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Complete Guide To Prepare For Your Big Day Beforehand

Wedding Planning

You have at last discovered the one you need to spend the rest of your life with, also celebrated a memorable engagement event by giving your fiancé a Hip-hop Chain and now the time has come to plan your big day! Planning a wedding is one of the most energizing and remunerating things you will actually do, yet it could likewise be one of the most unpleasant activities. Who doesn’t need an ideal wedding day? Still, few couples make a few mistakes without knowing. What’s more, this guide will assist you with dodging these slip-ups.

Set a Wedding Planning Timetable

The moment you get ready for marriage, everybody will ask about your wedding date. Yet, in all actuality, you won’t have the option to set a definite wedding date until other significant choices—like choosing (and booking) your venue. So first, center around deciding the scope of dates that will work for you. The normal engagement keeps going 15 months; yet additionally consider what season you’d like, any significant occasions or family occasions you’d prefer to abstain from clashing with, and how long you anticipate you’ll need to plan.

Wedding Planning

 Make a List of Priorities

Sorting out what you need from your day is the place where to begin when arranging a wedding. What are the main components to you? Possibly you need a reason not to have incredible food and beverages? Perhaps large gathering isn’t your style and you need everything to be simple?

Having your needs straight will direct the rest of the cycle, making it simpler to pick where you’ll settle.

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A Complete Guide on Best Wedding High Heels – Latest Updates!

wedding bride and groom

Congrats! If you are here, that means you have finally found your next wedding dress. Now, what style item will be on your list. Yes, of course, it will be wedding high heels.

Do you know what the worst part of wedding day outfits is? We plan rigorously to buy something that we will only wear for the second time. The wedding dress will be put in the box somewhere to never open again, and jewelry might be used a couple of times before it becomes old fashioned. However, there is one wedding fashion item that can be worn again and again, wedding high heels.

wedding bride and groom

Although most women prefer wearing wedding high heels at their wedding, most of the women have accepted that sometimes high heels can tend to feel uncomfortable.

The new generation of women is more prone to wear comfortable and trendy shoes as they are more working outside. When we want to search for any comfortable shoes to wear, in most cases, we see the designers giving us the options to regular wear sneakers or regular boring ballerinas.

But what if I tell you that we have the best range of comfortable wedding high heels just for you. Would you believe me?

Best Wedding High Heels

Wedding Heels

The high heels are everywhere and are praised by the women. But due to the discomfort issues, women ignore their choice of looking beautiful and trendy. They try to focus on the comfortable level of the shoes.

However, you cannot ignore the fashion at your wedding or while attending a wedding. These are once in a lifetime events, which means you need to look perfect. I have listed down some of the best comfortable wedding high heels.

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Fat to Fit Bride: A Comprehensive Guide on How to Lose Weight for your Big Day

wedding bride and groom

Wedding day preparations can be overwhelming at times. A lot of things should be scrutinized and well-planned – from the wedding cake to the flowers and rings, and even to the smallest detail of the wedding theme. After all, it is indeed a very special day for you and your groom and for everyone who will celebrate this milestone with you. Add the fact that almost all events are captured on camera today, one thing that a bride should not forget to consider important on her big day is to be in shape.

But of course, wedding or no wedding, staying in shape is easier said than done. This is especially true for brides who tend to cope to stress through eating. Regardless, you do not need to worry because that is the very reason why we are here to help you on your journey to be the fit bride you dream of.

The step-by-step guide that will follow will help prepare you to choose, plan, and execute a fitness program that will best suit your needs and goals. This will also give you an idea of how you can have a healthier lifestyle in the future.

wedding bride with veil - bridal gown

Although please note that this guide should not replace a professional dietician’s plans and recommendations. Nonetheless, this will still pave the way to the path of your fitness journey. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Step 1: Set Your Fitness Goals for the Big Day

Now, before you start researching a list of fat burners for women, we would like for you to relax first and think deeply about what you want to happen in the future. How do you see yourself while wearing that precious wedding dress? How much weight do you want to healthily lose to look better on the big day?

Try to honestly and comprehensively answer those questions so that you may turn that vision into your target. 

However, if you are still having a hard time setting your fitness goals, you may want to look and consider factors that might enlighten you in setting realistic targets. And of course, we got your back on that too. Here are some factors to consider when setting up your fitness goals for the big day.

Time Left Before the Wedding

Time spells everything. It wouldn’t matter how small or big your goals will be if you don’t have enough time to prepare for it. And this goes without saying but the more time you have before the wedding, the many more little goals and more detailed your goals can be. So it is a must to consider how much time you have left in setting up your fitness goals for the wedding.

Do you still have a year? Then you can still aim to slice off 50-100 pounds or even more before your wedding day. Reading fitness articles like the ones in Total Shape can help you lose weight sustainably.

But if you only have several months or even weeks before your wedding day, then losing a pound or a pound and a half per week is a reasonable goal to set.

Nonetheless, in general, setting up short-term fitness goals is better than setting up a one-time, big-time fitness goal. That is, it is better to set one, small goal at a time and let it eventually accumulate to achieve the “big” goal than to focus on engulfing the big goal immediately. For example, it is better to set yourself to lose 2 pounds a week for 4 weeks than to set yourself losing 8 pounds in a month. This idea has been found to reduce the pressure and overwhelm in achieving a “big” goal. Also, having achieved something weekly can motivate you to keep moving forward.  

Available Resources

Setting up realistic weight loss targets also depends on the available resources around you. The more resources you have, the more detailed your goals can be. You may even opt to include toning your body if your resources permit you to do so. Of course, time is inarguably one of the resources we are talking about in this part. But here are some of the other resources you must consider when setting up your fitness goals:

  • Fitness Partner

It can be said that having the right fitness partner by your side can double your chances of succeeding in your fitness journey. This is because, aside from motivation, the right fitness partner can guide you to correctly execute your routines. Consequently, this leads to better performance. This then yields better and faster results compared to when you exercise alone. Therefore, you can opt to choose heavier goals if you have a fitness partner.

Furthermore, having a companion by your side can nurture healthy competition and accountability – both of which are essential to success especially if you want to have a drastic fitness goal that requires an intense program.

  • Gym or Exercising Equipment

Although targeted weight loss is not possible, the accessibility of certain gym or exercising equipment can give you options on which parts of your body you may opt to tone or improve. For example, having resistance bands gives you the option to work on your lower body. In particular, you may opt to focus on your glutes. On the other hand, having dumbbells available gives you the option to work on your upper muscle groups such as your triceps or shoulder muscles.

  • Supply of Fresh and Healthy Foods Options

Your diet is a significant aspect of your fitness journey. Therefore, the availability and accessibility of fresh goods within your reach may limit or expand your choices in setting up your fitness goals. That is, if these food choices aren’t available or are too expensive for you to access, then you might have to limit your weight loss goals or you might need to alter your fitness program to accommodate this factor.

Step 2: Identify Aspects of Your Lifestyle That May Hinder You from Achieving Your Fitness Goals

After being clear of the goal you want to achieve, the next thing you need to do is to keep track of your general lifestyle. These include your eating habits and sleeping schedule. Then remove anything that you deem does not help achieve your fitness goals. 

  • Eating Habits

If you are one who eats sugars and junk foods when you’re stressed out, then I’m afraid to be the bearer of bad news but this is the time to say goodbye to these guilty pleasures. Well, at least give up on it until your wedding day is over.

To keep track of your diet, these are the questions you might want to fonder on:

  • How often do you eat fast food meals?
  • What meals do you usually prepare for yourself? How much meat? How much rice? (etc.)
  • What unhealthy food choices do you usually eat?

Journaling your daily meals is a helpful activity that can make you more aware of your food choices. You may also choose to use diet tracking applications and calorie calculators to ease this step.

  • Sleeping Schedule

Aside from eating, your sleep quality is also a huge factor that will determine the direction of your fitness journey. Studies show that sleep deprivation can decrease your weight loss from fat by as much as 55%. Also, being sleep-deprived can make you feel hungrier and less satisfied after your meals. Therefore, monitoring and correcting your sleep cycle are key factors for succeeding here.

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A Complete Guide to Wedding Bands and Engagement Rings

wedding ring

Most of us, regardless of if we are male or female, love rings and appreciate wearing them. However, buying a wedding ring can be quite challenging as your partner’s tastes may be unique, or we may not know what would suit them. They are fantastic for symbolizing eternal love, but you want to be sure that that the ring you choose is just right.

We will start by giving you a brief introduction to the anatomy of the ring, so you know precisely what we are referring to, then move on to the types of band, settings, and finally, the different kinds of metal that you can use.


All rings comprise of the similar component parts. Every ring will have a shank, which is more commonly referred to as the band. However, some rings will have some other features, and just a few of these are detailed below:

  1. Setting

The setting which can sometimes be referred to as the head is where the main stone will be situated. There are many different styles of setting; some are designed to allow maximum light to enter the stone, while others focus more on protection.

  1. Gallery

The gallery is located under the setting and is visible from the side. In some rings, the gallery can be barely visible while on others it is a prominent feature and can sometimes house another stone.

  1. Shoulders or Accent

The shoulders, also commonly known as the accent, are the sloping sides from shank to the setting. On some rings, they will remain plain, but often they are adorned with a series of small gemstones.

  1. Prong

Prongs are a series of small metal claws rising from the setting which will hold the stone in place. Typically, there will be four to six prongs, and they will allow a large amount of light to pass through the stone displaying a gem’s, such as a diamond, famous sparkle.

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