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4 Ways to Style Your T-Shirt for a Bachelorette Party

4 Ways to Style Your T-Shirt for a Bachelorette Party

Often, brides get busy planning their wedding and forget about their bachelorette. However, Bachelorette parties are a great way for brides to relax before their big day. It’s also an excellent opportunity to bring out their fashion sense.

After all, it’ll be an excellent time to get some photographs with near and dear ones before the wedding. Also, it’s always fun for a bride to get dressed and enjoy a day with her friends. There are some bachelorette fashion ideas you can use to get glammed up for a fun night.

None of these ideas are elaborate or time-consuming. Instead, you can use cute t-shirt designs to get dressed for your bachelorette. You’d be pleased to discover several ways to style your t-shirt for a bachelorette party.

We’ll discuss some t-shirt design tips here to help you get started.

Custom T-Shirt Designs and Messages

The best way to express yourself for your bachelorette is to wear a custom t-shirt design. These days, you can find and print graphic t-shirt designs online with customized messages. With these unique and stylish custom print t-shirts, you will stand out. Skip the generic t-shirts. Make your t-shirt designs for you and your loved ones to sync with the style of your bachelorette party.

Many online retailers offer custom design options and t-shirt design templates. With these free templates, designing a t-shirt online shouldn’t take much time. You can use the templates to create a t-shirt that reflects your personality.

Choose designs for your bridesmaids that resonate with them. Also, buying custom-designed t-shirts isn’t always an expensive affair. There are plenty of online retailers that sell customized t-shirts at reasonable rates. This is true regardless of the number of t-shirts you buy online.

Using T-shirt Design Templates

A t-shirt design template for t-shirt designing saves time and gives your creativity a healthy boost. In addition, you can use online templates to get your creative juices flowing and relax in the process.

You’ll have the option of choosing templates, fonts, and more. In addition, there are design suggestions available to refer to for inspiration. Besides, it helps that these t-shirts are usually made with suitable quality materials. So, you can wear these t-shirts even after the wedding day.


Beach-Themed T-Shirts

Another great way to style a t-shirt for your bachelorette is to model it after a beach theme. Plenty of beach-themed print t-shirts are available online. These cute t-shirt designs feature typical beach motifs like coconut trees and waves.

This design idea is beneficial for those planning to have a beach wedding. Or, even if you’re not having a beach wedding, you can use it for your bachelorette. Many brides choose to take their bride squad on bachelorette trips these days. These are mini-vacations rather than single-night parties.

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You can also have your bridesmaids and guests dress up in beach-themed t-shirts. This will help set the mood and give you some great photographs. You don’t necessarily have to have beach motifs on the t-shirts. You could even have plain t-shirts that are comfortable to wear. 

Anything you ordinarily wear at a beach would be good enough for a beach-themed bachelorette. But remember to coordinate at least the colours of the t-shirt you’re wearing with your bridesmaids. 

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Retro-Themed T-Shirts

Why not add some sparkle to a glamorous bachelorette party? Retro is one of the best t-shirt design ideas to spruce up any bachelorette. After all, there are so many ways in which you can get creative with this theme.

If you’re a fuss-free bride, you can opt for simple designs. Many t-shirt design companies offer you solid tees with great fonts. In addition, you can print some retro-themed quotes or sayings on these t-shirts. 

While readymade designs are available, buying from a t-shirt design website may be better. You’ll have more creative control over what you wear, you could always opt for quotes. Of course, if you don’t know what to print on your selections. 

Choose quotes from vintage movies or movie stars. You could even choose quotes from some of your favourite vintage books.

This will reflect your personality without making too much of a splash on your t-shirt. But, if you want to make a splash, then retro is the way to go in that case too. You could opt for common retro symbols like a disco ball for your t-shirt.

This will add glitter and sparkle to what may be a plain t-shirt. Pair such a t-shirt with some large eyeglasses and other accessories. This is a great idea for brides that want to celebrate their bachelorette retro-style.

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Retro T-Shirts According to Era 

You could even choose an era for your retro-themed party to take things up a notch. For instance, the swinging 20s are popular for those choosing to have retro-themed parties. Of course, if you’re wearing a t-shirt, you could always add glitter and a fringe to match the theme. 

You can have all your bridesmaids and guests dress up according to the theme. Consider adding a retro-themed photo booth as well to capture some fun moments. You could add props to your photo booth (such as a feather boa) to get your guests in the retro mood. 

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Tie-Up T-Shirts

This is a great design idea for brides preferring a trendy look. Tie-up t-shirts come in various styles. For example, you could have tie-up t-shirts with or without sleeves. Also, these t-shirts are available online in different materials.

You could choose a silk or satin tie-up t-shirt for a classy, sophisticated style. Get matching t-shirts for your bridesmaids to compliment your look. Remember that silk/satin t-shirts usually have solid patterns. So, you likely won’t be able to add any pictures or words to these t-shirts.

If you want a custom t-shirt design, you can opt for a cotton tie-up t-shirt. These are ideal for bachelorette parties in hotter months. Add pictures or words you like to these t-shirts for a special touch.

Go for a sleeveless tie-up t-shirt if you’d like to pair it with a skirt. Choose a t-shirt that reflects your interests and isn’t just wedding-themed. In this way, you can wear the t-shirt even after your bachelorette.

For themed weddings, choose a t-shirt that reflects the theme. This would allow you to choose themed t-shirts for your bridesmaids as well. Or, you could opt for a unique design if you have a particular theme for your bachelorette.

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These are four popular ways to style your t-shirt for a great bachelorette party. While there are plenty of design ideas, these are the most versatile. Check out custom t-shirt design websites to create the look you want. These websites have several templates to help you shine on your bachelorette.

You could even use these ideas to create incredible designs for your bridesmaids. That way, you’ll ensure you’re ready to coordinate outfits on your big day. Remember to choose a t-shirt design that reflects your personality and wedding theme. After all, it’s not something you’d get to do often.


  1. What is the best style of t-shirt to wear at a bachelorette party?

While there’s no best style of t-shirt, wearing customized t-shirts is growing popular. Brides choose to express themselves using these t-shirts. It also creates a tremendous creative outlet for the fashion sense of the brides.

You could even take suggestions from your bridesmaids while designing these t-shirts. Then, they could have the option to choose the best designs that suit their preferences. But make sure the bridesmaids’ t-shirts follow the same theme. Or else, it’ll just look like you’ve gathered for a regular party!

You can use readymade templates to design the t-shirt you want. Then, play around with custom fonts and images to create a t-shirt that suits you the best. Then, you can wear it anytime, even after your bachelorette party. 

  1. Are customized t-shirts for bachelorettes expensive?

No, customized t-shirts for your bachelorette party aren’t very expensive. Remember to buy from the right t-shirt designing website to receive the best rates and high quality. Many websites out there offer you cheap customized t-shirts. But, the catch here is that the writing and images on these t-shirts don’t last. You’ll find them flaking off after just one or two uses. So, it makes more sense to spend a little more on a good quality customized t-shirt. 

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  1. Should my bridesmaids be wearing matching t-shirts?

Yes, it would look pretty good if your bridesmaids wore matching t-shirts for your bachelorette party. This doesn’t mean bridesmaids must have to wear the same t-shirt. It simply means that their t-shirts should follow the same theme. 

Think of their bachelorette party outfits as a precursor to what they’ll wear on your wedding day. You can allow your bridesmaids to choose customized t-shirts for your bachelorette. They can use the same custom t-shirt design website that you do for this purpose. In addition, they can add their favourite quotes or pictures to their t-shirts. This will allow them to bring a piece of themselves to the t-shirt design. 

A good idea for your bachelorette party t-shirts is to coordinate theme colours. For example, you can use the same colour as your wedding day theme for your bachelorette party t-shirts. This would allow you to get into the right mood for your wedding day. 

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