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Trendy Wedding Themes: Rustic Chic Romantic Wedding Ideas + Inspiration

Trendy Wedding Themes: Rustic Chic Romantic Wedding Ideas + Inspiration

Warm, cozy, and laid-back. Who wouldn’t want a rustic-themed wedding? For good reasons, this wedding theme is now taking over the wedding style scene. It combines the outdoors with decorations that are sure to impress; it’s charming and simply gorgeous! 

Indeed, a great wedding theme holds the feel and look of your special day together. It helps you craft what you want to see and feel the entire day, from the colour themes and table designs to the dresses and décor ideas

And that’s what rustic theme is all about. This magical wedding theme keeps things together as it creates a feeling of simplicity and comfort.  

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DIY Unique Guest Book Ideas That Aren’t Books At All – Ideas For Every Wedding Theme

DIY Unique Guest Book Ideas That Aren’t Books At All

It’s time to plan your perfect wedding. Everyone wants their special day to be long remembered and perfect. From the right dress and ideal venue to the wedding photos and delicious wedding cake, you want to cherish and remember everything from your wedding day. 

Traditionally, most couples set up the same old station where friends and family sign a guestbook only to be lost on a bookshelf or, worse, in a storage box under the bed, never to be seen or looked at again. 

Recent trends have started to move away from the traditional guest book to try and make them more functional and bespoke for the couple and their big day. 

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Complete Guide to Boho Wedding Ideas – Decorations & Accessories

Complete Guide to Boho wedding ideas – decorations & accessories

Planning a wedding can be a nerve-racking and genuinely joyful experience. Every bride needs to have everything sorted out, and that means everything from the meticulous dress, beautiful hairstyle, extravagant and unique decorations, and perfect accessories. If you have the desire to implement bohemian flair into your special day, then you are really in for numerous gorgeous options.

Starting from the late 1960s, Boho chic style has most certainly evolved into an even more faddish and extravagant look that every bride can incorporate into her wedding day. Whether you are mixing the various bohemian and hippie influences into your look and decorations, the main focus is to include genuine rustic and vintage items with earthy and natural tones. Woven décor elements, an abundance of light linen drapery, lavishing floral and earthy details allure every bride to this style. 

It takes patience and careful planning, but every bride can have her dream wedding with little effort to incorporate these boho wedding ideas. So, without further ado, here is a thorough guide that will get you covered on how to organize a Bohemian wedding.

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Wedding Cakes – The favorite trends this year

Your wedding cake is the highlight of your wedding menu. A spectacular wedding cake is a luxury, and one that highlights your personal style and the essence of your wedding décor. The sky is the limit, where options for wedding cakes are concerned, and all you have to do is dream up your vision of sweet charm. Your baker will work hard to make it come true.

Here, we will take a look at the trending favorites in wedding cakes this year.

Adding a touch of personality 

More and more couples choose to personalize every element at their wedding with their own special touch. This extends to their choice for wedding cake colors, toppers and decorations too. With inspiration flowing in from every nook and corner on the internet, it is now possible to craft your wedding cake exactly as you want it with unique ideas.

Wedding cakes can tell your story, and be a reflection of your personalities. Basing the design on the place where you got engaged, your favorite pastime or a cake topper that is a replica of the couple can make your cake truly unique and personal.

Flowers and flavors that match the wedding theme

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The wedding cake becomes an integral part of the wedding décor, immediately after it is revealed. So couples have been paying close attention to make sure that it reflects the ambiance of the venue, and the tone of the wedding. Formal events have tiered cakes in classic round or square shapes with designs matching the flower arrangements and décor elements, while modern casual weddings usually bring fun to the reception table in the form of whimsical topsy-turvy cakes.

While sugar flowers are regulars on wedding cakes, the trend is towards using huge compositions in edible flowers and fashionable blossoms such as hydrangeas and roses to imbue the tone of the wedding into the cake. The designs are becoming bigger and bolder, and 3D laser cut flowers are also gaining popularity as stylish wedding cake accessories.

Unlike when everyone chose to play it safe with traditional flavors, brides and grooms are now more daring with the flavors they choose. Rich indulgent tastes in ganache and caramel are being experimented with, so the guests really enjoy a unique experience with every bite.

Glittering metal and glamour in lace

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Continuing from 2014, this year too has cakes adorned with metallic shimmer. Adding bling to the reception buffet are cakes decorated in gold, silver, bronze and copper tones. They inject instant style to any setting and are appropriate for any venue or wedding theme. While golden leaves and blossoms continue to be the classic choice, brides are also opting for metallic shimmers in dahlias, peonies and other edible hand-painted sugar flowers and similar designs.

The trend of matching the cake to the bridal dress, by adding delicate lace designs to it’s surface also continues to be a favorite. While white is the all-time favorite color, pastels and grays appear in patterns to create a pleasant effect.

For more fantastic wedding cake designs, check out our cake gallery at Best for Bride. Sweet indulgence and unbelievable creativity awaits you!