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Perfect Pairings – Brutally Honest Pieces Of Advice [2024] and Tips to Match Bouquets to Different Wedding Dress Styles No One Will Tell You

Perfect Pairings – Brutally Honest Pieces Of Advice and Tips to Match Bouquets to Different Wedding Dress Styles No One Will Tell You

A bouquet that matches your wedding dress would make a beautiful match, just like you and your partner!

The bridal bouquet is one of the most important accessories for your wedding day. Finding the right bouquet that compliments your wedding dress will help you nail your wedding day look. Just like wedding dresses, you have a stunning variety of bouquet choices, and this is the easy thing. Wedding flowers come in all sizes, shapes, colors and price ranges. So, it isn’t challenging to fashion the perfect bouquet for your budget, taste and wedding theme. The not-so-good news is that there are so many ways in which you can do this that it can sometimes leave you confused.

Perfect Pairings – Brutally Honest Pieces Of Advice and Tips to Match Bouquets to Different Wedding Dress Styles No One Will Tell You

Fortunately, we are here to help you with some tips that will help you match your wedding bouquet choice to that of your wedding dress.

Where do you begin?

Not all brides know much about flowers, and it is, in fact, pretty common to find brides who don’t know one flower from another. Although your florist will be able to help you to a great extent, we think it would be a good idea if you knew some of the basics about choosing flowers for your wedding bouquets. Therefore, we suggest that you take a look at this previous post to get a general idea of the different shapes in which wedding bouquets are available, so you know your options.

bridal shoes with rhinestones heels standing sea pebble beach bridal bouquet

On your wedding day, your bouquet will be one of your main accessories. This simply means that the bouquet should match or complement your wedding dress. Unless this happens, your look will not come together and may not create the impact you desire.

In order to match your bouquet to your wedding dress, here are some factors to keep in mind.

Both styles should match

Like with wedding dresses, there are modern and traditional styles for bouquets. For example, round bouquets and nosegays are traditional shapes, while hand-tied bouquets and arm sheaf bouquets are contemporary styles. Take a look at this article on the Perfect Wedding Day blog for a detailed account of the different types and designs in wedding bouquets. For best results, your bouquet style would match your wedding dress style. So, if your dress is traditional or classic, it would look best with a traditional bouquet.

traditional bouquet

Strike the right balance

Balance is key to getting the look right with all your wedding accessories. The details will drown in the chaos if you pair an elaborately embellished wedding gown with equally detailed accessories. The result will be a cluttered look. So, aim for a balance where your dress and accessories contribute to a cohesive look. For an opulent wedding dress, choose a simple bouquet, while you can go with an elaborate one with many details for a minimalist gown or simple silhouette.

Pay attention to the shape and size of your bouquet

Just like you try to find a gown that matches your natural proportions, you should find a bouquet that doesn’t overwhelm you or look too tiny on you. Choose the shape and size in such a way that it matches your build and doesn’t look out of place. The shape of the bouquet is also relevant in highlighting your natural features and the dress details that you want to draw attention to. For example, if your dress features a narrow waist, choose a bouquet that is narrower than your waist so it doesn’t crowd this area. Similarly, a cascading bouquet with several details in the lower half may hide the details on your skirt.


Pay attention to the exact color of your dress

By the time you are done with wedding dress shopping, you will have realized that wedding dresses come in different shades of white. Therefore, the effect of your bouquet will differ depending on the shade of white in your dress. This is especially important if the flowers are light in color, as they can look washed out, intense or shabby, depending on the white background. Your florist will be able to help you choose the best colors that work with your dress. To make this happen, collect a swatch of fabric from your gown so she plans accordingly.

Match it to your overall theme

Your bouquet should reflect your wedding theme and the colors in it. So, find a design and flowers that add to the overall effect. Matching your bouquet to the wedding color palette actually opens up your options and gives you more room to make adjustments that fit your choice and budget. Of course, you can use flowers that are in the centrepieces and floral décor in your bouquet too, so it comes together beautifully. Also, make sure that your bouquet goes well with that of your bridesmaids, so your photos are all picture-perfect.

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Little details that match it to your overall look will make it extra-special

There are numerous ways in which you can match the tiny details in your look to your bouquet choice. One of the options is to consider the jewelry you will be wearing. Jewelry has a significant impact on your total look, and so it should be complemented by the flowers you choose. Keep the lines and effects similar, and it will integrate seamlessly. For example, if you use lots of sparkly jewelry, but the dress is relatively simple, you can create an elegant and sophisticated look by adding a sparkling accessory like a brooch to your bouquet.


Now that we’ve discussed the factors to keep in mind when choosing your bouquet let us look at some suggestions for bouquet shapes for common wedding dress silhouettes. Again, remember that these are only suggestions. You may be able to find many more options, but this will give you a starting point. I hope you get the idea!

The sheath

The characteristic feature of this silhouette is its slim and straightforward style that simply drapes around the bride’s natural curves. The design resembles a column with little to no extra added volume. It has a modern look and best complements a few flowers with sophisticated looks and clean lines.

The casual look of this silhouette is beautifully complemented by simple bouquets that can be in any shape. You can choose from round, pageant or cascade bouquets depending on your height and the features of the dress.


Another non-fussy silhouette, the A-line, is a universally flattering gown style. But, again, the amount of detail in this style should guide you in choosing the right bouquet.


If the dress features ornate embellishments in the bodice, a simple bouquet with intense and dark colors should look good with it. On the other hand, if the dress is simple and has few embellishments, it is a good idea to dress it up with an intricately designed bouquet. Multicolored flowers of different shapes and sizes can add textural dimension to the overall look.


The mermaid dress is sexy and fits snugly around the bride’s natural curves. The silhouette is modern and stylish. So, this should be reflected in the bouquet choice as well.

Image Credits: Michael Coghlan, via Flickr

Cascade bouquets, hand-tied ones, and those embellished with modern, bold accessories would make good combinations with a mermaid gown. It is also a good idea to keep the size small and colors bright for maximum impact. Flowers like orchids would contribute to a sophisticated look with this silhouette.

Ball gowns

Ball gowns feature full, voluminous skirts with a very dressed-up look. Since these dresses add more volume to the natural figure, it is suggested to balance the look with an interesting but not overwhelming bouquet choice. Again, the embellishments on the gown can be used as a guide in choosing the bouquet design.

ball gown
Image Credits:Jessica Branstetter, via Flickr

Round bouquets, pomanders and flowers in baskets or cascade bouquets with volume at the top would look appropriate with this dress style. However, a small bouquet would be drowned in the poufy skirt. So, this should be avoided.

Short hemlines

Wedding dresses for casual weddings sometimes feature short hemlines that end at any length above the ankles. The bouquets chosen for these dresses should also be fun and playful, just like the dresses that they accessorize.

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Nosegay and posies are a good combination with these dresses.

Apart from the wedding dress silhouette, you should also pay attention to the wedding dress features when choosing your bouquet. This is because specific features in a dress can determine the overall look, and some bouquet styles match such dress features better than others. Let us take a look at some of them.


Lace wedding gowns are a timeless classic. Depending on the type of lace, the dress silhouette and motifs on the dress, lace dresses may be contemporary or classic. Nonetheless, lace is a signature vintage element, and it will always look good with a traditional bouquet. Soft round bouquets with plenty of greens peeping through are a great option. You can also consider wrapping the flower stems with a layer of lace to further tie it to your wedding dress for a charming touch.


Dramatic back details

Wedding dresses with dramatic back details are all the rage now. There is plenty to choose from keyhole designs to low-cut backs and illusion details. The relevance of this detail is that this is usually a signature element in the bride’s overall look, and her choice of bouquet should address this feature. Back details in lace can be combined with traditional and classic bouquet designs. However, if the details are modern, like a low-cut style or cut-out design, it looks best when worn with a bouquet that is styled in a modern fashion. Exotic flowers and intense colors will bring out the sophistication of such a gown.

Image Credits:bruce bentley, via Flickr
Image Credits: bruce bentley, via Flickr

Strapless necklines

Wedding dresses with strapless necklines usually feature an embellished bodice, ruching in the neckline or a motif that draws attention to the upper part of the body. Strapless necklines are distinctly feminine and look best with dainty floral bouquets with soft curves and a lot of texture. Light colors like pastels and pink hues and soft green ferns and foliage that add warmth to the flowers are a good choice for this style of dress.


Halter neck

Halter necklines, when chosen appropriately, are slimming and very sexy. The bare shoulders and exposed arms give the bride an air of confidence who chooses this feature in her wedding dress. However, this type of dress draws attention to the neck and jaw. So, a bouquet that doesn’t divert focus from this feature is the best combination for it.

Flowers in intense single colors or those that blend with the dress color and have soft trailing leaves in cascade formation are an excellent choice. Since the bouquet isn’t too dramatic, it will serve as an accessory that complements but doesn’t distract from the main features of this dress style.

Sheer wedding dresses

When the wedding dress has an almost translucent effect, it is a signature factor in itself. Since these dresses look lucid and dreamy while also having a sexy side, a solid and sophisticated bouquet would enhance the effect. Choose dark, bold colors and a simple and small formation so it stands out but adds to the impact of the gown.

Choosing your wedding bouquet may be a daunting task, as the options are endless. Check with your florist for suggestions. As a talented professional who knows her way around flowers, she will be a great guide to helping you find the look you want and from the options that you can afford. Also, don’t forget to create your own inspiration board just for the floral aspects, so you know your choices.

For more wedding planning advice, tips, and your wedding shopping needs, visit our website at Best for Bride. This one-stop bridal destination is your most straightforward route to realizing all you need for your lifetime celebration.

Summary for Matching Bouquet to Wedding Dress Style

When choosing a wedding bouquet, it’s important to:

  • Match the bouquet style to the wedding dress style (traditional for classic dresses, contemporary for modern)
  • Strike a balance between the dress and bouquet in terms of embellishments and details
  • Consider the shape and size of the bouquet to match your build and highlight the details of the dress
  • Choose the right color of flowers to complement the exact shade of white of your dress
  • Match the bouquet to the overall wedding theme and color palette
  • Consider matching details like jewelry to integrate the bouquet into the overall look
  • Choose the right bouquet shape to complement the wedding dress silhouette (simple for casual sheath, round, pageant or cascade for A-line, etc.)

FAQ – Wedding Bouquets

What is the name of the bride’s bouquet?

A “Tussie-mussie,” “talking bouquet,” or “flower poesy” is the name given to a bride’s hand bouquet. This was done during the Victorian era when flowers were a popular or emotive form of gift-giving.

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What is the meaning of the bride’s bouquet?

The wedding bouquet is said to provide happiness and fulfilment to the couple, while the ribbon used to knot the bouquet signifies friendship. The custom of wearing ornaments on the groom’s lapel (typically made of the same flowers) dates back to the Middle Ages.

Do brides still throw the bouquet?

There is no set time for the bouquet throw. However, it normally takes place after the toasts, supper, and dances have ended. Also, the bouquet is frequently tossed after the bride has cut the cake.

What is the significance of bridesmaids carrying flowers?

Brides have carried bridal flowers since antiquity. During weddings, ancient Greeks and Romans and Egyptians brought fragrant plants and spices to fend off ill luck. The flowers represented a fresh start and carried wishes for fertility, happiness, and loyalty with them.

Who is in charge of the bride’s bouquet?

The maid of honour is a woman who plays an essential role in a wedding. This is without a doubt the most popular option. After all, helping the bride before, during, and after the wedding is one of the MOH’s critical tasks. So please give it to her at the ceremony’s commencement and tell her to keep it until you kiss for the first time.

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