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10 Insanely Useful Wedding Dress Selection Tips for Tall Brides [2024] – Everything You Need To Know

10 Insanely Useful Wedding Dress Selection Tips for Tall Brides – Everything You Need To Know

For many women, being tall is a dream! So, if you are taller than average, you will most likely have had others tell you how they envy your height. However, you know how this factor makes it exceptionally difficult to find dresses that fit you. As the general fashion industry is more geared towards creating dresses for women of average or slightly above average height, both tall and short women do not find as many options when they go shopping.

10 Insanely Useful Wedding Dress Selection Tips for Tall Brides - Everything You Need To Know

Fortunately, wedding dress shopping is not as tricky as finding regular dresses for your tall figure. Most wedding dresses are longer than average gowns and evening dresses, but finding one that covers your toes when you are six feet tall or more can still be challenging.

Here are some tips to help you find the dress and complete your look so it matches your expectations.

The good news is that wedding dress measurements usually cater to tall girls

Most fashion wedding designers have their latest collections walk down the runway, which means quite tall models wear them! So, your options aren’t too few. Additionally, even the bride of average height becomes taller once she wears her wedding heels. So, designers leave some extra length to factor these few inches in. This article on the Long Elegant Legs Blog mentions that most clothiers design dresses that suit a bride who is almost six feet tall. So, if you are above six feet, you should have several options, although you may not be able to walk down the aisle in high heels. But, with such an enviable height, wearing flats or tiny kitten heels wouldn’t be a damper on your style.

A good bridal shop will have the right solution for you

Don’t forget to discuss your height concerns with the salesperson when you go gown shopping. Since your designer dress will mostly be made-to-order, they can ask to have it made longer than usual. This way, you will not have much trouble finding a dress that is just the right length for you.

Once you pick from the store inventory, the general process is to order the dress in your size and receive it after a few weeks. At this time, the gown will be custom-created by the design house. The added length is not usually a concern. Some bridal designers agree to add extra length to their designs to match your height requirements for a reasonable cost. So, don’t compromise on your dream of wearing a fabulous gown with all the needed features by choosing off-the-rack. Instead, shop early so you have enough time for a made-to-order dress.

A good bridal shop will have the right solution for you

You can still buy off-the-rack

Although it is best to shop early, you may not always have the luxury of having your gown made to order. Therefore, always aim to hit the shops early and order your gown to get it in time for your wedding day. However, if this isn’t possible, you still have enough options to buy off-the-rack. First, choose a wedding shop with several designer collections, like Best for Bride. Different designers follow different measurement charts when planning their designs, so your chances of finding longer wedding gowns are better at shops with extensive inventories than at your average local bridal store. So, find a wedding salon that stocks several designer collections, including plus-size gowns, as you should be able to find more dress choices at such places. Discuss your length needs when you book your appointment at the salon, so the shop can keep suitable dresses ready for you to try on when you attend your appointment.

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Alterations are a given

Even if you aren’t a tall bride, you will most likely need wedding dress alterations. Nearly 90% of brides need wedding dress alterations. So, don’t excessively stress over it. Increasing the length is just one of the alterations that can be performed without much ado. Depending on your gown type, the alteration required may differ. Sometimes, the hemline may have to be lowered by using matching fabric in the layers above it. In other cases, the extra fabric may be added to the lower part of the skirt to accommodate your height. When you work with a talented seamstress, she will know the right type of alteration that is required to achieve the intended effect. Never entrust the job to your regular tailor, as this can do more damage than good. Only a tailor who is familiar with wedding dresses will be able to do handle the task, as wedding dresses are more complex in comparison to regular gowns and formal dresses.

wedding dress alterations

Focus on wedding accessories

The best thing about being tall is that you can wear bold, statement jewelry without looking cluttered or being buried in it. So, don’t worry if you aren’t able to find a dress that is elaborate and rich in detail. You can consistently achieve a similar effect with the right choice of accessories. By opting for more sparkly jewelry with elaborate details, you can compensate for a simple wedding dress and silhouette. Unlike the limitations in dresses, you do not have any restrictions on choosing your jewelry.

However, if your intention is to dress up in such a way that your height is not in focus, you may like to use fewer and bigger pieces of jewelry that will draw attention to that particular position. While considering wedding accessories, take a closer look at veils and belts or sashes that can effectively break up your length and make you look less taller than you actually are.

Choose wedding dress features that enhance your best assets

When caught in a maze of wedding dress features, focus on finding a dress that brings out your best. Not all tall women have the same body structure. Different women have different body shapes, and not all silhouettes look great on every body type. Based on this previous article, identify your body shape and then opt for a silhouette that looks best on you.

Ball gowns with dropped waistlines (like the basque style) are recommended for taller brides who don’t want to emphasize their height. However, if you have slender arms, you may like to look at sleeveless and strapless necklines that shift attention to your upper body. Avoid the sheath style, as it can add extra vertical inches to your overall length, and you do not want that. Similarly, avoid raised waistlines, like the empire waist, as these have a prominent skirt section that can be overwhelming given your tall stature.

Choose wedding dress features that enhance your best assets

Consider custom-made if you aren’t satisfied with your available options

Should a bride compromise on her wedding dress dream for no reason whatsoever? If you cannot find one that meets your expectations, but you know exactly what you want, consider having it made. A talented dress designer can design a dress that will fit your exact measurements. By choosing this route, you can also have every feature you desire in your bridal gown. So, once you find a talented person like this, you will have no trouble bringing your wedding vision to life. Don’t worry about the cost. When you compare the additional price you will incur to get a gown altered, which will usually be comparable. The only thing to look for is that the designer you choose has the expertise and experience to handle this task.

We mentioned earlier that wedding dresses are complex garments, with boning, multiple fabric layers and more detailed embellishments than other dresses. So, your average tailor may be unable to do justice when attempting to create or even alter a wedding gown. It would help to approach a professional to get the job done right. Our in-house designer team at Best for Bride may be able to help you get what you need. Please learn more about our bespoke wedding dress design service by visiting this page.

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Think of fabric to decide on the final look

The fabric of your dress is just as crucial as the silhouette and style in creating the final look. Choose the dress fabric based on whether you want to show off your height or draw attention away from it. Stiff fabric in the right places can add more dimension and texture, giving you a fuller look. On the other hand, sleek, soft fabric with a characteristic sheen will help you look slender and even taller. For a curvy silhouette, ball gowns made from tulle fabric are your best choice. Sateen finishes look good on brides with an hourglass figure who wish to show off their natural curves. Similarly, fit and flare dresses that have a distinction at the waist or an embellished bodice that stands out from the skirt are a good choice when you want to draw emphasis to your natural shape. Avoid full sleeves and very high necklines, as these will cover up your assets. However, they will add more length, which

Think of fabric to decide on the final look

Think of your wedding shoe options early

The general wedding advice is to buy your shoes in time for your first fitting appointment. However, the case is different when you are a taller-than-average bride. Choose your wedding shoes before shopping for your dress, so you know how much change should be made to the length of the gown to fit you correctly. When you are tall, even small heels may make it necessary to add extra fabric to cover your feet. You should know if this is necessary when your gown order is created. It will be difficult to add extra fabric if the gown doesn’t extend beyond your ankles and is short after it has been created.

We know that tall brides may not have a world of options in wedding shoes. However, don’t limit yourself to wearing something that you aren’t really happy with. Instead, explore options like handmade shoes or shoe accessories that can instantly dress up your shoes and make it more attractive. Think out of the box, and you won’t be disappointed with having to settle for what is available.

Wear a petticoat when trying the dress on, or it can end up being shorter when you later do

Your dress will rise by a few inches if you have a petticoat on, which can throw off all your alteration measurements. After all the pain you take to get your dress to fit correctly, you do not want to be disappointed on your big day when it ends up shorter than it should be, just because of the addition of a petticoat. Also, a long petticoat may peep out from below your dress, which can ruin the entire look. So, make it a point to wear all the undergarments you have chosen for your wedding day to your fitting sessions. This will save you a lot of trouble later.

Wear a petticoat when trying the dress on, or it can end up being shorter when you later do

At Best for Bride, we stock dresses suitable for tall brides and offer alterations to customize wedding gowns that may be shorter than you need. The Alfred Angelo collection is one collection that has ready dresses in longer sizes, apart from others. So, if you are a tall bride hunting for the perfect wedding gown, you know where to look. Browse through our online gallery to see what options we offer, and also contact us if you need any further assistance. So, please book your appointment with us today, and be on the way to becoming a beautiful bride, whether you are short or tall, curvy or slim, modern or traditional!

Summary: Wedding Dress Selection Tips for Tall Brides

  • Embrace your height and celebrate your statuesque figure as you embark on selecting your wedding dress.
  • Look for wedding dresses with longer hemlines that will complement your height and create an elegant and elongated silhouette.
  • Experiment with different silhouettes, such as A-line, ball gown, or mermaid, to find the style that flatters your body shape.
  • Consider dresses with defined waistlines or belts to add proportion and accentuate your curves.
  • Play with various necklines, like sweetheart, off-the-shoulder, or halter, to enhance your upper body and create a balanced look.
  • Incorporate details like lace, beading, or embroidery to add visual interest and dimension to your dress.
  • Try on dresses with empire or dropped waistlines to create a longer torso and enhance your overall proportions.
  • Opt for fabrics with a flowing drape, such as chiffon or organza, to create graceful movement as you walk.
  • Consider custom alterations to ensure your tall frame’s perfect fit and length.
  • Seek the assistance of experienced bridal consultants who can guide you towards dress options that complement your height and personal style.

FAQ – Wedding Gown

What is the name of a lengthy wedding gown?

The lengthy rear piece of a robe, coat, cloak, skirt, overskirt, or dress that lingers behind the person is referred to as a train in clothing. It is a frequent component of academic robes, court robes, and court uniforms. It’s also a popular feature of elegant evening gowns and wedding gowns for women.

Is it possible to make a wedding gown longer?

Yes. Purchase a yard of fabric that is equivalent to the thickest fabric used in the fabrication of your bridal gown. This is usually duchess satin or taffeta. Make a fabric panel the same width as the front of your gown’s skirt from side seam to side seam, plus twice the extra length needed.

Is it possible to change a two-size-larger dress?

A dress may usually be altered by 1 to 2 sizes. Although both are possible, making a dress smaller is typically simpler than making one larger. It’s generally preferable to take your dress to a professional if you need it modified more than a few sizes.

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How much does it cost to have a wedding gown shortened?

The cost of changes to a wedding gown may quickly pile up. Some salons charge per service ($225 for a gown shortening, $150 for resewing seams, etc. ), while others offer a flat rate (about $500 to $900) that covers everything you’ll need to make the dress fit you ideally.

What happens if your wedding gown is too short?

You might be able to add lace to the bottom of certain gowns to make a stylish hem. If your dress is too short, you may add additional lace to the bottom to make it a fishtail dress. Overskirt in tulle. This fantastic concept may be used in almost any classic full-skirted bridal gown.

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