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7 Unique Groomsmen Gift Ideas For Every Wedding

7 Unique Groomsmen Gift Ideas For Every Wedding

Planning a wedding from A to Z takes time and effort. There will be many people involved in the process, people you’d like to thank when it’s all said and done. And because your bridesmaids and groomsmen will help you make your special day remarkable and memorable, it’s common practice to gift them with a little something they can hold onto well past your wedding day.   

Nevertheless, picking the right gifts for your groomsman is not the most straightforward task in the world and requires some actual thought. After all, these guys have been in your life forever—or at least deserve to be in your life forever after supporting you through that rollercoaster spring semester couple of years ago.

Remember: this is a huge event you’re sharing—and your groomsmen are with you all through. For that reason, you should wow them with something that lets them know they’re all tied for the second-most-important living person in your life.

The thing with groomsmen gifts is that they can be pretty much anything, which is their biggest downside at the same time. With so many different options out there, in this article, we’ve narrowed our focus to the seven best groomsmen gift ideas—the ones your buddies won’t regift to their dads for Father’s day

Read on to learn the finest groomsmen gift ideas for your wedding and wow your buds with extraordinary gifts they’ll love.

Two groomsmen and the best men

One-Of-A-Kind Phone Case

If your groomsmen are really into their smartphones and technology, perhaps one of their best gifts would be a custom one-of-a-kind phone case to impress their higher taste and standards and skip the mundane gift-giving experience

Of course, you don’t need the same gift for each groom. Still, if you know an individual or a group of people who adore top-class smartphone accessories among your groomsmen, you can spend a little time sourcing some exceptional one-of-a-kind phone cases and surprise them in a cool way. 

Nowadays, when phone cases are not only a necessity anymore but are now also considered an essential part of each person’s wardrobe and style, many people frequently interchange their phone case to go with their clothing. In that context, if you consider someone from your groomsmen team to be highly trendy and stylish, a well-designed, unique phone case will show that you care about their lust to reach the pinnacle of fashion as one-of-a-kind phone cases practically go with everything!

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An earth-inspired, wooden phone case for their new iPhone 14 from natural wood burls and epoxy resin would be something they like at first glance and a present that would remind them of you every time they pull the phone out of their pocket. 

phone case gift

A Whiskey Gift Set

Or, perhaps, you want to amaze your closest ones with the ultimate gift set they’ll remember for the rest of their lives. In that case, it’s tough to beat the awesomeness that comes with the ultimate whiskey gift set loaded to the very top with classic top-quality spirits and old-fashioned ingredients.

The most fantastic part about providing a whiskey gift set to your groomsmen is that you can customize this type of gift in numerous ways. You can give each groomsman a different whiskey gift set depending on their wants and tastes. Furthermore, if your buds love cigars, you should do what you can to throw some Cohibas in there and light up the stogies together in the aftermath of the wedding day

For an extra touch, you could even throw in a couple of rad-looking whiskey tumblers to add some substance and style to your gift set. For example, you can combine a flask, a couple of shot glasses, or anything else that would make the gift set more appealing to your groomsmen.

whiskey gift set

A Top-Notch Duffle Bag

Perhaps there’s an individual in your group of friends who’s an adventurous outdoorsman who likes a good weekend hike. But, truth be told, this person would probably rather be out hiking with his dog than be at your wedding, wouldn’t they?

So, if you have a groomsman that falls under this category, a high-quality duffle bag from a well-known brand could make for the perfect and practical gift they’ll love. This way, anytime this groomsman heads out for the gym or is getting ready to take a hike in the rugged wilderness, they’ll make great use of your gift that will remind them that you know them too well and gifted them with something they need. 

If you want to go the extra mile, you can even include an additional surprise gift inside the bag. For instance, you could stuff the bag with a customized hip flask, an awesome hippy t-shirt you know they’ll frequently wear, or you could tuck a bottle of their favourite bourbon inside the duffle bag.

duffle bag gift

A Personalized Leather Wallet 

But what if your groomsmen are not really into phones and technology, don’t enjoy the occasional glass of 12-year-old whiskey, or are not really into travelling or hiking? Then, you need to go with something functional that they’ll use daily. In that context, if you want to gift them something unique that will serve as a gentle reminder of your fantastic wedding each time they reach into their pocket, providing them with customized trendy leather wallets is the way to go. 

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Suppose you want to make an extra effort and show your best friends just how vital pieces of your life puzzle you consider them to be. In that case, you can gift them with personalized leather wallets where you can engrave their initials on the front of the wallet and even leave a custom message on the inside. So, for example, you can write a note to remind them about something silly you two did in college, tell them how awesome groomsmen they are, or just motivate them to take that new job offer they got just last week. 

Regardless of how you approach the situation, a personalized leather wallet is on the list of the best groomsmen gifts you could provide. It absolutely fits into one of the more badass groomsmen gifts the guys can remember for years to come. 

mens accessories gift

A Fancy Toiletry Bag

As the world is constantly changing and everything becomes more and more fast-paced, it’s important for guys to feel and look good, particularly when they’re on the go! For that reason, a well-thought-out toiletry bag might be the perfect gift for your groomsmen, mainly if your gang travels a lot and you want them to be at their best while away from home. 

Such a toiletry kit will help your buddies stay fresh and dapper even when life gets busy, challenging, frantic, or overly complicated. Don’t let them go unprepared for their next business trip or a surprise visit. The toiletry bag will supply them with the ultimate convenience, and they’ll think of you fondly the next time your toiletry bag comes to the rescue and saves their day!

Gourmet Coffee On-The-Go Set

There are regular coffee drinkers in this world, and then there’re coffee lovers. So if enjoying a delightfully roasted brew is something that your groomsmen have on their everyday to-do list, they’ll undoubtedly appreciate a gourmet coffee set. 

Such an on-the-go coffee press can make it easy for them to enjoy a cup of gourmet coffee anywhere, anytime. In addition, the insulated stainless steel body of the set is tough enough to take out on a camping or hiking trip, so your best friends will never have to sacrifice good coffee for spending time outdoors ever again.

coffee maker wedding registry

Celebrity Video Greetings

Last but not least, if something gets in your way and you don’t have the time for a dedicated shopping spree for your groomsmen, platforms that offer short celebrity video greetings can prove excellent last-minute groomsmen gifts that won’t feel last minute at all. 

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Some of the celebrities on these websites offer a 24-hour turnaround, so you can demand a personalized thank-you short video for your groomsmen within days of your wedding. Stars who offer short video greetings on these platforms include David Hasselhof, Charlie Sheen, Mischa Barton, and many more.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the most important thing is to select gifts that will show your best friends how much you care and appreciate them for being a massive part of your wedding day. For that reason, you should go with something unique and something that they will never just go out and buy for themselves.

If you’re looking for ideas to get your groomsmen some thoughtful gifts for your wedding that will forever remind them of your love and friendship, consider our seven suggestions from above that are guaranteed to impress. Get your best friends a little something to show your gratitude and enjoy the wedding day to the fullest!

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