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10 Insanely Inspirational Vintage Wedding Ideas That You May Not Know About

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There is something so special and classy about vintage-inspired weddings. Even though they unfolded in the modern era, they give the bride and groom a day of elegance, timelessness, and a one-of-a-kind feel.

As for what defines a wedding with a vintage aesthetic, it is all in the details. For example, consider the Hollywood glamour of the ‘50s. Back in the day, solitaire with a vintage feel was the grandeur of the most trendsetting weddings.

Regardless of the historical moment, there are so many ways to breathe life into a vintage wedding. You can give a vintage touch to your big day with a gown or hairstyle from the desired era.

If you can’t find or decide on the best inspiration, here are ten inspirational vintage wedding ideas to inspire you for your wedding.

Go for Gold

When it came to weddings, gold was the color of choice of the vintage era. Besides, it is a versatile metal and adds a touch of glamour to your wedding. In addition, it works perfectly well with deeper tones and shades.

For starters, begin with gold-themed wedding invitations. Then carry through your day with gold, everything from signage to seating plans. Don’t forget to add glitter and beautiful calligraphy to hint at a vintage affair.

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Complete Guide to Boho wedding ideas – decorations & accessories

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Planning a wedding can be a nerve-racking and genuinely elated experience. Every bride needs to have everything sorted out and that means literally everything. From the meticulous dress, beautiful hairstyle, extravagant and unique decorations, and immaculate accessories. If you have the desire to implement bohemian flair into your special day, then you are really in for numerous gorgeous options.

Starting from the late 1960s, Boho chic style has most certainly evolved into an even more faddish and extravagant look that every bride can incorporate into her wedding day. Whether you are mixing the various bohemian and hippie influences into your look and decorations, the main focus is to incorporate genuine rustic and vintage items with earthy and natural tones. Woven décor elements, an abundance of light linen drapery, lavishing floral and earthy details is what allures every bride to this style. 
It takes patience and careful planning, but every single bride can have her dream wedding with little effort of incorporating these boho wedding ideas. So, without further ado, here is a thorough guide that will get you covered on how to organize a Bohemian wedding.

It takes patience and careful planning, but every single bride can have her dream wedding with little effort of incorporating these boho wedding ideas. So, without further ado, here is a thorough guide that will get you covered on how to organize a Bohemian wedding.

Embrace the natural ambient

Boho weddings are all about blending with the natural surrounding and inviting Mother Nature into your wedding. Having your alter placed in the evergreen wood or simply by decorating the altar with natural green leaves or lush succulents will immediately symbol the greatness of your special day. Seize any natural ambient that you have around the reception, rather than holding the official ceremony indoors.

Lavish yourself with Boho-inspired jewelry

As a bride, you need to look and feel your best. Wearing some specially designated and unique jewelry similar to which you can find at Moon Magic will undoubtedly make you feel ravishing. By wearing some elegant and stylish bohemian jewelry you will be able to express your unique character and make an impact on your big day. Accessories play a vital role in the bride’s complete appearance, so wear the gemstones and materials that suit your personality and which match your Boho wedding dress.

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How To Move Away from the Traditional White Dress


Since the age of Pinterest, more brides have resorted to doing something “different” for their wedding day. More often than not, the traditional aspects of a wedding such as a fruit cake for a wedding cake, a white wedding dress and getting married in a church instead of the venue’s chapel, has been tossed aside to make way for new ideas.

The History of the White Wedding Dress


By now, most of you might have heard the story before: Prior to the traditional white wedding dress – 1800’s and back – it was considered an elite privilege to have access to white linen. Pure white linen was extremely expensive at that time and only the riches could afford it.

When a bride was to get married, she would wear whatever fancy dress she had.

It wasn’t until 1840 when Princess Victoria married Prince Alfred of Saxe-Coburg. The dress was a stunning victorian style and rounded off with lace. It became so popular, that brides from that time forward only wore white to their weddings.

Fun fact: Queen Victoria was not the first princess to get married in white. In 1559, Mary, Queen of Scots, also wore white when she had wed Francis Dauphin. However, white was the colour of mourning in France at that time, so the trend did not pick up.

Moving Away from the White Wedding Dress

You have probably seen it all on Pinterest or social media: The controversial brides in their non-white wedding dresses. And you will definitely see more of them in the future, too!

There can be many reasons why a bride chooses not to wear a white wedding dress. The most popular reason is because it is not her first marriage. However, it might be the bride’s personality to choose a controversial dress only because she feels like it. And finally, another reason may be in honor of a loved one who passed away. The bride simply chooses the favorite color, pattern or motive, in memory of that person.

The following is a list of options which you can choose from to move away from the great, white wedding dress craze!

  1. Keeping the White Skirt

The whimsical look of a white tulle skirt, paired with a lace top or a blouse, took the world by storm. Even now, in the alternative fashion industry, two-piece dresses are still all the rage. If you are not completely comfortable to move away from a traditional white gown, then this might be a better option for you.

  1. Off-White Options

If you still want the soft, elegant look of a white dress, but you’re not keen on crisp white gowns, maybe you should opt for off-white dresses or pastel colors. The soft tones still gives it that elegant, wedding look and you will still be comfortable knowing that your dress isn’t white.


  1. Going the Opposite Direction

If you’re keen on mixing things up to a whole new level, then you will be glad to know that black wedding dresses are also a thing. The black wedding dress doesn’t need to shout “gothic theme” from the rooftops. It may also be incorporated into a very elegant, Gatsby theme when paired with gold. Check out this post from The Pretty Blog, for more inspiration.


  1. Bright Colors

You can be bold and go for something bright and colorful on your wedding day. Mix it up by using different materials and textures, or go for plain bright colors. The options are endless!



  1. Floral Dresses

It has been a few years already since floral patterns became a trend in interior design and décor. And with that, came the floral wedding dresses. So much so that The Gilded Gown did a feature about many popular designers who jumped onto the flower wagon. Also, see this post from The Wedding Chicks for a more elegant, clean floral look.


  1. Ruffled & OTT

Over The Top (OTT) wedding dresses also became a thing in recent years. This may or may not have been the origin of the wacky series My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding! Who knows… All we can say is, if you want your day to be truly unforgetable, then wear an unforgetable dress.


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