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Old-Fashioned Brides And Grooms Will Want To Hear About These Wedding Ideas

Old-Fashioned Brides And Grooms Will Want To Hear About These Wedding Ideas

Some things never go out of style, no matter what the latest trends dictate. And fortunately, it seems like old-fashioned style has found its way back into our lives and hearts.

There’s nothing better than to add a touch of vintage beauty to one of the most important days of your life- your wedding. There are various ways to give this event a sophisticated and romantic feel that will make you feel like you’ve just hopped into a time machine.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to have a 1930s Art Deco wedding theme or spice things up with the boldness that the 1960s had; what matters is to have a wonderful, old-fashioned wedding that you’ll never forget.

Vintage Wedding Ideas That Will Blow Your  Mind

Everything Begins With The Dress

You cannot have a vintage-themed wedding without a lovely vintage dress. If you want to add anything archival to this event, you must start with the dress. Don’t forget that this dress represents not only a piece of fashion history (particularly if purchased from a reputable seller) but is much more valuable than a machine-manufactured dress.

If that’s something you truly care about, then you should select a manufacturer/seller who is familiar with the history of their garments and can highlight every single flaw in their pieces.

Furthermore, in case you want to make some alterations to your gown, these people are going to be the most reliable sources concerning the tailors and will give you various advice regarding the things that you can do to improve it.

empire wedding dress silhouette

Let’s Not Forget The Wedding Venue

It’s safe to say that picking the right venue for the wedding is one of the most essential steps both bride and groom must take. Namely, many old-fashioned people are huge fans of a rustic farmhouse styled wedding because it conveys a sense of ease, comfort, and warmth. What’s great about it is that you do not need to spend a bunch of cash and waste a lot of time to have a rustic wedding décor. 

Those who have attended weddings with a rustic theme will tell you that they generally have a more relaxing and natural atmosphere and vibe because the emphasis is on the outdoors.

If you’re a history buff, you may consider the historic home. These venues normally boast elegant chandeliers, period furniture, breathtaking staircases, ornate crown moulding, and many other things. 

One of the biggest benefits of these places is that (due to huge lawn space), you can have indoor and outdoor weddings. If you’re an old, romantic soul, then maybe castle styled wedding might just be your thing.

Although it’s not the easiest task in the world to hunt down a castle for these purposes, if you properly do your homework, we are sure you’ll be able to find one. These venues are usually packed with large lawns, massive ballrooms and dining rooms, and wonderful garden spaces, which makes these places ideal for huge weddings.

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wedding venue

Adding More Sensational Suggestions Below

The Color Scheme

If you want your wedding to be spectacular and out-of-the-ordinary, you should select the colours that are always in fashion. Colours that are normally included in vintage-inspired weddings are:

  • Peach
  • Gold
  • Black
  • Ivory
  • Blush
  • Burgundy

But of course, these are just our suggestions. After all, it’s your special day, so it’s up to you to decide what colour you’ll be using and combining, but no matter what you pick, just be sure it’s creative and authentic.

Some brides love to incorporate several main colours, usually seen in everything, from party favours to flowers. It would be advisable not to choose more than two or three colours.

What’s great about these shades is the fact that they perfectly accentuate the real atmosphere and character of the era you’ve chosen. Additionally, you can implement other colour tones if you want to accomplish a more contemporary vibe and jazz things up a bit.

colourful wedding palette

What About Flowers?

It’s safe to say that there’s no wedding without flowers because precisely these wonderful plants are here to set the feel for this grand event and highlight your theme in a very subtle yet lovely way.

If you still haven’t decided which floras to opt for, then it would be advisable to take some time and browse the web (such as Pinterest or social media platforms like Instagram) for more inspiration on arrangements from the decade that you’ve selected.

Even though you won’t necessarily run into “vintage” or “old-fashioned” florals, some flowers are still widely used at these types of weddings, like daisies, wildflowers, carnations, sunflowers, cornflowers, and dahlias. 

Flowers you should most definitely avoid are tropical ones, for instance, lilies and orchids, because they generally look very modern, which will ruin your vintage-inspired theme.

wedding aisle flower arrangement

Vintage Car

Imagine rolling up to your wedding in an elegant, vintage vehicle. How frequently do you see that? It’s generally quite rare to come across these cars because they are expensive; however, if you have the means, you should opt for them.

Silver Cloud and Rolls-Royce are the most popular vintage cars (intended for weddings). What’s interesting is that Silver Cloud was almost instantly designed for weddings approximately one decade after it entered the market.

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Now, if you would like your dad to take you to church in some of these great automobiles, then you should have the Daimler DB18 Special Sports car, which represents an open car that will give you the time of your life. 

Another wonderful vehicle example is the Daimler DS420 Limousine which simply exudes elegance and beauty. Once the wedding is done, both bride and groom can drive off into the sunset in an Aston Martin DB6 Volante or Romeo Spider.

Oh, But We Didn’t Mention The Bridesmaids

Don’t worry! We didn’t forget about them! We’re not sure if you’ve noticed, but most modern weddings are about matching and complementing. Well, that’s not the case with old-fashioned ones.

Namely, they point out how a natural and homemade look is irreplaceable. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your bridesmaids are supposed to wear matching dresses.

On the contrary. When it comes to vintage weddings, bridesmaids normally wear different dresses that perfectly match the general theme of this ceremony but, at the same time, highlight their own unique personalities.

As far as the hairstyle is concerned, since you’ll be having an old-fashion wedding, it would be recommendable to have something that’s simple, subtle, yet elegant. It doesn’t hurt for bridesmaids to have something in their hair, like flowers or sophisticated hairpins

Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

Sustainable Stationery 

Employing recycled, vintage, biodegradable, and/or compostable paper is generally a great idea; however, just keep in mind that these invitations won’t likely withstand the test of time for every single person who is going to attend the ceremony.

Consequently, if you want something more durable and resilient, you should make the invitations out of seed paper. These can become heirlooms outside of being gathered, framed, and stored in an album.

Birdcage Wedding Veil

Since we previously gave the necessary advice regarding the wedding gown, it’s time to discuss the wedding veil. If you’re planning on having one, you should certainly opt for an elegant and beautiful headpiece that will take your overall wedding look to the next level. 

Since we’re talking about an old-fashioned event, then the best option for these purposes is a birdcage veil. That will surely bring a vintage effect to your bridal look. If you’re not sure what we are talking about, then just try to remember how Kate Winslet looked in the legendary movie Titanic where she wore precisely that breathtaking birdcage veil. We can all agree that she looked impeccable. 

Besides being elegant, one of the best things about this veil is that it’s designed to cover the upper part of your face and doesn’t expand more than 9 inches in length, which is amazing. Now, if you want to sweep your guests completely off their feet, you can combine this veil with a lovely tea-length wedding dress. 

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Menu, Menu, Menu

Even though it would be nice, remember that you are not obligated to have a menu that will reflect the vintage theme you picked (who knows, maybe your guests might not love the food from a particular era). 

So instead, you should concentrate on the presentation and be sure to utilize vintage cake stands, antique glassware, and retro mason jars.

Having a vintage wedding is all about being creative and coming up with some ideas to help it stand out from the others. We honestly hope that our tips will help you accomplish that.

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