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[2024] The In-Depth Guide To Planning a Restaurant Wedding: 16 Secrets No One Will Tell You About

The In-Depth Guide To Planning a Restaurant Wedding

Restaurant weddings are smart and sensible! It is no wonder that more and more couples choose their favourite restaurants as their wedding reception venue. The interesting thing is that it is not only food-lovers who make this choice. Many couples nowadays prefer a small, intimate and meaningful wedding ceremony and reception instead of a big bash where they hardly know all the guests. Restaurants are a likely choice for such couples as well.

Here are some of the other reasons why restaurant weddings are so attractive.

It is the best option for those who are short on time:

It is an easy go-to solution for a couple who are short on time or aren’t too keen on planning every small detail of their wedding day. So, if you are a bride or groom who has many pressing needs at work or otherwise, and fitting in wedding plans is nearly impossible, a restaurant wedding may be the easiest option available.

Budget-friendly options:

Restaurant weddings cost a lot lesser than weddings at other venues when you want good quality service and food for a smaller number of guests. Hiring a wedding venue, renting or buying all the things for the reception, hiring catering and serving staff, and planning all the décor can be very expensive and take over most of your budget. When you choose a restaurant, the décor is done and there is no need to rent furniture, linens, or tableware. All that’s needed for the service is available and you do not have to hire extra staff.

beach wedding decor

Food quality is guaranteed:

Restaurants specifically thrive on good ratings, and their ratings are directly linked to the quality of food they serve. If you love a restaurant for their signature food, you know your guests can enjoy the same on your wedding day. So, you needn’t worry too much about the food, or even attend numerous tasting sessions to zero-in on a good caterer. Even when you do, you do not have the same assurance that the food on the wedding day will be the same as what you had at the tasting session. On the other hand, with a restaurant, you have a minimum guarantee of what you can expect.

The setting is cozy and intimate:

All are naturally comfortable and settle in quickly when it is a cozy restaurant setting. These venues are used to accommodating guests on a daily basis and assure you of comfortable seating, the right amount of cooling or heating for the weather, and experienced staff who can make your guests feel at home in an instant.

You get classy décor for little to no cost:

Unlike decorating your wedding venue from scratch and spending thousands on each feature, a restaurant comes with furniture and tastefully done décor that you don’t have to spend anything on. Instead, you can divert those funds into another wedding detail. Everything is in place, even without your supervision.

Beach Wedding Venue

So, what do you think? Isn’t a restaurant wedding a great idea, given all these advantages? If you agree, here are the things to remember and do, when you plan your lifetime celebration at this venue.

Know your headcount:

Before you finalize a restaurant, you should have a clear idea of how many guests will be attending your wedding. Restaurants are small spaces, and cannot accommodate more than a certain number of people comfortably. So, make sure that the place you choose will have enough space to seat all your guests. Check it out in person, to make sure there will be no problems. Your guests will not appreciate any make-shift adjustments if they aren’t given due importance. Don’t settle for a place unless it can cater to the headcount you suggest.

Be picky about the food quality:

Food reception table wedding

The main attraction of a restaurant wedding is the food that will be served, and your guests will expect a great dining experience. So, don’t skimp on that factor. Make sure that you choose a restaurant that has great food. If it is a restaurant with dishes that are popular with most of your guests, you do not have much work to do. However, if you decide to go with a unique or distinct restaurant menu, you may like to collect a few opinions first. For example, if you choose a cuisine that most of your guests are not accustomed to, think of how you can adjust the menu so that there will be something for everyone.

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Find out whether the event menus different from the regular menu:

One of the first things to discuss with the restaurant manager is whether their event menu is different from what they regularly serve customers. This is a factor to consider, since you will be choosing a similar menu for a larger headcount, and the restaurant may have limitations in preparing certain dishes at once for the entire number. Restaurant service is very different from the service that is usually provided in other venues. So, discuss this with the chef, especially if there are certain choices that you must have and want to impress your party with.

Discuss your options to bring food from outside:

restaurant wedding reception table

Most restaurants do not encourage customers to bring food from outside. So, you may like to discuss this option if the restaurant doesn’t serve drinks or doesn’t have a custom cake service. Discuss with the manager before you sign the deal, so you are not disappointed later. Many brides prefer to have a custom gourmet cake, specially designed by a cake designer for their reception. However, your restaurant may not agree to it, if they have their own pastry chef or bakery section. Similarly, if the restaurant will not serve the signature drinks that you want, you may like to discuss this if it is important to you.

Make an early booking:

Although it may be easier to book a restaurant when compared to other wedding venues, there are certain seasons when the rush is high For example, restaurants tend to be busier during the holidays. So, you will have to compensate them for the business they may have at the time when you book the entire facility. When you book at least six months ahead of the date, this should not pose a problem.

Ask about décor options:

wedding decoration

Most restaurants are beautifully decorated, and the ambiance is usually a factor that attracts a couple to such places. So, it is a bonus when you think of how you can have a fantastic party without splurging on the décor. However, you may like to add a few special touches to make it more festive. A special centerpiece or some more floral décor may be a good idea. Ask about the extent to which you can add your own personal touches to the décor on the day. What are you allowed to bring in, and what do they restrict?

Talk about the privacy you will have:

It wouldn’t be the same if there were other people at the restaurant, while you celebrate your wedding. However, it is a possibility that you have to consider it. Unless the restaurant hosts your party in a segregated hall where nobody from outside has access to, it is a good idea to consider hiring the whole place for the day. Most restaurants have small halls that you can fully book. So, you may be able to do this, if your guest list matches the number that can be hosted in such spaces. Of course, it will end up being more costly than when you just have to pay for the place you will occupy. Nevertheless, it will be worth it, as you will get the privacy you deserve, without any prying eyes. Even if you have to pay more for buying out the entire place for the time you are there, it will not be too much in comparison to hiring a whole other venue and decorating it from scratch.

Discuss the layout and seating arrangements:

seating arrangements wedding planning

Some restaurants are flexible in allowing you to change the seating arrangements, while others do not encourage it. Talk to the manager, and find out what your options are. Your layout should be comfortable for the guests who will be attending. Knowing what your seating options are, will allow you to decide on an arrangement that will work best. If the restaurant has hosted many parties before, you may like to take a look at some of those photos to figure out the different seating options and choose the best one for your function. It will also give you an idea of how space looks when transformed, rather than just going with an abstract idea. Check out the best restaurants in Gettysburg here.

Discuss the extra costs upfront:

The overall cost will depend on the number of guests, the food served, and the day on which your wedding is held. You may be able to get a better deal if your wedding is on a weekday, or if you plan a brunch or lunch at a restaurant that normally doesn’t operate during the day. However, you will have to consider the extra cost if your party extends for longer than you anticipate. Apart from the listed cost, also find out about service charges and additional fees. You may also like to add tips and gratuity into the total cost, so you know what you have to budget overall.

Check how kid-friendly it is, if your guest list includes kids:

wedding table planning

Most family-style restaurants will be equipped to handle little children. However, make sure you confirm this beforehand if there are children on your guest list. Do they serve special meals that may be a better option for children? Also, do they have seating arrangements that will be convenient for them? Knowing this in advance will allow you to plan any alternate arrangements you may have to make for the youngest members of your wedding party.

Check out previous weddings held there:

A restaurant that has hosted many weddings in the past will always be a better bet than one without much experience. This is because weddings are quite different from regular services, for the headcount and style of service expected on the day. An experienced restaurant will be better equipped to accommodate last-minute changes in the headcount and to arrange the service in a seamless manner with minimum supervision. This article on Apartment therapy tells us that a Google search with the name of the restaurant and the words “wedding blog” will most likely turn up photos of weddings that were previously held in the space. If you decide to go with a place that is relatively new, it is a good idea to communicate more and be very specific about your expectations, so they get a clear picture of what you expect.

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It isn’t unusual for couples, and especially brides, to feel worried and anxious as their wedding day draws near. With hundreds of details to plan and things to sort out, this is a normal and expected part of wedding planning. Having a restaurant wedding will help you overcome a great deal of stress, as much of it is already sorted out without any additional help. In fact, if you don’t have a wedding planner to oversee your wedding plans or guide you, a restaurant wedding may be one of the best options to minimize stress. With all these details taken care of, all you need now is a fantastic wedding dress to transform you into the beautiful bride you always wanted to be. And, we are here to help you find it.

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Summary: Guide to Planning a Restaurant Wedding

  • Consider the advantages of hosting your wedding at a restaurant, such as built-in catering, a unique atmosphere, and potential cost savings on venue rentals.
  • Start by researching and visiting different restaurants that can accommodate your wedding size and style, ensuring they have experience hosting weddings or large events.
  • Discuss your vision and requirements with the restaurant’s event coordinator or manager to determine if they can accommodate your specific needs, such as seating arrangements, menu customization, and any special requests.
  • Take into account the restaurant’s ambiance and decor, as it will contribute to the overall atmosphere of your wedding. Consider if it aligns with your theme and desired aesthetic.
  • Evaluate the restaurant’s menu options and discuss any dietary restrictions or special meal requests with the chef. Ensure they can provide a range of options to cater to your guests’ preferences and dietary needs.
  • Discuss the bar service and beverage options, including whether you can bring your own alcohol or if the restaurant has specific packages or options available.
  • Consider the logistics of the space, including any restrictions or limitations on guest capacity, dance floor availability, and audiovisual equipment for speeches or presentations.
  • Coordinate with the restaurant’s event coordinator regarding timeline, setup details, and any additional services they can provide, such as cake cutting, table linens, or audio equipment.
  • Communicate with your guests about the restaurant setting and any unique aspects they should be aware of, such as parking, dress code, or any specific rules or regulations of the venue.
  • Ensure you have a clear understanding of the costs involved, including the venue fee, food and beverage charges, gratuity, and any additional fees for services or decor.

FAQ – Planning a Restaraunt Wedding

What are the advantages of having a restaurant wedding?

There are several advantages to having a restaurant wedding. Firstly, restaurants often provide a built-in ambiance and decor, saving you time and effort in decorating the venue. Additionally, they usually have an experienced staff who are well-versed in hosting events, ensuring smooth service throughout the wedding. Restaurants also offer the convenience of having an on-site kitchen, allowing for freshly prepared meals for your guests.

How can I choose the right restaurant for my wedding?

When choosing a restaurant for your wedding, consider your guest count and the size of the venue. Ensure that the restaurant has adequate space to accommodate your guests comfortably. Look for a restaurant with a suitable ambiance that matches your wedding style and theme. It’s also essential to sample their menu to ensure that the food meets your expectations and dietary requirements.

Can I customize the menu for my restaurant wedding?

Most restaurants are flexible when it comes to customizing the menu for weddings. You can work with the restaurant’s chef or event coordinator to create a personalized menu that suits your taste and preferences. Discuss any dietary restrictions or special requests you may have, and they will work with you to accommodate them.

How can I ensure a smooth flow of events during a restaurant wedding?

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To ensure a smooth flow of events, communicate clearly with the restaurant staff about your wedding timeline and schedule. Coordinate with the event coordinator or manager to plan the order of events, such as the cocktail hour, dinner service, toasts, and cake cutting. Provide them with any specific instructions or special requests to make sure everything goes according to plan.

Are there any potential challenges to consider when planning a restaurant wedding?

One potential challenge to consider is the limited space in some restaurants, which may restrict the number of guests you can invite. Additionally, restaurants may have other customers or events happening simultaneously, so you’ll need to ensure proper privacy and exclusivity for your wedding. It’s also crucial to review the restaurant’s policies regarding decorations, music, and any additional charges or minimum spending requirements they may have for hosting weddings.

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