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Trendy Wedding Themes: Rustic Chic Romantic Wedding Ideas + Inspiration

Trendy Wedding Themes: Rustic Chic Romantic Wedding Ideas + Inspiration

Warm, cozy, and laid-back. Who wouldn’t want a rustic-themed wedding? For good reasons, this wedding theme is now taking over the wedding style scene. It combines the outdoors with decorations that are sure to impress; it’s charming and simply gorgeous! 

Indeed, a great wedding theme holds the feel and look of your special day together. It helps you craft what you want to see and feel the entire day, from the colour themes and table designs to the dresses and décor ideas

And that’s what rustic theme is all about. This magical wedding theme keeps things together as it creates a feeling of simplicity and comfort.  

What’s In A Rustic Wedding Theme?

Inspired by the great outdoors, a rustic wedding theme is organic and natural. Not only does it allow guests to enjoy fantastic table settings and ambience, but it also causes them to appreciate beauty. Plus, this theme looks stunning in photos.

You can pull off a rustic wedding indoors. However, among the best places to make the celebration an ultimate experience for you and your guests are the following: a barn, forest, ranch, farm, mountain, and campgrounds. These venues will give you all the feels of a rustic wedding theme. Some may not even require over-the-top décor as the place itself is already majestic! 

A rustic wedding theme has a lot of outdoor elements, but it’s easy to play around with it. You are free to use any texture, colour and shape that will represent your romantic rustic theme. When it comes to colour, a rustic wedding is all about muted colour or a natural colour palette that’s calming. 

So how do you go with planning a rustic-themed wedding? 

Below are some rustic elements and ideas that can bring elegant touches to your wedding day. Read through these and see which ones you like to do for your special day?

rustic wedding theme

Rustic Wedding Look Ideas

Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots with billowing sleeves are perfect for helping you pull off that rustic look and stand out. These boots can also suit short dresses, high-low hemline dresses, lace wedding dresses and any dress you feel comfortable with. No matter what you wear, you’ll look your best. It’s your day!

Flowy White Dresses

If there’s a classic and versatile garment for any rustic wedding, it’s the flowy white dress. It’s elegant and charming!

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Flowers on Hair

Flowers on hair add a touch of freshness and charm to any rustic wedding. May it be for the bride, bridesmaid or flower girl, a flower crown or a simple sprig of fresh flowers is enough to get into the theme.

Sock Buns

Who says that rustic wedding hairstyles are just for long hair? You can achieve that look even if you have a short hairstyle, bobs, crops, or pixies. Get your short locks around a sock bun, pin it, and put on some statement clips. Perfect!

Rustic Flower Arrangements and Bouquets

Bouquet Train

While many would like a long train, a ribbon tied to a bouquet will give so much rustic vibe. It adds a sense of flow.

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Dried Flowers, Succulents, and Berries

A rustic wedding is best represented by dried flowers, succulents, and berries. Seeded eucalyptus, thistles, baby’s breath, white peonies, and some woodland delights are also elements that blend perfectly to create a beautiful rustic arrangement.

Rustic Wedding Ceremony and Reception Ideas


Wood is a must-have element for a rustic wedding as it gives that naturalistic character to the whole theme. What wooden elements can you add to your wedding?

o   Wooden slices

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o   Wooden crates

o   Wooden arches

o   Wooden backdrop

o   Wooden signages

o   Wooden chairs and tables

o   Other wooden items and decors

outdoor bed and breakfast

Handwritten Calligraphy

Handwritten calligraphy, whether on your wedding invitations or seat cards, gives a touch of magic and warmth to any rustic wedding. 

Mason Jars

Mason jars are rustic wedding staples. How did they earn that spot, though? 

From aisle decorations to centrepieces and hanging light-up decorations, mason jars are always a thrilling piece. They work whether used in a group as centrepieces or paired with other items. While you can use them with tealights, you can also fill them with flowers, wrap them with ribbon or twine and voila! You’ve got yourself table decors

Mason jars as aisle decorations are also adorable. You can place them on upside-down buckets, on logs or filled with flowers. They indeed set that rustic tone that can make your guests feel relaxed.

And now, the wedding drinks. With some fun straws and labels, you can serve your freshly squeezed lemonade or cocktail style and theme with these unique jars.

But it doesn’t end there. Mason jars are also awesome as wedding favours! When filled with various items, from raspberry jam to chocolate candies and homemade marshmallows, your guests will be delighted and excited to receive one. 

You have many options on what to put in these jars: donuts, cookies, popcorn, homemade salsa, granola, and more. You can also whip up a cake in them, tie a mini spoon and personalized tags with twine, and there’s your elegant rustic wedding favour

If you have an extra budget, engraved mason jars with your names and wedding dates are also fabulous.



Burlap is a go-to fabric for rustic wedding accents. You can do so much even with just a piece of it!

Burlap is often used to dress mason jars for decorations or wedding favours. It’s perfect whether it’s on the bottom as an accent, in the middle with twine or ribbon and even when it covers the entire jar.

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You can also use burlap to create a beautiful wedding bouquet, a ring pillow, invitation, table numbers, and aisle decorations. You can even walk the aisle with a burlap aisle runner!

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are delicate and sparkly details that are sure to give a romantic feel to any setting.

What do you think it will feel like to have dinner under the stars, to be surrounded by draped, romantic lighting? Dreamy! Even if you hang a few strands from the ceiling, these beauties still speak volumes. 

You can even lead your guests into a magical celebration by making a glistening heavenly archway towards the reception or an aisle of lights. This is a stunning way to start the festival, especially if your reception starts at dusk. 

Do you need to spruce up your tablescape? Create an enchanting table decoration by adding fairy lights to flowers and fabrics. 

Also, isn’t a stunning backdrop a must for photos? You can make a luminous backdrop to help your elements stand out with these gorgeous lights. Whether it’s a photo booth or a drink station, fairy lights will leave your guests speechless. 

fairy lights decor

Wine Barrels

Do you want a visual focal point for an alfresco cocktail area? Bring the barrels out!

Wine barrels are topped with a wooden board and are perfect for making a bar. You can use dried flowers to add an accent, and there you have your chic rustic drink display

A wine barrel stand buffet is also another idea. A fruit bar. A s’mores bar. A lemonade bar. A wedding cake stand. A dessert table. A grazing table. A drink station. What else can you do with wine barrels? They add that rustic statement to any rustic wedding

How about a wedding gift table? Or as décor or stands for floral arrangements? With some blooms, greenery, candles, doilies, or frames, you can quickly transform wine barrels into lovely wedding decorations. 

Rustic Food Ideas

Naked Cake

A rustic wedding theme extends even to the cake. And it’s one with muted colours and natural textures.

A naked cake brings all the vibes with exposed layers that give a natural, textured finish. This will fit any burlap or wood accents you have. 

When it comes to accents, a naked cake looks the best with cascading flowers. Fresh flowers, fruits, and a tree trunk as a cake stand are amazing options. You can even add a lavish greenery background that’s sure to catch attention or a chic gold topper to add glam to your cake.

naked cake rustic

Grazing Table

If you want a gorgeous spread on your wedding day, there’s nothing like a massive charcuterie board laden with cheeses, olives, and meats. Fresh fruits, nuts, crackers, a selection of bread, and a few sweets and salads are also perfect! You will never go wrong with these assorted textures and flavours.

S’more Bar Station

A s’more bar station can keep your guests warm if your wedding day is in winter or fall. This is a fun and simple rustic idea that you can easily do. 

Put together some hanging garlands, fairy lights, or mason jars; use signs and chalkboards for handwritten quotes and phrases; and put lots of cookies and cream bars, crackers, chocolate chips and bars, and hot chocolates. And don’t forget large marshmallows and skewers!

As for the space, get more rustic with wood slices, doilies, hand-lettered table display and barrels. The combinations are limitless! 

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Ready for a romantic celebration to remember?

Now that you have plenty of rustic chic romantic wedding ideas to consider, it’s time to get the pens out and start planning! We hope that these ideas get you inspired. Then, you’ll see how it’s all worth it on your big day. Cheers!

Summary: Trendy Wedding Themes

  • Rustic theme: Incorporate natural elements such as wooden decor, burlap accents, and wildflower arrangements to create a charming and rustic ambiance. Consider barn venues or outdoor settings for an authentic rustic feel.
  • Chic theme: Embrace elegance and sophistication with a chic wedding theme. Opt for clean lines, minimalistic decor, and a color palette of neutrals or pastels. Incorporate luxurious textures and modern elements for a sleek and refined look.
  • Romantic theme: Create a dreamy and enchanting atmosphere with a romantic wedding theme. Choose soft and muted colors, delicate florals, and whimsical decor. Candlelight, fairy lights, and flowing fabrics add to the romantic ambiance.
  • Vintage theme: Transport guests to a bygone era with a vintage-inspired wedding theme. Incorporate antique furniture, lace details, and vintage-inspired attire. Consider using retro props, such as typewriters or vintage suitcases, as decorative accents.
  • Bohemian theme: Embrace a free-spirited and eclectic vibe with a bohemian wedding theme. Use vibrant colors, eclectic patterns, and natural elements like feathers and macrame. Outdoor settings, such as gardens or beaches, work well with this theme.
  • Garden theme: Bring the beauty of nature into your wedding with a garden theme. Decorate with lush greenery, blooming flowers, and garden-inspired details. Use garden-inspired colors like soft pastels and incorporate floral patterns throughout the decor.
  • Glamorous theme: Go all out with a glamorous wedding theme, featuring luxurious details and opulent decor. Choose a grand venue, use rich fabrics, and incorporate sparkling accents like crystals or sequins. Elegant centerpieces and elaborate floral arrangements add to the glamour.
  • Beach theme: Create a relaxed and beachy atmosphere with a beach wedding theme. Use shades of blue and natural hues, incorporate seashells, and embrace nautical elements. Consider a beachfront venue or a seaside ceremony for an authentic beach vibe.

FAQ – Rustic Wedding Theme

What is a rustic wedding theme?

Nature and the great outdoors are often the inspiration for a rustic wedding theme. Many floral and woodsy elements, as well as decorative features that suggest a countryside flair, are common in rustic wedding theme ideas. The rustic wedding theme is popular among couples because it is warm, inviting, and laid-back.

What is the best way to plan a rustic wedding?

The beauty of a rustic wedding is that you may be as varied as you like with the decor. To make stunning decor, consider utilizing seasonal fruits and wildflowers, wood, burlap, twine, and moss.

What are the colours of the rustic style?

Colours that are rich and natural are considered rustic. Rustic colours include greens, browns, greys, and autumnal hues. The rich green of the foliage, the warm orange of the sunset, and the earthy brown of the dirt are all hues that may be found in nature.

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