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Best Tips On Preparing Space For a Bride’s Photoshoot – 20+ Incredible Ideas

Best Tips On Preparing Space For a Bride’s Photoshoot - 20+ Incredible Ideas

At 7:00 am. It is still quite quiet, the joyful fuss will begin a couple of hours later. In the meantime, you can take a deep breath of fresh, morning air and devote these hours to your beloved. It’s good if at this time you allow the photographer to lift the veil of secrecy and capture the tender and reverent morning of the bride in the pictures. Yes, such photographs are rarely found in a family album, but, as experience suggests, years later they will evoke the most touching memories.

Photoshoot Ideas


Several photographs still lying in bed, bare legs lightly touching the floor, and a fleeting smile at her reflection in the mirror. This is the most seductive stage of the photoshoot, where it is important to catch the fine line between frank flirting and innocent coquetry.

Photo with glass or mug of tea

But a glass of orange fresh juice, a cup of tea, or even a glass of champagne in the hands of the bride is what the photographer needs to take some more wonderful shots.


Image details

Before the real fuss begins, you can pay attention to individual elements of the wedding image and the attributes of the celebration.

Wedding rings and engagement ring

Your loved one chose it with trepidation and excitement – a beautiful engagement ring on the thin finger of the bride deserves several shots. As well as a pair of wedding rings on the dressing table, which is still waiting in the wings.

wedding ring bridal sets

Invitation, program, and other elements

Each stroke forms the general atmosphere of the holiday. And hand-filled invitations, as a tribute to the older generation, and ribbons on wedding bonbonnieres exactly to match the bride’s belt.

Photo of wedding shoes

Waiting for its time on the floor or dressing table, in your hands, and, of course, on your slender legs.

something blue wedding shoes


Her dressing is a very touching process, but also intimate. And the decision whether or not to allow the photographer to capture this moment is up to you! There is nothing to worry about if something is left behind the scenes.

Dress waiting for the bride

A wedding outfit waiting on a hanger or laid out on a bed is a familiar shot. Nevertheless, it, as well as possible, emphasizes the solemnity of the event.

Wedding dress shopping
Shopping for wedding dresses

Photo with a dress in hand

Hug, close your eyes – very soon you will have to say a firm “Yes!”. Dance with the dress in an embrace, anticipating the beauty of the moment.

A photo that conveys your mood

Oh, what a firework of emotions you are experiencing right now! Exciting anticipation and sincere delight, the anticipation of happiness and sadness for the outgoing freedom. Don’t be ashamed of your feelings, forget about the photographer.

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Bride’s preparations

Snow-white lace, flowing fabrics, delicate accessories – every detail of the wardrobe matters. Step by step, you open up like a magnificent flower, approaching the most important ceremony in your life.

lace wedding gown

The process of putting on a wedding dress

Mom, girlfriends – one cannot cope here, because you need to fix the train, straighten every fold, securely tighten the corset.

Applying makeup

No, you do not need to fix the entire process from start to finish. A few final shots are enough.

Close-up hairstyle

A close-up slightly from above from the back and half-turn is what you need to show the beauty of the hairstyle.

Michele Gomes Makeup & Hair

Full-length photo

This is your moment of triumph! Smile, spin, and flirt with the camera to show the beauty of the dress and the charm of a chiselled girlish figure.

Close-up portrait

And not just one, but as many as possible! In order not to miss a single shade of emotions that are now raging in the soul. A happy look straight into the camera and pensive into the distance, playful half-turned and gentle, head down.


Even the most impudent girl becomes timid when this accessory covers her head. And the shots through the gentle haze of the veil always turn out to be exceptionally successful.

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Photo with a bouquet

Flowers must be photographed separately, while fairy friends conjure over the image of the bride. Well, now you can take the bouquet in your hands, inhale the aroma of flowers and close your eyes from the happiness that overwhelms your soul.

Photo with a pet

A cute fluffy lump – they were there when you ran on dates with burning eyes when you cried from bitter disappointments. And today, on such a happy day, they, of course, should be there.

Photo with dad

Strong, and courageous, he hides his eyes so as not to betray his excitement. Hug him, and the photographer will capture the last instructions of your wisest adviser.

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bride father

Photo with girlfriends

They help you get dressed, laugh at a good joke and open a bottle of champagne. Emotional, bright, lively – such emotions must be in a wedding photo album.

Waiting for the groom

Well, that’s all, very soon the future husband will arrive. You can wait for him, sitting in your favourite chair, standing on the balcony or by the window.

Locations For a Photoshoot

Of course, the most logical option is to have a morning photo session at home. The familiar environment will allow the shyest girl to be liberated. And having everything you need at hand will minimize the possibility of unplanned situations.

wedding location beach

Alas, photographers think otherwise! Unfortunately, in most apartments there is too little space and light for a full-fledged shooting. And there are usually too many personal things familiar to us in the frame. Therefore, in order to avoid cosmetic repairs at worst, and rearrangement of furniture at best, it is worth looking for other options for locations.

But also it can be a good reason for some renovation in your home to begin your new life as spouses in a more fresh and pleasant space. For some distinguished and elegant furniture pieces, you can look through the Vig furniture assortment. 

For example, in the studio, there will certainly be a lot of space and light, and the background will be thought out to the smallest detail. If you want more comfort, a spacious hotel room will be a good choice. It is good to come here with a photographer a few days before the upcoming shooting so that the professional can evaluate the forthcoming job.

It’s great if there is a park near the main location. Outdoor shots in soft morning light always turn out great. But studios and hotel rooms have a clear disadvantage: here the bride will have to bring not only a support group but also a lot of personal belongings.

outdoor photoshoot

Forgetting something against the backdrop of excitement is worth nothing. Therefore, try to mentally prepare for such surprises in advance, and treat them philosophically! A little advice: so that there is no force majeure, leave a good margin of time. It is better to spend more time waiting for the festive ceremony than to interrupt the morning photoshoot in the middle or be late to the wedding palace.


Wedding, is one of the most important days of family life, to capture this beautiful day, you should use the services of a professional.

Most importantly, don’t hesitate to ask for help! Let parents and girlfriends take on the lion’s share of worries in preparing the location and collecting things. And you try to relax as much as possible so that you look fresh and rested on your wedding day.

FAQ – Bridal Photoshoot

What kind of wedding photography is best?

When you think about wedding photographs, you’re probably thinking of the traditional/classic style. These are usually staged, formal photographs shot at eye level. Consider photos of your family and wedding party for a photo book. While the phrase “traditional” may have a negative connotation, this photo style has stood the test of time due to its timeless appearance, and it’s customary for at least part of your wedding photos to be photographed in this manner.

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What are the most crucial wedding photos?

Since of the emotions, you’re feeling and because it’s immediately before the biggest day of your life, the period leading up to your wedding ceremony is one you’re likely to forget if it weren’t for your wedding photographs. It’s also a good way to recall the final minutes you weren’t married because it’s the last time you weren’t ‘attached’ to your spouse.

Is it necessary to wash my hair before a picture shoot?

Before you go on set, make sure your hair is clean. Because absolutely clean hair is difficult to style and products don’t latch onto it very well, wash it the day before your shoot rather than the day of. Make sure your hair is completely dry (unless you are specifically asked to arrive on set with it wet).

What are the two most common wedding photography styles?

“Style” is divided into two categories. There’s editing style, which refers to how the images are coloured and capturing style, which refers to how the shot is taken. A photographer can take influence from a variety of styles and combine them to create their own distinct look.

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