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Wedding Accessories

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If you enjoyed the process of finding a wedding dress, accessorizing could be an even greater treat for you. There are no strict rules as to what jewelry is suitable, except for one: don’t overdo it. However, there are some good tips on how to look your best and we’ve gathered these for you:

1. Think about the neckline

Get your dress before your jewelry to avoid problems. Your necklace should complement your neckline – chokers, for instance, go great with strapless dresses, V-necks or sweethearts look best with pendants, and if you opt for a high neckline, better stick with bolder earrings instead.

2. Match the metal to the dress

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White dresses go great with silver, platinum or white gold, but if your dress is champagne, you can also choose yellow or rose gold to go with it.

3. Think about the bodice detail

If your dress is heavily decorated, or your bodice is quite complex, you can leave the jewelry out, or opt out for a simpler one. You need to make sure that the jewelry complements the details on the dress – if your bodice is decorated with sequins, you can choose a necklace with diamonds.

4. Wedding time

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The time of day you chose for your wedding also dictates your choice of jewelry. Morning or early afternoon weddings are traditionally less formal, so you should go with simpler jewelry. Evening weddings, however, require you to dress up!

5. What about the family jewelry?

Even if you’re not big fan of the “something old” or “something borrowed” tradition, it might be a good idea to look into the family heirlooms. Adding a sentiment will make your look unique, and you can also save money on buying jewelry. Vintage jewelry is currently a trend, and it would surely make your relatives shed a tear or two!

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