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Complete Guide to Boho Wedding Ideas – Decorations & Accessories

Complete Guide to Boho wedding ideas – decorations & accessories

Planning a wedding can be a nerve-racking and genuinely joyful experience. Every bride needs to have everything sorted out, and that means everything from the meticulous dress, beautiful hairstyle, extravagant and unique decorations, and perfect accessories. If you have the desire to implement bohemian flair into your special day, then you are really in for numerous gorgeous options.

Starting from the late 1960s, Boho chic style has most certainly evolved into an even more faddish and extravagant look that every bride can incorporate into her wedding day. Whether you are mixing the various bohemian and hippie influences into your look and decorations, the main focus is to include genuine rustic and vintage items with earthy and natural tones. Woven décor elements, an abundance of light linen drapery, lavishing floral and earthy details allure every bride to this style. 

It takes patience and careful planning, but every bride can have her dream wedding with little effort to incorporate these boho wedding ideas. So, without further ado, here is a thorough guide that will get you covered on how to organize a Bohemian wedding.

It takes patience and careful planning, but every bride can have her dream wedding with little effort to incorporate these boho wedding ideas. So, without further ado, here is a thorough guide that will get you covered on how to organize a Bohemian wedding.

Embrace the natural ambient

Boho weddings are all about blending with the natural surrounding and inviting Mother Nature into your marriage. Having your altar placed in evergreen wood or simply decorating the altar with natural green leaves or lush succulents will immediately symbol the greatness of your special day. Seize any natural ambient that you have around the reception, rather than holding the official ceremony indoors.

wedding decor

Lavish yourself with Boho-inspired jewelry

As a bride, you need to look and feel your best. Wearing some specially designated and unique jewelry similar to which you can find at Moon Magic will undoubtedly make you feel ravishing. By wearing some elegant and stylish bohemian jewelry, you will be able to express your unique character and make an impact on your big day. Accessories play a vital role in the bride’s finished appearance, so wear the gemstones and materials that suit your personality and match your Boho wedding dress.

Flower crown and exquisite bouquet

Flowers play a vital part in a bohemian wedding. Before you head out flower shopping, you should consider having a flower crown. Choose wildflowers and irregular pieces for the bohemian flower crown or headband. Opt for similar flower choices for your bouquet. The larger, bulkier and wilder the flowers, the more vivacious the bouquet will look.

Bridal Bouquets

Opt for wooden board signs

Embracing everything that nature has installed for usage and make your dream day blushing with colourful indie vibes is what boho décor is all about. To replace all the paper signs with real, rustic wooden board signs for the menu, seat organizers, wedding greetings, and even cocktail bar signs.

Be ‘botanical’ in heart

Never underestimate a wedding dress if it’s not labelled as one. Your bohemian wedding dress needn’t be pure white, on the contrary, you can utilize gorgeous creamy botanical prints into it. Floral elements and lace details go perfectly with this wedding theme. Go for extravagant ball sleeves and off-the-shoulder wedding designs for an excellent combo.

DIY white butterfly and heart-shaped signs

If you wish to plan an outdoor summer wedding, you can easily make some dreamy and eye-catching DIY decorative elements. Get a regular wooden stick and cut out tiny hearts on plain white paper and use this to stick into the grass on both sides of your altar. With clear white paper, you can also make 3D butterflies that you can easily attach to the trees all around the venue.

wedding venue during summer

Use natural elements as your backdrop

Taking a picture with guests is a must, and utilizing the natural setting as your picture background is the best way to have marvellous wedding photos. Be creative and incorporate nontraditional elements into the backdrop. Think wood or reclaimed wood, stone, concrete or colourful mirrors. You will also make a unique statement if you place lush greeneries combined with some purple or blood-red flowers.

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Choose a contemporary, but the rustic venue

If you can’t seem to escape from the hustle and bustle of the buzzing city and have your bohemian wedding in peaceful countryside, then try to find a venue that resembles a farmhouse, or it’s simply rustic but yet stylish and modern in appearance. Search for a platform that offers a luxurious setting but warm and welcoming ambient. Redwood chairs and parquet floor, white linen draperies, exquisite chandeliers and maybe breathtaking exposed brick walls.

Rustic wedding centerpieces

There are innumerable ways to add glamour to your bohemian wedding with luscious centrepieces. Use simple wood log tree slices and place wildflowers in silver milk churn or mini crystal bottles. Placing vibrant wildflowers in a rustic wooden crate box will also make a flabbergasting centrepiece. Finally, place stunning flowers like peonies, ranunculus, garden roses and scabiosa with multicoloured feathers in wooden vases that go hand-in-hand with a bohemian theme.



Small accessory details can truly make the entire wedding and a bride’s outlook mesmerizing. First of all, a lace wedding gown may sound too traditional, but you can add a few touchy and gorgeous lace accessories that will make your look stand out. Go for lace sleeves, a lovely lace headband, or attach lace strap bows on the chairs as one-of-a-kind decorative details.

Utilize bronze and copper flair

Adding outstanding copper and bronze elements to your boho wedding will surely spark up the entire decoration and wedding outlook. Copper, bronze or brush gold candlesticks are the perfect choices as the table ornaments. Besides candlesticks, you can use copper flower glass holders or bronze disc wedding table numbers. Use antique golden bowls as candle holders for night extravaganza. Any variation of metallic gold accents will surely add some overall dimension to your bohemian look.

Go for mismatching bridesmaid’s dresses

Even if it is fashionable and stunning to have similar bridesmaid dresses, you can choose something contrasting if you are up for some bohemian flair. There is a guide to choosing bridesmaid dresses, but then again, you can give your bridesmaids the one-of-a-king opportunity to select the material, shape, length, design and even the colour of their dresses. Of course, you might want to stick to the same colour or just go one shade lighter or darker, but variety amongst boho bridesmaids never hurts. 

bride and bridesmaids

Burlap extravaganza

Love it or hate it, but this specific material is utterly favourable amongst bohemian weddings. You can use burlap for almost anything you desire and make your wedding decoration seem and feel sophisticated, stylish and rustic. Burlap is commonly used as a table cloth, or as a napkin or wrap up for the knives and forks. However, there are many other variations. For example, you can get burlap ribbons and use them to decorate the entire venue or only the wedding arch or the chairs. Furthermore, you can make colourful flower boutonnieres out of burlap and fresh roses.

Hanging delight

If you are holding your wedding reception and party outdoors, either in a tent or under a fairytale-like marquee, it would be highly magical to hang wildflowers and ‘naked’ lights or lanterns. This whimsical wonderland will undoubtedly smell just as lovely as it will look. You only need to hang the flowers from the ceiling using a ribbon or a fishing wire, and you will create a true bohemian daydream. If you have more money to spare, you can get yellowish and brownish paper lanterns and hang them to invite an even more alluring bohemian sensation.

Amp up the candlelight

Pure white candles can revamp the entire decor without you pushing much effort to achieve a bombastic effect. Candles of each size and shapes look elegant and attract the eyes of the passer-by. If you are going to get Ikea candles, for instance, then decorate them around with lush green garland or emerald succulents. Placing the candles into marbled holders will be the perfect match for the whole wedding theme.

candles wedding decor

Play with hues

Suppose you and your future husband don’t see eye to eye with all the aspects of the wedding organization. In that case, you can combine the modern elements with modern flair and still have a recognizable bohemian wedding. For example, incorporate fresh florals like wispy jasmine for table centrepieces and have all other décors in pink to timid purple colour. Play with hues and have a black and gold wedding cake instead of a pink one, add modern aspects like a bubble machine or use decorative rental pieces instead of making some on your own.

‘Naked’ masterpiece

A must accessory to any wedding is, of course, the wedding cake. One of the most original ways to showcase your bohemian style is through ethereal and whimsical accents. Make your wedding cake a spectacular masterpiece. You can have a simple tiered naked wedding cake with various fresh blooms or brownish marble icing shades to create a galactic look. All in all, you won’t go by putting as many fresh florals as your heart desires.

Vintage ceremony arch

The ceremony is one of the most important and most photographed parts of the entire wedding. This is where your mutual life begins, where you exchange vows and finally become one. Consider having a circular ceremony arch which you would decorate in lush greeneries, or opt for the magnificently flower-covered turn with vivacious lilies and kale flowers. If you desire simple perfection, a stand-alone wooden structure with few boho bird feathers and lace details will do the trick.

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Design signature coasters

Organizing and labelling the seating areas and names has never been so chic and fun until now. Rocks, marbles, wood and even glass can become fabulous signature card coasters. You can make them using stones from your backyard and top them up with some excellent paint, or you can use wooden plates and carve your guests’ names by yourself. Then, add a whimsical note or quote so that they can bring it home as a cherished wedding gift memory.

Whimsical chair flower drops

Again with the flowers, but a real bohemian wedding is nothing without lush flowers perpetrating each moment of your special day. Another rather nifty and stunning decorative idea is attaching and brightening up otherwise plain and naked chairs with magical florals. Of course, to showcase your bohemian design, you want those chair decorations to be loose and wild. Don’t let everything be too tight or perfectly aligned.

Be funky and bold

Another essential wedding accessories are shoes. You can ultimately show off your bohemian nature by wearing a mini wedding dress or a fantastic crochet dress.  Be courageous and show your artistic heart by topping up that style with drop-dead gorgeous shows in red or purple colour. If you find some fantastic shoes with floral details, don’t be afraid to wear them. Who says that wedding shoes must be white? 

Let there be light

If you are having your wedding in a rustic farmhouse or sensations rustic country house, the setting and ambient might already fit your needs. But if you are outdoors, hanging lush white linen draperies would enliven this unique style. Then, revamp the entire look by hanging string lights in various colours. Use terrariums as hanging delights, add candle lights all around if you can, or get rustic copper lanterns to light up the environment.

Dessert table décor

Elevate the atmosphere and invite nature and forestry into your wedding. If you have a dessert table, cocktail bar stand, or cake display, use brilliant green garlands to adorn an all-white bar and tables. Whenever you have plain tables, try to use succulents, sage, or any other green garlands as a significant focal point which will undoubtedly provide a dramatic and romantic feel to your bohemian day.

Consider having delicate and charming napkin rings

Creating that ‘Wow!’ effect with your guests lies in the details. One accessory element that you can make on your own are the napkin rings. Use either remarkably adoring burlap clothes to tie a small bow and place a wild rose with white feather detail. For a blush pastel feel, consider using agate stone clay in timid blue or baby pink colour variation or wooden strings as napkin rings.

A gift of eternity

Last but not least, have some finely detailed gifts for your cherished guest to take home with them as a loving memory of your big day. For example, make delicious macaroons or honey cookies with icing messages and place them in a clear jar, which you would enclose with a metallic lid or burlap cloth. You can send your guests off also with a fine assortment of mesmerizing shrubs and flowers encased in marble glass terrariums.

Planning a wedding takes careful organization and impeccable diligence. Boho-style wedding accessories and decorations represent only a glimpse of the whole setting – it is the bride’s and groom’s love, mood and smiles that will lift that bohemian spirit within all the guests.

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Summary: Complete Guide to Boho Wedding Ideas: Decorations & Accessories

  • Embrace the boho wedding style by incorporating natural elements, relaxed vibes, and eclectic details into your decor and accessories.
  • Use macrame hangings, dreamcatchers, and woven tapestries as decorative pieces to add texture and a bohemian touch to your wedding venue.
  • Opt for a color palette that includes earthy tones like rust, terracotta, sage green, and mustard yellow, combined with pops of vibrant colors like deep blues or rich purples.
  • Incorporate lush greenery, wildflowers, and oversized floral arrangements with a mix of roses, daisies, and eucalyptus for a romantic and natural boho aesthetic.
  • Choose a flowy and ethereal wedding dress with lace or crochet details, or consider a two-piece ensemble featuring a crop top and a skirt for a more unconventional look.
  • Accessorize with flower crowns, hair vines, or braided hairstyles adorned with fresh or dried flowers to enhance the boho vibe.
  • Offer guests comfortable seating options like floor pillows, rugs, and mismatched vintage chairs for a cozy and laid-back atmosphere during the ceremony and reception.
  • Decorate the tables with vintage-inspired tablecloths or colorful mismatched linens, and use mix-and-match plates, glassware, and cutlery for a boho-chic table setting.
  • Hang fairy lights, lanterns, or Edison bulbs to create a warm and enchanting ambiance during the evening celebration.
  • Set up a DIY station with feathers, beads, and natural elements for guests to create their own boho-inspired accessories or take-home favors.

FAQ – Boho Wedding

What does a bohemian wedding entail?

It’s all about projecting an easygoing, exquisite aesthetic during a bohemian wedding. The free-spirited aspect of this gown is evoked by a soft, flowing updo and a lovely flower crown.

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For a bohemian wedding, what should the groom wear?

Depending on the setting and theme, grooms can discard the jacket, tie, unzip a few buttons, and go sockless (or even shoeless). While maintaining comfort and personal style, a simple dress shirt with extra suspenders or a vest and a few accessories may generate a decent wedding outfit.

What does it mean to be boho?

For individuals who want their houses to be full of life, culture, and unique stuff for everybody to see, Bohemian style or Boho décor is for them. This style defies modern perceptions by embracing imaginative, freewheeling, and out-of-the-box design.

What is the meaning of bohemian wedding decor?

Most brides’ favourite wedding theme is boho-chic wedding décor, which is inspired by nature and the bohemian romantic free spirit. Earthy tones, natural accents, and airy materials inspired by nature and the outdoors are classics of boho wedding décor, which are soft and romantic with a lyrical atmosphere and just slightly extravagant.

What is the colour of boho?

An intriguing bohemian colour pallet consists of earthy tones blended with neutrals or warm colours coupled with chilly colours. Some of the most common bohemian colours include yellow, brown, white, green, blue, grey, and red.

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