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Diamond Eternity Ring the Perfect Gift for Your First Year of Marriage

Diamond Eternity Ring the Perfect Gift for Your First Year of Marriage

The eternity ring as we know it today – encrusted with diamonds, glittering, and cherished – was monumentalized during the 1960s, when diamonds were females’ best companions. They were a common choice among husbands looking for a wedding anniversary gift for their spouses.

However, eternity rings have held a particular place in women’s hearts for almost 4,000 years. The Ancient Egyptians saw them as a love token, whereas in the 18th century, they were used as promise rings given by suitors and set with colourful gemstones. Today eternity rings are available in various styles and sizes, are adored by both sexes, and are the ideal present for a marriage proposal, wedding anniversaries, and other significant occasions. 

The Culture of Eternity Ring

A specific protocol for wearing an eternity ring exists since it is a holy celebration of love. It is customarily worn on the left ring finger with the other two since it carries just as much sentiment as an engagement or wedding band. Women nowadays, however, are free to choose whatever finger to wear their eternity band on. Eternity rings, often known as eternity bands, come in full or half sizes. A half eternity ring only has gemstones or diamonds on the top half, while a full eternity ring has them around the band. The former is often more affordable, lighter, and more comfortable. However, a whole eternity band gets seen to have more sentimental significance.

Why Eternity Diamond For Your First Marriage Anniversary?

These priceless gems are the pinnacle representation of non-ending love. It is hardly surprising that their dazzling essence radiates awe and strength.

The most popular design is diamond eternity rings. If you’re looking for a diamond eternity ring, the colour of the diamond is crucial. The colour scale goes from D, which is colourless, to Z, which is coloured diamonds. Since D is the purest and most rare diamond, its price is likewise challenging to equal. However, some colours of diamonds have a history and a value of their own. Diamonds are typically wedding anniversary gifts for the first, tenth, and sixtieth wedding anniversaries. Diamonds serve as a pledge of eternal love at the start of a marriage and a celebration of heavenly commitment on the 10th aluminum wedding anniversary and the 60th diamond anniversary.

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Which style of eternity ring to choose: Full or Half eternity?

Full Eternity Rings and half eternity rings are the two primary types of eternity rings.

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Full eternity rings:

Full eternity rings have diamonds or other gems fixed around the ring’s shank or band. A full eternity band is a stunning, opulent option that shines from every direction. Although they look equally gorgeous when worn alone on the right hand, complete eternity rings are typically charmingly slender and function nicely when in between an engagement and wedding band. Please be aware that full eternity rings cannot get resized; however, we are pleased to exchange them for the proper size if you accidentally order the wrong size for her ring (yes, that does happen).

Half eternity rings:

Half-eternity rings have stones positioned around the circumference of the band. They typically contain five, seven, or nine jewels, depending on the size of the stone. The stones may be of uniform shape and size, or the half eternity ring may feature a tapering design with jewels of increasing sizes. Although the price of the stone and its carat weight ultimately determine the price, a half eternity ring is typically less expensive than a complete eternity ring. One can alter the size of a half eternity ring.

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Find Your Significant Other’s Ideal Style

The first thing to remember about eternity rings is that several unique styles can get classified as eternity rings. Every style is distinctive on its own. Making a ring-style decision can first appear critical, If you intend to offer the ring as a present. Every woman has specific tastes, so it can be challenging to locate a ring that is the perfect match. It’s not impossible, though.

You might become acquainted with all of the subcategories of eternity rings to make sure she adores the ring you select. Here are some examples of these fashions:

Circular eternity rings:

This design is timeless; round-cut diamonds encircle the band in a true eternity ring fashion.

Any woman would be satisfied by either the 6-carat round eternity band or the 4-carat round eternity band. With any attire and for any event, she can wear this ring.

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Emerald eternity rings:

This design has emerald-cut diamonds, which are rectangular stones with cut-off corners that are longer than they get wide. In contrast, Emerald cut diamonds frequently emit light that flashes to round cut diamonds’ sparkle. Emerald cut rings are striking and sophisticated, such as the 8 Carat Emerald Eternity Band. It is another fantastic choice for a gift for a loved one’s birthday or anniversary.

Oval eternity rings

This pattern is what it appears to be: a circle of oval-shaped diamonds surrounding the band. 

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Princess cut eternity rings:

An additional distinctive and beautiful diamond cut is the princess cut. These diamonds have four sides, an inverted pyramid shape, and a square on the top. Princess cut diamonds with their sides aligned and sit side by side in an eternity ring.

Unique eternity bands.

All eternity rings that don’t perfectly fall into one specific category get included in this style. This look is ideal for any woman who enjoys flaunting her distinctive style.

It’s essential to find an eternity ring that reflects your partner’s specific taste, and now that you’re aware of the most popular eternity ring designs, this task should be simple.

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Which metal type should I select?

The two most expensive metals: 

  • Platinum, and 
  • gold

They are the most common choices for eternity rings. Your choice of metal for your eternity ring will get influenced by various elements. If possible, purchase an eternity band that complements the wearer’s other jewellery, especially if she plans to wear it between her engagement and wedding rings.

Give your loved one an eternity ring made of platinum or white gold if she typically wears white metal jewellery. An obvious alternative is a yellow gold ring if she favours the traditional yellow metal. Also crucial is the sort of diamond. Buy her an eternity ring made of 18ct gold if her wedding jewellery is 18ct; An eternity ring made of 18 ct gold is less likely to scratch than one made of 9 ct gold.

Yellow gold eternity rings:

A yellow gold eternity ring is a timeless option. With its long history of reverence, yellow gold provides diamonds with a comfortable setting. Since it is sturdy and tarnish-resistant, 18ct yellow gold makes the ideal eternity ring. 9ct gold eternity rings are a good option if cost is crucial.

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White gold eternity rings:

White gold eternity bands are an exquisite and more affordable substitute for platinum rings. White gold has been in vogue since the 1920s and is currently the most often used metal for jewellery. Yellow gold is alloyed with silver or palladium and then rhodium-plated to create a white metal that beautifully contrasts with diamonds or coloured gemstones.

White gold is untrue. Maybe a white gold eternity ring created with 9 or 18 carats is an option. Both are breathtaking on their own. The main difference is that 9ct white gold is more durable, while 18ct white gold is more sturdy and resistant to dents and scratches. Furthermore, 9ct white gold is less expensive than 18ct white gold.

Platinum eternity rings:

The pinnacle of luxury is an eternity ring made of platinum. The most valuable and rarest metal in existence is platinum. It has a naturally bright white sheen because of its beauty and sparkle. It is the ideal material for a diamond eternity ring because it beautifully displays a diamond’s brilliance. Because platinum is thicker and more long-lasting than gold, it is the perfect material for an eternity ring that will get worn daily. Additionally, due to its high purity, it is hypoallergenic and gentle on skin that is already sensitive.

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Choose the Settings for your eternity rings:

The technique utilized to hold the diamond in place gets referred to as the ring setting. Understanding the fixing will help you make an informed decision regarding your Eternity Ring. 

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Claw / Prong Setting

The prong (or claw) setting, which guarantees that more light can reach the diamond and creates a magnificent, sparkling impression, is ideal for eternity bands. In this traditional style, a metal setting that runs up the side of the stones and slightly overlaps at the top secures the diamonds.

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Channel Setting

In a channel-style setting, the metal carves out a groove or channel at each ring’s two corners, between which the stones get set. Because they are well-protected and less likely to catch on clothing, channel-set rings are a wise choice.

Final Thought

Diamond eternity rings are the perfect marriage gifts because they celebrate your first year of wedded bliss and offer a lasting symbol of your love that gets so beautiful and timeless that you and your spouse will treasure it throughout the years. An eternity ring is a lovely way to showcase your affection in style regardless of how long you’ve been married. If you are in the first year of marriage, an eternity ring will let you commemorate that milestone together and set the foundation for your future as husband and wife. If you have one of these occasions but are unsure how to wow your partner, Ava Diamonds specializes in diamonds for Eternity Rings. May you locate your talisman of non-ending love and use it to decorate your angel!

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