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Top 5 Dog-Friendly Wedding Venues In Toronto [2024]

Top 5 Dog-Friendly Wedding Venues In Toronto

Dogs are man’s best friend; most dogs stick with their masters in their daily activities.

Does your dog mean the world to you? Do you include it in everything that you do in life? Then you’ll surely want to have your dog for the best day of your life: your wedding!

Many people love to make their dogs part of this special day. They include dogs in most customs and other essential elements of the wedding.

However, not all places will tolerate having your dog with you when exchanging vows. If you are in Toronto, read about the top dog-friendly venues to celebrate the special moment of your life with your best furry friend.

Top 5 Dog-Friendly Wedding Venues

These five venues are the best for choosing dog-friendly places in Toronto to celebrate your special day. 

Researching and choosing one that suits your requirements and budget is best.

Bradford Barn

Bradford Farm and Venue Wedding

Bradford Barn is located at 3287 9th Line, Bradford, Toronto, L3Z 2A5. It is a quaint place to celebrate your wedding in a charming little countryside.

The scenic farm estate provides access to various outdoor and indoor areas, including a Grain Bin Bar, a rustic two-story barn, an outdoor fire pit, and ample decking and lawns.

If your wedding is less than 50 guests, you can have the event in the timber frame home adjacent to the area, including a cozy tented reception. Irrespective of your chosen site, you will still have stunning countryside views.

Dogs are welcome on a leash during the ceremony. There is a dog sitter if you want someone to look after your dog while you celebrate the joyous event.

Bradford Bard will cost between $5500 and 11500 to celebrate your special day.

Glenerin Inn

Located at 1695 The Collegeway, Mississauga, Toronto, L5L 3S7, Glenerin Inn is a venue dedicated to making your wedding special.

The venue’s experienced staff only caters to one wedding at a time, making your dream wedding come true. 

It is a stone Tudor-style mansion and carriage house that will make you imagine English manor houses. The beautiful grounds include bubbling streams, rolling lawns, and manicured gardens.

Whether you celebrate your event indoors or outdoors, you will still have stunning backdrops at this venue. 

Glenerin Inn lets you choose from five rooms or an outdoor patio as the central area of the ceremony. 

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You can have your dog on a leash so it will be there when exchanging wedding vows. However, he must return home during the reception, as pets are prohibited. You can hire a dog sitter for this part of the event.

Hosting your wedding at Glenerin Inn will cost you approximately $1500 to $15000.

The Fifth Social Club

Wedding Venue Party

The Fifth Social Club is a unique venue at 225 Richmond St. W, Toronto, Toronto M5V 1W2. 

It’s located at an exceptional point, the heritage area of Toronto’s Entertainment District. Therefore, the venue will give you a great ambiance and excellent service.

The Fifth Social Club’s sommeliers, coordinators, and skilled chefs will assist you greatly in making your day extra special.

The venue has a light-filled, spacious area with floor-to-ceiling windows, full-service bars, and a built-in DJ booth. 

The Fifth Social Club welcomes dogs on leash while you exchange wedding vows. However, it would help if you took it away from the venue during the reception. The best way to tackle this situation is to hire a pet sitter for the event.

Celebrating your special day at The Fifth Social Club will cost you between $20,000 and $25,000.

Willow Pond Lake Simcoe Cottage Estate

Willow Pond Lake Simcoe Cottage Estate is located at 198 Hedge Rd. Jacksons Point, Toronto, L0E 1L0. It’s an all-inclusive event venue with experienced event managers to handle the whole day.

The venue has experienced and skilled teams to handle everything related to a wedding, from hair and makeup to photography.

Willow Pond Lake Simcoe Cottage Estate has a stunning backdrop where you can celebrate the big event in style.

The venue can hold up to 150 guests at a time. You can use the adjacent cottage for an overnight stay for yourself or any guests.

The Cottage Estate welcomes dogs on leash only during the exchange of vows. At other times, you must keep it out of the venue. You may hire a pet sitter to take care of your dog while you are away enjoying your big day!

Willow Pond Lake Simcoe Cottage Estate is an all-inclusive venue that will cost approximately $15000 for up to 30 or 40 guests and $49000 for up to 150 guests.

Hazelton Manor

Hazelton Manor Wedding Venue

It is located at 99 Peelar Rd. Vaughan, Toronto, L4K 1A3, Hazelton Manor is a unique venue where you can host a small, intimate reception or a grand event. 

Its wedding planners are there to help you plan the entire event. The in-house catering team will be at their feet, serving your guests with culinary richness.

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The venue comprises two grand ballrooms with checkerboard floors, crystal chandeliers, and intricately designed woodwork.

You can have your dog with you when exchanging vows. It must be away from the area during the reception. You may hire a dog sitter to care for your dog as the rest of the event unfolds.

As there are various options, you need to contact the Manor to get to know the prices for your event.

Tips On How To Best Include Your Dog In Your Wedding Day

Here are a few tips on how to best include your dog when you celebrate this special event in your life:

  • Consider your dog’s personality and plan accordingly to avoid it from getting anxious and shy
  • Ensure your guests are okay with having a dog around
  • Schedule your dogs for the entire event and hire a trusted dog wrangler
  • Decide and plan ahead of time if your dog is going to walk down the aisle or not
  • Keep water and dog treats to give your dog time to time

How To Walk Down The Aisle With Your Dog

You should walk down the aisle with your dog and celebrate this joyous occasion together. However, it would help if you planned it out appropriately to avoid making your guests uncomfortable.

Firstly, ensure your guests are comfortable with having your dog around. You must also provide a spot for your dog to escape and a dog sitter to take care of it after you exchange vows. Almost all venues don’t allow dogs to hang around the area after the exchange of vows.

Have a bone ready to keep them occupied, chewing, and happy. Carefully consider the attire for the event. Some options to dress up your dog in include the following:

  • Bow tie with or without a tuxedo vest
  • A fancy leash that is adorned with flowers or ribbon to mark the importance of the event
  • A floral collar wreath to match the bridal event bouquets
  • A full-body gown or tuxedo 

It’s vital to ensure your dog is well-trained and can cope with the crowd and noise at the wedding. You can use a training collar to ensure your dog is under control. 

Shock collars serve as a way of alerting your dog whenever it tries to do something that is out of bounds. They send tiny electric shocks to the dog’s skin and alert it if it tries to do something it should not.

Here is a link to the most potent shock collar for your dog if you are in search of the most powerful shock collar.


There are many options to choose from when it comes to dog-friendly venues in Toronto where you can host your wedding. 

Almost all venues only accommodate dogs during the exchange of vows. So you’ll have to send them away after that or hire a dog sitter to take care of your dog for the rest of the event.

Keeping your dog in good spirits ensures it doesn’t get anxious during the event. Ensure to dress your dog up in suitable clothes, such as with a tuxedo and a bowtie.

FAQ: Dog-Friendly Wedding Venues

Can Your Dog Attend Your Wedding?

Most venues allow dogs during the exchange of vows but not during the reception. However, it would help to consider your dog’s personality and temperament to ensure it can handle the crowd and loud noise at weddings.

How Can You Include Your Dog In Your Wedding?

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Dress up your dog in a tuxedo with or without a bowtie, matching the colours of the bridal event. You can also include flowers and ribbons in your dog’s attire for the special occasion. Ensure your dog is ready to take up the atmosphere of the wedding.

Is Toronto A Dog-Friendly City?

Toronto stands among the top 10 dog-friendly cities in the world, with over 230,000 dogs, more than 114 pet shops, and 65 off-leash dog spaces. The town offers easy access to many trails and parks where you can take your dog for walks.

Can Your Dog Be Your Ring Bearer?

A well-trained dog can carry your ring down the aisle on your special day using a basket in their mouth. Your dog can even have the ring on a soft pillow harnessed on their back or a pouch fixed to its collar.

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