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Off-The-Shelf vs. Custom Engagement Rings: How To Choose One

Off-The-Shelf vs. Custom Engagement Rings: How To Choose One

Once you’ve finally found the one you want to spend the rest of your lifetime with, it’s time to level up your status and get engaged. Nothing feels better than tying the knot with your other half so you can start building your life together. But first things first, you need to pop up the question and get there, I do.  

Whether you’re looking for the perfect engagement ring for your partner or you’re the partner and want to join the ring shopping journey, you can refer to this guide. Most couples are usually faced with the initial decision as to whether to go for ready-made rings or custom-made ones. It’s time to clarify their individual strengths and learn how to choose the right one for your partner so you can finally get the best ring from Diamonds On Richmond or other reputable stores.    

Comparison Between Off-The-Shelf And Custom Engagement Rings 

Before deciding what engagement ring to buy, you’ll be faced with the initial choice of going for off-the-shelf rings or having them custom-made. Each option comes with its benefits, so it’s vital to understand more about them. 

Off-The-Shelf Engagement Rings  

Some couples are in a rush and would want to go for the no-frills choice of purchasing an engagement ring. If this relates to you, you might go for off-the-shelf rings instead. If you don’t have the time or patience to design a custom ring, ready-made rings are a great option for you. Consider their other benefits to weigh if it’s the better choice for you:  

pear cut diamond ring

Simple and Basic 

A ready-made piece of jewelry will be much easier to purchase than a custom-made one. The reason is that the designs are usually simple and basic, and there are many design options to choose from. If you want something standard but elegant, many jewelry stores display them on the rack.  

You have to wait in line to have your engagement custom-made, so there’s no definite assurance as to when you can get them done. If your proposal date is already near, it’d be wiser to go for a ready-made engagement ring. Also, another important point is when your partner loves simpler designs more than complex or unique ones. In such cases, off-the-shelf rings are indeed a better choice. 

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Quick To Purchase 

Off-the-shelf rings can be purchased faster than custom ones. You don’t have to queue long with other couples who order custom rings. A ready-made ring can be purchased immediately from any brick-and-mortar jewelry store than a custom-made ring, which can take a few weeks to a few months to design. Also, it’ll be easy to find a design within your budget since these rings are mass-produced. The key is to keep your research thorough and diverse to get the best ring design. 

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Off-the-shelf rings are usually priced relatively lower than custom-made ones. Wedding bands and engagement rings can be designed in many different ways, but most rings look similar after a certain point. If you don’t want any specific feature, unique gemstone, particular metal combination, or customized engraving idea, it’s best to go for already-made rings.  

You can save more money this way and use extra funds for other, more important wedding details. For instance, you can spend more on your wedding decorations to make your wedding magical. There are also discounts and options available when you choose a ready-made wedding band or engagement ring, so it elevates its uniqueness too.   

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Custom-Made Rings  

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to wedding ring shopping. Therefore, some people would always prefer custom-made rings that are initially their own. Wedding and engagement rings can be custom-made according to the couple’s preferences. Take a look at some of the best reasons to go for this route:  

Gives More Meaning 

The fact that the ring is specially curated for your partner already means a lot. It gives it more meaning, and your partner would feel more special. After all, small things make a big difference. The commitment you express to your relationship can be emphasized through a custom-made ring. It depicts more effort and shows how serious you are in being with your partner for the long haul. You’d want to go above and beyond just to make them happy.  

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Add Special Features and Details 

Instead of picking a ring from a vast collection at a jewelry store, you can have a custom-made ring made to your exact specifications. Whatever feature or detail you’d want can be added to your engagement ring. Unlike ready-made rings, you can choose every aspect of the ring’s design, from the gemstone size to the type of band. 

100% Original 

This is one of the ultimate reasons that gets the couple’s buy-in. Custom-made rings are usually 100% original, meaning only the two of you have that specific ring, and no other people can copy that. You can create a truly unique design that you’ve always dreamt of. Considering that you’ll be wearing this for the rest of your life, you’d want it to be unique and original. 

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Unparalleled Quality 

Off-the-shelf rings are also made with the highest standards and quality as long as you go for reputable jewellers. However, when you have them custom-made, the quality becomes elevated even more. Considering how you can customize the gem type, carat, metal band, size, and so on, you can increase its quality even more. Skilled ring designers will craft beautiful engagement rings precisely, giving you more value for your money.  

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While custom-made rings are more expensive in most cases than off-the-shelf ones, the contrary can be possible too. The cost of a custom piece can be lower if you’d go for more straightforward details, smaller carats, different metal types, and so on. You can copy or mimic a design that’s usually priced hefty but customizing it would lead you to more cost savings instead. You can get your dream design by sticking to a budget and not breaking the bank.  

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Tips For Choosing The Best Ring 

Finally, when you’ve learned which option to go for, it’s time to apply tips on choosing the best engagement ring for you or your partner. Learn some pointers below.  

Understand The Shape and Cut  

A diamond’s shape and cutting style should be understood before shopping for an engagement ring. An outline of a diamond is described by its shape when viewed from above. Diamonds are most commonly round shapes. However, other shapes are popular among couples today: oval, square, heart, pear, and marquise.  

Among all shapes and cut styles, brilliant round diamonds cost the most. If you want to go for something cheaper, it’d be ideal to go for other shapes. The cutting style refers to the arrangement of facets on a diamond. For example, the brilliant-cut diamond ring is among the most popular diamonds in the market today. There are other cut styles to go for, such as step cut, emerald cut, or radiant cut. It all depends on your preference and your budget.  

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Find The Best Metal  

Gold, silver, platinum, and white gold are traditionally used to make engagement rings and wedding bands, but rose gold has emerged as a fresh, modern option in recent years. These are some of the top types of metal for jewelry. Observing what kind of metal is your partner’s favourite is is essential. After all, you’d want to be sure they’ll wear the engagement ring and their other favourite jewelry

You may consider their skin tone, features, and other jewelry they own, to see which metal is best suited for them. When choosing a metal, consider your lifestyle, as some metals might not be suitable for specific daily tasks.  

Consider Your Budget  

It’s wise to set a budget for your engagement ring. The cost of off-the-shelf wedding rings is likely less than that of bespoke rings. If designers take the time and effort to design a ring according to your specifications, the price automatically increases. Of course, you need to factor in the amount of time and labour they put into crafting your unique rings, which explains why it’s priced higher. 

By sticking to a budget early on, you’ll be able to narrow your choices and see which one is the best fit for your finances. It’s no use in going for a custom-made ring if it’s far beyond the budget that you’ve set. Explore your ring choices based on your budget, making your selection more accessible and faster.  

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Ensure to Purchase from A Reputable Vendor  

Finding a jeweller you trust is crucial, as they’ll be able to offer you expert advice and guidance. You need to do your research and read reviews online to see which vendor is the best fit for you. Patience is vital when it comes to working with the jeweller. Make sure to communicate and let them understand exactly what you want for your engagement ring.  

Infographic – How much money should you spend on a wedding ring

Infographic - How much money should you spend on a wedding ring


Ultimately, it all depends on your personal preference and budget. Both ready-made and custom-made engagement rings have their respective benefits and perks, so it depends on which one you prefer more. Hopefully, this guide helped clarify your questions and support you in choosing the best engagement ring for you or your partner.  

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