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Stylish Wedding Decor You Can Make At Home – Vintage Favours

  1. Style your favour boxes with Vintage Charm:

If your Wedding is going to have a Vintage Theme, this is a lovely way to add some sparkle and Vintage charm to your favour boxes.

These little favour boxes are a perfect way to give your guests a lovely little gift they can keep.

Top the boxes with Vintage Style Brooches and fill them with Retro sweets to complete the Vintage look.

For your male guests, why not top the boxes with a key ring or bottle opener. You can attach these with ribbon to tie them on.


You will need:

  1. Favour Boxes:

Favour boxes in a colour to match your theme. The boxes shown were for a pink and mint green colour scheme. You can choose different colours for male and female guests, so green for men and pink for women for this Wedding style.

Please note that you will need to choose boxes that have a ribbon attached, so that you have something to tie your brooches to. Or alternatively, if you prefer to add your own ribbon you can opt for adhesive ribbon or glue non adhesive ribbon onto the boxes with E6000 glue.

Party City has lots to choose from and even have Silver Glitter and Gold Glitter favour boxes which are gorgeous! (Although these do come without ribbon).

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  1. Retro Sweets:


You can fill your boxes with any kind of retro sweets you like, but to fit this size of box, Jelly Belly Beans and Mini Love Hearts fit perfectly.

Jelly Belly has lots of themed Jelly beans to choose from and if you are having a Disney themed Wedding, they have a range of Disney Jelly Beans!

If you like the idea of having your sweets personalised, Love Hearts do personalised mini love heart favours which are perfect for putting on top of your retro sweets inside your favour boxes! They can provide you with a sample pack for a small fee too if you want to see what they look like before purchasing.

  1. Buy Vintage Brooches:

You can opt for any type of Vintage Brooch that fits in with your theme. We chose Pearl diamante brooches for an elegant Vintage look.

There are many places you can find Vintage brooches such as charity stores, house clearances, Etsy, Ebay and Amazon to name but a few.

Brooches can be costly, so do shop around and find the style of brooch you prefer before purchasing. You can also look for ‘brooches lots’ on Ebay and Amazon as buying in bulk can save you some money.

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Brooches can range in price from one dollar to much more, so do set a budget and decide on what quality of brooches you are looking for. If you want to opt for genuine Vintage Brooches you may need to buy these individually on-line, or you may be able to find a ‘lot’ of genuine Vintage brooches on EBay.

  1. Make Vintage Brooches:


Another option is to make your own Vintage Style Brooches. If you enjoy crafts then this is a good way to make stunning brooches which your guests will adore.

You can also save a few dollars by buying the materials to make your brooches in bulk.

This will take you longer, but you will be pleased with the finished result and it will also give you more colour options as you can make the brooches in any colour to match your theme.

  1. Decorative Sticky Adhesive Tape in Vintage Trim:

This decorative tape can be purchased in a range of colours and styles to fit in with your Wedding theme. There is a wide range on Amazon and Scotch tape also had many to choose from. For this project we opted for pink Vintage lace adhesive trim to match the theme.

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How to Make Vintage Favour Boxes:

  1. Remove the lid from each box and measure with a ruler how far down you want the tape to go. You will need to test by putting the lid back on to ensure that you can still see the trim.
  2. Mark the boxes with a pencil to show where you want the top of the trim to start.
  3. Start on one side of the box and neatly apply the trim all the way round. It’s best to make the trim meet at a corner so that the pattern joins up and the join isn’t so obvious. Repeat this step for all of your favour boxes. You can use different colours to match your boxes, or a contrasting colour to give a different effect.
  4. Attach the Vintage brooches to the top of each box by undoing the pin and pushing it through the ribbon on the top. Fasten the brooch so that it is secure, you don’t need to glue it as your guests will then be able to undo the brooch and wear it on the day. You can do the same, but using additional ribbon to tie key rings or bottle openers for male guests.
  5. Fill your favour boxes with Vintage sweets and put the lids back on. Now they are ready for your big day and can be stored in a box ready to take to your venue to give to your wedding planner to set up for you.

About the author:

This article was brought to you by Erin Monczak at Jewels & Faith Wedding Jewellery Boutique. Erin is a Bridal Jewellery and Accessories Designer in England and specialises in making luxurious individual accessories for brides to be.

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  2. Having old school candies would be pretty fun. It would bring back some good memories for most of our guests.

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