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Outdoor Trendy Wedding Ideas You Don’t Want To Miss Out On!

Outdoor Trendy Wedding Ideas You Don’t Want To Miss Out On!

When you imagine the wedding of your dreams, do you feel the sun’s warmth shining through your veil? Do you picture yourself walking down the aisle amidst picturesque mountains or streams? If your answer is yes, trust me—these outdoor wedding ideas are the only thing you need right now!

An outdoor wedding means absolute freedom—personalizing every little corner just as you like it. From framed photo booths to glorious backdrops, you can have it all. The bigger bonus is that you can have any number of guests, depending on the size of your backyard or the outdoor venue you have chosen. 

Following the pandemic, backyard weddings are finally back in the game. A backyard celebration can turn out to be super chic when done right. All thanks to the trending Pinterest mood boards, it’s clear that outdoor wedding ideas are sizzling more than ever this season. So if you plan to say “I do” anything soon, these outdoor wedding ideas will be perfect for turning your wedding into the dreamiest affair.

Hire An Artist To Capture Your Wedding Moments

We are all aware of the numerous ways in which we can capture memories at our wedding. From photography and videography to GoPros, drones, and live-streaming, we have many ways to treasure our love story. But have you ever thought of returning to the old ways to preserve a memory?

Perhaps preserving memories in hand-painted portraits. A professional wedding portrait artist can bring precious memories to life. 

This wedding portrait will be a favourite wedding keepsake for generations to come. What better way to cherish your most crucial relationship than by giving yourself a treasured, one-of-a-kind gift that will forever mark your wedding? Having a live artist at your wedding is the best way to entertain your guests. This outdoor wedding idea will be the perfect conversation starter in your living room, and your guests will love the artistic element added to your home.

The heartwarming fact about having a live wedding portrait artist is that you have someone to capture and preserve that extraordinary moment. In the digital age, where you have everything at your fingertips, it’s adventurous that you can’t see the results immediately. I can only imagine the butterflies one would feel at the final reveal.

This is something you should try if you are planning an outdoor wedding in the near future. Because the artists will be the best people to capture the lush beauty of your picturesque outdoor wedding. 

Have An Artist Give Home to Your Outdoor Wedding

Illuminate With String Lights

Is there anything more romantic than witnessing your wedding vows under the starry skies? 

When setting the perfect mood for your wedding day, lighting up your wedding venue is just as important as adding flowers, good food, and atmosphere. While you can brighten your celebration with everything from charming candles to classic Edison bulbs, decorating with string lights is one of the most common wedding trends in vogue. Couples adorn this look for its eccentric, fairy-tale vibes—and trust me, you will love it too!

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Using string lights at your wedding will ensure that your décor radiates and stands out. From a string light ceremony arch to a light string canopy, there are many ways to incorporate them into your outdoor wedding decor. If you’re hosting an outdoor wedding, have fairy lights descend overhead to give off a dreamy vibe. If yours is a winter wedding, try wrapping bare trees in luminous coils of rope lights to set the stage for your frozen paradise. You can even fill some glass lanterns with nests of tiny bulbs to showcase string lights at your wedding. Trust me on this; the options for taking your lighting to the next level are endless.

These breathtaking outdoor lighting arrangements will best add some glitz and glam to your outdoor wedding. No matter where your wedding takes place, whether during sunset or in the late evening, these beaming compositions will leave you and your guests in complete awe.

Illuminate With String Lights

Make a Sizzling Entrance

When it’s about your wedding, you’re looking for every possible element to jazz up your wedding decor. One basic spot that might miss your attention is the entrance walkway decoration.

Your entryway is a spot that will set the tone for your entire decor, so you don’t want to go wrong with it. If you want your decor to give a lasting impression, you must focus on making your entrance splendid. If you want that particular spot for the perfect wedding pictures, you must incorporate an entrance decor

If you are someone who likes grandeur style, then you can go for a grand entrance. Something like a tent for your reception with drapes attached and pulled back to create an inviting entryway is an excellent idea. To add that extra sparkle, you can even incorporate some string lights. If you are planning a beach wedding, then flower arches would be the best choice. The muted green accents from the leaves and the pop of colour from the flowers will make it your favourite spot to take your wedding pictures. 

We all have a vision of walking down the aisle; wouldn’t it be perfect if we crowned it with the most beautiful entrance? You can create an extensive walkway or a beautiful flower door frame. Because no bride should ever have to miss out on that astonishing reaction from guests as those doors slowly open.

Make a Sizzling Entrance

A Dessert Station

Desserts have turned out to be a popular choice for most couples, and that’s because, at the end of the reception, you’ll find most of your guests landing there. It’s an absolute crowd favourite! Adding a stylish table full of post-dinner treats is a great way to inject personality into your wedding. We see many couples adding a personal touch to their weddings by including desserts made using family recipes, bringing back childhood flavours, and honouring their long-lost heritage with others.

The best part of an outdoor dessert corner is that there’s no limit to what treats you can serve. The list goes on from pies, pastries, panna cotta, brownies, doughnuts, cheesecakes, and pudding! Pro tip: Diversity and novelty make a great dessert bar.

When choosing your flavours and decor for the dessert bar, make sure you consider the season. Consider these outdoor wedding ideas for fall, where you can incorporate fall delicacies such as pumpkin pie, apple butter donuts with a maple glaze, and spiced carrot cake to the menu. Meanwhile, why not serve strawberry basil shortcakes and pastel-hued macarons adorned with fresh blooms for a spring wedding?

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A Dessert Station

The theme of the dessert bar should always align with the wedding theme. If you plan a bohemian wedding, consider having an artsy display of the spread. If it’s a country wedding, then incorporate some wooden decor elements. For a unique dessert bar, you can incorporate bold visual elements like arranging the desserts in a bright colour or pattern and adding trendy signage and balloons. Use vintage furniture, exquisite cutlery, bar carts, and floral embellishments—to prop up the sweet treats. 

Using your dessert corner as a favour stand for your guests is an excellent way to combine a dessert display and a party favour. If you are a fan of serving the traditional wedding cake, then serve it next to the other desserts. This dessert station will be the perfect way to end the night on a sweet note!

Outdoor Photo Station

Photography is an integral part of making a wedding ceremony memorable. A photo booth is best for you and your guests to commemorate your nuptials. A photo booth is one activity that the bride and groom and the entire family would enjoy equally. 

But setting up a crafty photo booth can be an expensive affair. Keeping it simple is the best way to fit it into a budget. Go for a minimalist booth with an essential backdrop, using materials that are easily accessible. You could incorporate many unique and fresh outdoor photo booth ideas, such as rustic ply panels, wreath backdrops, floral accents, balloon arches, and fun and playful props. 

While choosing the colour palette for your photo booth, make sure you choose colours that match the rest of the decor elements. You can even incorporate some illuminating signage boards with your couple’s hashtag or a romantic caption to add a touch of personalization to your wedding. 

No matter how your guests plan on capturing their pictures, whether, with selfie sticks, disposable cameras, or a professional photographer, each idea will keep guests engaged and buzzing about your unique photo booth station even after the wedding. If you, too, want to add a quirky twist to your wedding photos, then incorporating a photo booth will be the best idea. 


Add Some Flower Romance 

Be it any season; flowers can never go out of style. The options are endless, and whether you’re going for a refined, modern look or a wildflower vibe, there are florals to match all kinds of aesthetics. 

Standard choices like roses and carnations are popular but look for statement pieces that include flowers like dahlias or sunflowers during the summer months. 

The floral decor will be a hit if yours is a summer wedding. Always make sure to opt for in-season flowers; that way, you’ll have many choices for your bridal bouquet and centrepieces.  

Regarding in-season blooms, your decorators can easily spot them in the local markets. For outdoor wedding ideas on a budget, incorporate some fresh blooms. Because non-accessible flowers will be in higher demand, thus making them more expensive. 

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So if you are looking for a romantic wedding vibe, why not kick things off from the beginning? Set the tone with stunning floral outdoor wedding decor that can best capture romantic aesthetics!

Add Some Flower Romance

That’s A Wrap!

I hope these outdoor wedding ideas have inspired all the brides to plan a shiny summer big day! Couples love an outdoor affair for very many different reasons: lots of space, the natural lushness, the beauty of open skies, and natural lighting. These outdoor wedding ideas will provide not only a magical experience but also some fantastic photographs!

If any of these minimalistic decor ideas have inspired you, tell us which would be your pick. Also, in the comment section, do let us know about your outdoor wedding decor idea that everyone loved. So give wings to your elaborate garden fete dreams and make it nothing short of a fairytale!

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  1. I’m getting married this April, and since it’ll be the beginning of spring by then, I was thinking that a private outdoor wedding will be perfect for the ceremony. I found your suggestion lovely when you recommended that we set aside a budget for floral outdoor wedding decor since this can help highlight the romantic wedding vibe. I’ll keep this in mind while I look for outdoor wedding venues to book for the ceremony soon.

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