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Wedding Rings Make Men More Handsome – The Ultimate Guide for Your Groom 

Wedding Rings Make Men More Handsome - The Ultimate Guide for Your Groom 

Wedding rings are a traditional symbol of love and commitment. Brides have always been the ones to put much effort into getting a perfect wedding ring, but grooms are more interested in their wedding rings

If you are a bride, it should not be lost on you that your groom will be wearing that wedding ring forever. Buying such commemorative jewelry is an opportunity to treat your better half. Get your future husband a wedding ring that will make him look more handsome. 

The following is a guide to getting your groom such a wedding ring

Ring Size

One of the most basic and essential tips for buying a wedding ring is the ring size is an excellent place to start ring shopping. The ring’s size will affect the fit and comfort when the groom wears it. 

You should measure the groom’s finger diameter before shopping; there are even online tools to help you with the measurement. Taking multiple sizes and finding an average is the best way to ensure the accuracy of your readings. 

Also, measure the finger when it is not too hot or cold to get the correct ring size. There are ring size charts you can consult that will help you determine the size you should get. 

Sometimes, you may not find the exact ring size and have to choose between two sizes. If so, it is better to choose the ring with the larger size as it will fit more comfortably than the smaller one. 

The bandwidth also affects the ring’s size, which we will see below. Finger size can change, so it would be wise to find a jeweler with a resizing policy that allows you to resize the ring whenever necessary.

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Ring Profile

The ring profile is another vital aspect of selecting the perfect wedding ring. It will particularly help you buy your groom a comfortable wedding ring. There are four main types of wedding ring profiles. First, you should test the ring on the groom’s finger to get the correct ring profile.

The first profile is the traditional or classic court ring and is the most comfortable ring profile. It has a rounded interior to match its rounded exterior profile. The roundedness allows the ring to fit so well and be so pleased. The classic court ring profile gives couples the best chance for matching ring sets.

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The second profile is a D-shaped ring profile similar to the classic court ring but has a rounded exterior shape. It is also slimmer than a traditional court ring but often offers a better fit. The D-shaped ring profile is best for men with an active lifestyle or tough jobs as it ensures the ring’s safety due to its streamlined design.

The third type of ring profile is the flat ring. Flat ring profiles mean that the ring has a flat interior and exterior, which is the least comfortable. In addition, the ring can easily get caught on clothing and machinery, so it is the worst ring profile for physically active men. On the other hand, the flat profile means that the ring touches most of the finger, improving its fit for some people depending on the curvature of their fingers. 

The flat court ring has a matte exterior and a classic interior profile. It is a combination of the flat and traditional court ring profiles. The flat court ring profile offers men the comfort of a streamlined design while being less bulky and prominent than a conventional court ring. The ring profile is also thinner than the Flat ring profile. 

Ring Metal

An essential part of the ring is the metal, and choosing the metal for your groom’s wedding ring will be challenging. However, you have many options from which to choose, which is part of the fun of buying wedding rings.

Platinum is the most precious metal and most expensive because it is the rarest. It is also the whitest, most robust, and most durable of all the precious metals. Platinum can deliver a consistently white shine without requiring rhodium plating. It is also highly anti-corrosive and has hypoallergenic features. 

Gold is the favorite ring metal as it is the traditional wedding ring material. It is also because it has several options and is often widely available. The first option is yellow gold, typically available in 9 and 18-carat forms. In addition, yellow gold can be fused with other metals to make various alloys and is a timeless precious metal. 

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White gold is another popular option for wedding rings. It is an alloy of yellow gold and another metal to produce gold with a white shine similar to but less than platinum. However, after several years, white gold requires rhodium plating to maintain its lustre. Without rhodium plating, it will be less shiny but will have incredible white and yellow tones. 

Rose gold is a recently produced form of gold alloy that is becoming increasingly popular as a choice for wedding rings due to the ease of creating matching sets. Rose gold is made from a combination of gold with copper and silver alloys, providing the red hue. 18-carat rose gold has a lighter tone than 9-carat rose gold because it has less copper. 

Silver is another popular rare metal for a wedding ring with centuries of tradition on its side. It is the most common of all the precious metals on this list. One reason is that it is the most affordable metal on the list. It is also easier to mine and acquire silver than gold and platinum. 

 The type of metal you choose for the wedding ring will significantly depend on whether you can afford it, so ensure you consult the wedding budget. Again, considering how the ring’s appearance complements your groom and makes him more handsome would be best. 

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Ring Style

Choosing a ring style might be the most challenging part of selecting the perfect wedding ring for your groom. There are numerous shoes, designs, and patterns from which to choose. However, choosing the right ring style will not take five minutes at a jewelry store. 

You should do enough research to find a unique style that the groom will love especially considering how many are available. It is rarely the case that you find a kind you like simply by looking at it.

Compare the ring’s style with the groom’s wardrobe or dressing style. Since he will wear the ring alongside clothes, the ring should complement his dressing style. In fashion, a ring is an accessory and should not take attention away from the other aspects of the man’s appearance. A ring may look excellent but be negatively conspicuous when paired with different attire. 

To find the perfect ring for the modern gentleman, you should evaluate as many ring styles as possible, including plain, patterned, and hammered wedding rings. Narrow down your options and then find out which your groom would like most. Your groom will look glamorous on the big day with the right ring style.

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Band Width

You should find the perfect bandwidth for a ring that best fits your groom. The width refers to the broadness of the surface that covers the ring finger. Most couples never consider the width until they have to buy a ring. The width will also affect how comfortable the ring is, as it determines the size and grip of the crew on the groom’s finger.

 The average bandwidth for men’s wedding rings is 4 mm, but it can be as low as 2 mm and as high as 6 mm. Your groom may be too small or large for that width which is why measuring his ring finger is essential. 

It would be best if you asked whether he would like a broad or thin wedding bandwidth if he does not typically wear rings. The ring’s width will also affect its price, as the more comprehensive the ring, the more metal you will have to use to make the ring. 

Wedding Budget

Even after considering all the factors above, you should buy a ring that you can afford and that fits into the wedding budget. The ring’s prize will be the overarching factor that affects all the others. When you have a wedding budget, it makes it easier to get a wedding ring for your groom as you will narrow down the options to those you can afford. 

Wedding rings can be costly, which is why it is one of the issues you should first settle when making the wedding budget. However, it would be best if you left a little leeway as unexpected factors could affect the price of the rings, such as resizing and custom designs. 

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You must consider many factors to get your groom his perfect wedding ring. It would be best to consider the ring’s style, band width, metal, profile, and size. Knowing your future husband and asking him questions gives you the best chance of choosing the right ring. Make sure to consult the wedding budget when shopping to avoid getting into debt and damaging your financial situation to buy a wedding ring.

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Summary: Ultimate Guide for Your Groom

  • Wedding rings are an essential accessory for grooms, adding a touch of elegance and style to their overall appearance.
  • The right wedding ring can enhance a man’s handsomeness by complementing his personality and fashion sense.
  • There are various factors to consider when choosing a wedding ring, such as the metal type, design, and fit.
  • Platinum, gold, and titanium are popular wedding ring metals for durability and timeless appeal.
  • The design of the wedding ring should align with the groom’s style and preferences, whether he prefers a classic, modern, or unique look.
  • Proper sizing is crucial to ensure a comfortable fit for the groom’s finger, allowing him to wear the ring quickly.
  • Wedding rings can be customized with engravings, such as initials, dates, or meaningful symbols, adding a sentimental touch.
  • Grooms should consider their lifestyle and profession when selecting a wedding ring, ensuring it is practical and suitable for everyday wear.

FAQ – Groom Wedding Rings

Are wedding rings worn by the groom?

The rings now stand-in for this connection because traditionally, the groom does not wear any diamonds, jewellery, or accessories as a sign of marriage.

Who ought to purchase the groom’s wedding band?

According to custom, the bride (or her family) pays for the groom’s wedding band while the groom (or his family) covers the cost of the bride’s. Again, this terminology is dualistic; the essential lesson of the tale is that each party is customarily responsible for paying for the other’s engagement ring.

What should the price of a man’s wedding ring be?

On average, a men’s wedding band will typically cost between $100 and $2,000. Most individuals spend roughly $600 on a men’s wedding band on average. The material will be the main determining factor, while the price may also be influenced by the style.

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