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Make Engagement Ring Shopping Easy With These Tips

Make Engagement Ring Shopping Easy With These Tips

You are ready to ask for her hand and get married. Yet before that can happen, you need to get engaged first. And the only thing that’s lacking is an engagement ring. With the vast array of shops available online, how can you possibly pick one? Let’s go ahead and find out.

Consider These Before Deciding on an Engagement Ring

Choosing an engagement ring is a personal decision. It symbolizes your love and devotion to your partner. The engagement ring represents your lifelong commitment to each other. To help you make the right decision, here are some tips when deciding on the perfect engagement ring:

Set a Reasonable Budget

Before shopping for an engagement ring online, set a realistic budget. These rings come at different prices, with many factors taken into account. So make sure that you only buy a ring that you can afford. Remember that your budget should include any additional costs for resizing, insurance, and maintenance. Do your research to find one that your budget is comfortable with. 

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Familiarize the Four C’s

This determines the overall quality of the diamond of the engagement ring. The Four C’s stand for Cut, Carat Weight, Color, and Clarity. These play a significant role in a diamond’s appearance and cost. Consider these factors since each wearer has their preference.

Choose the Right Ring Style

The engagement rings you can choose from come in various styles. Make sure that you consider the style preference of the wearer. Take any hints they may have dropped about the rings that they prefer to wear. If unsure, consider consulting with a close friend or family member. This will make the choice so much easier for you.

Metals are Important

The choice of metal for the ring band is a critical decision. Gold (white, yellow, and rose) and platinum are the most preferred engagement ring choices. Please do your research since each metal has its unique properties. They also offer varying aesthetic appeals. 

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The Ring Setting

Consider the setting when choosing an engagement ring. The setting holds the center stone or gem. You can select from prong, bezel, tension, etc. When looking into ring setting, remember that this can affect the appearance and security of the diamond.

Ensure Jewelry Certification

Do your research and ensure that the engagement ring comes with proper certification for the diamond. Reputable online jewellers will provide certifications from recognized gemological laboratories. 

Guarantee and Warranty

Also inquire about the jeweller’s warranty and return policy. If the ring comes with a warranty, it offers peace of mind if it requires maintenance or resizing.

5 Types of Engagement Rings

When searching for engagement rings online, there are different types. The options are abundant, and each style has unique value and aesthetics. Before you decide on an engagement ring, here are five popular types to consider:

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Halo Engagement Rings

These rings are famous for having their extra sparkle. They are popular among vintage-loving ringwearers. The rings have a central diamond or gemstone encircled by a “halo” of smaller diamonds. The halo enhances the center stone, creating a dazzling, radiant effect. 

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Modern and Contemporary Rings

These engagement rings incorporate classic designs with a modern twist. They have sleek lines and asymmetrical shapes and are made of non-traditional materials. These rings are the best choice for those seeking a unique jewelry piece to seal your engagement proposal.

Solitaire Engagement Rings

When your priority is a ring that is timeless and elegant, this is the best choice for you. This is a classic ring style ideal for those who appreciate simplicity and sophistication. Solitaire rings feature a single diamond or gemstone as its focal point. It is then set on a plain and simple band. Solitaire rings put more emphasis on the beauty and elegance of the center stone. 

Three-Stone Engagement Rings

As its name suggests, the ring has three stones, a trio of diamonds or gemstones. The ring is sentimental and meaningful as it symbolizes the couple’s journey together. These represent the past, present, and future of your relationship. The diamonds or gemstones are set on the ring’s band. Often, the center stone is more significant and is emphasized by two smaller stones. 

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Vintage Engagement Rings

For a one-of-a-kind aesthetic, choose vintage engagement rings. These rings are rich in history. Vintage and antique rings often feature intricate details. They have unique designs and settings. Different generations of ideas inspire these ring designs. The most popular are Edwardian, Victorian, and Art Deco. 

Deeper Understanding of the Four C’s of Diamond

One of the most valuable and sought-after gems in the world is the diamond. To assess the quality and value of a diamond, jewellers use a standardized system known as the “Four C’s.” These four characteristics – cut, carat weight, colour, and clarity, are essential in determining a diamond’s value. And understanding the Four C’s is vital when shopping for diamond engagement rings.


Diamond’s cuts are rated from “excellent” to “poor.” Its brilliance and beauty depend primarily on the cut. This is considered the most important of the Four C’s. The ‘cut’ is the form and facets of a diamond. A well-cut diamond glitters from light reflection and refraction. When looking at diamond cuts, the dimensions, symmetry, and polish are considered.

  • Excellent. They are best at reflecting light and produce the most brilliance.
  • Very Good. It’s still a perfect cut but has slightly less brilliance.
  • Good. These diamonds have an appealing level of brilliance.
  • Fair. These may not reflect that good in light and may appear dull.
  • Poor. They have minimal brilliance and are often not recommended for jewelry.

Carat Weight

The diamond size is measured in carat weight. This is another essential factor to consider when buying an engagement ring. The diamond carat weight is measured in “points.” For example, the value of a 0.75-carat diamond is 75 points. 

However, remember that the value does not always depend on the carat weight. Take, for instance, a larger diamond with poor cut, colour, and clarity. They may be bigger, but they will be worth less than a smaller one.

  • Colour: Diamonds come in several colours. The diamond colour ratings range from D (colourless) to Z (light yellow or brown). Remember that diamonds with less colour mean they are better in value. Those diamonds with the most minor colour are the most expensive. 
  • D-F “Colorless” are diamonds that are extremely rare and highly valued.
  • G-J “Near Colorless” diamonds have a slight hint of colour and are not often visible to the naked eye. These diamonds have an outstanding balance of quality and value.
  • K-M “Faint” diamonds may have a noticeable hint of colour.
  • N-Z “Very Light to Light” diamonds have a more visible colour that significantly affects their appearance and value.


Its inclusions and imperfections determine this. The diamond ratings for clarity range from “flawless” to “included.” Here’s how the diamonds are rated for their clarity.

  • Flawless (FL) or Internally Flawless (IF) are extremely rare and valuable. They have no internal or external flaws that are visible under 10x magnification.  
  • Very, Very Slightly Included (VVS1 and VVS2) diamonds have the lightest inclusions that are not easily detectable even under magnification.
  • Very Slightly Included (VS1 and VS2) ratings mean the diamonds have slight inclusions that are still invisible to the naked eye. These diamonds offer a balance of quality and value.
  • Slightly Included (SI1 and SI2) diamonds may have noticeable inclusions when physically inspected.
  • Included (I1, I2, and I3) diamonds have inclusions that are greatly visible to the naked eye.
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Tips for Choosing an Engagement Ring Seller Online

Finding a reputable jewelry shop online can be a daunting task. Engagement rings are not cheap, and you won’t want to get scammed. Let this guide help you make a confident and well-informed decision. Here are some tips to help you find a reputable online engagement ring seller online.

  • Research Online Jewelry Sellers. Start your engagement ring shopping online by doing some research on sellers. Check their online customer testimonials. Hartmanns engagement ringsfor example, have one of the best reviews online. Prioritize sellers with a good history of positive customer feedback and high product ratings.
  • Check for Jewelry Certification. Reputable online jewellers should have certification from recognized gemological laboratories. It is essential to ensure that the seller only offers certified jewelry, like diamonds or gemstones. The certification guarantees buyers that the jewelry is of the highest quality and authenticity.
  • Clear and Transparent Jewelry Information. An online seller should provide detailed information about their products. They must have transparent descriptions of the rings available. For example, in diamonds, this should include the Four Cs – cut, colour, clarity, and carat weight. Steer clear of sellers with vague or incomplete product information. A reputable online jeweller should be transparent with its pricing, return policies, and shipping terms.
  • Returns and Secure Payment Methods. Ensure that the jewelry seller online has secure payment methods. They should have a history of reliable payment processing. Also, check for warranties and return policies. This secures your jewelry purchase. You should be able to return or replace the products you purchased. Reputable sellers will not have problems offering guaranteed satisfaction.
  • Reliable Customer Support. Make sure that the seller’s customer support can be trusted. It should be easy to reach out if you have questions or inquiries. They must be responsive and knowledgeable when it comes to jewelry. There should be different communication channels available, too.

Guide for Proper Engagement Ring Sizing

You must know how to size an engagement ring properly. This ensures comfort and security when worn. To make sure that you are buying an engagement ring that perfectly fits your partner, here are some tips for you:

Buying a surprise engagement ring:

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  • Ask Family and Friends: If you do not want your partner to know that you are looking for an engagement ring, you can ask family and friends to help you out. Discreetly consult people she’s close to who may know her ring size. They might be able to help you find out without revealing the surprise.
  • Temporary Sizing: This is another way to get an engagement ring without your partner knowing. If this will be a surprise proposal, choose a quick setting. It’s not an issue if you propose using a loose-fitting ring. You can always have the ring resized later on.
  • Ask the Jeweler: If you are unsure, consult with the jeweller. Their years of experience in helping customers might be able to help you determine the correct ring size you should get. They can also offer your advice on how to find the right size for your partner.
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Buying a ring with your partner’s involvement

  • Professional Ring Sizing: If you want accurate sizing, bring your partner to a local jeweller. They often offer professional ring-sizing services to customers. Professional ring sizing tools can help ensure you purchase a ring of the best fit. 
  • Existing Ring: If your partner wears a ring on the same finger, you can use this for proper engagement ring sizing. However, ring sizes will differ from one finger to the other. Just make sure that the ring is worn on the correct finger. The jeweller can use this to measure for the right size.
  • Ring Sizing Kits: There are now ring sizing kits that you can purchase from jewelry stores. These kits often come with plastic or metal ring sizers in different sizes. Choose a ring sizer with the same width for the band of the jewelry you are planning to purchase. Remember that the band can also affect the size of the ring. You can have your partner try them so you get an engagement ring of the best fit. 
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Finding the perfect engagement ring and jewelry seller online should not be complicated. You must be ready to do your thorough research in advance. Make sure that you consider the tips above as you make this difficult decision. This ensures you have a safe and satisfying experience with an online jewelry seller. 

Key Takeaways for a Hassle-free Engagement Ring Shopping

Budget Planning:

  • Set a realistic budget covering the ring cost, resizing, insurance, and maintenance.
  • Conduct thorough research to find a ring that matches your budget and quality expectations.

Understanding the Four C’s:

  • Familiarize yourself with Cut, Carat Weight, Color, and Clarity to assess the diamond’s quality.
  • Each aspect of the Four C’s significantly impacts the diamond’s appearance and price.

Selecting the Right Style and Setting:

  • Consider the style preference of the wearer, consult friends or family for insights if necessary.
  • Explore various settings like prong, bezel, or tension to ensure both aesthetics and diamond security.

Online Shopping Tips:

  • Look for reputable online jewelers with positive customer reviews and clear product information.
  • Ensure the jeweler provides certification from recognized gemological laboratories for authenticity.

Proper Ring Sizing:

  • For surprise proposals, consider consulting with a jeweler, asking friends or family, or using a temporary setting.
  • If buying together, opt for professional ring sizing services or use ring sizing kits for an accurate fit.

Exploring Ring Types:

  • Discover different ring styles like Halo, Modern, Solitaire, Three-Stone, and Vintage to find a design that resonates with your partner’s taste.

FAQ: Engagement Rings

How should I set a budget for an engagement ring?

Setting a realistic budget is the first step when shopping for an engagement ring. The budget should cover not only the cost of the ring but also additional expenses like resizing, insurance, and maintenance. It’s advisable to do thorough research to find a ring that fits within your budget without compromising on quality or design.

What are the Four C’s and why are they important in choosing a diamond engagement ring?

The Four C’s stand for Cut, Carat Weight, Color, and Clarity, and they determine the overall quality and value of a diamond. Understanding the Four C’s is crucial as it helps in making an informed decision when selecting a diamond ring. Each of these factors plays a significant role in the appearance and cost of the diamond, hence should be considered carefully.

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How do I choose the right style and setting for the engagement ring?

The right style and setting can be determined by considering the preference of the wearer. If uncertain, consulting close friends or family members or even discussing with the intended wearer could be helpful. The setting holds the gemstone and comes in various types like prong, bezel, or tension. The style and setting should complement the wearer’s taste and ensure the security and beauty of the diamond.

How can I ensure that the engagement ring I buy online is of high quality?

Ensure that the online jeweler provides a certification for the ring from recognized gemological laboratories, which attests to the quality and authenticity of the diamond. Also, consider purchasing from reputable online jewelers who have positive customer reviews and clear, transparent information about their products, including details about the Four C’s, return policies, and secure payment methods.

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