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10 Insanely Inspirational Vintage Wedding Ideas That Will Elevate Your Wedding

10 Insanely Inspirational Vintage Wedding Ideas That Will Elevate Your Wedding

There is something so unique and classy about vintage-inspired weddings. Even though they unfolded in the modern era, they give the bride and groom a day of elegance, timelessness, and a one-of-a-kind feel.

As for what defines a wedding with a vintage aesthetic, it is all in the details. For example, consider the Hollywood glamour of the ‘50s. Back in the day, solitaire with a vintage feel was the grandeur of the most trendsetting weddings.

Regardless of the historical moment, there are so many ways to breathe life into a vintage wedding. You can give a vintage touch to your big day with a gown or hairstyle from the desired era.

If you can’t find or decide on the best inspiration, here are ten inspirational vintage wedding ideas to inspire you for your wedding.

Go for Gold

When it came to weddings, gold was the colour of choice of the vintage era. Besides, it is a versatile metal and adds a touch of glamour to your wedding. In addition, it works perfectly well with deeper tones and shades.

For starters, begin with gold-themed wedding invitations. Then carry through your day with gold, everything from signage to seating plans. Don’t forget to add glitter and beautiful calligraphy to hint at a vintage affair.

gold wedding theme

Add glitz with gold-plated table numbers as a fabulous centrepiece. Present the menu in an informative outline and add elegance to each set with a design of black and gold.

For a vintage wedding, gold works beautifully. It is a clever way to ensure your attire ties in with your wedding’s decor.

Mix Old and New

Unfortunately, some people might consider vintage to be old-fashioned. The best remedy is a combination of the past and the present. It makes your wedding unique and fundamentally different from any other. 

Depending on how much vintage or adapted wedding inspiration you are looking for, lace is a must for the bride. Embellishments deliver a unique character that complements the overall look of the bride and emphasizes her beauty. Additionally, incorporating custom napkins in bulk can significantly elevate the charm of your table settings by adding a personalized touch that aligns perfectly with your vintage theme.

With regards to the location, celebrate where you feel most comfortable. A vintage inspiration can be replicated anywhere.

Ride a Vintage Car

Nothing beats rolling up to your church wedding in a vintage luxury car. So you can’t go wrong with a Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud. The Cloud was almost expressly designed for sashaying up to the steps of your wedding venue a decade after it hit the market.

vintage car wedding

The Daimler DB18 Special Sports is a serene open car, preferably driven by the bride’s dad, and you have a truly unforgettable moment. Likewise, the Daimler DS420 Limousine radiates a flowing elegance that is unbeatable.

After the ceremony, the new couple can trickle away when the sun sets in an Aston Martin DB6 Volante. The Alfa Romeo Spider is another romance car to take away the couple.

Channel Victorian Era Vibes

With the vast number of designer wedding gowns floating on the market, it might seem unworthy to get a vintage wedding dress. Yet, vintage wedding gowns are classy styles to flaunt your curves in sophistication.

victorian inspired wedding

If you are inspired to channel ‘The Great Gatsby’ feel, then you can’t go wrong with inspiration from the roaring 20s. However, if 70s fashion appeals to you, go with a velvet wedding dress crafted from fabric with a slight sheen.

An open-back gown screams Old Hollywood glamour. Accessorize with pearl drop earrings, and you have an elegant and polished look. Opt for a wedding dress full of detail that pays homage to the glitz and glamour of the 20s with an outer layer and bodysuit for a sexier look.

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Play the starring role in an antique, vintage-inspired wedding gown with lace fabric. Give your guests a hint of Old Hollywood elegance in a dress designed for the classic spirit with a modern edge and vintage feel.

Showcase Vintage Inspired Jewelry

Vintage wedding trends run from sleek solitaire with a vintage feel to dazzling jewelry with unique cuts. All in all, vintage jewelry is trendy from coloured stones like sapphire, favoured by the Duchess of Cambridge.

Sapphire and Diamond cluster rings are popular with celebrities and royals, including Princess Eugenie and Katy Perry. It’s a new style with its roots embedded back centuries, making it a viable vintage option today.

vintage inspired jewelry

Aquamarine rings are sophisticated alternatives to diamond rings favoured by the likes of Princess Diana and Meghan Markel. But the absolute must-have, classic solitaire with a vintage feel has been a mainstay engagement ring since the 1880s.

Use Books as Props

Here is an idea with a vintage feel. You can embrace your inner bookworm and use books as wedding décor. Stack them on a table to form a sturdy centrepiece base with lots of greenery on the top.

Instead of having the ring bearer carry a pillow, have them walk down the aisle with your favourite hardbacks. Your wedding program is also another opportunity to explore a book theme with a table of content style outline.

vintage book props

If you are looking for something more than all this, consider moving your dinner to a bookstore. A low lighting and simple décor setting provide the perfect atmosphere where intimacy can flourish.

Add statement-making chandeliers to hover over the tables with taper candles attached. Remember to get a low floral arrangement to go with the chandeliers for the perfect amount of romance with a grand vintage feel.

Dress your Party in White

Dressing your wedding party in white complements not only the bride’s white gown but also offers a hint of vintage. The key to pulling off such a fete without overshadowing the bride is to opt for simplicity.

all white wedding party

Choose simple white dresses for your wedding party and spruce things up a notch with some jewelry. The bride can also have a different hairstyle for the wedding party. So have a list of dos to glam up you and your girls.

For inspiration, consider checking out Kim Kardashians all-white wedding party. Love her or hate her, you have to admit that she has got great taste in vintage inspiration.

Write your Vows on Paper

For a memento for years to come, write your vows on paper instead of your phone or print. The good thing with this is that you can display that in your home as a reminder of the promise you made to each other.

Remember to include a story that demonstrates your love story to your vows. This will add a wow factor to your home décor. Plus, writing them down on paper makes the promise special.

vows on paper wedding idea

At the same time, if you have a thing for Japanese art, you can hand-fold an origami parrot. This unique art is not only a lovely idea for your wedding but also, when written in calligraphy, is a fantastic way to display each meaningful word.

Frame a Vintage-Style Door

Regardless of your wedding venue, add the ultimate vintage feel to your big day, including a door frame at the ceremony or the reception. Monogrammed or adorned with an elegant floral spread and you have an impressive backdrop for your wedding.

vintage style door wedding backdrop

Making a grand entrance from a Victorian-style door is statement-making. Go all out with vintage-designed doors leading to the aisle. You can also add a touch of the neutral palette to deliver a romantic atmosphere at the ceremony.

Complete the aesthetic with acrylic chairs along the aisle and an arch of moss, greenery, and alliums for a modern botanical vibe with a vintage touch. Finally, add a vintage door frame to help highlight the raw beauty of your wedding décor.

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Make a Grand Entrance

Why do you make an ordinary entrance to a fabulous day? It is your big day, so go big and make the most of it. This might be a perfect time to sit down with your bridal party and binge-watch royal wedding as far back as possible.

If your wedding budget knows no bounds, a grand entrance can’t get any more luxurious than showing up in a hired helicopter. Do a kabuki drop at your wedding venue if you wish. You can even ride a ski boat to your wedding venue or reception.

Even on a budget, you can still put on a show to impress your guests. Look no further than your talents to inform how to make a grand entrance. Horses make for gorgeous wedding photos and grand openings. Plus, they are crowd-pleasers, too.

Final Words

Don’t forget to end the night on a high note. It is not a vintage-inspired wedding until the getaway vehicle is decorated with sweet, homemade decors of tin cans. There is something genuinely heartfelt about a perfect mix of DIY and Vintage touch.

If you are a lover of art, look to your favourite era for floral designs and wedding colours. You can also add simple things like family heirlooms or favourite recipes to honour your heritage with a highlight of family traditions. 

Summary: 10 Inspirational Vintage Wedding Ideas

  • Vintage-inspired invitations: Choose wedding invitations that feature vintage elements like lace, floral patterns, or retro typography to set the tone for a vintage-themed wedding.
  • Antique bridal gown: Opt for a vintage-style wedding dress or consider wearing a family heirloom gown to add a touch of nostalgia and elegance.
  • Classic hairstyles: Embrace vintage hairstyles such as finger waves, victory rolls, or a romantic updo with soft curls to complement the overall vintage look.
  • Vintage-inspired decor: Incorporate vintage elements into the decor, such as antique furniture, vintage china, lace table runners, and mismatched vintage chairs.
  • Vintage-inspired signage: Use vintage-style signs, chalkboards, or wooden plaques to guide guests, display wedding quotes, or label different areas of the venue.
  • Vintage centerpieces: Create charming centerpieces with vintage-inspired elements like old books, vintage teacups, delicate candle holders, or antique vases filled with garden flowers.
  • Classic transportation: Arrive in style in a vintage car or hire a horse-drawn carriage to add a touch of old-world glamour to your wedding day.
  • Vintage-inspired photo booth: Set up a photo booth area with vintage props, such as retro hats, parasols, vintage frames, and old cameras for guests to enjoy.
  • Live music from the era: Hire a live band or DJ that specializes in playing music from the vintage era, whether it’s swing, jazz, or old-time classics.
  • Vintage-inspired favors: Send guests home with vintage-inspired favors, such as mini mason jars filled with homemade jam, vintage-style keychains, or personalized vintage photo prints.

FAQ: Vintage Wedding Ideas – 10 Inspirational Tips for a Timeless Celebration

What are some key elements that define a vintage wedding theme?

Vintage weddings are characterized by nostalgic elements that evoke a sense of the past. Some key elements include lace, soft and muted color palettes, antique or vintage-inspired decor, intricate detailing, and romantic ambiance. Incorporating vintage-inspired attire, such as lace wedding dresses and classic suits, can also enhance the theme.

How can I incorporate vintage details into my wedding venue?

To incorporate vintage details into your wedding venue, consider selecting a location with historical significance or architectural charm. Look for venues with exposed brick walls, wooden beams, or ornate details. Enhance the ambiance with vintage-inspired furniture, such as antique seating or ornate tables. Decorate with vintage-inspired centerpieces, candelabras, or delicate china. Soft lighting and candle arrangements can also create a romantic vintage atmosphere.

What are some popular vintage wedding color schemes?

Popular vintage wedding color schemes often include soft and muted tones. Classic options include ivory, blush pink, champagne, dusty blue, and lavender. These colors can be combined with metallic accents, such as gold or bronze, to add a touch of elegance. Experiment with different combinations to find the color scheme that best captures your desired vintage aesthetic.

How can I incorporate vintage elements into my wedding attire?

Incorporating vintage elements into your wedding attire can be achieved in various ways. For brides, consider a lace wedding gown, a birdcage veil, or accessories such as pearl necklaces or vintage brooches. Grooms can opt for classic suits with suspenders or a bowtie. Don’t forget to explore vintage-inspired hairstyles and makeup looks to complete the overall vintage aesthetic.

What are some unique vintage-inspired wedding ceremony ideas?

There are many unique vintage-inspired wedding ceremony ideas to consider. Instead of traditional seating, set up vintage-inspired mismatched chairs or pews. Decorate the aisle with lace or floral runners and antique lanterns. Incorporate a vintage-inspired arbor or backdrop with delicate drapery or hanging flowers. Consider using an old typewriter for guestbook messages or vintage-inspired signage to guide guests.

How can I incorporate vintage details into the wedding reception?

To incorporate vintage details into the wedding reception, focus on table settings and decor. Use vintage-inspired table linens, delicate china, and antique glassware. Create centerpieces with vintage books, candlesticks, or antique vases filled with soft blooms. Incorporate vintage-style signage, such as chalkboards or framed prints, to label food stations or direct guests. Vintage-inspired music and a dance floor featuring classic songs can also enhance the overall vintage atmosphere.

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What are some vintage-inspired wedding favor ideas?

Vintage-inspired wedding favors can add a special touch to your guests’ experience. Consider small mementos like personalized vintage key bottle openers, mini vintage-inspired picture frames, or vintage-style handkerchiefs. Other options include vintage-themed chocolates, mini jars of homemade preserves, or customized vintage-inspired seed packets.

How can I incorporate vintage elements into my wedding invitations?

Incorporating vintage elements into your wedding invitations can set the tone for your vintage-themed wedding. Choose invitations with lace accents, vintage fonts, or delicate illustrations. Consider using sepia or muted colors and antique-inspired motifs. Handwritten calligraphy or vintage-style stamps can add an extra touch of elegance.

Are there any vintage-themed photo opportunities I should consider?

Vintage-themed photo opportunities can capture the essence of your vintage wedding. Look for locations with vintage architecture, such as old buildings or vintage vehicles like classic cars or carriages

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