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A Complete Guide to Wedding Bands and Engagement Rings

wedding ring

Most of us, regardless of if we are male or female, love rings and appreciate wearing them. However, buying a wedding ring can be quite challenging as your partner’s tastes may be unique, or we may not know what would suit them. They are fantastic for symbolizing eternal love, but you want to be sure that that the ring you choose is just right.

We will start by giving you a brief introduction to the anatomy of the ring, so you know precisely what we are referring to, then move on to the types of band, settings, and finally, the different kinds of metal that you can use.


All rings comprise of the similar component parts. Every ring will have a shank, which is more commonly referred to as the band. However, some rings will have some other features, and just a few of these are detailed below:

  1. Setting

The setting which can sometimes be referred to as the head is where the main stone will be situated. There are many different styles of setting; some are designed to allow maximum light to enter the stone, while others focus more on protection.

  1. Gallery

The gallery is located under the setting and is visible from the side. In some rings, the gallery can be barely visible while on others it is a prominent feature and can sometimes house another stone.

  1. Shoulders or Accent

The shoulders, also commonly known as the accent, are the sloping sides from shank to the setting. On some rings, they will remain plain, but often they are adorned with a series of small gemstones.

  1. Prong

Prongs are a series of small metal claws rising from the setting which will hold the stone in place. Typically, there will be four to six prongs, and they will allow a large amount of light to pass through the stone displaying a gem’s, such as a diamond, famous sparkle.

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Day of Wedding Checklist: What Are Your Must-Do’s?

wedding bride

Now that you’ve planned the months leading up to your wedding, it’s time to make your day-of wedding checklist. There are so many tiny details that go into the actual day that can be easily overlooked. Having this list and delegating to your awesome bridesmaids will let you celebrate in peace, knowing everything is being taken care of. So, without further ado, here are six things to add to your day-of checklist!

Prepare The “Getting Ready Room”

Every bride needs a space for her and her girls to do hair, makeup, and get dressed up for the big day. Even if you’re going to a salon for hair and makeup, you’ll still need a space to rest before the ceremony, store your essentials, and take fun getting ready photos! If you have a choice, aim for a room with good lighting, so everyone’s makeup will look flawless! If the room has plenty of mirrors, that’s wonderful. If not, consider having someone bring a few. You’ll need lots of mirror space for you and your bridesmaids to primp and prepare. It may help to assign a trusted friend to get the room all ready, so when you and your bridesmaids arrive you can settle right in with everything you need within arms reach.

This room should be stocked with all the makeup and hair products you’ll be using, the dresses, shoes, and an emergency kit so you can tackle wedding day mishaps without flinching. Think of the kit as a combination first-aid and wardrobe malfunction kit. Here’s a handy list to get you started on it.

  • Breath mints
  • Stain remover pen
  • Sewing kit
  • Safety pins
  • Fashion tape
  • Bandaids
  • Tylenol or some other painkiller
  • Tampons and pads
  • Clear nail polish
  • Bobby pins

Finally, the most important thing in the room will be the food and drinks. So many brides neglect to eat on their wedding day for a myriad of reasons. Whether it be the nerves affecting their appetite or simply not having the time to sit down and eat, there is a serious demand for the bride to be able to eat before walking down the aisle. Instead of guessing what she’ll want days before, opt for a more personalized experience. With new technologies available, you can have her favorite snacks and drinks ordered online and delivered to the room, the day of. This way, as you’re getting ready, it will give you the opportunity to hydrate and snack on options you’ll actually enjoy! Ultimately ensuring you don’t go the entire day on an empty stomach.

bride and bridesmaids

Organize Your Tips

Hopefully you’ve already paid your vendors prior to the wedding, but you’ll also want to show your appreciation by tipping them for a job well done. Instead of frantically fumbling with cash on your wedding day, prepare tip envelopes sealed with cash already inside. Clearly label each one for “DJ,” “Caterer,” “Bartender,” ect. Then hand them off to a member of the wedding party or trusted friend to give out at the close of the wedding.

If preparing a pile of envelopes slips your mind or just isn’t your style, don’t freak out. Assign someone from your wedding party to manage the tips right from their smartphone. Just set them up with your Venmo account, give them a budget, and voila! All taken care of!

Give Itineraries To All Essential People

You don’t want people constantly asking you what’s next or any other questions that are indeed important, but could easily be handled by someone else on your special day. The best way to avoid this is to hand all parties involved a wedding itinerary. Creating this handy sheet ahead of time will save you from having to facilitate and direct people all day. The itinerary should have two distinct sections.

First, a detailed schedule complete with times and locations, as well as who is included in each step. For example, while a first look should absolutely be on the schedule, you could indicate that only the bride, groom, and wedding photographer are needed for this intimate moment. While you’re at it, be sure you’ve also set aside a designated time and place for you, your partner, your two witnesses, and the officiant to sign the marriage license.

Second, a list of contacts is valuable so people can keep track of each other, help one another if they’re running late, and ask the right person questions. A good rule of thumb is if they need an itinerary, then their contact information should be on it. This is because only people who have a major role in your wedding actually need all the details this sheet will include. The only major exception should be the bridesmaids and groomsmen. All of them may need the timeline, but only the Maid of Honor and Best Man’s contacts are really necessary. Here’s a list of a few people who absolutely must be included!

Hand Off Your Honeymoon Bag

wedding couple on the beach

You’ve probably spent weeks trying on and choosing the perfect honeymoon luggage, dresses, and lingerie. To ensure your bag makes it to your destination, hand it off to one of your bridesmaids once it’s all packed and ask her to personally see that it ends up in the getaway car. If you want your makeup bag, emergency kit, or even a few slices of wedding cake added to your luggage, let her know and she can make sure that gets packed as well. After all, you don’t want to be focused on tracking bags down between or after your wedding. Instead, you should be able to get in the car hand in hand with your new husband, trusting that everything you want is packed safely in the trunk.

Don’t Forget To Savor The Memories

Whatever you do, remember that your wedding day will fly by, so trust your bridesmaids and other close friends to make sure things go smoothly, that way you can take time to enjoy it. Don’t forget to slow down and live in the moment. Before the big day, ask yourself what would help you stay focused, rested, and fully present when you know the day will be a blur. Some brides find some quiet to write their groom a letter, some set aside 20 minutes between the ceremony and reception to be alone with their significant other to talk, and eat some snacks. No matter what living in the moment looks like for you, be sure to savor the day.

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Best Bachelorette Party Themes: And How to Execute Them

Pink glass

These days approximately 94% of brides choose to have a bachelorette party. Whether they embrace an intimate weekend together or a night out on the town with their best friends, celebrating the end of their singlehood has become a staple to the wedding experience. As of late, women have become more creative than ever with the themes they choose to follow. Nowadays, there is so much room to personalize these weekends or nights and you are able to make the bride feel special for the entirety of the weekend.

With the plethora of options available, it can be overwhelming to start planning for one. Begin with the basics. There are a lot of necessities you’ll need no matter the theme to execute the weekend successfully. Next, decide on a direction. Whether you’re the maid-of-honor taking the lead, or the bride herself figuring out the plans, it’s crucial to pinpoint what you’re striving for. One of the most important steps is to get the personality of the weekend figured out and make sure you don’t stray away from that.

Keep reading for the essentials you’ll need, no matter the theme, as well as unique ideas for any version of a bride!

First things first, the essentials…

Before deciding on any theme, it’s crucial the bridal party and anyone who joins the party, are prepared with the staples and essentials for the weekend. To start off your go-to bag, be sure to include some medical necessities. Tylenol to help with those hangovers you might experience and maybe even some disposable masks to ensure if any guests forget theirs you have them covered. Understandably, these items can be forgotten or you simply didn’t realize you’d require them. With new online services, you can opt to have those over-the-counter items delivered to your location – to save you from getting that dreaded FOMO and having to run to the store. Another thing to keep in mind to pack is an organized planner. If you are the maid of honor planning or hosting, it’s crucial to have a flexible schedule written with a loose itinerary. With a planner you can have something to base the weekend on and ensure you hit everything you wish to do!

For the Laid Back Bride…

Yoga escape

Yoga park

In the past when you thought of bachelorette parties, your mind may have gone to the typical Hollywood portrayal. Spending the night in a new city and traipsing from bar to bar with the whole group. However, this does not have to be the case. While that can be a lot of fun and a priority for some brides, there are others that prefer a more laid back and relaxing atmosphere. A yoga escape might be the perfect solution for that “laid back bride.” Meditating and eating healthy are great ways to really decompress from that stressful planning and enjoy the end of singledom. Not to mention, this can really give you a chance to take a step back and really show appreciation to your bride tribe!

First things first, find a retreat you like. There are plenty around and you might be surprised at how many are close to you. If you have a bigger budget, look into resorts in the Caribbean or in a tropical location. There are wellness resorts that offer an extensive amount of relaxing amenities other than yoga, so do some research on these. It’s important to note that you don’t have to be an expert yogi to go to these retreats! On the other hand, there are cheaper options as well! Opting for a local spa or creating your own yoga morning at a neighborhood park can still fulfill your bride’s wish to remain low-key. Be sure to get a gauge on everyone’s budget and availability and discuss how the majority wishes to execute.

For the Adventurous Bride…

Glamping Weekend


Whether you are outdoorsy or not, a glamorous-camping weekend has a little something for everyone. Immediate access to hiking trails while having an insulated area to spend the night allows for a comfortable weekend that isn’t as extreme as camping. This escape into the woods is another perfect way to remove yourself from the every-day stress and responsibilities. Not to mention, there are so many activities to do throughout the weekend!

You can get extremely creative when planning a wedding-themed camping trip. Start with the party favors! Creating a fire starter kit for all of the guests as they arrive is the perfect way to really immerse them into the theme. Similar to the yoga retreat, you can make this atmosphere low-key and cozy. Piling the cabin or tent with blankets gives the perfect vibe for a Friday-night card game and ultimately leading into a Saturday morning hike. Exploring a new area is a perfect symbolic challenge for that adventurous bride. The best part, this weekend is very easy to keep on a budget! Bringing your own food and drinks will keep the cost down and give an easy way for others to contribute. If you’re feeling extra creative, bring a DIY craft for one of the days. If some of your bridesmaids aren’t the best in nature, they’ll have the perfect activity to do to keep everyone happy.

 For the Life of the Party Bride…

Casino night

casino night

Now, for the more traditional bachelorette weekend, a weekend out on the town. When thinking about the classic girls weekend, your mind may land on Las Vegas. A weekend spent with your best friends, letting loose is a lot of brides’ dreams. However, getting to Las Vegas tends to fall out of most financial plans. Luckily, this lively atmosphere can be found in a lot of places. Local casinos tend to come with hotels attached and can give you that Vegas feel.

However, there are even ways to incorporate a casino night at home! A staycation casino night might be even better than the real thing! Throw an elvis themed costume party, organize a poker night, or even dress up in your favorite outfit and head to dinner at the fanciest restaurant in town. Buying into the theme is crucial and there are so many small details that can really make the night special. Give your bride that cheesy veil to wear the whole night and maybe the hot pink sash paired with the tiara. Singling her out and making her feel special will make the night memorable. Don’t forget to add in a killer playlist to really put the cherry on top of the night.

Whether you’re in the mood for an out-of the box idea or prefer to stick with the classics, there are plenty of ways to make your wishes come true for your bachelorette weekend. This is one of the most enjoyable aspects for the bride-to-be – have fun with it!

Comment below your favorite bachelorette party theme you’ve gone to! We’d love to hear more ideas.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Online Bridal Shower Showers

Comprehensive Guide to Online Bridal Shower Showers

A bridal shower is a much-anticipated pre-wedding event for brides, where she gathers with her bridal party and closest female friends and family members to celebrate her upcoming wedding. Tamer than a bachelorette party, many bridal showers take place during the day (some over a long weekend) and involve light drinking, eating, and sometimes a spa day or other fun event, like shopping. 

The bridal shower that we know today originated in Holland in the 16th Century, an offset of the dowry system, where the family of the bride had to pay her husband to marry her. For poor brides, who couldn’t afford to marry, friends and sometimes distant family members would chip in and pay for her dowry. 

Comprehensive Guide to Online Bridal Shower Showers

Today, at least in Western society, bridal showers serve a broader purpose. Marriage usually changes the dynamics of friendships and familial relationships, so bridal showers are a great way for her friends and family to spend more time with the bride before her priorities shift towards her husband and their family. Proving that old traditions die hard, brides today are still often showered with expensive gifts or cash that can enhance or contribute to her wedding day. 

Unfortunately, the social landscape is looking a little different right now, due to social distancing guidelines. Many brides aren’t comfortable throwing large, lavish gatherings while Covid-19 ravishes our world, without a vaccine in sight. Thankfully, this doesn’t have to mean that they don’t get to have their bridal shower, they just have to get creative and throw a virtual bridal shower. Keep reading for our comprehensive guide on how to have an online bridal shower. 

What is a Virtual Bridal Shower

A virtual bridal shower is simply a bridal shower that takes place online. Coronavirus is a great excuse to move the festivities into a digital space, but virtual bridal showers didn’t crop up only this year – brides have been going virtual for years. 

Thankfully, it’s super easy and convenient to throw a virtual baby shower. While you’ll have to forgo or modify some of the group activities, it’s still possible to have a fun bridal shower online. 

Bridal Shower online

Why should you throw a bridal shower?

The main reasons that brides went virtual, before 2020, were because of distance and expenses. If a bride had a wedding party that was spread out over the country, they’d have to incur an expense to fly once the wedding date arrived.  It might have been too much to also ask them to come out of pocket to travel to their wedding shower, so the bride just decided to go virtual. This allowed her friends and family to still get in an extra celebration before her big day, without putting more of a financial strain on them.

Right now, limiting the spread of Covid-19 is also an excellent case for any bride who’s considering having an in-person bridal shower. 

What to do if you’re not Tech Savvy

When throwing a virtual bridal showr, it’s crucial that the person in charge knows the in’s and out’s of any platforms they’ll use to facilitate it. The last thing you want is for your video to be cut out or your audio to stop working in the middle of your festivities.  

It will already be a little bit harder to keep everyone’s energy up over video chat, so you don’t want anything to bring down the mood.  Therefore, it’s important for the host to do a test run before the actual shower to make sure everything will run smoothly. Stick to platforms you’re already familiar with using and make sure that all of the attendees also know how they work. 

How to host a Virtual Bridal Shower


The excitement of a wedding makes planning things like a bridal shower a lot of fun, but don’t be fooled the prep stage is mandatory! The only way that the bridal shower will be successful is if everyone involved is informed of the itinerary and able to coordinate, in advance. 

Key things to plan in advance- 

The Date of the Bridal Shower: 

Choose a date when the majority of the group will be able to give the event their full attention. An online bridal shower might not last quite as long as an in-person one, but attendees should at least have a few hours to set aside for it. 

Video Chat App: 

Make sure it’s easy to use, easy to access, and also make sure you’re prepared to pay whatever fee may come with it (though there are free options). Zoom calls, for example, are only free for the first 40 minutes. After that, there is a fee. You don’t want to run into any hiccups during the bridal shower, so make note of details like this during this phase.

Bridal Registry :

Many brides will want to open her gifts on camera, during the bridal shower, so it’s important that her guests know what store she’s registered at, in plenty of time.


Make sure to send invitations to each person that the bride wants at her bridal shower. This usually will include every member of her wedding party and certain women from her and the groom’s families.

Bridal Showers

Video Platform Options

There are many options available to host the video chat over. Each comes with pros and cons. Here’s a little bit of information about the most popular ones: 


Zoom has skyrocketed in popularity since the pandemic set in, but it’s not just for people working from home. It’s also a great option for bridal showers if you’re willing to pay. The free users can only chat with up to 100 people for 40 minutes. After that, you have to pay. That aside, Zoom allows users to set virtual backgrounds, which might be fun for guests. 


Skype is a tried and true video chat platform that has been around for years. Most people are already familiar with it and probably have an account. Skype is also free to use, though you should know it only allows 50 participants at a time. 


Facebook is also free to use. There’s no limit on participants, but there’s no link for you to share, so everyone will just have to jump on at the same time. It’s not the best choice if you want to keep the event private, because Facebook uploads the video to your timeline once the session ends. 

How to set up the Registry

Some brides might just let their bridal party freestyle their gifts, but for those who want a registry, there are many options out there!

5 Registry Suggestions:

The Knot

The Knot is a  universal registry that lets you add literally any item to your wedding registry from any site. It also lets you create cash funds for everything you can imagine. From puppy adoption to honeymoon contributions, and more. The transaction fee is only 2.5 percent – one of the lowest in the industry.

My Registry 

My Registry allows you to add items from any of your favorite stores. You can add a gift fund for travel experiences and also manage your list with your smartphone. 

Williams Sonoma 

Williams Sonoma allows you to add gifts from Pottery Barn and West Elm. You can make a free, private appointment with one of their registry specialists to get one-on-one guidance. You can also get free gifts and 10%  off for six months! 


Amazon is, naturally, one of the most-used registries in the world. Any of its millions of items can be added to the list. Plus, there are some pretty sweet perks too! The bride and guests can both earn up to 5% when using the Amazon Prime Store Card. There are also options for group gifting, gift financing, and more! 


Wayfair lets brides save 20% for six months on anything that’s still available on the registry. Brides can also receive free gifts when guests purchase qualifying products. There’s also an option to send thank you notes. 

An online platform for having a virtual shower on such as WebBabyShower makes it easy by allowing users to link to registries like Amazon and Target.

Bridal Shower

Gift Ideas

When thinking of gifts for a bridal shower, think of things that will bring the bride comfort. Soft plush robes, bed linens, and scented candles will always be a great option. You can also purchase things that will help to populate her home with her spouse, such as dinnerware, picture frames, and vases. Books and chocolates, which the bride enjoys, are also great gifts. Note: some gifts, such as gag gifts, might not go over as well with a virtual bridal shower. 


Invitations are usually a focal point of the planning stage, but the bride may not feel like she needs elaborate, paper invitations for an online bridal shower. Even if she opts for electronic invitations, they should still be formal and relay the tone of the shower (unless it’s informal). A few services that can be used are Evite, Paperless Post, and Canva. Within the invite, be sure to include a link to the bridal shower registry. Platforms such as WebBabyShower have a built-in invitation system. 

Theme Ideas 

By the time it’s time to plan the bridal shower, everything for the wedding ceremony should already be set up. To save time, you can match your bridal shower theme to your wedding theme. 

Or, you can come up with something else entirely. Don’t be afraid to take inspiration from the seasons. For example, during Fall you can incorporate lots of oranges, and reds into your decor. Or, you can base the theme on one of the bride’s hobbies, such as traveling. 

Dress Theme 

Attire might not be quite as important at a virtual bridal shower, but the bride can still dress up if she chooses. The Knot compiled a list of styles that are popular among brides of today. 


Many brides opt to have everyone eat the same foods at the same time to create a sense of togetherness. Things like cupcakes, sandwiches, fresh fruit, and wine are easy items that every guest will be able to acquire, prior to the shower. 

If you have specific food items, like a special cookie with the bride and groom’s initials, then you should make arrangements to have them delivered within a day of the bridal shower. 


Games will be a big focal point of a virtual bridal shower. The point of the gathering is for the bride and the attendees to have fun, and having the shower online shouldn’t cut into that. Be sure to set aside an hour or two just for the games portion. 

As for the games, there are a ton of free trivia games that can be played over a video chat. You can also make a game out of trying to find out who knows the bride the best! Make sure to form this game around questions about her upbringing, college days and the dating stage between her and her groom – just keep the questions PG. Gift Bingo is also a fun option! 

On The Day Of The Bridal Shower

On the morning of the bridal shower, you can decorate the bride’s background with flowers and garland – or anything to make things feel extra festive. The guests can also decorate their own backgrounds, but if things are supposed to be coordinated, make sure their decor was sent to them ahead of time. 

Next, you should set up the video chat and make sure it’s working properly.

 A couple of hours before, ping the guests to remind them to check their own tech.  You should also take this time to prepare any food on the bride’s end that will be involved in the big day. The guests are responsible for preparing their own food. 

 Once the bridal shower kicks off, make sure that the guests are aware of the itinerary. Every bridal shower will include different activities and run at different schedules. Just make sure everyone knows the plan. 

When it’s time to eat, make sure that everyone has options within their own space. If someone forgot or wasn’t able to get the group food, let them eat what they have on hand. What matters most is that everyone is eating together. You can lightly scold them later for not being prepared, but don’t embarrass them in front of the group – or the bride. 

If you’ve scheduled a group activity, like a virtual spa day, then make sure everyone knows that, while generally safe, anything broadcast online can be intercepted – so they may not be able to get as comfortable as they would, if they were relaxing in loungewear in someone’s home or hotel room. 

When it’s time for games, make sure that someone is tasked with keeping score and keeping the game rolling at an acceptable pace. 

If the bridal shower is to have a movie night, make sure everyone knows which platform you’re going to stream from so that everyone can sync up. 

The end of the bridal shower is the time for gifts. If the bride is comfortable, this will be the time when she opens her gifts on camera. It might seem like a small aspect, but her guests being able to see her face as she opens the gifts they bought her will mean a ton!

Afterward, the bride will probably give a sappy speech and thank everyone for gathering with her. Even if it’s not sappy, she should thank them for taking the time out of their schedule to celebrate her big day.  

Next up, the wedding!