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Wedding Favours 101: Curating Gifts For Your Guests

Wedding Favours 101: Curating Gifts For Your Guests

Weddings are about making the bride and groom’s dream celebration a reality. Every detail, from the clothes to the food, music, and ambiance, must be tailored to their liking. However, more important than the material preparations, the bride and groom must also have their loved ones and friends present in this glorious event to express their love and support and join in the festivities.  

It’s true when people say attending a wedding ceremony is a big deal! Accepting a wedding invite is just like an unspoken agreement to do much more beyond showing up at the venue. Wedding guests dedicate time, effort, and money to buy formal clothing and accessories, pay for hair and makeup, and prepare gifts for the newlyweds.  

Aside from the preparations mentioned above, they’ll also have to allot time to attend the ceremony and reception, which could take a few days in some cases. When you think about how much it takes for a guest to make it on the day of, it seems only proper to send them off with a precious gift, right? This is the reason why curating thoughtful wedding souvenirs is essential.

Exploring Wedding Favours

Nowadays, wedding favours can be anything and everything! You can prepare small trinkets, décor, sweets and treats, perfumes, toiletries, or toys! For modern weddings, you can combine any of these examples and more in gift boxes and hampers, among many other options.  

What makes thoughtful, well-curated wedding keepsakes? What are some examples of giftable items for this purpose? How do you make each token memorable? If you have these questions in mind, do not worry! This guide will help you select the best wedding favours for your big day. Read on!

Factors to Consider When Handpicking Wedding Favours 

You might already have a few favourite items you’d like to share as party favours for wedding guests. However, the goal is to pick one that will become a fond memory when you look back at the little details of your big celebration.  


Let the list below help you narrow your list to the best picks: 

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  • Budget: Dedicate a budget for your wedding favours so you can choose the best items without overspending. Also, the money you save for this part of the preparation can be used for other things you need for the wedding. 
  • Practicality: Aside from being budget-friendly, your gift items must be purposeful and enjoyable. When you choose something practical, you’ll make your guests happy and avoid wasting money on items that would only end up cluttering. Whether consumable or not, your wedding memento must make a good impression and add value.  
  • Personalization: Many couples add a personalized touch to their party favours. So, consider how you can customize the gift you’ve chosen. For instance, if you and your partner are art enthusiasts, you can consider giving mini-paint sets as party favours. You can include small canvases or sketchbooks, paints, brushes, and a personalized note explaining the significance of art in your lives.
  • Visual appeal: Pick items that look and feel festive. They don’t have to be too expensive, though! You can even choose simple, everyday items presented in a creative way that makes them appear elegant and unique.
  • Wedding theme: It’s also best to narrow your picks to items that would fit your theme perfectly. Your party favours will all be part of the overall guest experience, so they must go well with the rest of the wedding details. For example, if you have a rustic wedding theme, you could create personalized mason jar glasses with your and your partner’s initials and wedding date.
  • Availability: Besides reflecting your personality, you’ll also need to consider the availability of the products you need for your party giveaways. Find those that are easy to source, readily available, and quick to prepare.  
  • Season and weather: It’s also essential to consider the season and weather if you’re giving away temperature-sensitive items, such as food, flowers, and other perishables.  

Meanwhile, you can also use the season and weather as a guide when picking your gifts. For instance, it can be a pleasant surprise to guests when they open their gift bags and find a soft scarf during cold weather. On the other hand, putting together skin essentials in summer scents would seem like the perfect thoughtful gift for the warmer season.  

  • Size and portability: Consider how the guests would bring the souvenirs home. Are they small and light enough? Also, it’d be best if the party favours come in secure packages that protect them from damage or spillage. 
  • Eco-friendliness: Weddings usually entail big celebrations, so it can be easy to overlook the amount of waste generated and left behind after the event. But it doesn’t always have to be this way, especially on your special day! You can protect the environment by choosing eco-friendly items and shopping at establishments that adhere to sustainability practices.  

Finally, and probably the most important, is the overall guest experience. At the end of the day, you’re looking for a gift demonstrating your love, joy, and appreciation for your guests. Regarding gift-giving, the time, effort, and attention to detail will matter more than any other aspect. So, pick the wedding keepsake you know will give your loved ones and friends the most happiness!

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Wedding Favour Ideas to Get You Started

You’ll never run out of wedding favour ideas to choose from! Here are some gift categories and examples of items under each.  

  • Food items: It’s time to treat your guests to food items close to your heart! Sweet treats such as chocolates, candies, or cookies are the most common options. However, don’t be afraid to go for something unique! Just ensure that the food items you choose are shelf-stable so they’ll be easier to store and distribute.  
  • DIY tokens: DIY is the way to go if you want to get crafty with your party favours! The amount of work you do or the time you spend is up to you, though putting together handmade keepsakes may be one of the most unforgettable moments you’ll want to enjoy. Plus, you have complete freedom over how you’d like the trinkets to look! For instance, you can create unique coasters by painting or drawing designs on blank ceramic or cork coasters. You can add personal touches such as your initials, wedding dates, or meaningful symbols.
  • Makeup and toiletries: Delight your guests by putting together small bags or baskets full of self-care products like makeup, perfume, and toiletries they can use daily! These bags will be a massive hit regarding practicality, and you can also have fun choosing scents, colours, and textures to make your gift bags extra special. 
  • Décor: You also have many options if you want to give away décor! For instance, you can gift paperweights, picture frames, and figurines. You can consider scented candles or potpourri bottles if you want something fragrant. You can be as creative as you want but don’t forget the practical considerations, such as your gifts’ size, weight, and purposefulness. 
  • Accessories: Surprise your guests with something dazzling! You can give out ‘His’ and ‘Hers’ accessories, lockets, keychains, and other trinkets. Accessories make lovely gifts, especially for such a romantic and festive occasion, so it’s a great option.  
  • Pet-themed: If you have a pet-loving social circle, this idea may be worth a try! You can hand out cute pet accessories or trinkets in animal designs. You can also prepare small goodie bags with pet treats.

You can turn almost any item into a fantastic wedding favour with enough time and creativity! After all, this is your day! You get to decide on the experience you want your guests to have. When you pour your heart into making these party gifts extra precious, it’ll be like giving each guest a warm embrace!

Shopping Tips 

Whether you opt for pre-made gift boxes or put them together alone, shopping is a huge part of preparing wedding giveaways. Here’s a quick list of tips to help you get started and stay on track: 

  • Start early: Juggling between multiple preparations can be challenging, so it’s always good to cross out things on your to-do list as early as possible. This means the earlier you start with your wedding favours, the better! Plus, you’ll have time to correct errors or adjust if needed.
  • Set a budget: A set budget will help you trim down your options when handpicking gifts. You’ll also avoid overspending or wasting funds on unnecessary items. Furthermore, having a clear idea of what you’re willing to spend can also help you spot bargains and take advantage of seasonal sales.  
  • Decide whether you want to DIY or buy pre-made packages: This point has much to do with your time before the big day. If you’re set on DIY favours, you must dedicate time to designing, shopping for materials, and putting your keepsakes together. Meanwhile, buying pre-made items or goodie packages will help you save time, which you can dedicate to other tasks.  
  • Prepare your design: If you’re going the DIY route, you can use various online resources or mobile applications to create your design. Get inspired by wedding magazines, shop displays, or even photos from other weddings among your family and friends! You’ll never know where you’ll get brilliant ideas to create lovely keepsakes, so have fun exploring!
  • Look for various sources: Once you’re ready with your design, start looking for suppliers. It’s best to check at least three sources to compare quality and costs. Don’t forget to inquire with local businesses, too, because who knows? They might have the best deals to offer, plus you get to help your community!
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Also, see if the stores sell in bulk and if you can save money by placing a big order. It’s customary for many shops to offer discounts for wholesale deals, so don’t hesitate to ask!

  • Stick to a schedule: Choose a reliable supplier to deliver on time. It’s best to work with a contractor with plenty of similar projects. Aside from their expertise, they’ll also understand the importance of following delivery schedules for weddings.

Adding the Final Touches

Now that you have your precious wedding mementos in hand, it’s time to add the final touches! Remember that aside from photos, these tokens may be the only things that remind you of the momentous celebration shared with your loved ones and friends. So, they must have the right final touches to make them even more special.

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Here are some examples:

  • Write personal notes to the recipients
  • Add photos with special significance
  • Share your love story
  • Share your favourite quotes or poems
  • Invite guests to support a common cause

If you and your special one have hobbies or special interests, you can include them in your party favour design. For example, if you both love reading, custom bookmarks with your favourite quotes or passages or a small note with a book recommendation can make a great gift! These are just some of the many things you can do to make your wedding souvenirs one-of-a-kind and unique.

In Summary

Curating thoughtful and handpicked gifts for your wedding guests is a great way to show gratitude and appreciation for their attendance on your special day. These trinkets can also improve their party experience, encourage peer interaction, and make the ambiance all the more festive. 

So, prepare your wedding favours with love and care, and you’ll send your guests home with a beautiful memory of the occasion!

FAQ: Wedding Favours

What are Wedding Favours and Why are They Important?

Wedding favours are small gifts given to guests as a gesture of appreciation and a memento of the occasion. They are significant because they reflect the couple’s gratitude towards guests who have dedicated their time and resources to attend the wedding.

How Can I Choose the Perfect Wedding Favours?

To choose the perfect wedding favours, consider factors such as your budget, the practicality and usefulness of the gifts, their visual appeal, and how well they align with your wedding theme. Personalization can add a unique touch, and it’s essential to consider the season, availability, and eco-friendliness of the favours.

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What are Some Unique Wedding Favour Ideas?

Unique wedding favour ideas include DIY tokens, personalized items like mini-paint sets, themed gifts such as rustic mason jars for a rustic wedding, food items like chocolates or cookies, self-care products, décor items, accessories, and even pet-themed favours for animal lovers.

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