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Bridal Sunglasses: The Ultimate Outdoor Wedding Trend or Passing Fad?

Bridal Sunglasses: The Ultimate Outdoor Wedding Trend or Passing Fad?

It’s been a record season for weddings, with logging 70,000 weddings in Ontario alone. As more brides continue to eschew tradition and embrace their individuality, you might be considering an outdoor wedding instead of a traditional church ceremony. However, given the increased sun exposure, you might be thinking about wearing sunglasses at critical points during your wedding day. But this idea poses a few concerns – will the sunglasses age well in your outdoor wedding photos? What types of sunglasses won’t clash with your outfit? Finally, will bridal sunglasses make you look cool – or just tacky?

Why wear sunglasses at your wedding?

There are various reasons you might want to wear sunglasses at your wedding. You may want to make the most of your outdoor affair without being limited in where you can roam due to the sun’s harsh glare. Practical considerations may involve wanting to avoid UV exposure. After all, Canadians born in the 1990s – the generation most likely to be getting married right now – carry a two to three times higher risk of getting skin cancer in their lifetimes. Sunglasses protect your eyes and the delicate skin around them from potentially harmful UV exposure.

Your wedding photographer may want to show you off with the beautiful venue you got hitched in as the backdrop, but unpredictable light conditions while shooting may result in eye strain, which is where the sunglasses come on. Your photos may come out nicer since you won’t be struggling to keep your eyes open the whole time. Plus, given the investment you and your spouse-to-be have put into your dream outdoor wedding, it only makes sense to be as comfortable as possible and enjoy every moment. Sunglasses provide that comfort, enabling you to see instead of squint through your wedding.

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Choosing the right bridal sunglasses

Like your shoes, hairstyle, and jewelry, your sunglasses should be anchored to the rest of your look. Most importantly, they should beautifully frame and flatter your face. That’s why choosing sunglasses for your face shape is crucial as they can soften angular features and add definition or contrast to your facial structure. Diamond-shaped faces can be enhanced with eye-accentuating browline frames, while bold and upswept frames perfectly complement rounder faces.

Once you’ve found the right frame shape, choose a style that meshes well with your outfit and the theme of your wedding. Gilded frames will suit glamorous outdoor decor, but tinted lenses are ideal if you have a playful colour scheme. What about rose-coloured, heart-shaped glasses for a romantic touch? Your choices are endless. The best part about shopping for bridal sunglasses is how sentimental the experience can be; now, you’ll have a pair that will always remind you of one of the best days of your life.

Trend or fad?

For decades, sunglasses have made for an unexpectedly perfect wedding accessory, lending a laidback energy to your wedding ensemble. Not to mention, the deliberate addition of sunglasses can look awesome for specific wedding photos – we can’t count the number of times we’ve seen a couple pose with their entourage, with the whole group wearing sunglasses, looking every bit like the coolest group at the function. When you, the bride, wear sunglasses, you send your guests a message that you want them to let loose and have fun. In a previous post, we talked about incorporating fun and playful props into your outdoor wedding photo station. You could encourage your guests to follow your lead by providing sunglasses at the photo stations. Bridal sunglasses are wedding staples that stand the test of time – and now that outdoor weddings are in vogue, they’ve become a must-have.

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Practicality Meets Style:

Practicality drives bridal sunglasses beyond the influence of social media. Weather outside for an outdoor wedding can be unpredictable and squinting into bright sun is hardly considered to be a glam looking. More brides are discovering that they do not have to compromise style when they opt for something practical. A stylish pair is not just fashionable, protects the eyes from the sun’s rays giving a chic look to your overall appearance as a bride.

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Variety of Styles:

There are many designs of bridal sunglasses in the market for various preferences and wedding topics Every bride who desires to buy herself a pair of sunglasses should realize that she has plenty of options ranging from classic aviators to elegant cat-eye frames. They can be made in bright colours that are matched with the colour of the wedding, and even with large or decorated lenses. Bridal sunglasses provide brides with the freedom of self-expression through which they can bring out an exceptional wedding dressing pattern.

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Instagram-Worthy Moments:

Today’s wedding is not just a personal event. It is also a public affair in this era of social media. With time, couples have become more and more aware of capturing photogenic instances to present on their social networking sites. Bridal sunglasses allow brides to pose attractive pictures for their photographic memoirs and enhance the stylishness of their wedding albums. Sunglasses present striking visuals as they are highly reflected. They are hence ideal accessories for all photo shoots.


Bridal sunglasses have become one of those trends which add a touch of contemporary to wedding suits. Practicality, different styles, and the ability to be posted on Instagram have made these shoes to be popular among users. Many people might consider them as a fleeting trend but their endurance together with the increasing requirement of novel and non-traditional wedding ceremonies will prove this trend is rather a long-lasting phenomenon in the rapidly evolving society of weddings. Therefore, either as a bride hoping to stand out or just for purposes of protecting your eyes from the sun, the bridal sunglasses will remain here for you, providing style mixed with function on your big day.

FAQ: Bridal Sunglasses

Why are bridal sunglasses becoming popular for outdoor weddings?

Bridal sunglasses are gaining popularity for outdoor weddings due to their practicality in protecting the eyes and skin from UV exposure, particularly in sun-drenched settings. They also offer comfort by reducing eye strain in bright lighting conditions, making the wedding experience more enjoyable for the bride.

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How should a bride choose the right sunglasses for her wedding?

When choosing bridal sunglasses, it’s important to consider face shape, wedding outfit, and overall theme. For example, browline frames suit diamond-shaped faces, while bold frames are ideal for rounder faces. The style should complement the wedding’s theme and outfit, with options ranging from gilded frames for a glamorous look too playful tinted lenses for a more colourful theme.

Are bridal sunglasses just a passing trend or a lasting wedding staple?

Bridal sunglasses have been an unexpectedly perfect accessory for weddings for decades, offering both style and practicality. Their popularity, especially for outdoor weddings, suggests that they are more than just a passing trend and are likely to remain a cherished part of wedding fashion.

What variety of styles is available in bridal sunglasses?

The market offers a diverse range of bridal sunglasses to cater to different preferences and wedding themes. Styles vary from classic aviators to elegant cat-eye frames, with options in bright colours and various lens decorations. This variety allows brides to express their individuality and match their wedding’s aesthetic.

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How do bridal sunglasses enhance wedding photography and social media sharing?

Bridal sunglasses add a unique and stylish element to wedding photography, creating Instagram-worthy moments. They reflect light strikingly, making them ideal for photo shoots. Their fashionable and photogenic appeal enhances the visual narrative of wedding albums and social media posts.

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