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Duties for the Best Man on Your Special Day

Standing by Her Man: Best Man Duties Decoded - Beyond Just a Speech

As the bride, you’ve got a lot to organize, think about, and consider. Amidst the flurry of wedding planning, it’s comforting to know that your best man is there to support not just your groom but you, too. 

Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of the duties a best man should fulfill to ensure your big day goes off without a hitch.

Offering Emotional Support

Your best man should be there for both you and your groom throughout the wedding process. He should offer emotional support, whether it’s lending a listening ear during stressful moments or offering words of encouragement.

Organizing the Bachelor Party

One of the best man’s most exciting duties is planning the bachelor party. From choosing the location to coordinating activities, he should ensure the groom has a memorable celebration with his closest friends.

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Maintaining Bachelor Party Etiquette

While the bachelor party is a time for celebration, it’s important for the best man to consider the groom’s preferences and boundaries. He should ensure that activities are enjoyable for everyone involved and avoid anything that could potentially cause embarrassment or discomfort.

Assisting with Wedding Planning

While you and your future husband will typically be handling most of the wedding planning, the best man can assist by running errands, helping with DIY projects, or offering advice when needed.

Managing Groomsmen

The best man coordinates the groomsmen, ensuring they know their responsibilities and are on time for rehearsals and the big day. The best man is also in charge of ensuring that groomsmen have what they need for the day of the wedding, such as boutonnieres, suits, and ties. 

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Speech Preparation

Crafting a heartfelt and memorable speech is the crucial duty of the best man. He should discuss the groom’s qualities, share stories, and toast the couple’s happiness. He may also act as the master of ceremonies to keep the speeches flowing and maintain order on the day.

Making Sure Everything Goes Off Without a Hitch

On the wedding day, the best man should help make sure everything runs smoothly. From keeping track of the timeline to handling any last-minute emergencies, he should be the go-to person for problem-solving.

The best man’s role can also be described as liaison and informant! He needs to ensure guests are well-informed and attended to as they need to, answering any questions that come up. His job is to balance the responsibility of hosting with fielding inquiries to help you create an enjoyable experience for everyone in attendance. 

Arranging Transportation

Coordinating transportation for the groom and groomsmen to the ceremony and reception is essential. Whether it’s arranging a limo or ensuring everyone has a reliable ride, the best man should handle logistics.

Handling the Rings

One of the most symbolic duties of the best man is safeguarding the wedding rings until they are exchanged during the ceremony. He should ensure they are safe and easily accessible when the time comes.

Choosing Suits or Tuxedos

Choosing the right attire is crucial for the groom and his party. Custom suits or tuxedos add a touch of elegance and ensure a perfect fit. The best man can assist the groom in selecting the style, fabric, and accessories for their custom attire.

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The best man can also be in charge of collecting attire for the groom and his attendants after ensuring that it’s all ready by the time the big day rolls around. 

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Keeping A Pre-Wedding Checklist

Leading up to the wedding day, the best man should help the groom stay organized by creating a checklist of tasks to complete. This may include confirming vendor details, finalizing guest counts, and ensuring all necessary documents are in order.

Helping the Groom Get Ready

The morning of the big day, the groom will likely be a bundle of nerves, and this is the best man’s time to shine! He will help him get ready for the wedding itself and try to soothe his nerves as the hour approaches. 

Having An Emergency Kit

As the groom’s right-hand man, the best man should come prepared with an emergency kit on the wedding day. This kit can include items like stain remover, safety pins, mints, and a sewing kit to handle any unforeseen mishaps. Including a snack is an excellent idea, too, as food often gets forgotten in the lead up to the I dos.

Liaising with Vendors

The best man can also serve as a liaison with vendors on the wedding day to alleviate the bride and groom’s stress. Whether communicating last-minute changes or resolving any issues that arise, he should ensure everything runs seamlessly behind the scenes.

Maximizing Photo Ops

Throughout the day, the best man should be mindful of capturing memorable moments with the groom and other wedding party members. Whether it’s candid shots or posed photos, these memories will be cherished for years to come.

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Giving a Gift

You can look forward to a gift from the best man as a way to show his support for your new union and extend his congratulations. The best man may give his gift to the groom before the wedding or even earlier than that, at the bachelor party. 

Signing the Marriage License

Immediately after the wedding ceremony, the best man will sign the marriage license as a witness alongside the maid of honor. If an officiant needs to be paid after the ceremony, he can also take care of this quietly.

Starting the Toasts

If you and your brand husband choose to open up the floor for toasts during the reception, the best man will generally be the first one to step up. Make sure he knows to keep the focus on your love story!

Returning Rental Attire

Typically, the best man is responsible for returning any rental attire that was used for the wedding. This often includes tuxedos and/or suits, as well as any accompanying accessories. 

Returning the attire promptly ensures that the rental company receives their items back on time and avoids any additional charges. It’s a courteous and responsible task that falls within the best man’s duties.

Clearing the Venue

Asking the best man to assist with clearing the venue is a common practice and is one of the many responsibilities he will undertake when he accepts the role. Clearing the venue often involves tasks such as helping to collect the wedding gifts, making sure nothing important is left behind by you or your guests, and disposing of rubbish. It’s a great way for the best man to show support and help ensure the smooth conclusion of the event.

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Assisting After The Wedding

The best man can provide valuable support to the groom as he transitions to married life in several ways. This support can include offering a listening ear and providing emotional encouragement. 

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Additionally, the best man can offer practical advice based on his own experiences and simply be a dependable friend as the groom navigates this new chapter of his life.

FAQs – Best Man Duties

Should the best man help with the wedding day set-up?

Although it’s not a requirement, the bride and groom may be grateful if the best man offers to help set up for the wedding. It shows dedication and support for your special day.

What if the best man lives far away?

If the best man lives far away, he can still fulfill many of his duties remotely, such as helping with planning and offering emotional support. He can also arrive a few days early to assist with last-minute preparations.

Can the best man have a plus-one at the wedding?

Whether the best man is allowed to bring a plus-one typically depends on your preferences and budget. If space and budget allow, extending the invitation to a plus-one is a thoughtful gesture.

What happens if the best man can’t attend the wedding?

If the best man is unable to attend the wedding due to unforeseen circumstances, the groom may choose to appoint a replacement or adjust responsibilities accordingly. It’s important to communicate any changes with the rest of the wedding party.

Is the best man expected to dance with the bride?

While it’s not a strict expectation, it’s a nice gesture for the best man to share a dance with the bride during the reception. It symbolizes friendship and camaraderie between the bridal party and is often a touching moment.

Who pays for the best man’s attire?

Traditionally, the best man is responsible for purchasing or renting his own attire. However, in some cases, the groom may offer to cover the cost as a gesture of appreciation.

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Can the best man wear a different suit/tuxedo?

While it’s common for the best man to wear attire similar to the groomsmen, he can opt for a slightly different suit or tuxedo to stand out. However, it should still complement the overall theme and style of the wedding.

When should the best man start planning the bachelor party?  

The best man should start planning the bachelor party several months before the wedding to ensure ample time for coordination and reservations.

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