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Beauty Preparation Tips for Bride and Groom – Complete Guide on How to Have a Stress-Free Wedding

Beauty Preparation Tips for Bride and Groom

There is so much to think about when it comes to your wedding that it can be hard to get your head around. However, once the cake is chosen, the perfect dress is picked, you have found the perfect flowers, and you have got your favourite menu for the catering, you might feel like you could do with a sit-down! 

However, a few more things still need to be done, and they always go much more smoothly with further planning, such as beauty preparation.

The big day is up and coming, and you want to look your best like many do! But you might also wonder where do you start? Will there be another to-do list as long as your arm to prepare yourself for your wedding? Most likely!

Do not worry, though, as this piece will give you some ideas and tips on preparing for what hopefully is the best day of your life!

Read on to find out more.

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Drink Your Water

This cannot be stressed enough and is perhaps one of the most straightforward tips you can accommodate. Drinking water will help hydrate your skin, making it glow from the inside out and giving you much more energy, which you will need for your wedding day! In addition, it can help control your calorie intake if you need to lose a couple of pounds to fit into your wedding attire (though having it altered is an excellent alternative to watching what you eat) and can help reduce acne and other skin issues that can be a pain at the best of times, let alone on your wedding day!

Focus on Hair Care

Hair is a significant part of a wedding day, especially for the bride. There are so many hairdos to choose from, and do not forget about all of the tiaras, crowns, flowers, or anything else your heart desires that can be incorporated into the hair masterpiece! To keep your hair in good condition, make sure to use hair masks specific to your hair type, consider investing in a satin pillowcase to avoid breakage, and avoid using heat tools until the big day. 

It is not just brides that care about their hair either; grooms will also want to make sure they are sporting a sharp barnet but can feel like they have limited options, especially when it comes to hair loss. If you want a permanent solution for hair loss, the big day is a great target to aim for. Consider looking at, who are experts in hair loss treatment, and have a chat with them about getting your new hair!

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Keep an Eye on Your Teeth

There is a strong chance that you will be doing a lot of smiling on your wedding day, and the last thing you want to be doing is worrying about what your teeth look like. A simple scale and polish can work wonders for brightening up the appearance of your teeth, but if you want to go that extra step, you could also invest in some whitening. If you are exceptionally prepared and want to get ready months in advance, you might want to invest in straightening tools such as clear retainers. 

It is important to note that there is no need to do any of this for your wedding day; they are only suggestions if you are already looking to change. 

Skin care

Skincare should be essential in your day-to-day life, not just for your wedding. That is if you want to keep your skin looking its best! If you already have a comprehensive skin routine and are an avid skincare enthusiast, you might already know what you want to do. However, for complete beginners, it would be a good idea to start at least six months in advance, especially if you have sensitive skin. Not only will you need to find products and a routine that works for you, but you will also want them to have time to work. And starting this routine sooner rather than later will give your skin a chance to recover if you experience any flare-ups, breakouts, or purging. 

Two products that have been scientifically backed to keep your skin soft, glowing, and youthful are Vitamin C and Retinol. Always start with small amounts and make sure you keep your skin protected with SPF in the daytime, as retinol can make your skin sensitive to sun exposure. 

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Your diet will be a crucial contribution to how you look and how you feel on your wedding day. There is no need to shed any weight unless you want to, and going on any extreme meal plans can do much more harm than good. Ideally, you want a balanced diet filled with plenty of fruit, vegetables, and protein. This will not only help your skin glow, but it will also make you feel much better inside than junk food or high amounts of sugar, which can make us feel sluggish, sap our energy and cause other problems such as headaches –none of which are conducive to a happy wedding day

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Hair Removal 

Hair removal is a personal preference for everyone. However, if you are already planning on removing various bodily hair for your big day, then some planning will not go a miss. This will mainly depend on the process of your choice too.

If you are looking at getting something more permanent done, such as laser hair removal, then sessions need to be booked far in advance. This is because it can often take more than one appointment to remove all of your hair, and it will also need to be done in the correct growth cycle of your hair!

If you are looking at waxing or shaving as your method of choice, it is worth considering whether you experience post-wax soreness or rashes or if you often get razor burn too. 

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Remember, if you do not usually remove your hair, do not feel like you have to do it for your wedding!

Anti-Stress Routine

Stress is a significant problem when it comes to weddings and wedding planning. Yes, it will hopefully be the happiest day of your life, which is why there is a significant amount of pressure to make it so. But, unfortunately, this is bound to cause some stress on its own, and that is before anything else is being factored into it, such as the catering you want not being available, losing your deposit for a venue, or your mother-in-law’s insistence on wearing a white dress

If you will tackle the ebbs and flows of wedding planning, then making time for an anti-stress routine might be your saviour. Not to mention that stress can do horrible things to the body, such as premature ageing, cause aches and pains, headaches, and stomach problems, to name a few!

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Why not try out these suggestions?

Yoga – Yoga is an excellent choice for moving your body and calming your mind. It is well known for its relaxing effects, and there are even specific yoga classes you can go to for brides!

Breathing exercises – When things feel overwhelming, it is much more critical for you to take 5 minutes to focus on breathing exercises to bring you back to a more centred ‘you.’ These can also work for you on the big day!

No wedding time – Make time in your life for something that is non-wedding related; after all, it is only going to be one day of your life! Go and see your friends, play with your pets, or relax with a hobby to ground yourself.

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Journal – Journaling is a popular concept to help people express gratitude for what they have in their lives and write down anything bothering them. This can help take it off their minds and be written into tangible goals to tackle instead. 

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Cut it out – If there is something in particular that is causing you anguish – cut it out if you can do so. It is important to remember it is your wedding day, so if something or someone is bothering you, they do not have to be a part of it – simple. But, if it is not as cut and dry as that, then find ways to limit your interaction or its influence on you for a more peaceful state. 

Many other suggestions could be helpful to you to remove stress from your life while you are planning your wedding, so do your research to see if anything else sticks out to you! You will be grateful that you know how to handle your stress the closer the wedding gets. And remember, your day is yours. It is essential to enjoy the journey as it is crucial to enjoying the day as it will be over in a flash!

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