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Making a Statement on Your Big Day [2024]: The Best Wedding Dresses with Eye-Catching Feather Embellishments

The Best Wedding Dresses with Eye-Catching Feather Embellishments

Wedding season is fast approaching, and everyone wants to make a statement on their big day. Vogue released wedding trends that are in and out for 2023. 

This year we are saying goodbye to: 

  • Wedding hashtags disappear from Instagram stories within 24 hours, leaving no trace of your beautiful wedding. 
  • Matching bridesmaid dresses that force every woman into the same uninteresting clothing rather than giving them fashion autonomy to pick dresses to fit their personalities and enhance their best features. 
  • Welcome bags and fireworks that are wasteful and end up being rubbish anyway. 
  • Signature cocktails that the bride and groom may love, but everyone else wants their favourite drink. 

So what trends are taking off this year? Wedding planners recommend the following: 

  • Midday ceremonies are like the matinee of weddings and are very understated. Midday celebrations allow for sunshine and warmth (especially while the nights are still cool) and can save you money on an expensive open bar since fewer people will drink heavily during the daytime. 
  • Intricately designed ceilings full of lamps and flowers are another trend we love. These provide shade during a midday ceremony and create a dreamy atmosphere at night that gives the feeling of being in a fairy garden. 
  • Dramatic and over-the-top cakes should be in the Great British Baking Off and are the centre of the wedding decor. 
  • Stylish transport like the wedding cars from Premier Carriage will allow you to leave your wedding in comfort and style fit for royalty. 
  • After-parties designed like speakeasies with hidden lounge scenes are essential for an evening ceremony. Who wants a perfect night to end when the weather is excellent and the drinks are flowing? 
  • And finally, gorgeous, eye-catching dresses with feather embellishments are the go-to wedding dresses this year! 

You might be concerned about adding feathers to your wedding gown, and whether you can match your style to the year’s trend, so we are here to help. We have compiled the 15 best-feathered dresses to ensure you stand out on your big day, but you also can pick something that represents your personality, suits your body type and has you feeling your very best! 

The Extravagant Bride  

If you are a bride who loves an extravagant dress, this one’s for you! This maxi dress has a deep plunging v-neckline, yet it also sits perfectly off the shoulders. Though the gown is sheer lace throughout, it is adorned with beautiful, intricate pearl works that allow the dress the perfect modesty while subtly letting your skin show through. In addition, fluffy tufts of feathers tie it together for the perfect gown for that extra bride

With a dress like this, you want to leave your neckline open with hair in an updo and either a simple necklace or none. Pair with a pair of glittery earrings, and you will be ready to walk the runway to your groom. 

Feathered Wedding Dress
Feathered Wedding Dress – Goddess Exclusive

The Traditional Bride 

Who doesn’t love a traditional gown? This strapless, floor-length beauty has a sweetheart top fitted until the knees and flares into a simple, easy-to-manage train. This dress is not sheer like its extravagant counterpart but is a solid fabric adorned with lace and feathers in a simple, gorgeous combination that comes in ivory and nude colours. 

This look would look great with hair up or down, as long as it’s paired with a simple, sheer lace veil. Dress it up with some exciting jewellery, or leave it simple. Either way, you will look ready for the cover of any bridal magazine.  

Casablanca Style #2385 Adeline
Casablanca Style #2385 Adeline

The Off-Shoulder Strapless 

Do you love an off-shoulder look and strapless? Who says you have to decide?! This gown offers the best of both worlds; you will love the tiny details. It starts with an off-the-shoulder, sweetheart neckline and flows into a fit-and-flare design with a simple train. This gown has a solid fabric topped with lavish beadwork and feathering throughout. The off-the-shoulder straps are delicate strands of cloth adorned with feathers. 

This style will look fantastic with any hairstyle and does not require a veil. Simple and intricate jewellery is enough to bring this together without overdoing it so the dress can remain the centre of attention. 

Style Lenox - Justin Alexander Signature
Style Lenox – Justin Alexander Signature

The Simple and Elegant Bride 

Have you seen Kate Hudson’s dress in the formal event scene of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days? It is elegant perfection, and this beauty is the wedding dress version. It will allow you to sport a simple look and still stand out from the crowd. It starts with a squared-sweetheart neckline and delicate straps that attach to floor-length satin that is simple until it adds a little flare with hand-embroidered crystals and feathers lining the bottom, creating the perfect elegant style. 

Luxurious Bridal Bonus Package - Wedding Dress

This piece is best paired with simple hair, up or down, and little to no jewellery to allow the bride to flaunt her beautiful skin and understated simplicity. 

Long Bias Feather Embroidered Dress - Wiederhoeft
Long Bias Feather Embroidered Dress – Wiederhoeft

The Perfect Comfy Not-Dress Outfit 

Not into dresses? No problem! Try a satin trouser suit to make you feel on trend while staying true to your style. This look is loose-fitting and comfortable while still incredibly flattering with its satin material and feathery wrist and ankle cuffs. 

Try pairing it with simple gold or pearl jewellery and comfy heels to feel classy and comfortable on your special day. 

The Elegant Feathered Suit 

This ensemble screams bride fashion! Dress out-of-the-box this season with a white capri pants suit that sports feathers along one side of its deep v-neckline and the cuffs of the capri. 

This look would work excellently with simple earrings, strappy heels, and a hairstyle that has minimal fuss but has the bride looking fierce. 

Yulia Cream White Suit Blazer with Feather Trim - Miss Circle

The Puff-Sleeve Classic 

If you want to channel your inner Princess Diana on your wedding day, a puff-sleeved classic is for you. Made from white silk, this dress wraps around you in all the right places to create a flattering look, complete with jewelled and feathered accents. 

The sky’s the limit on your hairstyle, but extra points if you rock a short hairstyle with simple earrings and a shoe that pops. Think, something blue on your feet. 

The Bold Bride 

This dress is a favourite among brides that love bold and beautiful styles. The sheer, corset-style sweetheart top feeds perfectly into feather off-shoulder sleeves and a billowing gown-style skirt. This beauty comes in black, ivory, light blue, lilac, pink and red, perfect for those who want to avoid traditional white. 

Pair with a funky heel, as one leg will play peek-a-boo throughout the night through a slit in the skirt, and aim for some fun coloured makeup to tie into your bold demeanour. 

Sherri Hill 54906
Sherri Hill 54906

The Long Sleeve Silhouette Loving Bride 

If you love beautiful, fitted, long-sleeved dresses, this gown is for you. It gives us all the Kate Middleton vibes and will make you feel funky with its feathered cuffs while keeping it simple and elegant. It would work excellently for a bride who loves showing off her curves that the backless, U-shaped cut will only accentuate. 

Pair with minimal jewellery and a curly hairstyle that accentuates the face. This dress would look excellent with simple makeup and bright red lips for a more classic look. 

Bridesmaid Dresses Special Offer
Tahir - Rosa Clara
Tahir – Rosa Clara

The Boho Chic Bride 

Are you someone who loves the boho look but don’t feel like you can work it into the perfect wedding dress? This vintage dress will have you singing a different tune. It has a mermaid silhouette, lacy vest top sleeves, a deep V, and silk fringing feathers that work their way down the entire skirt. 

Complete with a simple hairstyle and the shoes and jewellery you choose, depending on whether your look is more boho or chic. Either will look excellent! 

Rodia Dress - Yolancris
Rodia Dress – Yolancris

The Mini Dress Lover 

Who doesn’t love a good mini dress to show off those legs on your wedding day? Not everyone needs to be a traditional bride, especially if you are standing in the hot sun at the altar. This feather-adorned mini dress will help you flaunt your best assets while still looking classy and wedding chic. 

This dress looks excellent with a simple up-do paired with extravagant earrings or a fun necklace and can be paired with any heel that accentuates your legs, making you feel the best on your special day. 

Cult Gaia Zariah Dress - Revolve
Cult Gaia Zariah Dress – Revolve

The Flapper Bride 

If you are planning an after-party speakeasy-style reception, complete with classic drinks, this hand-sequined halter dress is perfect for transporting your style back to the 1920s and having you look outstanding. This dress will show off your shoulders and has a fun keyhole opening in the back. 

Pair this look with overstated glittery or feather earrings and a chunky, strappy heel that will allow you to dance late into the night as you entertain your wedding guests and celebrate your love. 

Hand-Sequined Trapeze Halter Dress - Adrianna Papell
Hand-Sequined Trapeze Halter Dress – Adrianna Papell

The One-Shoulder Beauty 

There are two options for a bride who loves a one-shoulder look. This one-shoulder dress is an excellent option for the more extravagant yet classic bride. Sweetheart on one side, and strap on the other, cinched together and flared into a feathered phenomenon open in the front and flared throughout the train. 

Ivory A-line One-Shoulder Flower Feather Wedding Gown - Milanoo
Ivory A-line One-Shoulder Flower Feather Wedding Gown – Milanoo

The other option is this single-sleeved beauty that cinches together its fabric in all the right places creating an exciting mini dress with a single sleeve adorned with feathering.  

Both looks must avoid jewellery that will clash or distract from the dress, but an elaborate heel will stand out and unite the look. 

Aden Ruched One-Shoulder Feather-Cuff Dress - GIGII'S
Aden Ruched One-Shoulder Feather-Cuff Dress – GIGII’S

The Tiny Detail Lover 

Finally, a dress for the bride that loves paying attention to the tiny details that many often miss. This dress is stunning with an O neckline and sweeping train. Though the fabric is solid, it is topped with delicate lace and highlights the natural waist with a subtle satin belt. But the deep-v side and back cutouts set this dress apart. The side cutouts open and meet at the core, while the back v is accented with tiny intricate strands of lace. The dress is completed with tufts of feathers at each shoulder to create the perfect show-stopping piece. 

Huge Bridal Clearance Sale

This dress looks best with a hairstyle that allows guests to see you back, such as an updo or a side-swept style. No necklace and minimal earrings will ensure the dress takes centre stage. 

Feather & Lace A-Line Wedding Bridal Sweep Train Gown - Tulle Lux
Feather & Lace A-Line Wedding Bridal Sweep Train Gown – Tulle Lux

The Princess gown 

For the bride who wants to feel like a modern-day Cinderella. Your dream gown would have a sweetheart top is corset-style and covered in lace and jewellery, with dainty sleeves that fall off the shoulder. Though it doesn’t have feathers, the feathering material throughout this ball gown has a vintage feel that bunches up in all the right places. 

This dress would look best with dainty jewellery, or even none at all; instead, opt for an updo complete with a tiara that will have you ready to hop in your horse-drawn carriage before starting your happily ever after. 

Select a feathery beauty and catch everyone’s eye on your wedding day! 

Remember, incorporating feathers doesn’t mean sacrificing your style to match current trends. Whether you opt for a classic dress or even have a trouser suit in mind, any of these options will ensure you are the centre of attention and look and feel fantastic on your special day.

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