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13 Most Common Mistakes Brides Make When Planning a Backyard Wedding: #12 Will Shock You

13 Most Common Mistakes Brides Make When Planning a Backyard Wedding

If you’re planning to invest in a backyard wedding and want your wedding day to go perfect, make sure you avoid these mistakes. 

If you want to add a personal touch to your marriage and have dreamt of marrying your future spouse in your childhood home, then a backyard wedding is the one to cherish forever.

Backyard weddings can turn cumbersome if these considerations are not avoided.

It involves a lot of work; make sure you plan it out effectively to make your day go perfect!

We’ve listed a few mistakes that should be avoided when planning a backyard wedding.

Think it’s Cheaper

If you want your big day to go perfect, then don’t get this misconception about saving money.

The budget alone will go over $10,000, including the cost of the dance floor, rentals, tents, lighting and decor, flooring, chairs, tables, and other expenses.

Don’t Have a Backup Plan

It’s essential to have a backup plan B if things don’t go as planned.

It’s essential to evaluate your budget to see whether it will be feasible for you to rent a tent, as tents can be costly.

Or if you have got enough space to have the reception and wedding inside the house, then why not make the most of that space to save some extra bucks?

What if it rains on your wedding day? Hence, it’s necessary to plan for the big day.

outdoor wedding

Forget About the Insurances and Permits

It’s essential to be aware of the local laws related to noise regulation in your city.

Figure out if there’s a requirement for special permits.

Have you got insurance if something goes haywire and your property gets damaged?

Make sure you get it insured. Also, arrange all the permits for the vendors.

Skip the Food Setup 

You’ll need to plan ahead of time for the menus.

Make sure you notify the catering company about the location.

If you are restraining the people from working without a kitchen, you will have to design the menu considering the weather.

Make sure your chefs are well informed about the environment before finalizing the menus.

If you’re planning a wedding in the summer, then you might need to spend some more money on extra food rentals. 

You will need umbrellas or canopies to offer shade for food staff.

It will also ensure that the food is covered.

restaurant wedding reception table

Don’t Invest in a Generator

Planning a backyard wedding isn’t easy, especially when vendors are there to use your home’s power service.

Your home’s power system will automatically get strained when adding extra lights.

Also, a generator is a must if you’re inviting a DJ for the reception or need to charge the phones throughout the day.

You wouldn’t want your wedding to suffer when the DJ starts and your house loses power.

Hence, it’s essential to consider hiring or purchasing a generator to ensure a hassle-free wedding.

Don’t Add Enough Lights

A backyard wedding is always incomplete without lights. 

Think about the dawn when the sun has set, and it can get extremely dark.

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How would you manage to eat, drink, dance, and cut the cake?

Hence, get proper lightning and, if needed, arrange for more ahead of time.

fairy lights decor

Not Deciding Restroom Rentals

A terrible backyard wedding blunder would be failing to address the restroom situation.

If you don’t mind the guests using your bathroom, make sure your house is connected to city water.

Generally, septic systems are incapable of handling the number of flushes generated from dancing, drinking, and eating.

If you don’t want to set up the septic tank in the middle of the wedding, ensure you get it arranged before the marriage.

No bride would want to deal with this issue in the middle of her special day.

Forget About Your Neighbors

No neighbour would want to pull an all-night stand caused by music and ceremony.

Make sure your neighbours are informed about the events and ceremonies taking place in your backyard ahead of the wedding.

Causing nuisance can piss off neighbours, especially if they don’t know what’s going around.

Weddings Guest Etiquette

Skip the Bug Spray

Bugs can be a problem at your wedding; hence be prepared with bug spray.

Spray it to keep mosquitoes and other pests away from your wedding.

You wouldn’t want your guests to wonder why they were scratching their backs at the time of dancing.

Don’t Pass on Parking Plans

For instance, if you have 40 guests for your backyard wedding, odds are there will be around 40 vehicles to park.

It might sound like you’re inviting fewer guests.

But when it comes to parking, if they are going to go in cars, you’ll need a hefty amount of space for parking.

If you’re going to utilize hotel services or plan to have valet service, make sure you inform your neighbours ahead of the wedding.

They will be aware that the roadway will get busy on the eve.

Not Doing Site Visit with Vendors

Before planning a backyard wedding, it’s essential to visit the vendors to plan out the space and ground.

If you’re good on a budget and are thinking of hosting a backyard wedding, then a tent could be an excellent option to consider.

If you’re planning to get tents, make sure there’s sufficient space in them. 

It will include your reception day, and the cooking staff might demand a cooking tent too.

You will need a site visit with a company to figure out the space to ease out everything ahead of the wedding.

Before the visit, you have to be aware of catering needs as once the site visit is done and they have put forward the quote, and it’s not possible to put up the tenting proposal.

wedding planning checklist

Make sure that all the caterers visit the site to figure out the location and break down all the information related to food preparation and space.

This way, the company will be well aware of the information.

Once vendors figure it out, the company can put forward the tent proposal to outline the floor plan.

Further, you can discuss the designs of the dance floor and guest tables.

Let Your Guests Get Bored

With new state laws emerging due to the pandemic, it isn’t easy to get back to grooving on the packed dance floors like it used to be.

If you avoid the crowded dance floors, it’s essential to think about guests and the entertainment. If you want some background music, a string quartet is a brilliant option.

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As a substitute for dancing, you can incorporate a bunch of enjoyable activities into your backyard wedding.

While listing down some fun activities, you can also consider social distancing.

You can consider playing lawn games. They have always been popular in backyard weddings and are fun to play with.

When contemplating lawn games, nothing can beat cornholes.

You can easily customize these hole boards for your wedding guests.

You can keep them out all night.

guest happy at wedding

Jenga is yet another game to consider for an outdoor wedding.

It doesn’t occupy much space, so it will work even if you have a small backyard.

The guests can pull them out and utilize these blocks for writing their good wishes. 

Later, it can also be served as a guest book.

Not Considerate of Everyone’s Health

People have started paying more attention to their health ever since the pandemic.

Because of COVID, people have shelved their weddings as they wanted to do them in full swing.

Fortunately, things have started looking up, and weddings are taking a new turn, so it’s essential to consider your guest’s health.

They will feel warm and respected when you show polite behaviour about their health.

Wearing the mask is most likely the last thing to consider in weddings


However, it’s essential to comply with the protocols and wear a mask to ensure safety.

You can show how much you care about them by offering super protective masks like N-95 masks. 

They are pretty safe. You can place them all in a basket and inform the guests to pick one before entering.

You can serve them personal sanitizers or even add sanitizer stations in some locations to ensure proper safety.

You can even customize the sanitizers by adding labels mentioning the wedding date and your name.

You can either place them in baskets and drop them in different locations or keep them on each chair.

This is a cute way to make them feel concerned, and they will surely appreciate this gesture.

More Q&A on backyard weddings can be found here.

The Takeaway

These common mistakes can help you turn your mundane wedding into a splendid backyard wedding.

Planning out everything ahead of the wedding not only ensures effective spending but will also leave you hassle-free on the day of your wedding.

Rushing through the things at the end of the moment only gets messy, which no one wants.

I hope avoiding these mistakes will help you save extra money and ensure rational spending.

Author Bio: Shristi Patni 

Shristi is a content writer and owner of F and B Recipes and Snazzy Women. Formerly the Chief Content Officer at Raletta, she is currently working on her second cookbook.

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Summary: Planning a Backyard Wedding

  • Not considering the logistics: Brides often overlook important logistics such as parking, restroom facilities, and permits when planning a backyard wedding.
  • Neglecting the weather: Failing to have a backup plan for inclement weather can lead to wedding day disasters.
  • Underestimating the budget: Brides may overlook additional costs associated with a backyard wedding, such as tent rentals, lighting, and landscaping.
  • Ignoring noise restrictions: Not being aware of noise restrictions in residential areas can lead to complaints from neighbors and potential disruptions.
  • Overlooking power sources: Forgetting to account for power needs can result in electrical failures and inadequate lighting or sound systems.
  • Neglecting pest control: Failing to address pest control issues can make outdoor weddings uncomfortable for guests.
  • Poor lighting choices: Inadequate or improper lighting can negatively affect the ambiance and overall experience of the wedding.
  • Overcomplicating decorations: Brides sometimes go overboard with decorations, which can overwhelm the backyard space and create a cluttered look.
  • Inadequate seating arrangements: Insufficient seating can leave guests uncomfortable and impact the flow of the wedding.
  • Neglecting accessibility: Failing to consider accessibility for elderly or disabled guests can make it challenging for them to navigate the backyard.
  • Lack of privacy: Not creating boundaries or privacy screens can make guests feel exposed and uncomfortable during the wedding.
  • Forgetting about permits and regulations: Brides often forget to obtain the necessary permits and adhere to local regulations, which can lead to fines or other legal issues.
  • Poor communication with vendors: Failing to communicate effectively with vendors can result in misunderstandings and unsatisfactory service on the wedding day.

FAQ: Backyard Wedding

How can I ensure the comfort of my guests during a backyard wedding?

To ensure the comfort of your guests, consider renting portable restrooms to supplement your home’s facilities. It’s also a good idea to provide shade and seating areas, especially if your wedding is taking place during the warmer months. Don’t forget to have a backup plan in case of bad weather.

What should I consider when choosing a backyard wedding venue?

When selecting a backyard wedding venue, consider the size of your guest list and the available space. Make sure the area is accessible and has sufficient parking. Additionally, check if there are any noise restrictions or permits required for hosting an event in a residential area.

How can I effectively manage the logistics of a backyard wedding?

Logistics can be a challenge when planning a backyard wedding, but with proper organization, you can overcome them. Create a detailed timeline and designate tasks to reliable helpers. Coordinate with your vendors to ensure smooth setup and cleanup. Renting additional equipment like tents, tables, and chairs can also make the logistics more manageable.

What measures should I take to prevent insects and pests from disrupting my backyard wedding?

To prevent insects and pests from causing disturbances during your wedding, consider using citronella candles or bug repellent torches to deter them. Keep food covered until it’s time to eat, and consider using mesh netting around the dining area to create a barrier. Consulting with a professional pest control service beforehand can also be beneficial.

How can I handle the sound and music requirements for a backyard wedding?

Sound and music are essential components of a wedding celebration. To handle this, consider hiring a professional sound technician who can set up and manage the audio equipment for your ceremony and reception. Discuss your specific requirements with your DJ or band to ensure they have the necessary equipment for outdoor performances.

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