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Footwear Fantasy: Elevate Your Wedding Look with Unique Shoe Accessories!

On your wedding day, you want to be a stunning bride – one whom the guests will keep their eyes on, and not yawn at! To make this happen, planning your wedding day look precisely, up to the smallest of details is necessary.


Although your wedding shoes will be hidden under your long flowing gown for most of the day, your guests will still have glimpses of it as you walk down the aisle, or dance at the reception. So, make sure you have them notice your dainty feet dazzling with pretty touches that you have added to your wedding shoes.

Look at these shoe accessories that can do this without breaking the bank.

Shoe clips


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Dress up a simple, white or ivory shoe that you bought at a bargain with pretty and unusual shoe clips. These accessories will add the required drama and take your shoe from blah to wow!

You can choose anything from flowers and silky satin bows to round glitzy brooches and sparkling crystals or gems to add those finishing touches to your shoes, and you will have a unique pair of shoes. To use your wedding shoes on another occasion, you have to remove the shoe clip and it is back to it’s original look.

Sparkling crystals

If you want a glamorous shoe, but all the sparkling ones are over-budget, how about customizing one yourself? You could also consider this option if the ones you come across are too sparkly for your taste, or don’t create the desired impact.

Shimmering crystals in all colors and sizes are available, and you can buy ones that you like. You can even choose your shoe decoration charms in colors other than white, to add extra bling to your look. Glue them all over your shoe for a super-sparkly effect, or confine it to just the heel or the toes, if you prefer a sophisticated look.

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White is out, let’s color it in

More and more brides are looking for different ways to ensure their wedding look is unique. If you have chosen a traditional white wedding gown, but want to color some personality into your overall look, how about wearing your wedding shoes in a different shade?

While you can find many colours, you could also dye your shoe to match your wedding palette. When you are going with colour, make it as bright as possible, so it pops. Those fleeting glimpses of your wedding shoes while you circle the dance floor, will be spectacular and definitely noticed this way.



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If you want colour, but don’t want to go all the way with it, you could consider having just the sole coloured with a coloured shoe sole kit. Girls who love little details will love shoe stickers that say “I Do.” These are also available in glitter or different colours to stick on your shoe soles if this is what will add an element of surprise to your feet.

With shoe accessories, your options are endless. It is not just about finding a budget-friendly option, it is also about creating your unique look. For more exciting wedding tips and advice, visit us at Best for Bride.

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  1. LOL. I always thought the sneakers with the wedding dress was a unique look 🙂 Great tips here, as usual!

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