keepsake that reminds couples of all the special people who were at their wedding. However, they are big and bulky. So, let us avoid traditional guest books and instead explore some unconventional alternatives. Creative guest book alternatives will serve the purpose of a memento, even while being stylish décor items for your home. We found some fantastic ideas here, on the Destination Wedding Details website. Although they are all amazing, we think that the shadow box and photo jigsaw puzzle are brilliant and practical choices for a destination wedding.

Artificial flowers

There are many advantages to choosing artificial flowers for your destination wedding. They look just as good as the real thing and you can have them customized to match your wedding theme perfectly. With artificial flowers, not only will you be able to keep your costs down, but they will turn out exactly how you want them. You also need not worry about keeping them fresh or handling with care, since they are sturdy and well-structured. Use them anywhere; in your bridal bouquet, boutonnieres, centerpieces, or in the rest of the wedding décor. So, opt for artificial flowers and strike this element off your list, and use the time to focus on yourself for a bit. Here are some self-care tips to help you.

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Add color and personality to blank walls at your venue with easy-to-transport tapestries that pack a punch. You can even have them custom-created with details like your names and wedding date or designed to match your wedding theme. Find the right locations to hang them, so they will not go unnoticed. Set them up as the backdrop for a dessert table or at photo booths and instantly elevate the overall ambiance. A big advantage of using tapestries in your wedding décor is that you can even use them to quickly mask unsightly wall paint and unimpressive natural décor at your venue.

Ribbon decorations

Ribbons are versatile décor accessories that come in all sizes, colors, prints, and textures. You can use them in a variety of ways to create interesting effects at your wedding venue. Simply tie them behind chairs to add a special effect, use them as decorative accents in your wedding cake or in elaborate designs in the ceremony backdrop. Find more inspiration to use this décor essential here, on the Knot website.

wedding cake decor

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FAQ – Destination Wedding

Is it considered impolite to hold a destination wedding?

It’s not impolite to communicate with visitors! More than any other wedding, a destination wedding needs a strong channel of communication with your guests. It’s a good idea to put out some feelers before sending out any invitations. Write or call each of your visitors personally.

What is the significance of the term “destination wedding”?

Simply told, a destination wedding is one that takes place outside of the city or town where the soon-to-be-married couple now resides! A wedding that takes place an hour away from the couple’s present residence or a few states away is dubbed a destination wedding.

Do guests have to pay to attend a vacation wedding?

Guests should be responsible for their own transportation to the destination wedding, whether it’s an airline ticket, train ticket, or a tank of petrol. Guests are also responsible for their own hotel accommodations, however, the bride and groom may be able to negotiate a lower rate when reserving the wedding package at the hotel.

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When it comes to destination weddings, who should be invited?

It’s your wedding, after all, and only the people you want should be there. Anyone you don’t like, such as third cousins, coworkers, or acquaintances, should not be invited. If you haven’t had dinner with someone in the last six months, that’s a solid indicator of who to invite. If the answer is no, don’t bother with an invitation.

At a destination wedding, how long do guests stay?

Most destination wedding guests will stay on-site for a few days in order to participate in all of the wedding events as well as the big day. Some may want to remain a few more days or travel to a different nearby hotel for their own short vacation, so everything works out nicely!

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  1. I think some people underestimate the power of a great table runner. These can really “make” the table decor. Going with a lightweight option is a great idea!

  2. I’m actually planning on renting some artificial flowers, I would buy them but I don’t really have a use for them again.

  3. @Madison that’s a great idea. They make some awesome fake flowers these days that look real too.

  4. Madison – Etsy has some really affordable fake flowers

  5. Sarah, I second what Maci said! Check out the flower heads on etsy, super affordable and you can really do a lot with them.

  6. It helped when you mentioned that organizing your wedding gives a unique set of challenges. My cousin mentioned to me last night that he and his fiance are planning their wedding and asked if I have any idea what is the best addition to their options in terms of decorating their venue. Thanks to this informative article and I’ll be sure to tell them that it will be much better if they consult a trusted full-service event production company as they specialize in decorating a wedding venue.

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