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Turning Your Inquiries into Inspiration: 7 Unique Wedding Theme Ideas that Never Get Out of Style

7 Unique Wedding Theme Ideas that Never Get Out of Style

Are you and your partner planning the wedding of your dreams? Then you need THE perfect theme

Picking a theme is an excellent opportunity to show off your unique personalities and styles as individuals and couples. It’s the ideal way of putting your stamp on your big day.

Your theme will guide your choices regarding your venue, décor, menu options, and even your music playlist. It’s one of the most critical considerations of the whole planning process, and we’re here to help!

The classic white-dress wedding will naturally always be a firm favourite among couples. But there are plenty of other themes available to choose from too. 

Opting for a unique and unexpected theme will make your wedding even more memorable for you and your guests—and could even inspire other couples in the future! 

These seven unique wedding theme ideas are sophisticated, timeless, and will never go out of style. So please give them your creative spin, and you’re sure to have the matrimonial ceremony of your dreams!

Let’s look…

Intrepid Travellers

If you and your partner travelled the world before saying your vows—or you still plan to travel extensively after you’re married—a travel-themed wedding may be perfect for you. Travel has always been a timeless theme for matrimonial ceremonies. 

tropical wedding theme

You can quickly put your unique spin on it, depending on where you’ve travelled before or even where your honeymoon will take place.

For example, if you and your soon-to-be spouse enjoyed an unforgettable trip to Hawaii together, you can center your theme on Hawaiian décor, flowers and cuisine. You could even ask your guests to adhere to a Hawaii-inspired dress code to complete the look.

You can take this theme to another level by using curios and mementos as table centrepieces and naming your seating chart after all the cities you’ve explored together. And if you have photographs, you can incorporate them into the décor, using them on the menu, place cards, or the tags of your wedding favours.    

Bonus points if you or your partner arrive at the ceremony by train, plane or motorcycle! 

Down-to-Earth Bohemian Chic

Eclectic bohemian wedding themes have been prevalent for years now. Browsing Pinterest will yield endless photographs and theme ideas for boho weddings that can be set up and decorated at minimal cost to the bride and groom. 

The bohemian vibe is ideal for couples who want a down-to-earth, authentic celebration without too much fanfare. This theme suits indoor and outdoor weddings equally well. It is quickly elevated using concepts like photo booths, antique furniture and accents, mason jar floral displays, fairy lights, dream catchers, and brightly coloured ribbon banners. 

You can even borrow your grandmother’s tea set! 

bohemian chic wedding theme

You can also add an alternative spin to the traditional boho theme by investigating concepts like Steampunk, fairy-tale, rustic and vintage weddings. 

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Eclectic weddings give you a lot more creative license to personalize finer details, handcraft your décor, hand-write invitations and thank you cards, and give your celebration an authentic and genuine touch.

The Roaring 20s

1920's wedding theme

The Roaring 20s are iconic, and the era’s extravagance still makes for an excellent celebration theme. This is a beautiful idea for couples who want to do something different for their big day and for those who want to encourage their guests to let loose and party up a storm, too. 

You can take inspiration from the Jazz Age by adding elements like Art Deco and Art Nouveau accents, ostrich feathers, chandeliers and champagne fountains to your venue. You can also set a 20s-themed dress code for your guests, making flapper dresses and debonair suits all the rage. 

Don’t forget the energetic jazz music and the geometric designs, either. Hiring a live band will genuinely help your venue embody the Swinging 20s and will have your guests dancing for hours.

Some brides and their bridesmaids have taken this theme further by donning classy flapper-style dresses and headbands themselves! 

Add an intricately decorated gold wedding cake, Art Deco invitations and perhaps even a vintage car for the bride and groom, and you’ll have an instant recipe for success.

roaring 20's wedding theme

Magnificent Monochrome

Monochromatic wedding themes are ideal for brides and grooms who want an elegant, sophisticated and visually stunning ambiance to exchange vows. A monochromatic colour palette is bold, edgy and clean, and looks fantastic in photographs too. It’s also easy to put together, as you have a minimal palette to work with. 

If it’s not black, white or your chosen accent colours, it simply won’t do!

black and white theme wedding

Traditionally, monochrome themes are only black and white, but there’s no reason you can’t shake things up. Pair black and white décor with a pop of rich colour by adding bold accents to the room like firecracker red, royal blue, gold, silver, and even delicate shades of pink all work well with monochrome palettes

Instruct your guests to wear black and white to your big day, decorate your cake with the same striking contrast, and order a black and white bouquet to tie the theme in perfectly. 

If you’re feeling adventurous, you could even borrow a pair of Dalmatians to serve as your ring-bearers!

Oceanic Inspirations

Seaside-themed weddings are always a hit with guests, and the beach provides a naturally tranquil and relaxing environment for such a special occasion. Getting married on the beach allows the bride and groom to enjoy a laid-back ceremony where they can kick off their shoes and focus entirely on saying their ‘I dos.’

Of course, you don’t need access to a beach to have an ocean-themed wedding

ocean themed wedding venue

You can create the same uplifting atmosphere by decorating your wedding venue with shells, starfish, palm fronds, driftwood and other natural elements that you would usually find at sea. 

Keep your colour palette soft and clean in shades of white, beige, blue, and even orange. Coastal flowers like frangipanis are the perfect addition to a beach-themed wedding bouquet. 

Add some candles in glass sconces filled with beach sand along the aisle and a seafood-inspired menu for your guests, and you’ll be all set for a seaside celebration.

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The bonus of a beach theme is that it’s incredibly budget-friendly. You can opt for simple yet stylish décor inspired by nature and can make most of it yourself. Of course, if your budget is bigger, you can splash out, but it’s up to you!

The Secret Garden

There are few better spots for an intimate spring, summer or fall wedding than in a lush garden. If you and your partner love the great outdoors and have a passion for nature, consider using this appreciation as inspiration for your wedding theme

Hire a private, secluded garden for the occasion, preferably one with a boma or a gazebo under which you can say your vows. If you’re having a summer evening wedding, have your organizer wrap the pavilion in fairy lights for a magical touch.

You can add natural elements to your décor and your attire to complete the ambiance. For example, order a floral bouquet filled with colourful blooms, pick a dress with delicate floral accents, and get the groom and his groomsmen to wear boutonnieres on the day. 

You can even offer your guests growing seeds, small bouquets, or birdseed as wedding favours to add the final touch to your nature-inspired day.

secret garden wedding

Homage to Your Family Trees

If actual trees do not inspire you, perhaps looking back at you and your spouses’ family trees could provide the spark you need. After all, both of your family trees led you to this moment, so why not pay homage to your ancestors by honouring them in your wedding theme

Vintage family photographs and heirlooms make beautiful additions to any reception and are simple to incorporate throughout your décor

family tree wedding decor

You can add vintage photos to your wedding tables, add images of your family trees and crests to posters, invitations and table linens, and position family heirlooms and antiques around your venue if you are comfortable doing so. 

You can even incorporate a digital angle by creating a photography website that showcases the best family photos from all eras. Then, include the URL in your invitations or thank you cards so that everyone can look in their own time. This creates a lasting reminder for your guests, and you can add your wedding photos after your big day too. 

Another tremendous but subtle way to honour your family lineages on your big day is to wear rings, necklaces and cufflinks featuring your family crests and insignia. This is an easy but significant way to keep your loved ones and history close to your heart as you entangle your family tree with your partner. 

Tying The Knot In Style—Your Style!

wedding venue

Choosing a wedding style or theme is one of the critical ways to personalize your big day and make it your own. 

Picking a defined aesthetic will guide you as you make other important wedding planning decisions, such as your colour scheme, your ceremony and reception décor, and the overall vibe of your celebration. 

It can be tricky to choose a theme with so many weird and beautiful inspirations. So, why not choose something unique but timeless like the themes we mentioned above? 

Just because a certain theme has been done before doesn’t mean that your wedding will be generic or lacking. 

Use your creativity to add your particular spin on a tried and tested theme to wow your guests and make your planning process more manageable. 

Remember this: the most important thing is that you and your partner enjoy the wedding of your dreams. So choose a theme that reflects both of your personalities and tastes, and you will be far more likely to feel relaxed, comfortable and eager when the best day of your life arrives!

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Summary: 7 Unique Wedding Theme Ideas That Never Get Out of Style

  • Rustic Romance: Embrace the charm of a rustic wedding theme with elements like wooden decor, mason jars, burlap, and wildflower arrangements.
  • Vintage Elegance: Transport your wedding to a bygone era with a vintage theme, featuring lace, antique furniture, classic cars, and retro-inspired attire.
  • Enchanted Garden: Create a magical atmosphere with an enchanted garden theme, incorporating lush greenery, fairy lights, floral arches, and whimsical details.
  • Modern Minimalism: Embrace simplicity and clean lines with a modern minimalist theme, focusing on sleek designs, monochromatic color palettes, and minimal embellishments.
  • Beach Bliss: Bring the beach to your wedding with a beach bliss theme, featuring seaside-inspired decor, airy fabrics, seashells, and coastal colors.
  • Glamorous Great Gatsby: Step into the glitz and glamour of the 1920s with a Great Gatsby theme, featuring art deco designs, feathers, sequins, and vintage-inspired cocktails.
  • Timeless Fairytale: Create a fairytale wedding with a timeless theme, incorporating elements like a princess-style gown, castle-like venue, dreamy lighting, and romantic floral arrangements.

FAQ – Wedding Theme Ideas

What does it mean to have a modern wedding theme?

Modern weddings have a youthful, fashion-forward feel about them. This wedding style is high on flair, whether it’s minimalist or avant-garde. Modern weddings are often monochrome, stylish, and polished, with on-trend flowers or greenery, geometric lines, and pared-down décor.

Is a wedding theme required?

“Do we need a wedding theme?” is a common question. In a strict sense, you don’t need one — there’s no “theme: rustic woods” or “theme: enchanting garden” box on the marriage licence!

What is a traditional wedding theme?

A traditional wedding is typically more formal, with gorgeous green and white flowers, refined colour choices, plenty of clean lines, and subtle elegance. Total. Bridal. Bliss, in other words. A traditional wedding theme may be incorporated into your big day in a variety of ways.

What distinguishes a nice wedding?

Brides should choose a modest, floor-length gown for a more beautiful and refined appearance. Even if it may appear that they don’t, modest dresses do exist. The groom should wear a tuxedo or equivalent formal outfit, while the bridal party should dress up.

What exactly is a bohemian wedding?

The goal of a bohemian wedding is to create a relaxed, classy atmosphere. This gown’s elegance, combined with a soft, loose updo and a beautiful flower crown, depicts a free-spirited character.

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