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Where Are The Most Beautiful Wedding Venues in Canada?

Where Are The Most Beautiful Wedding Venues in Canada?

Before we start, if you’re reading this article, you’re probably about to tie the knot. So, congratulations are in order! Now comes the exciting yet slightly time-consuming part of researching venues, themes, the dress, bridesmaids, guest lists, DJs (and the list goes on!). Canada offers so many amazing and unique spots to celebrate your big day; whether you’re looking for a traditional wedding in a historical venue or a more adventurous option, the country has something for everyone. 

We get it; so much on offer can be a little overwhelming. The choice of venue is your most critical decision regarding your big day. So don’t leave it to the last minute. 

Make sure you set out with a clear idea of where you want to rent. You don’t want to be looking in Toronto if you’ve got your heart set on Calgary, for example, and plan a wedding there. Time tends to creep up on you. One day you’re searching, let’s say, for places to rent in Calgary to stay with your fiancé, thinking you have all the time in the world, and suddenly the big day is around the corner! So here goes, with the following list, find out our top tips and picks, from A list wedding venues to tree houses all the way to ice palaces. Hopefully, this list will help you in your decision or, at the very least, inspire you!

Best A-List wedding venue in Canada: The Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica in Ottawa

The Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica in Ottawa is our top pick if you want to marry an A List celebrity.  After all, if it was good enough for the nation’s sweetheart Celine Dion, it surely can’t get better than that. The Basilica is the oldest and largest of Ottowa, towering above the surrounding architecture, meaning you’ll feel like you’re in a true fairytale

As it is a Basilica, a few requisites exist to marry her. The first is that you must be a member of the Cathedral parish or of the parishes of the Archdiocese of Ottowa. The second, like any church, cathedral or basilica, you must be baptized. You will also need to complete a short preparation course. 

Weddings usually take place on Saturdays, and there are many venues in the city to have the reception afterwards. Another great bonus is the accessibility of the area, with its international airport your guests will be able to arrive quickly. 

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Best wedding venue in Canada for the ultimate luxurious experience. 

Located in the very center of Quebec is the Fairmont Le Château Frontenac, built in 1893. This castle will make you feel like royalty. It’s an award-winning, premium venue that caters to every little whim your heart desires. It has gained an incredible reputation over the years, turning it into one of Canada’s most sought wedding venues.

Catering up to 1000 guests for receptions, you won’t have to slash your guest list if you don’t want to. There’s room for everyone! They have a variety of ballrooms to choose from, dining halls, pristine gardens and impressive views. This is a special place for a particular day. 

Once again, with it being so close to an international airport, your guests can fly in from all over the world quickly and stress-free. 

Best winter wedding venues in Canada. 

If you’re looking for a chillier alternative, a unique venue is the Hôtel de Glace, close to Quebec; it’s a true winter wonderland. The whole building is made with snow and ice, from the chapel to the dance floor. There isn’t another venue like it in Canada; it’s one of a kind. They have various packages suiting all budgets and needs, and they have rave reviews. 

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You certainly will have a wedding that will go down in history as the coolest, no pun intended. They have a great team of professionals, chefs, DJs and everything you need to have the most magical experience. 

Located northwest of Quebec, you’re close to the city and travel connections but can enjoy the stunning nature. This is an excellent option for couples trying to watch their pennies. 

Another fabulous idea is to tie the knot in the Blachford Lake Lodge and Wilderness Resort. This venue is for the adventurous, those who want to escape big city life and take their vows in the middle of mother nature, in an unforgettable part of the world. Imagine getting married under the aurora borealis or returning to the ceremony on a snowmobile. These activities are all possible here. Check out the best time of year to see the aurora.  Nothing is too much to ask. With award-winning chefs, a wide range of different reception rooms, and outdoor spaces, you’ll be sure to find your perfect fit for the big day. 

Getting to this venue is part of the adventure! You need to board a small plane from Yellowknife to the resort. When you arrive, you’ll feel like you’re in Lapland, with snow-covered mountains and pine trees as far as the eye can see. 

Open year-round, you can choose between the snowy winter or the slightly warmer summer. 

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Best wedding venues for nature lovers in Canada.

Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise is an iconic hotel in the heart of Banff national park. As well as stunning weddings that we’ll get into in a second, they also have a wellness center, skiing, hikes and much more. Plenty to keep your guests occupied before and after the big day. Not just a winter destination, they offer summer events too.

This idyllic mountain wedding will allow you to connect with nature without compromising comfort or luxury. Their century-old ballrooms offer the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos. They have won multiple hospitality awards, earning a well-deserved spot in our top picks. 

Our next pick is Fogo Island. There is no place like Fogo Island Inn. It’s truly one of a kind. An architectural masterpiece, surrounded by a rugged, wild, north Atlantic coastline, this venue is just spectacular. The force of nature battering the surroundings contrasts with the luxury and comfort that awaits you inside. 

This venue is ideal for those who want to escape to the edge of the earth with their nearest and dearest. The main hall can host up to 70 guests, offering them a completely tailored, unique experience with a panoramic view of the ocean, and a cozy atmosphere thanks to its beautiful wood-burning fireplace. 

The menus can be all sourced locally if desired, using only the best quality ingredients. There won’t be a dull moment for your guests before and after the wedding, with a wide range of activities such as whale watching, cookery classes, pottery and hiking. 

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Best wedding venues in Canada: our city picks.

This article wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Casa Loma. Located in Toronto, this impressive mansion was built by the eccentric multimillionaire Henry Mill Pellatt. The result is that one of the city’s most famous tourist attractions, as well as being a museum and landmark, also offers superb weddings

With extensive, pristine gardens, multiple fountains, sculptures and 360 views, few properties offer such variety in spaces for your special event. You have a choice between outdoors and indoors, both offering many advantages. The main hall has an impressive 60-foot ceiling, perfect for your first dance. Their conservatory is the ideal space for the ceremony, making you feel you’re in a fairytale. It’s a worthy contender in this list, and you must check it out!

Our second pick would be the Notre-Dame Basilica of Montréal. This venue is one of the most grandiose in the whole of Canada. 

This option is, of course, for the ceremony, as the reception would be held in one of the numerous fantastic reception venues in the city. With it being a religious ceremony, there are a few things to consider. First, you must be baptized, and second, you must attend a pre-marriage meeting with the priest to go through the event’s organization and deepen your understanding of marriage. All enquiries must be made at the very least 6 months before the big day to allow time for preparations. 

Bookings are available mainly on Saturdays, and they do not accept bookings on Sundays. 

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Best Rustic wedding venues in Canada: Our top picks

Imagine a century-old barn, fairy lights, hay bales, rolling countryside, wildflowers… that is Cambium Farms. It’s the epitome of a rustic, quaint wedding yet never compromising on elegance. This is our top pick for rustic wedding venues. You can have free range to tailor the event to your needs, with a choice of caterers, and you can hire a wedding planner if you leave the organization to somebody else. 

One hour from Toronto, this is also a convenient option for travel and visiting guests. We’d recommend getting in touch with them as soon as possible as they are trendy. 

Another great option is Black Creek Pioneer Village. Imagine jumping into a time machine as going back to 1860’s Ontario, both environmentally sustainable and full of historic charm; this is an ideal setting for a wedding. They can host an impressive 2000 guests outdoors and 500 indoors. So, you’ll not lack space. 

They offer a wide range of wedding packages meaning there’s an option for all budgets. The appetizers, main meals and added extras are varied and fun. They even have the option for s’mores by the bonfire!

A considerable advantage of this venue is its proximity to Toronto, just 16 minutes from the international airport. You get to enjoy the joys of the countryside yet be back in Toronto the next day!

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What are the best picks for an alternative wedding in Canada?

For those who think out of the box, aren’t satisfied with a traditional wedding, and want something a little different, Canada has many venues that will offer you just that. Be it treehouse weddings, marrying on a glacier, in the middle of a forest or on the top of a skyscraper. The sky is your limit…literally. Some couples have even married whilst parachuting out of a plane. Although it’s safe to say that option isn’t for the faint-hearted. 

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Here are some alternative options that don’t involve jumping out of a plane!

Most (but not all!) grooms will agree; they love beer. So, where could it be better to get married than in a brewery? Alexander Keith’s Brewery in Halifax, Nova Scotia, offers a unique setting for you to say your vows. Steeped in history (it’s actually one of the oldest breweries in the area), it has a cozy, industrial-chic style that will make your day and photos stand out. The size of the place means you don’t need to skimp on the guest list, as it can host up to 100 guests. The bottom line is it’s a fun alternative most of your friends and family won’t have experienced. It’s thinking outside the box at its best. Many brewery venues are open for hire in Canada, so check which one is your nearest.

So there you have it, our complete guide to wedding venues in Canada. There are so many options, from winter wonderlands to rustic barns. You’ll definitely find something that’s the perfect fit. All venues will offer a wedding planner service, meaning you can delegate most tasks to them and try to relax. Make sure you contact them with plenty of advance notice, as they all are trendy. 

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