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Looking for a Wedding Videographer? Here are 10 Must-Know Tips for Newlyweds!

Looking for a Wedding Videographer?

Nothing captures the magic of a particular moment like a well-made video; that’s why a wedding videographer is a must-have for so many couples. And since that video footage will last through the years, it’s essential to get the right person for the job. Choosing cake flavours and picking out the venue will have an impact for sure, but without a video to record the day, how will you be able to remember the feeling of everything coming together for one massive celebration?

The art of wedding videography can take many different forms, so it’s vital to know what to expect – and what to ask for. Will they travel to international destinations? What are the costs associated with these long-distance trips? Do they give you the raw footage as well as the finished video? There are plenty of options out there, and being informed will help you make the best choice.

Here are some tips by wedding videographer Dalton Young Films & Photography in Destin Florida:

Get someone who can match your vision

Some people want a wedding video that will have everyone reaching for the tissues, while others want a more candid record of the love and good cheer from the happy couple and the guests. If you’re talking with a videographer who doesn’t have much experience making the kind of video you want, you’re probably better off finding someone who does. 

Properly setting expectations and clarifying what it is you are trying to get out of your wedding videos ahead of time will pay off in the long run. Creating a document that highlights your expectations will be helpful and can be shared, especially when there are multiple photographers for the event. It will also be useful to share with the people doing the video editing behind the scenes.

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Have reasonable expectations regarding the timeline

Most wedding videographers will get your video back to you within six months, but that’s just the average. Some are considerably faster, while others require months of pestering before completing the final product. If you’re hoping to find someone who’ll do the job in less than a month, you’ll probably end up with a 20-something-year-old who works as a videographer on the weekends for $15/hour

Sometimes you really do get what you pay for. It is reasonable to ask how long a certain job or service will take. Reliable Wedding Videography services will ensure your film is done within a reasonable time frame, and also make sure they are not compromising the quality of your video. Make sure to include this as part of the preparation and confirm all of your questions during the clarifications and expectations process.

Find a videographer who wants to make your day special, not just the video

A wedding videographer can make stunning videos even if they’re a jerk; what you want is someone who’s great at their job and who will also contribute to the joyful feeling of the big day. Of course, you should give them enough space to do their job, but if you feel like they’re stepping on your toes during the planning process, remember that they’re going to be the same way as they’re filming your wedding

A great place to learn more about the videographer or team is to read reviews. What have their past clients said about them? Did you find lots of awesome reviews where people bragged about how great they were at their job? Does it seem like their recent clients are happy? 

Do not be afraid to ask for referrals. Post on local Facebook groups and inquire about the company.

Expect videos that were filmed in 1080p

Don’t be afraid to lay down the law here: you’re paying for a fantastic video, and that’s exactly what you should get. Some videographers will promise to give you an HD video, but it’s only 720p. Others will film in SD and digitally increase the resolution during editing. That isn’t what you want, though; you want a video filmed in 1080p, and you deserve someone who’ll give it to you. 

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Make intelligent financial decisions

Very few wedding-related things are cheap, and hiring a videographer is no exception. Even so, there are a few strategies that could help your budget out a bit. For example, you might find a videographer who offers a gift registry; guests could chip in for the total cost, extra hours, or additional DVD copies. Check if there are any discounts or special offers, and don’t pay the (usually non-refundable) deposit until you’ve reserved the venue.

Do a little research

Anybody who’s written a resume knows that it’s easy to talk yourself up. Wedding videographers rightfully display their best work in their portfolios and are ready to tell you all about how they can make your dreams come true. However, it’s entirely possible that you won’t get the whole story from someone who has a history of missed deadlines or of acting like a drama queen. That’s where online reviews come in. If your potential videographer has an online presence, it shouldn’t be too hard to find honest reviews of their services. Hopefully, the worst thing you’ll find is that their tie didn’t match the wedding colours; if not, you’ll be able to avoid making the wrong choice.

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Confirm their licensing for operating a drone

Drone shots can do a lot to elevate a wedding video, so if that’s what you’re after, there are plenty of videographers who can include that. Though, something to consider is that operating a drone requires a license, as well as permission from the venue where the drone will be flying. Just make sure that your videographer has all their ducks in a row permissions-wise, and you’ll be able to reduce the chances of running into snags later on.

Discuss the style and length of the video

When you think “wedding video,” whatever pops into your head may not be the same as what your potential videographer offers. That being the case, it’s essential to be clear about your expectations. The videographer will have the expertise to craft the video, but what editing style will they use? Will they distill 8 hours of footage into a 10-minute video that pulls at the heartstrings, or will they turn what they filmed into a documentary-style presentation? Another important detail is what happens to the raw footage; if you want that too, make it clear to the videographer, so nobody gets disappointed later. 

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Determine the right level of interaction while filming

Some videographers can be practically invisible, while others have a more hands-on approach; communicating your preferences to the videographer means neither of you will be unpleasantly surprised on the day of the wedding. Ask the company how much interaction they will need to have with the guests on your big day.

When groups of videographers are having tons of interaction with wedding guests, it can take a lot of attention away from the bride and groom. The best crews know how to interact just enough to get the job done efficiently, and then it’s to the next shot.

Meet the person who’ll be filming

If you’re going through a company, not an individual, you might discover (when it’s too late) that you don’t even get along that well with the videographer. Try to develop a rapport with them before they show up at the wedding venue; once again, this will help you avoid any unforeseen complications. 

It is not uncommon to ask who is going to be doing the actual filming on your wedding day. It may not be necessary to meet everyone if there are going to be multiple people, but meeting the person in charge will give you peace of mind.

You may not be able to avoid wedding-related stress, but you can reduce it.

With some expert knowledge on your side, you’ll be able to find a wedding videographer who can perfectly capture the essence of your wedding day.


Prioritizing what needs to be done, what you want the most, and in what order will help you stay on track and less stressed. During the planning process, keep your list handy and don’t get side-tracked.

Have a backup plan

Having a backup plan will allow you to know just what to do when something goes wrong. And sometimes, things go wrong. Remember why you are there and what the day is about. With proper planning, any issues that come up will be handled.

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Hire a friend as your wedding manager

Assigning one of your friends as manager on duty whenever anything goes wrong can leave you and your soon-to-be at ease if things go haywire. Do you have a friend that just takes care of business effortlessly? 

Tell them how impressed you are and that since they are going to be showing up to your wedding, you could use their help! Hopefully, they won’t charge you!

Go on a fun date

Going on a fun date with your soon-to-be spouse is a great idea to get rid of wedding planning stress. Head to the place you met or one of the many other places you have shared laughs and good times. 

This article is contributed by Dalton Young Films & Photography

Summary: Finding a Wedding Videographer

  • Get someone who can match your vision.
  • Have reasonable expectations regarding the timeline.
  • Find a videographer who wants to make your day special, not just the video.
  • Expect videos that were filmed in 1080p.
  • Make intelligent financial decisions.
  • Do a little research and read reviews.
  • Confirm their licensing for operating a drone.
  • Discuss the style and length of the video.
  • Determine the right level of interaction while filming.
  • Meet the person who’ll be filming.

Additionally, here are some general tips for reducing wedding-related stress:

  • Prioritize tasks and stay on track.
  • Have a backup plan in case something goes wrong.
  • Consider hiring a friend as a wedding manager.
  • Take a break and spend a fun date with your partner to relieve stress.

FAQ: Choosing the Perfect Wedding Videographer

How can I find a wedding videographer who can match my vision?

When looking for a wedding videographer, it’s essential to find someone with experience creating the type of video you desire. Look for samples of their work that align with your style preferences. If a videographer doesn’t have much experience in the style you want, it’s best to find someone who does.

What should I expect regarding the timeline for receiving the final wedding video?

While the average turnaround time for wedding videos is around six months, it can vary. Some videographers may be faster or slower in completing the final product. It’s reasonable to discuss the expected timeline and ensure that it aligns with your preferences during the initial planning stages.

How can I ensure that my wedding videographer contributes to the overall joy of the day?

Apart from creating a beautiful video, it’s essential to have a videographer who adds to the positive atmosphere of your wedding day. Look for someone professional, friendly, and easy to work with. Reading reviews and seeking referrals from past clients can provide insights into the videographer’s personality and professionalism.

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Is it necessary to have the wedding video filmed in 1080p resolution?

Yes, it’s essential to communicate your expectations regarding video quality. Ensure you want a video filmed in 1080p resolution, ensuring a high-definition result. Don’t settle for lower resolutions or digitally enhanced footage during editing.

Are there any strategies to make hiring a wedding videographer more budget-friendly?

While hiring a wedding videographer can be costly, there are strategies to help manage your budget. Look for videographers who offer gift registries, where guests can contribute to the total cost or additional services. Inquire about any available discounts or special offers. Additionally, consider reserving the videographer after securing the venue to avoid non-refundable deposits before finalizing details.

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  1. I loved that you said that you could avoid any unforeseen complications when you get along that well with the videographer, so you must try developing rapport with them. For sure, this will be a good tip for my sister who is getting married in August. She said that she wanted a wedding film for the event, and it will be helpful for her to hire a professional that can make her feel comfortable.

  2. Nice Article! Better to hire a videographer, Nothing captures the charm of a certain moment like a well-made video, so finding the proper individual for the task is critical. Choosing cake flavors and a venue will certainly have an influence, but without a video to document the day, you’re definitely better off looking for a person who does.

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