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From Hair to Jewelry: 10 Ways to Accessorize Your Bridesmaid Dress

10 Ways to Accessorize Your Bridesmaid Dress

As a bride, you want your bridesmaids to look their best for your big day. 

While the dress is essential to each bridesmaid’s outfit, there are many other ways to make them shine! If you want to elevate your ‘maids’ ensemble and make it unique, peek at our guide on accessing the perfect bridesmaid dress. 

We’ve got ten must-have accessories that’ll help enhance those dresses and show off their style. 

So keep reading—we know these ideas will help leave everyone feeling beautiful and extra special come wedding day.

The Role of Bridesmaids in a Wedding Ceremony

Bridesmaids are an integral part of a traditional wedding ceremony. Providing moral and emotional support to the bride-to-be throughout the process. 

Aside from helping with pre-wedding tasks such as dress fittings. Bridesmaids offer companionship on the big day. And they are often responsible for holding onto the rings throughout the ceremony

During a traditional ceremony, bridesmaids stand alongside the bride. And groom in processionals and recessionals, symbolizing unity and friendship. 

Their presence is a reminder that marriage is about two people and their community of loved ones who have come together to celebrate this union.

Choose a colour palette

Try to go beyond the obvious options and take into account the theme of the wedding and the tastes of each of the bridesmaids. 

For example, if everyone likes green, choose a rich emerald shade or a bright sea-foam blue; if you prefer pastel colours, choose baby pink and powder blue. 

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It’s also important to remember that one colour is not a bad thing. Instead, choose different shades that work together to create an attractive and cohesive look.

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To make all the essential guests look organic, take these points attention:

Consider the season. When choosing a colour palette for your bridesmaids, it’s essential to consider the time of year your wedding will take place. For example, if you’re having a winter wedding, you might choose a palette that includes jewel tones or other colours that evoke the feeling of winter. On the other hand, if you’re having a summer wedding, you might want to go with brighter, more cheerful colours.

Consider the venue. Another factor to consider when choosing a colour palette is the location of your wedding. If you’re getting married in a garden or other outdoor area. You can choose colours that complement the natural surroundings if you match them in a more formal setting, such as a church or banquet hall. You may want to go with more traditional or muted colours.

Think about your wedding dress. Your wedding dress is another essential factor to consider when choosing bridesmaid dresses. If your dress is simple and restrained, you can choose bridesmaid dresses that are more sophisticated or bright. If your dress is embellished or coloured, you can select more short bridesmaid dresses to avoid overwhelming your guests.

Consider the theme of your wedding. If you have a specific theme for your wedding, such as “vintage” or “beach chic,” you’ll want to choose a colour palette that matches that theme. For instance, if your wedding will be in a retro setting. You might select popular colours in that era, such as pastels or jewel tones. On the other hand, if you’re having a beach-themed wedding, you can choose brighter colours that evoke the feeling of the ocean and sand.

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Ways to decorate a bridesmaid dress:

Add a Belt

One way to accessorize your bridesmaid dress is to add a belt. Belts come in various styles, so you can choose one that matches the style of your wedding. If your dress is simple, you could choose a beaded or sequined belt to add sparkle. If your dress is more ornate, you could choose a plain satin or velvet belt to complement the dress.

Wear a Cardigan or Bolero

Consider wearing a cardigan or bolero jacket if you want something to cover your shoulders. This is an excellent option if you’re getting married in a cooler climate or want to add some coverage. You can find cardigans and boleros in various colours and materials to match your dress.

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The Right Hairstyle

Another great way to accessorize your bridesmaid dress is with the right hairstyle. Again, the key is to choose a style that complements the style of your dress and flatters your features. Consider an updo or half-up, half-down style if you wear a strapless dress. Opt for a low bun or ponytail if your dress has a high neckline. And if you’re wearing a sleeveless dress, let your hair down in loose waves or curls.


When choosing the right makeup for your bridesmaids, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you’ll want to choose a foundation that matches each bridesmaid’s skin tone. You’ll also want to ensure the foundation provides good coverage without being too heavy. Next, you’ll want to choose a blush and eyeshadow that complement the dress colour. Finally, don’t forget about the lips! A nude or light pink lipstick looks best with most dress colours.

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Wear a Statement Necklace

If you want your bridesmaids to stand out, have them wear statement necklaces. Statement necklaces are large and eye-catching, so they will surely get noticed. You can find statement necklaces in various colours and styles, so you can choose ones that match the theme of your wedding.

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Wear Sparkly Earrings

Sparkly earrings are another great way to accessorize your bridesmaid dress. They’ll add some sparkle and pizzazz to any outfit, and they’re sure to catch the attention of everyone at the wedding. You can find sparkly earrings in about any style, so you can choose ones that match the theme of your wedding.

Add a Bracelet or Cuff

Consider adding a bracelet or cuff if you want something to wear on your wrist. Again, look for something that coordinates with the colour scheme of the wedding. If you’re wearing an off-the-shoulder dress, consider opting for a bracelet instead of a cuff to not cover up too much of the dress. 


Wear a Fascinator

Fascinators are tiny hats that are often decorated with feathers or flowers. They’re popular for formal occasions, making your bridesmaids look even more beautiful on your big day. You can find fascinators in various colours and styles, so you can choose ones that match the theme of your wedding.

Wear Patterned Hosiery

Consider wearing a patterned hose to add fun and flair to your look. Patterned hosiery comes in fun designs, from polka dots to stripes. It’s also available in many different colours, so you’ll find something that compliments your dress. If you’re unsure what patterned hosiery to choose, ask your bridal salon consultant for help!


Carry a Clutch Purse

Clutch purses are small handbags that are perfect for formal occasions like weddings. They’re small enough to fit into the palm of your hand but large enough to hold all your essentials like lipstick, keys, and ID. Clutch bags come in various hues and designs so that you can pick one with the wedding’s colour scheme.

Wear pretty shoes

Another way to accessorize your bridesmaid dress is to wear cute shoes. This is an opportunity to show off your style and add personality to your outfit. Avoid wearing too high or uncomfortable shoes, as you’ll be standing long and don’t want your feet to hurt by the night’s end.

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Complete the look with perfume

Choosing the perfect fragrance to complete your wedding day look is integral to the preparation. When choosing a scent, pick one that will last throughout the day without overwhelming you or your guests. 

Some tips:

  • Consider the wedding’s location. If the wedding is outdoors, choose a perfume that will complement the natural scents in the air. If the wedding is indoors, choose a bouquet that will not be overwhelming.
  • Consider the bride’s scent. The bride should be the star of the show, so choose a perfume that will complement her scent without competing with it.
  • Consider your scent. Choose a perfume you feel confident in and know smells good on you. You want to feel comfortable and beautiful on the big day, so pick a scent you love.
  • Sample some scents. Before deciding, sample a few different perfumes to see which you like best. Ask for store samples or spritz some on your wrist and wait a few minutes to see how it develops on your skin.
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As a bride, it is essential to remember that your bridesmaids should look the best they can on your special day. 

By considering various accessories for their dresses, you can achieve this goal. Utilizing bold, contrasting colours or metallic accents. That will create a striking visual effect and make each of your bridesmaids stand out. 

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Or you may play with texture and adornments such as velvet items, lace details, ribbons, or flowers. Whichever option you choose, be sure not to take away from the beauty of their dresses. 

Make the most of your bridesmaids’ wardrobe by adding sparkle and shine. Through the perfect accessories to match their dresses.

Keep comfort in mind as you pick something that complements the dress but doesn’t detract from its beauty. Allowing everyone in your wedding party to feel beautiful throughout your special day!

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