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6 Things To Think About When Choosing A Wedding Venue

6 Things To Think About When Choosing A Wedding Venue

As the excitement of the initial proposal begins to wear off and slowly gets replaced with the overwhelming fear of arranging the actual wedding sets, it’s easy to feel lost and unsure where to start. However, if you treat your wedding like any monumental occasion and take things one step at a time, the path ahead suddenly becomes much more evident. Arguably, venue selection is one of the most daunting aspects of getting a picture-perfect wedding. Do it well, and everything else will go without a hitch. Select the wrong location, and your dreams of a fairytale event quickly disappear.

Fortunately, with a bit of forethought and understanding of what you want to achieve, you can turn one of the most daunting aspects of a wedding into a somewhat less terrifying one. This post will discuss six factors that contribute to a successful wedding venue selection and will reduce the stress of organizing an event of such magnitude.

Location: Traditional Or Desitaion?

Perhaps the first thought you should give the venue is what type of wedding you want. This should come organically over several weeks and months via discussions with your soon-to-be other half, friends, and family. When it comes to the location, you have numerous options at your disposal, the most common being a destination wedding where you will fulfill your nuptials in some far-flung locale or a more traditional option such as in a church or holy temple, etc. Both have upsides and downsides, so to help you, we have broken them down into categories.

Destination Event

A destination venue, as the name suggests, is a location different from the norm, where guests can experience the event as uniquely theirs. This could range anywhere from a wild woodland to a topical beach paradise replete with golden sands and crystal clear waters.

destination wedding venue


  • It’s an utterly unique event: You can be assured that almost nobody else will experience something similar. This alone can be enough for couples to pull the trigger on this kind of venue, regardless of the costs involved.
  • It is intimate and immersive: What could be a con (as you will see later) can also be a boon. Destination venues are costly to travel to, narrowing down your guest list. This cannot be good, but it can be a great choice if you crave something more intimate.
  • You get to combine your wedding with a vacation: Traditional weddings might leave you worn out from all the preparations required. However, when you have your wedding in a luxurious location, you may enjoy it at the following time.


  • More planning is involved: If you thought planning a conventional wedding was challenging, imagine trying to design one in another country with the additional barrier of language and culture that must be overcome.
  • It can be costly: While it isn’t always true that a destination venue will be more expensive than other locations, it usually is.
  • Many potential attendees will be unable to come. As mentioned previously, this could be positive or negative, depending on your goal. If you have many friends and family you want to attend, you must be aware that not all can afford the cost of travelling (or time off work).

Traditional Event

Traditional weddings are returning despite many contemporary couples having eschewed them for various reasons. These tend to occur in venues ranging from a basic village hall to local churches or other religious spots.


  • They can be cheaper: This is certainly not the case in every instance, but they are often far more affordable when you factor in travel and accommodation.
  • Familiarity: because this type of wedding has existed for centuries in some form, most attendees will be familiar with the proceedings. This can make your life easier.
  • They exude a timeless elegance: When you look back at your wedding photos, you won’t be disappointed by how stunning the day was.


  • Lack of flexibility: Because these venues tend to get booked out very quickly, you might have to select a date that isn’t entirely conducive to what you wanted.
  • Less room for individuality exists: When you compare with the fallibility that comes with a destination venue, you might end up disappointed with a lack of ability to add your flair.
traditional wedding venue

Capacity: Can Everyone Fit?

This point will heavily depend on how many people are on your guest list and how many you expect will come. Nevertheless, it’s always wise to double-check the locations you have in mind and what their various capacities are. When in doubt, always opt for something slightly larger. If your venue is too small, you might find the venue operators are unwilling or unable to allow your guests in for legal reasons. Almost all wedding venues will have a specific limit, which will begin to cause all kinds of health and safety issues.

Moreover, even if your venue allows slightly more than you will invite, you should avoid cramming everyone in, as this can dramatically ruin the ambiance. Careful attention should be paid to the maximum occupancy allowed according to fire codes when scouting venues. It’s also important to note if venues include overflow options in case the guest list expands. Knowing approximate numbers early avoids costly surprises later in the planning process. Realistic projections should be made based on invite lists and family sizes to guide each couple through this consideration. Finding the right size venue prevents last-minute scrambling and ensures all important guests can celebrate comfortably. By prioritizing capacity checks early, couples can select places suitable for their guest counts without exceeding budget. It’s one less detail for the happy day to cause stress.

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Decor: Will It Fit Your Vision?

Selecting the perfect location is about more than just finding a beautiful spot. The decor and general aesthetic must align with the vision and personality of you and your significant other. When touring potential locations, You must be thoughtful about your style, whether modern and sleek or more on the rustic side. While many beautiful venues, some may not match the couple’s style vision. Therefore, it’s wise to assess decor elements like lighting, furniture, and wall colours that could make the space feel right. The proper venue offers a blank slate or decor in tone with the wedding theme. This allows complete creative control over the look and feel. Carefully evaluating decor compatibility helps find the ideal location and set the perfect mood.

wedding venue decor centerpiece

Budget: What Can You Realistically Afford

Now we come to the investible but crucial aspect of venue planning, namely the budget., Yes, this is the dirty world when choosing somewhere that you will tie the knot with the person you want to stay with for the rest of your life, but a word that you must consider nonetheless. If you spend your entire wedding budget on the location, no matter how spectacular, you must cut other parts of the celebration. This is less than ideal since it could mean missing the budget for other equally important aspects and destroying the chance of immortalizing your special day.

The best course of action is to make a comprehensive budget for the wedding and then allocate funds accordingly. Once you have a general number on paper, you can start narrowing down your venue options, giving you a better idea of what you can expect with the amount of money you have available. If you have done this and realized that your funds go much further than you thought they would, you needn’t fret. With careful planning and belt-tightening, creating the wedding of your dreams is still possible. It might involve moving to a smaller location and inviting fewer guests, but you have to make do when needs must.

Amenities: What Will The Venue Provide?

Although this is undeniably your special day, there are still guests you must ensure have an excellent time. While beauty and atmosphere are priorities, practical details shouldn’t be overlooked. When touring locations, it’s wise to inquire about what’s provided versus what requires additional rental. Asking relevant questions will help get the answers you demand, such as if tables, chairs, cutlery, A/V gear, and so on are included in the price or if they will incur extra costs. This will not simply assist you with budget planning but can make the difference between choosing the venue or looking elsewhere. Finding a platform capable of handling the most common requests is vital to ensuring the day goes without issue, and the focus remains on you and your future wife or husband. Prioritizing amenity discussions finds the best option and lightens the load of wedding planning.

Catering: In-House Or External?

The final puzzle piece is checking whether the venue offers an in-house catering service or if you need outside options. It’s critical to inquire about what types of catering arrangements are permitted. Knowing whether an outside vendor can be used or if the venue requires in-house catering guides budgeting and flexibility. It’s also vital to understand what amenities, like a kitchen space, are provided for the caterer. First, ensuring suitable facilities prevents issues that could plague the occasion.

Choosing a location to host your wedding is typically regarded as a part of the wedding planning process that is most stressful. However, when you have an idea of what to expect and how it fits in with your overall plan, you can reduce the stress involved and be assured that you will choose the perfect venue.

backyard wedding catering


Venue Type Decision:

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  • Consider whether a traditional or destination venue aligns with your preferences, budget, and wedding vision.
  • Traditional venues often offer timeless elegance and familiarity but may lack flexibility.
  • Destination venues provide unique experiences but can be costly and logistically challenging.

Capacity Consideration:

  • Ensure the venue can comfortably accommodate all guests, adhering to health and safety regulations.
  • Knowing the venue’s limit and having a realistic guest count projection are crucial to avoid last-minute issues and budget exceedance.

Decor Alignment:

  • The decor should match the couple’s vision, style, and personality, setting the right mood and atmosphere.
  • The ideal venue offers decor in tone with the wedding theme or provides a blank slate for creative control.

Budget Planning:

  • A comprehensive budget is crucial to allocate funds appropriately and avoid overspending on the venue.
  • Knowing what you can afford helps in making informed decisions and realizing your dream wedding without financial strain.

Amenity Inquiry:

  • Understanding what amenities are included and what requires additional rental is vital for accurate budget planning and venue selection.
  • Ensuring the venue can handle common requests keeps the focus on the couple and lightens the load of wedding planning.

Catering Arrangements:

  • Knowing whether the venue offers in-house catering or allows external vendors is critical for budgeting and flexibility.
  • Ensuring suitable facilities for caterers prevents issues on the occasion.

FAQ: Wedding Venues

How should one decide between a traditional and a destination wedding venue?

Deciding between a traditional and a destination wedding venue depends on personal preferences, budget, and the type of experience desired. Traditional venues are often more affordable and familiar, exuding timeless elegance, but may offer less flexibility and room for individuality. Destination venues offer unique, intimate experiences and the opportunity to combine the wedding with a vacation but can be costly and logistically challenging.

Why is it important to consider the capacity of a wedding venue?

Considering capacity is crucial to ensure comfort for all guests. It avoids overcrowding and meets safety regulations. Knowing the venue’s limit is important. Having a realistic guest count projection is essential. It avoids last-minute issues and ensures comfortable celebration for everyone. This way, the budget is not exceeded.

How does the decor of the venue impact the wedding?

The decor of the venue should align with the couple’s vision, style, and personality. It sets the mood and atmosphere of the wedding. A mismatch in decor and the couple’s style can affect the overall feel of the wedding. The ideal venue either offers a blank slate or has decor in tone with the wedding theme, allowing for complete creative control over the look and feel of the event.

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Why is budgeting crucial when selecting a wedding venue?

Budgeting is crucial for proper fund allocation in all wedding aspects. It prevents overspending on just the venue. A comprehensive budget clarifies affordable venue options. It aids in making informed decisions. This ensures availability of funds for other important celebration aspects. Thus, it helps in realizing a dream wedding without financial strain.

How important is it to inquire about the amenities provided by the venue?

Asking about amenities is crucial for understanding what’s included in the price. It aids in accurate budget planning. Knowing about provided tables, chairs, cutlery, and A/V gear is essential. It influences the choice of venue if extra costs are incurred. This ensures the venue meets common requests. It keeps the focus on the couple and eases wedding planning.

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  1. My sister is searching for a banquet venue where she can have her reception around one week after she gets married, which is scheduled to happen in three months. I loved how you pointed out that most people consider selecting the venue for their wedding to be the most stressful aspect of wedding preparation. Nevertheless, you may lessen the anxiety associated and be certain that you will select the ideal location if you have a notion of what to anticipate and how it fits into your larger strategy. I’m hoping my sister can choose the ideal location for a fantastic celebration.

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