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A Simple Guide To Best Hairstyles [2024] for Different Wedding Dress Necklines That You May Not Know About

A Simple Guide To Best Hairstyles for Different Wedding Dress Necklines That You May Not Know About

The wedding dress is the statement element of your bridal look. Hence, everything about your bridal look should go well with this focal item. When the bridal accessories, makeup and hairstyle work with the wedding dress, your bridal look will come together beautifully.

One of the main factors to consider when choosing your bridal hairstyle is the neckline of your dress. To understand the different necklines that are commonly seen on wedding dresses, take a look at this article on the Knot website. For every wedding dress neckline style, certain hairstyles work better than others. So, here is your personal hairstyle neckline guide.

Choosing your hairstyle based on the neckline style has the following benefits.

  • It makes your wedding hairstyle decision easier: Finding the right hairstyle is a challenge, and there are several varieties for you to choose from. Base it on your neckline, and you can narrow down your choices to just a select few.
  • It helps you focus on the statement features of your wedding dress: Although you need a beautiful hairstyle, you do not want one that will distract from the statement features of your dress. This is why it is essential to find one that will enhance the beauty of your dress and not steal the spotlight.

Here are our top hairstyle suggestions based on popular wedding dress neckline styles. Browse through it, and we are sure you will be inspired.

Boat Neck

The boat or bateau neckline is a horizontal neckline that emphasizes your collar bones and neck region. It is also a relatively high neckline that adds greater bulk to the bust region. The ideal hairstyle wouldn’t hide this neckline. Hence, it should be an updo or gathered hairstyle that keeps hair off your neckline.

Since the boat neck is very feminine and dainty, it is best to pair this style with a soft hairstyle instead of a super sleek one. Complement the soft neckline detail with low buns or soft messy buns. You can also choose a high ponytail that keeps hair away from your face but has a more modern look. Finally, add a few accessories like flowers or scintillating hair clips, and you will look your very best.


The scoop neckline is a classic style that is popular in both classic and modern dresses. Although it is a universally flattering neckline, it doesn’t usually command much attention. Since this is a simple neckline style, it is best to choose your hairstyle based on the rest of the features in the dress. Plan your hairstyle based on whether your dress looks formal or casual and the sleeve length as well.

For casual dress styles with a scoop neckline, choose hairstyles like messy buns or wear your hair half-up and half-down. Add some curls for extra charm. If your dress style is classic or formal, straighten your hair and leave it open. Else pair your dress with a classic top knot that can never go wrong.

Halter neckline

This retro-inspired neckline is a statement feature of the bodice and is usually chosen by brides who want to show off their toned arms. It is also a high neckline that best fits slim and well-toned brides. When considering wedding hairstyles for halter neck dresses, loose curls and free hair best suit this style. Since an updo will only further elongate your torso, a low hairstyle with hair left open will better balance your overall look.

Consider a half-up half-down hairstyle if your dress has a halter neckline. Else leave your hair open with a few strategically placed curls. This will add volume to your face and enhance your femininity. Remember that the halter neckline deserves to be highlighted. So, let the part of your hair that stays down be at the back rather than fall to the front.

One-shoulder neckline

This is a very romantic and almost casual dress feature. Not all brides can carry off a one-shoulder neckline perfectly. Hence highlight this feature in your dress. Choose a hairstyle that doesn’t distract from the neckline. The ideal choice would be a low-set bun or ponytail that keeps hair in one place.

The other stylish alternative is a hairstyle that places some or all your hair over your free shoulder. This would look immensely appealing and sexy, as it draws attention to the neckline with a strap on one shoulder and wavy curls that cover the other.

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High neckline

High necklines are a favorite in wedding fashion. These styles create the illusion of a fuller bust while highlighting the facial features. Brides who wish to appear leaner and taller will benefit from this style. This dress feature also draws attention to a voluminous skirt or one with signature embellishments on it.

Although this is a versatile neckline that gels with most hairstyle options, it usually looks best with top knots and other hairstyles that restrict hair from falling to the front. Since the bodice of such dresses usually features pretty embellishments, it is easy to keep the focus on the fabric and details. A sleek high updo looks smart and polished, while low buns with lovely accessories look feminine and romantic.


Another classic dress style, the V-neckline, appears in varying depths and widths on wedding dresses. As with the scoop, choosing your hairstyle according to the overall dress style is best rather than basing it on the neckline alone. For a deep V-neckline, pair it with a signature neck accessory and keep hair away from the neckline, so it is noticeable.

When the V-neckline appears on traditional and classic silhouettes, pair it with neat hairstyles like a clean bun or chignon. If it is part of a casual dress, you can wear your hair down in a style that best enhances your facial features. For deep, plunging V-necklines, which are usually statement features of a dress, try to keep your hair away from the front so that this style element receives focus.

Off-the-shoulder neckline

Feminine and very sexy, off-the-shoulder necklines are a happening trend in the world of wedding fashion. If your wedding dress features this neckline style, you can choose various hairstyle choices. If you are not entirely comfortable with baring too much skin, opt for one where some of your hair naturally covers part of your shoulders in natural waves. Hair that tumbles down your shoulders will look gorgeous. However, if you aren’t too keen on downplaying the statement dress feature, we have the ideal solution.

Add a bold and sophisticated statement to your overall bridal look; pair this neckline with a high-up do. This will allow you to reveal your toned collar bones and neck area, adding a unique charm to your bridal look.

Dramatic back details

Many modern designers focus on creating dramatic elements in the back of the dress, ones that instantly impress with their intricate details. If your dress has an illusion back, keyhole cut-outs or is even a daring low style, this shouldn’t be hidden by your hairstyle.

For a wedding dress with a dramatic back, choose a hairstyle that falls to the front, so the drama of the back is revealed. You can also opt for a chignon, updo or high pony that ends above the neckline of the dress.

Ball Gown Wedding Dress

The ball gown is the epitome of bridal elegance, characterized by a fitted bodice and a dramatic full skirt. Selecting the right hairstyle for ball gown wedding dress styles is crucial to complement its grandeur. The volume and drama of the ball gown silhouette can be balanced with a sophisticated updo or a romantic half-up, half-down hairstyle. Loose curls cascading down the back can also add a touch of fairy-tale charm. If your ball gown has intricate details on the bodice or back, consider an updo to ensure those details aren’t overshadowed. On the other hand, if the gown is simpler, flowing waves or loose curls can enhance your overall bridal appearance. Always remember to choose a hairstyle that feels true to your personal style and complements the other elements of your bridal look.

Sleeveless necklines with spaghetti straps

Sleeveless dresses are sometimes enhanced with spaghetti straps for support. These add a touch of bling and offer well-needed support to the bodice of a dress. The detail also creates a very feminine effect to the bridal look, and this factor should be played up for maximum impact.

Wavy hair is a fantastic choice for a hairstyle for spaghetti strap wedding dresses. Have your curls swept to one side, so one shoulder strap is definitely visible. A messy bun is also a beautiful option that goes well with this dress style. Pair it with hair accessories like headbands or hair clips, and you can further enhance the effect of the bun. Finally, the half-up, half-down hairstyle also works well with this dress design.

Sweetheart neckline

The sweetheart neckline is an ever-popular dress style that appeals to most brides. The half-heart shape frames the bust, fitting snugly and emphasizing the neck and collar area of the bride. It is also the prime choice for dresses with embellished bodices. This romantic dress neckline works well with almost any hairstyle. However, we have our favorites that go best with this style too.

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The top-knot looks amazing since it doesn’t hide the neck region and allows you to flaunt your collar bones. Tousled hairstyles with tendrils framing the face are excellent combinations for a relaxed look. Another hairstyle that looks great with the sweetheart neckline is side-swept hair. Accessorize it with a delicate headband or weave flowers into your hair to look every bit a goddess.

Strapless neckline

This basic neckline is another popular alternative to the sweetheart neckline. It extends straight across the bust from one end to the other, without any curves defining the bust area. The neckline without straps is a little daring but nevertheless very attractive when it fits snugly. It is also a good style if you wish to show off your figure and draw attention to your bridal jewelry.

For strapless necklines, loose buns and chignons work well as they keep hair away from the neckline. You can also opt for a sleek ponytail if you wish to sport a smart and neat look. The best way to enhance these hairstyles and add a touch of drama is to use bold hair accessories like fascinators, headbands or hair combs.

Plunging necklines

A bold and modern dress feature that is slowly being embraced by brides everywhere, plunging necklines have a statement effect of their own. Carrying off this style requires confidence, and this effect should be reflected in your choice of hairstyle too.

Highlight a plunging neckline with a style that keeps hair off your shoulders. Back buns and ponytails work well in this case. You can leave a few tendrils around your face, but don’t let hair obscure the effect of this daring neckline feature.

Illusion necklines

Illusion necklines are amazing dress features, with intricate beading and embellishments that enhance the beauty of the dress. Since these are done on a sheer layer, the peek-a-boo effect of the skin beneath it is very appealing. This is a neckline that you should showcase, and it is best if your hair doesn’t come in the way.

Sleek ponytails will keep hair towards the back for illusion necklines while you look smart. You can also choose elaborate updos with plenty of texture and volume for an exciting effect. Finally, playful curls will add to the visual appeal of your dress and make you look extra special.

The wedding dress neckline and your hairstyle are key factors determining your overall bridal look. Hence, these aspects should be decided after considerable research. If you are unsure what will look best on you, consult your hairdresser for ideas. We also advise a hair trial before your wedding day to help you see how your wedding day look will come together. This will also allow you to make suitable changes if you aren’t satisfied with what you see.

Apart from the neckline of your dress, other factors that should influence your wedding day hairstyle include your face shape, hair texture and wedding theme. For more tips and tricks on doing this right, visit this article on the Wedding Ideas Mag website. 

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Summary of Best Hairstyles for Different Wedding Dress Necklines

When choosing a hairstyle to match your wedding dress neckline, consider the following guidelines:

  • Boat Neck: A high neckline that adds bulk to the bust, so a soft updo or gathered hairstyle is best to keep hair off the neckline.
  • Scoop Neck: A simple neckline that pairs well with a casual messy bun or formal straight hair.
  • Halter Neckline: A retro-inspired neckline that is best paired with loose curls or a half-up half-down hairstyle to balance the look and show off toned arms.
  • One-Shoulder Neckline: A romantic neckline best paired with a low-set bun, ponytail, or hair placed over the free shoulder.
  • High Neckline: A versatile neckline that looks best with sleek high updos or low buns with accessories.
  • V-neckline: A classic neckline that can be paired with a clean bun or chignon for traditional and classic silhouettes or with hair down for casual styles.
  • Off-the-shoulder Neckline: A sexy neckline that can be paired with natural waves that cover part of the shoulders or a high-up do to reveal toned collar bones and neck area.
  • Dramatic Back Details: A dress with dramatic back details can be paired with an updo that reveals the back detail while keeping the hair off the neckline.

FAQ – Wedding Hairstyles

Before my wedding, when should I wash my hair?

We recommend cleaning your hair the night before your wedding, so you don’t have to rush the morning of. To get rid of parabens, filth, and grime from your hair, we recommend using a sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner.

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Why do brides choose to wear their hair up?

The problem is that brides who prefer to wear their hair down are usually females who wear their hair down because it makes them feel the most at ease, gorgeous, and confident. Brides who opt to wear their hair up have the same explanation — it just seems ‘right’ to them.

What do Indian brides do with their hairstyles?

Curls that are soft and lengthy are ideal for your reception. To add a little extra, add flowers or jewelled pins. Short hair with simple curls and a veil/chunni for your ceremony (You can make this work for an Indian wedding too). An exquisite reception appearance is a simple curled look with a pin on the side.

Is it customary for brides to wear wigs?

Aside from the risk of weather-wilt and bobby pin mishaps, brides wear wigs for a variety of reasons. For example, some women’s hair is finer than they’d want it to be, and a wig can help them seem more attractive. Other women’s hair won’t grow past their shoulders, so that a wig might provide lengthy tresses for a special occasion.

Is it permissible to wear a wig on your wedding day?

Absolutely, is the quick response. It’s your day, and you may wear your hair as you want. They’re doing so much with wigs these days that all you have to do is decide on the style you want to wear, whether with or without a veil, and you’ll be able to wear your wig just as you imagined.

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